Nashville Recap ‘Somebody Pick Up My Pieces’ : Season 3 Episode 14

Nashville Recap 'Somebody Pick Up My Pieces' : Season 3 Episode 14

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday February 25, season 3 episode 14 called, “Somebody Pick Up My Pieces,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Jeff’s [Oliver Hudson] career takes a tumble thanks to Rayna [Connie Britton]. Meanwhile, Sadie confides in Rayna about her ex-husband.

On the last episode, Rayna disapproved of Jeff’s plan to sign Maddie to Edgehill. Meanwhile, Luke, Gunnar and Will went bar-hopping; Sadie’s obsessive ex-husband has a negative impacted on her recording session; and Deacon distanced himself from Maddie because of his illness. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Jeff’s career takes a tumble thanks to Rayna. Meanwhile, Sadie confides in Rayna about her ex-husband; Deacon contemplates participating in a clinical trial for an alternative treatment; and Scarlett and Gunnar bond as they both focus on writing.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville starts now. Will is on a radio show to premier his new single. They ask him about being newly single. He sings his song live. Layla listens to the show and then slaps the radio to turn it off. She finds Jeff on her sofa in his boxers. She asks why he’s still there and he says he’s figuring out what his next job is. She asks what her part is in her mid-life crisis. He says he doesn’t know and she says it’s weird. Rayna brings champagne to Bucky to celebrate Jeff’s firing. She tells Bucky she wants him to be head of A&R at the label. He says yes and thanks her.

Scarlett and Deacon are at the doctor who comes in late and says Scarlett got him hooked on the good stuff. He says he called them in about a clinical trial he may be able to get Deacon into. He says it’s aggressive and aimed at reducing the tumor without surgery. He says he would have to step off the transplant list for six months because his immune system won’t be able to handle a transplant on the drug. Scarlett asks how soon they need to let him know after Deacon walks out angry that his options are bad and worse. The doc tells Scarlett not to let his illness consume her life.

Avery is working with Sadie and says he’s not hearing what he wants. He takes a call from Sadie who says she has to talk to Rayna. Avery says she needn’t not be embarrassed and says she’ll still believe in her. Juliette rants to Emily about a tabloid saying she’s gained 75 pounds. Juliette wants the Vogue shoot canceled but Emily says it’s smart. At the radio station, they ask about Will’s love life. He blows past that question. Someone comes in with a note.

The host says he has breaking news about the record label. Luke’s manager gets a text too. Bucky says Edgehill is dead and they’re dissolving the label. She’s stunned. Rayna says she didn’t mean to shut down the label. Bucky says this is going to be a feeding frenzy. Rayna says they need to invite Will back to the label and tells Bucky to have at it since he’s the head of A&R. Sadie shows up and asks to talk to her. She says Pete filed a lawsuit claiming he co-wrote her songs.

She says he’s her ex-husband and served her with a cease and desist saying she has to stop working on the album. Sadie apologizes to her profusely and Rayna says to start over. She asks why Pete is doing this. She says he’s a bad guy. Teddy calls Jeff and says he kept his end of the bargain and needs to know things between them are okay. He’s scared. Jeff watches the news about his firing and the label closing down. Jeff says he went from unemployed to unemployable.

He says he’s screwed and Layla says she has no label and a crappy album of music he made her record. She says anyone can buy the masters. He says that gives him an idea and says he can fix this for both of them. Scarlett tells Deacon she’s going to work and he needs to look through the info to make a decision. Avery calls Deacon and asks him to come lay down some guitar. He says he’ll be right there. He says he’s going to the studio with Avery since he doesn’t know what to do here but knows what to do there.

Gunnar is moping when Will comes in. He asks if he’s okay. Gunnar asks how the radio show went and Will says Edgehill is closing and he’s screwed but Gunnar says every label is going to want him. Will says he got no calls but then he notices his phone was off and he missed 10 calls. Gunnar says he might move because he just keeps seeing Micah and his mother. Will advises him not to move, just to write someplace else. Hayden is at the photo shoot and the photographer tells her to show off her bump. He tells her to relax and have fun.

The photographer asks where the siren and goddess is. She asks him to stop calling her babe. Gunnar shows up to the writing suite and finds Scarlett there. He says he wanted to write someplace else. He asks what’s going on but she doesn’t really answer and blows him off. Sadie tells Rayna all about the abuse and why she didn’t press charges. Sadie says she kept hoping he would change and says sometimes he would.

Rayna says it took guts to leave him. Sadie says she left five years ago then she won a couple of awards and his GF left then he came after her. Rayna offers to let her stay at her place since it’s gated but Sadie says she’s got it covered. Deacon tells Avery he’s done a good job on this and has come a long way. Jeff meets Luke and he says he wanted to hear why Benton killed Edgehill. He says his advisors told him that it’s an unsustainable business. Jeff tells Luke to buy the masters of his unfinished album and release it himself. He offers to handle just the business side of it and let Luke make all the decisions.

Will meets with different executives and is uncomfortable about them wanting to play up his sex symbol vibe. Deacon plays for Avery who asks him to lose the slide and Avery debates with him. Avery says to let him produce this and Deacon says he’s got 20 years in the business but they’ll do it his way. Luke steps into an elevator with Rayna on accident. She asks how he is and he says world keeps turning. He says he bet she’s enjoying watching this all fall apart after she walked away.

Rayna says it actually makes her sad but what’s done is done. She says she hopes he lands someplace he loves. He calls Jeff and says he’s in. He says they need to go after some top Edgehill artists but he refuses to put Layla on the list. Teddy asks his assistant if he’s heard from Jeff. He says he hasn’t called and then he tells him to have the police rustle him up for him. Jeff is back at Layla’s place. She says her phone hasn’t rung once. She asks if he had any luck with Luke.

He says he’s the head of Wheeling Dealing records but he couldn’t get him to take her on. Layla says no one cares but Jeff says he knows one label head that would care. Rayna and Sadie meet with the lawyer about the civil case. She says they should just settle with him. She says it would be half a million at least and Sadie says she doesn’t have that. Rayna says their insurance policy should cover it. Juliette calls Avery and she says she fired the photographer because she’s fat and hated the clothes.

Avery comes back in and asks Deacon what he’s doing. Avery snaps and says he’s not using the damned slide. Avery says to stop shoving it down his throat and asks what he’s trying to do. Avery says he’s a great guitar player but he doesn’t need a co-producer. The call comes in that all work on the album has to stop now. Deacon says he’ll just head on home if that’s all right with Avery and calls him boss.

Gunnar finds Scarlett bawling. He asks what’s wrong and he holds her while she cries. She says she can’t tell him and says she’s sorry. He offers to work with her when she says she was crying over work. He says they could find an open mic night like old times. She’s comforted. Layla is waiting for Rayna nervously. She tells Bucky that now Juliette and Sadie neither one are working on their albums. Rayna meets with some hopefuls.

Layla is still waiting and staring at her watch. She calls Jeff and says the last time she waited this long the meeting didn’t happen. He’s with Luke and tells her to just wait it out. Will meets with Luke and Jeff. Luke says he wants Will to be the first artist on his new label. Will says he can work with people he already knows and trusts. Jeff says he can watch out for him and gives him a knowing look.

Gunnar and Scarlett are at the Bluebird singing with Avery. Bucky comes to see Rayna and he says Layla just showed up uninvited. He says Layla isn’t what they’re looking for. Bucky says Will hasn’t called them back. They debate over who to sign and not sign. He tells her they need to make an offer to Roy Harris but she says no. He walks out annoyed that she’s undermining him. Rayna wakes Layla who’s asleep on the sofa. She apologizes for leaving her waiting.

She says she admires her determination. Layla says she wants her to know that she’s not who Edgehill made her out to be. She tells Rayna she’s made a lot of mistakes but has finally found who she wants to be and say with her music. She tells Rayna she really wants to work with her and gives her a CD to listen to. Scarlett thanks Gunnar and says she was crying not about being sad but about what someone else needed to be doing. Gunnar says they can do some singing and Avery says he’s in. She agrees.

Deacon reads over the info on the clinical trial when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Will. He says he’s sorry for dropping by but wanted to pick his brain. He offers Will some coffee and asks what’s going on. He asks if he heard about Edgehill. He says he’s got some offers but it’s complicated. Deacon says Rayna wouldn’t care about his personal life. Will says Jeff knew and had his back. He says Jeff is starting a new label with Luke and made him an offer.

Will says it’s his decision but he feels damned helpless. Deacon says having a choice doesn’t mean you have control. Deacon says he would lean towards the devil he knows. Jeff is at a bar drinking and asks for his check but then Teddy shows up. Teddy says he was trying to reach him and says Rayna backed him into a corner and didn’t know what she was going to do. Jeff says he’s scouting talent for his new label. Teddy asks if they’re good and Jeff says he is but he’s not an elected official.

Jeff tells him that Rayna spilled all of Teddy’s dirty secrets to Benton and his cronies at the board meeting. Avery tells Juliette he’s leaving and asks her to come out and say goodbye. She won’t come out and says she’s trying on looks for the photo shoot because she listened to him. Sadie tells Rayna she’s ashamed this got so far. Rayna says it’s not her fault but Sadie says she’s angry at herself. Rayna says he tried to use violence to control her and they’re taking control back today.

Pete comes in and sits down across from Sadie who glares at him. Teddy calls Natasha and says they need to talk. He pulls out a handful of parking tickets that were Natasha’s and looks at her information on them. The lawyer talks over the settlement with Pete and Rayna holds Sadie’s hand to comfort her. Pete’s lawyer advises him to take the deal. He asks what a person should say when they get what they deserve. He signs. Rayna says she’s not sure what Pete’s problem is.

She says maybe the good Lord only gave him two inches. She says if he comes near Sadie again she’ll ruin him and says she has the power to do it. Will calls Luke and says he’ll sign. He thanks him and Will says to give his best to Jeff. Luke tells Jeff that Jimmy has been putting out feelers and no one wants to work with the guy who took down Edgehill. Luke says he can’t have his reputation take him down. Jeff reminds him this was his idea.

Deacon calls the doctor and says he’s going to pass on the clinical trial. He says he’s sure. Scarlett is actually at the doctor’s office as he ends the call. She says she came to return the favor of good advice. She says since he has no social life either maybe they can go talk somewhere sometime. He says there’s nothing unethical about it and says he’d like that very much. Sadie brings donuts to the studio and tells Avery and the producer they can get to work.

Deacon shows up and tells Sadie that he came to apologize to Avery for being a jerk because he was dealing with some personal issues. He says he can just be the guitar player. Rayna listens to Layla’s demo when Bucky comes in. He says wow and she says that’s Layla and they’re signing her. He says she’s a negative and a walking punchline. He says they don’t have the budget for rebranding. Bucky argues with her and says they’re still struggling with Juliette. She says she doesn’t care about the baggage.

He says they need to learn from their mistakes and she says they need to learn from Edgehill’s too. She says the label lost sight of the passion and just focused on the money. Avery takes a look at photos from the Vogue shoot. She’s wearing just a drape and she asks if they bother him but he says they’re beautiful and the world can see them the way he does. Jeff comes to Layla’s and she says she got an offer from Highway 65. He says he got fired the second time in three days.

He says no one will work with him. She says she will. She says he can take a percentage and says he’s the reason she got signed. He asks if she wants him to be her manager and she asks if he wants to. Teddy shows up at Natasha’s and says he needed to see her. He says they need a cover in case anyone asks about their relationship. There’s a van outside listening to her house. They ask if that’s the mayor. Looks like the cops are watching her! Uh-oh.