Nashville Recap – Teddy is Exposed: Season 3 Episode 13 “I’m Lost Between Right and Wrong”

Nashville Recap - Teddy is Exposed: Season 3 Episode 13 "I'm Lost Between Right and Wrong"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday February 18, season 3 episode 13 called, “I’m Lost Between Right and Wrong,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Rayna [Connie Britton] disapproves of Jeff’s [Oliver Hudson] plan to sign Maddie to Edgehill. Meanwhile, Luke, Gunnar and Will go bar-hopping

On the last episode, Rayna returned to the stage on her own terms as rumors fly regarding her breakup with Luke. Meanwhile, Juliette’s pregnancy made her restless; Gunnar tries to reconciled with his nephew; and Teddy ran into Jeff at Maddie and Daphne’s recording session. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Rayna disapproves of Jeff’s plan to sign Maddie to Edgehill. Meanwhile, Luke, Gunnar and Will go bar-hopping; Sadie’s obsessive ex-husband has a negative impact on her recording session; and Deacon distances himself from Maddie because of his illness.”

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#Nashville starts right now. Bucky reads Rayna a glowing reviews of her Bluebird show. He says her 10th anniversary Opry show sold out. She says they need the money to pay bills. Kurt brings in a gift for Maddie to her attention. It’s a diamond necklace from Jeff saying she’s going to be the diamond of their label. She’s stunned. Scarlett and Deacon are at the doctor for a cancer appointment. Scarlett asks about the transplant list. Deacon asks how long he’s got and the doctor says he doesn’t know.

The doctor says they don’t like to deal in absolutes. Deacon says that’s easy when you’re not the one dying. Avery is trying to work when Juliette asks for a foot rub. Then she asks for a drink. Then she lies in bed and says he can’t be her man servant today. She says she can’t find the remote and he says to check her hand. She found it and he leaves to go work with Sadie on her album. Gunnar is drinking and burning some of his brother’s stuff when Luke shows up. He’s there to talk about a replacement song.

Gunnar says he knows all about untrustworthy women and they decide to drink and write a song. Deacon researches life expectancy for his disease. He sees that a calculator shows he likely has about six months. Maddie skypes him and he doesn’t want to take the call but Scarlett accepts it then runs out. She says she and Daphne played at the Bluebird and asks him about guitar lessons. He says he’s busy and she’s hurt and asks if she’s mad at him.

He says they can have a lesson today and she says she misses him. He says he has to go and ends the call before he starts crying. Layla is out of the hospital and Will says he’s going to go to Gunnar’s to stay so she can have the place. He asks what she’s going to do and she says whatever it is, she’s not going to do it in Nashville. She says she’s tabloid fodder now and there’s nothing here for her. He reminds her she has a deal at Edgehill and she says no one there cares about her.

Angie tells Jeff the necklace was delivered to Rayna’s office and he asks about Layla. Angie says she was released this morning. She asks if she should send flowers but he says no. Rayna barges in and throws the necklace at him. He says Maddie has been signed and she says she didn’t give consent. He says Teddy signed the contract and legally that’s all he needs. He shows her the signature and says it’s a done deal. She slams it down and says it’s not a done deal.

Jeff says she’s wildly talented. He calls security to escort Rayna out. Jeff is excited about introducing his boss to Maddie as his next hot young artist. Avery makes changes to strip the song down and the mixer complains that the rookie producer is burning through time. Avery tells Sadie she just wants it right but she’s content and says she’d rather be there than home. Juliette calls Avery. Rayna shows up to Teddy’s office and asks how he could sign Maddie to Edgehill.

She asks if this was Maddie’s idea and he says she doesn’t know yet but it’s what she wants. He says she’s been MIA wrapped up in her Luke drama. She asks if he thinks this will make him the cool dad. He says he has every right to make decisions about his daughter and she says not for much longer. Will finds Luke and Gunnar drinking and righting. Luke says Will has it right when it comes to women and then he says they can use Will as a wing man on a tail hunting expedition.

Gunnar says it’s not even night and Luke asks Will if he’s in. Sadie comes to answer a call – it’s Pete who says he got her restraining order and she says he’s violating it by calling her. He says he won’t stop until he gets what he deserves and she gets the same. Sadie is served with papers then sees her ex outside waving at her. Angie goes over Jeff’s schedule when Teddy shows up and asks why he sent jewelry to Maddie through Rayna.

Teddy says he’s trying to protect his family and Jeff says he’s protecting them from finding out about Teddy’s unsavory lifestyle choices. He tells him to bring Maddie to Edgehill tomorrow at 10 am to meet the chairman. Rayna talks with Bucky and her lawyer. She says Tennessee only requires one signature. The lawyer says Maddie is under contract and there’s not a lot Rayna can do about a contract signed by Maddie’s father.

Scarlett comes home and Deacon says he’s getting ready for Maddie’s lesson. He tells her that he wants Maddie to get the guitars and the cabin but he wants Scarlett to have the house. He says he printed up a do-it-yourself will. He says he looked it up and found out he has six months tops if he doesn’t get a liver. Scarlett says he’s on the transplant list. Deacon says he won’t see Maddie cut her first record, wlak down the aisle or even finish out the school year.

He rants to Scarlett and says he doesn’t want her telling Maddie he’s sick. Scarlett is crying and distraught. Deacon goes back to working on his will. He puts it in a drawer and says she’ll know where it is when she needs it. Jeff knocks on Layla’s door and asks how she is. She goes to shut the door in his face. He says he wants her to play for the label chairman at the meeting and she asks if this is because he feels guilty. He asks if it matters.

She says it does. He says she has a great voice and something to say and wants the rest of the world to see the real her like he has. Avery says they’re ready for Sadie. Avery takes a call from Juliette and she says she’s lonely and wants to talk. He says he’s working. She asks when he’s coming home and he says he’s in the studio. She says she has pregnancy brain. He says everyone is on his ass and he has to go. He ends the call. Avery goes back in and asks for Sadie and the assistant says Sadie is really upset.

Luke, Will and Gunnar are at a club. Will brings the guys down a selection of hot chicks. Will tells Luke they are cheerleaders. Luke goes out to dance with the cheerleaders and a glum Gunnar follows. Avery asks Sadie what’s going on and he apologizes for the delay. He says they need her. She says she doesn’t want to talk about it but is crying and says she can’t do this today.

Avery says he won’t let her leave without knowing she’s okay – he says that’s as a friend not a producer. He goes in to talk to her. Deacon greets Maddie with a hug and a kiss and he says he’s been good but busy. He asks how it was at the Bluebird and she says she’d like to play there with Deacon. He says now that they are playing big-time venues, she needs a real guitar teacher. He says he doesn’t know if he’ll always be there and says he may be on tour or retired and doesn’t want to leave her hanging.

She says to stay right here but he says it’s not always that easy. They pick up their guitars to play. Scarlett goes to see the oncologist and says Deacon needs a better prognosis and says he researched online and found out six months was the answer. He says Deacon needs a support group. She says he needs to tell Deacon there’s hope. The doctor says he needs to talk to her first.

Will sits by Gunnar and he tells him to go have some fun. Will says you get over someone by getting under someone else. Gunnar says that’s what Kiley did but didn’t wait til she was done with him. Rayna comes to see Teddy to tell him that her lawyers are preparing an emergency injunction to strip him of his parental rights since Maddie isn’t his biological daughter. She says she has no choice. He says Maddie is his daughter. Rayna says she doesn’t want to blow up their family. Teddy says he’s the one trying to protect Maddie from him and his choices. He says his hand was forced.

Teddy tells her that Jeff needed some help dealing with Layla Grant where she OD’d on pills. He says she’s underage, Jeff panicked and he made the investigation go away. Rayna asks why he would do that. He says Jeff introduced him to a woman that he saw a couple of times and then he found out she was a prostitute. He says Jeff threatened to blackmail him. She says not to mention any of this to Maddie and he says he’s supposed to have her at the label at 10 am.

Sadie tells Avery about Pete and that he filed a lawsuit against her seeking half of her entire career. He says it’s a nuisance suit and Sadie says he’s more than a nuisance. Scarlett sits down with the doctor and she says she’s sorry for ambushing her. He says she’s a happiness bully. He says her relentless optimism can be as hard as Deacon’s relentless pessimism. She asks if he’s an oncologist or therapist and he says he’s a friend.

Maddie rants about a move she can’t get on the guitar then says it’s because he won’t give her the lessons she needs. He tells her to not give up on this or on anything in life. He gets her to re-focus and try again. Deacon tears up at the words to the song his daughter wrote. She asks him why he’s sad. He wipes his eyes and says he’s not sad, he’s proud. He says maybe they can play some shows this summer. She says she thought he wasn’t going to be around but he says he may stick around.

One of the cheerleaders flirts with Will and then puts his hand on her leg. He pulls away abruptly and says he has to go. Luke asks Gunnar what’s wrong with Will as he walks out. Avery tells Sadie she has to tell Rayna but she makes him promise not to tell Rayna or Bucky. Avery says Pete is playing mind games and she says he’s winning by staying just 100 feet away. Avery says he’s going to go have a talk with her ex.

He goes outside and calls him tough guy. Pete calls him little man then says that bitch owes everything to him. Avery calls him a pathetic coward. Sadie comes out and says he’s 100 feet of her. She says she’s going to call the cops unless he gets in his piece of crap truck and drive toward Virginia. He gets in his truck and drives off but looks livid. Avery says that took a hell of a lot of guts. He says he’ll send the musicians home but Sadie says she’s ready to sing that song now.

Will is strumming his guitar when Gunnar comes down with a vicious hang over. Luke is still there and is only half dressed. Luke asks why he left so early and Will says he’s not the guy he thinks he is. He says he doesn’t hook up with random women. He says this playboy thing is not him. Luke says he always had his suspicions but now he knows the truth. Luke says Will is sensitive like him. Luke says drinking, screwing around and writing mean songs doesn’t make him feel right but does make him feel something.

Scarlett finds Deacon drinking the herbal concoction she got him. He says he’s sorry about his attitude lately. He says he’s absolute about one thing – her. He says her love and support means so much to him. He says anything could happen since he’s drinking bee pollen. She hugs him and says it’s good for him even though it tastes like crap. Gunnar and Luke work on a song about drowning memories and that they might be worlds apart but he can’t help his heart.

It’s a gorgeous song and seems to be about Rayna for Luke. He says it’s a pretty great and pretty personal song. Luke says it’s going to take a long time to get over Rayna. Gunnar asks if it’s the loss or standing him up at the altar. He says it was more the idea of that love. Layla shows up to Edgehill and is asked to wait for just a couple of minutes. Benton listens to a track of Maddie’s that Jeff plays while he talks about her.

Benton says this all sounds promising. Jeff asks for Maddie and then Rayna comes in instead. She greets Benton and says she’s filling in for Maddie. She sits and says they’re going to be there for a while. Rayna tells Jeff that he blackmailed Teddy into signing. Rayna says Benton should look at Jeff’s discretionary spending and says he hasn’t been using discretion. Rayna says Maddie doesn’t even know about the record deal. Benton says she’s talented and he wants her under contract.

Rayna says he has Layla under contract and says Layla is underage and OD’d and almost drowned in Jeff’s pool. She says she can’t tolerate his treatment of female artists and won’t have her daughter subjected to his shenanigans. Benton says the contract never existed. Bucky comes to confront Avery about the late recording session and Avery says they can let the music talk and turns up the volume so Bucky can hear how it sounds.

Layla asks Angie what’s the hold up. Angie says the meeting was canceled. Layla asks for Jeff but is told he’s unavailable. Will tells Gunnar not to burn the only photo he has left of his brother – it’s one of him, Jason and Kiley. Gunnar says all he sees are lying faces. Scarlett comes to thank the doctor for his talk and brings him a coffee. Deacon skypes with Maddie and he says he misses her. The mixer is thrilled and says this reminds him why he’s in this business and then says he was talking about Avery.

Jeff comes to Layla’s door to explain what happened. He says he got fired. She asks why he’s there. He says he had a really bad day. She steps back so he can come inside. Teddy comes to see Rayna and she says she got the contract voided. He thanks her and says he knows he compromised her trust. She says he put Maddie in an untenable situation to cover up what happened to Layla and because he was sleeping with a prostitute.

Rayna says she doesn’t care about his personal life but it can’t impact their daughters. She says she wants the girls at home with her exclusively. He says no and asks her not to take them away. She says he needs to get some help. She kicks him out of her office. He leaves angrily.