Nashville Recap and Spoilers – Juliette’s Baby Mama Drama: Season 3 Episode 21 “Is the Better Part Over”

Nashville Recap and Spoilers - Juliette's Baby Mama Drama: Season 3 Episode 21 "Is the Better Part Over"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday May 6, season 3 episode 21 called, “Is the Better Part Over,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Juliette’s [Hayden Panettiere]  team worry she may have postpartum depression. Meanwhile, Will learns that the tabloids have photos of him and Kevin just as his dad arrives for an unexpected visit; and Deacon [Charles Esten] and Rayna [Connie Britton] fear they have limited time together.

On the last episode, Luke, Jeff and Layla attended Jade’s wild party in Malibu. Meanwhile, Rayna headed to Mississippi to assist an ailing Deacon, and insight about their past was revealed; Juliette held an impromptu rooftop concert; and Kiley gave Gunnar life-changing news. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Juliette is back in the news – and back to feeling like her old self — following her rooftop performance high above Highway 65, but while she enjoys the attention, her team has growing concerns that she may be suffering from postpartum depression. Meanwhile, Will is surprised with an unexpected visit from his father, and learns his private life is about to become public when a tabloid obtains photos of Will and Kevin together. With Deacon’s cancer diagnosis no longer a secret, he and Rayna grapple with the future and the real possibility that their time together will be cut short.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville begins with Avery and Juliette on her private jet talking about her good press. They’re doing mini stops to promote her and then they hear Cadence coo and Avery says she’s a good little traveler. J doesn’t seem too into their daughter. She tells Avery they should go try the Mile High thing and they head off to get some privacy. Rayna calls Beverly for a follow up but doesn’t reach her. Bucky tells Rayna it’s time for the meeting.

Scarlett is there with Gunnar to talk about signing them as a duo. Noel is there as their manager and Rayna tells him she thinks their music is better than ever and asks how many offers they have. Gunnar says four and Rayna says Highway 65 is the place for them and says they’ll get the best deal. Teddy gets a talking to by Bash who says he’s facing three to 10 years. He asks how well he knows Senator Stern. He says they were building a case with him against Wyatt Industries.

He says to wear a wire and get the Senator to agree to pick up the dirty deals he was in with his former father-in-law. Teddy isn’t happy but Bash makes it clear it’s this or jail. Kevin and Will get back from vacation and Will shuns the PDA but does accept a hug. Layla watches the news about why she was dropped from Jade’s tour abruptly. She tells Jeff she must have been so drunk to not remember tweeting that photo. She asks if he’s happy she’s done with Jade.

He says she’s his only client so he’s not happy but says Layla will be the Taylor Swift to her Katy Perry. On the plane, Glenn tells Juliette she has to meet Rayna. She puts on headphones and Glenn asks Avery if her fuse seems shorter than ever. Scarlett tells Gunnar and Noel they need to keep looking for a deal. She says another label may offer a non-360 deal. She says her vote counts for half but Gunnar is annoyed with her.

Will plays a show and the ladies love him. Luke takes the stage and says Will is so talented, he’ll be his opening act soon. Will heads offstage and finds his dad there waiting for him. Deacon calls Maddie and leaves her a message and wishes her fun with Aunt Tandy. He then flips on the radio and hears news about his cancer and him needing a transplant. The news says tonight’s show may be one of his last performances. Deacon is shocked.

Rayna hears the phones ringing off the hook and she asks Bucky how the press got word. He doesn’t know. She gets a FedEx with the check she left for Beverly torn into pieces. She’s devastated. Juliette shows up and Rayna says she wants to talk about the rooftop concerts. She says the label has been fined in most cities. J offers to pay the fines. She says now the world knows she’s back and won’t be retiring just because she had a baby. J says she’s doing this all and is getting no support from the label.

Rayna says she can’t do this right now and gets her purse to leave. J says that’s not professional and Bucky says Rayna has a lot going on in her personal life. Bucky says none of this means anything without an album. Juliette says she’ll have an album in two days and Rayna better not walk out on her. Glenn is stunned with her pronouncement. Will’s dad tells him he just happened to be in town on business and thought he’d come see him.

Luke comes over and Will introduces him to his dad Bill. He says Will is the first artist he signed to his label then invites him to a party at his house tonight. Will says he needs to leave but Bill asks him to hear him out. Scarlett comes home and tells Deacon she heard the news and tried to call him. She asks if he wants to cancel tonight. He says he has to face the music and asks her to sing with him. He says he doesn’t want to talk about him and asks about her label meeting.

Scarlett says she doesn’t want to rush anything and says it’s hard to be in a duo with someone you can’t get along with. Kiley comes down and says Micah talked to her finally and Gunnar hugs her. Noel calls and says they have a band problem since the band keeps changing and says either this band works or he’s dropping them. Layla tells Jeff she doesn’t want to bash Jade and says she’s a friend but Jeff says she’s not and this is how to revive her career. He says Jade is a diva who fired her for no reason.

Of course, she has no clue Jeff is the one that got her fired. Teddy calls Albert to see him and asks for an introduction with Senator Stern off the books. He says he wants to pick up with where Lamar left off with Stern. Albert is intrigued. Rayna comes home to find Deacon isn’t there and her phone buzzing off the hook. Will rants to his dad for dumping him on the side of the road at 17 with nothing. He asks about his mom and Bill says she’s praying for him to find his way.

Bill says when he sees him now married to that nice girl and on the CMAs he can see he’s done well. He tells Will to take care of himself. Will says he has to go and Bill says to take care but then Will relents and says he should come to the party tonight. Rayna listens to one of her and Deacon’s songs when he shows up. She’s crying and asks why he got sick. Deacon turns off the record and says they need to stay positive but she says she’s failing at it.

She tells him she didn’t go to NYC but went to see Beverly. She tells him she wrote her a check for a million dollars and she sent it back in pieces. She says she keeps trying to fix it and keeps on failing. They cry together. Avery asks J if she knew about Deacon’s cancer and she says she knew. He asks why she didn’t tell him and he suggests they go see him at the Bluebird. He thinks she’s being too casual about this. She says Rayna is awful and demanded an album in two days.

She tells him to go to the Bluebird while she stays home and works and spends time with the baby. She takes her daughter, smiles and tells him she’s got this. Scarlett and Caleb show up to the Bluebird and Gunnar introduces them to Kiley. Kiley says she’s happy to finally meet Scarlett and Caleb asks how he and Kiley met. He says they grew up together. Will and his dad head into the party and Luke greets them then says Will is the future of country music.

Kevin comes over and Will awkwardly calls him a co-worker. It’s pretty bad. Jeff is at the studio with Layla when Bucky calls. He says she’s tweeting some inflammatory things about Jade and says HuffPo picked it up and is calling it a country twitter war. Jeff promises to get her to back up and says young artists don’t know when to back off. Layla asks who that was and he says it was Bucky who’s pleased she made the front page of Huffington Post.

Gunnar is annoyed that Scarlett is being pissy to Kiley and she’s mad he’s being pissy at Caleb. Then Caleb asks Kiley what the story is with Gunnar and Scarlett as they watch them bicker. Gunnar gets mad and says Scarlett is pretending to be someone she’s not. Deacon calls and says he doesn’t think he’ll make it tonight. He says the news breaking is just too much. He thanks her then asks her and Gunnar to fill in for him. She glares over at Gunnar.

Avery is there and says hi to Scarlett who goes over and grabs Gunnar and says they have to go on for Deacon. They walk right past Avery distracted and he’s a little annoyed. Luke invites Will and his dad out to his ranch. Kevin and Will head to the bar and Kevin asks why his dad showed up out of the blue. He says his dad said he was sorry and Kevin reminds him that Bill told him he was disgusting and he wishes he was never born but Will doesn’t want to talk about it.

Scarlett and Gunnar takes the stage and says Deacon had some last minute things to take care of and says she and Gunnar will try and make him proud. Noel tells Avery it’s hard to believe they want to kill each other offstage. Avery says it’s hard to believe how good of music they make. Rayna comes to sit with Deacon and asks why he missed his show. He says now that everyone knows, they’re talking about him like he’s already a ghost and says he feels like one.

He puts his arm around her and says he wants to believe there will be a Hail Mary pass but says he doesn’t think there will be. She says she doesn’t either but says he’s still there with her. She kisses him.
Bash puts the wire on Teddy and says to just get him talking to get what they need. Juliette is working on her song when Emily comes and tells her the baby is screaming. J says she read they’re supposed to cry it out. She takes off for the studio and leaves the baby with Emily.

She calls Avery and says the baby hasn’t been fed or changed in hours and J just took off for the studio. She says they have to do something and says something is wrong with Juliette. He says he’ll be right home. Deacon and Rayna show up at the Bluebird and Scarlett is thrilled and calls him to the stage with Rayna. Deacon calls for more applause for the exes. He and Rayna sit and Deacon says it’s nice to see familiar caring faces and says they’re a great extended family.

Deacon says music has been there for all of them through hard times and says he and Rayna wrote this one a long time ago. They sing while Scarlett creeps away and Gunnar follows her. Scarlett tells Gunnar to go away and says she doesn’t want to fight. He says he doesn’t want to and says they can take more meetings. She says he’s right and says Highway 65 is the best deal but says she doesn’t want to blow up another deal on Rayna. She says they’re a mess.

Gunnar says they’re not and says they’re great together when the music is on. He says she doesn’t like Kiley and he doesn’t like Caleb and proposes personal lives are off limits and it’s business partners only. They come back to listen to the music. Kiley looks back and sees Gunnar standing near Scarlett. The crowd loves the song and Rayna and Deacon kiss when they’re done. Bill tells Will he prayed for this reunion and tells him he loves him. He hugs Will who is moved to tears.

Teddy is at the bar drinking waiting on Stern who finally shows up. Layla reads off the twitter postings Jeff made. One accuses Jade of using auto tune. Layla says the good news is she has almost a million Twitter followers. Jeff hands her a contract to sign to make sure he doesn’t get cut from the team. She sees that is says in perpetuity. She asks what if she fires him and he says he built her up from nothing once and is doing it again. He says no one will take care of her like he will. She signs.

Jeff tells her she was amazing today and kisses her. Juliette comes home when Avery says there was an emergency. Her doctor, Avery, Glenn and Emily are all there and Avery says they need to talk. It’s an intervention! Emily says when she got there, the baby hadn’t been changed or fed. Glenn says she’s been rude and irrational. Avery says he’s never heard her call their daughter by name. The doctor says he thinks it’s post-partum depression. She’s furious and says her career supports them all.
[11:06:09 PM] Rachel Rowan: The doctor says this type of depression can cause hyper-focus. She rants and says if they won’t leave she’s going back to the studio to prove to them how wrong they are. Scarlett comes over with Gunnar and they tell Rayna they want to sign with the label. She’s happy and Noel is also thrilled to hear it. Kiley hugs Gunnar. Deacon tells them it’s a great decision and says they’ve got someone solid in their corner with Rayna. They all toast to the exes.

Teddy tells Stern that he knows handling certain matters without red tape and bureaucracy can help. Stern says he never really dealt with Lamar directly and usually worked with Tandy but he heard she’s in California. Caleb walks out with Scarlett and asks if she still has feelings for Gunnar. She says they were just fighting and Caleb says there’s a lot of passion there and says she doesn’t like Gunnar’s GF. Scarlett says there’s some background there but says he has nothing to worry about.

At his place, Gunnar offers Kiley a celebratory drink and she asks what’s the deal with he and Scarlett. He says they dated and broke up and she says Scarlett was throwing her serious shade. Gunnar says Scarlett knows about his upbringing and even met Jason and knows about Kiley and Micah. Gunnar tells Kiley he’s glad she told him the truth about Jason and says that means they weren’t a lie and what they had was real and good. She goes to him and kisses him. Then she says goodnight and goes up.

Will comes to see Kevin and says he doesn’t want his dad showing up to ruin that. Will says his dad told him he loved him for the first time in his life. Kevin says that doesn’t mean anything because his dad doesn’t know the real him and only sees the straight Will Lexington, country star. Kevin says it’s hard to watch him re-engage with someone who treated him terribly. Will says he’s going home tonight and walks off.

Jimmy comes to sit beside Luke after the party and shows him photos from a tabloid of Luke on vacation with Will and says the story of Will being gay is running next week. Deacon and Rayna look at old photos of them on the wall at Bluebird. They kiss and then Beverly is there. He asks why she’s there and she says she wants to help him live. She hugs her brother tight and cries. He thanks her and then Beverly gives Rayna a look over his shoulder that’s ice cold. OMG – what does she want?