Nashville Season Recap – Three Men and a Baby: Season 4 Episode 1 Premiere “Can’t Let Go”

Nashville Season Recap - Three Men and a Baby: Season 4 Episode 1 Premiere "Can’t Let Go"

Tonight on ABC Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere continues with an all new Wednesday September 23, season 4 premiere called, “Before You Go Make Sure You Know,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, in the Season 4 opener, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) rides a career high and sings a duet with Steven Tyler, but her personal life is in shambles as Avery (Jonathan Jackson) and Cadence reside with her in-laws. Meanwhile, Rayna (Connie Britton) and her loved ones deal with the outcome of Deacon’s (Charles Esten) transplant

On the last episode Juliette was laser-focused on finishing her album – and when she put everything and everyone she loved behind it – Avery made a decision that impacted their lives forever. Deacon’s life hanged in the balance, but Rayna and the girls are by his side. With the clock ticking and the future uncertain, did they celebrate a life together? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “with Juliette’s starring role in the Patsy Cline bio-pic, she is at an all-time career high, but is hitting a personal low. Meanwhile Avery, separated from Juliette, tends to baby Cadence at his parents’ home in Texas. Rayna, along with her family and friends, grapple with the chilling aftermath of Deacon’s liver transplant”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST!

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#Nashville begins one month after we last left out. It’s the premier of Shenandoah Girl, Juliette’s big movie. Rayna sits at home looking sad. Rayna checks on the sleeping girls and then curls up in her bed alone. Layla is on her red carpet and Juliette complains. Juliette says Jeff and Layla deserve each other but she’s bitter. She talks to a reporter who tells her there’s Oscar buzz. Luke steps up beside her on the red carpet and says they’re having fun on tour together.

Luke says she’s a movie star and has a new album coming out on his label. The reporter asks her if she has any regrets leaving Rayna’s label and she says it’s her best decision ever. Rayna tells Bucky that Luke can have her and she’s sick of it. He says there’s chatter that she’s not saying anything and tells her about the red carpet diss. Rayna says she’s had to do a lot of letting go lately so this is easy. She tells him to just sign the buy-out papers. They leave to go see Aunt Beverly.

Beverly is in a coma – she had an aneurysm during surgery. Deacon is there and says her EEG looked good and is fighting. Deacon says he’s sorry about last night and says he fell asleep there. Rayna says he has to take better care of himself. Rayna leaves with the girls to take them to school. Noel talks to Gunnar about the tour and asks if they’ll be ready to hit the road in a few weeks. Gunnar says he’s working around Scarlett’s schedule and they’ll make it happen.

Gunnar texts Scarlett and she asks about the meeting. He says no worries and she says her mom is as good as expected. He says they’re supposed to record tonight and asks if they can meet a couple of hours before and rehearse. She agrees. She’s with Caleb and he says they haven’t seen much of Gunnar lately. He has a gift for her for their one month living together anniversary. She opens it and sees a beautiful vintage necklace. She thanks him.

Caleb starts to say he loves her then says he loves having her there. She mimics his statement and he smiles. Avery is with Cadence at his parents. Sandra takes her then Carl comes in. Avery is watching the red carpet news and Juliette says her daughter is at home with her incredibly supportive husband. Avery asks his dad to say nothing. Sandra asks if he’s heard from Juliette and he says she told him she didn’t need them and Sandra says maybe he should reach out since Juliette mentioned him.

Juliette is drunk at a party then goes to puke in the bathroom. She starts crying and sits by the wall. She looks at herself in the mirror and cries more. Bucky and Rayna are looking at the buy out papers and Rayna signs then her phone rings. She says it’s Juliette and takes the call. Juliette is bawling and says she can’t. She tells her she needs help. Then a party friend knocks on the door and Juliette ends the call. Rayna tells Bucky something is really wrong.

Kevin wakes Will and asks if he’s going to get up and do something. Will says Luke put him on hold and Kevin says he can keep writing. Will says he’s not feeling it and Kevin says he’s not feeling another night watching TV and Will says he’ll see him tomorrow. Deacon sits at Beverly’s bedside playing guitar and singing to her. Scarlett shows up and tiptoes into the room. She asks how she is and Deacon says she’s going to wake up any minute. She asks Deacon how long he’s been there.

He says it’s his fault but Scarlett says she asked her mom to come. She says her mom didn’t tell anyone she was taking supplements for menopause and that made it worse. She tells Deacon he needs to live the life Beverly gave her and says it was her mom’s choice to do this and not his fault. Layla looks at red carpet photos and chats with Jeff. She hands Patrick the phone when he comes to the door. She says she wants a photo standing next to Juliette.

He says she’s not going to the concert but is doing to a dinner with a producer about a Patsy Cline movie. Layla tells him he’s the best and hands the phone back to Patrick and says she has to go shopping. Patrick tells Layla that she bought it and asks if he’s going to set the meeting with Valerie or if he should. Rayna comes to the hospital and says she signed the contract to release Juliette then she called and was crying and unintelligible. Deacon says it’s not her problem but Rayna says she’s worried.

Rayna says everyone said she’s out partying, signed with Jeff and Luke and Avery is back in Ohio. She wants to check on Juliette and Deacon says to go check on her and says he can take a night off to take care of the girls so she can go check on her. Rayna calls to tell the girls she’s going and Maddie is annoyed Rayna won’t take them to LA. Daphne says they have letters from dad but Maddie tears up the letter and says they always say – I’m sorry, I love you. She walks off.

Will rants to Gunnar and says Kevin is blaming him for this. Gunnar says Luke didn’t tell him not to go out in public, just to avoid press. Gunnar asks why he came out just to stay in. Will says he doesn’t know what he’s going through and Gunnar says Kevin does and doesn’t like what he’s doing. Gunnar says to trust that what’s meant to be will happen and tell shim to at least take a shower. Avery checks on a sleeping Cadence then texts Juliette – we’re still here.

Juliette’s party friends tell her about a new club and she sees the text. She tells her friends – it’s nobody. Juliette takes the stage in LA to perform. Avery sees her on the cover of a magazine his mom has. Sandra asks if he wants to talk about. Avery says he keeps thinking she’ll call or text and she hasn’t and he sees photos of her everywhere looking like her life is perfect and says maybe it is without them. Sandra says he can’t be a husband to someone who’s not there. She says he needs to do something.

Carl asks Avery to stay there with Cadence and says they’ll help and they love him and actually care about what happens. He says he can get Avery a job and says it would be a simple life but good. Steven Tyler is backstage talking with Luke about Juliette. Rayna shows up and he asks why she’s there. He jokes about her coming to see him. She says she came because Juliette called her and he asks why. He says Juliette is good and they’re having a good time.

Rayna asks when the last time was Juliette had a night off and saw her husband or newborn baby and says she’d be worried about that. Will trims up his monster beard. Scarlett shows up to Gunnar’s and he gives her a big hug. He says he canceled his trip to Texas to see Kylie in case she needed him. She says she didn’t want to be a burden. Gunnar asks if she’s avoiding him because of what happened on the roof and she says nothing happened that night.

Juliette sings Crazy and the lyrics seem to echo her life. Rayna watches offstage. Some of her party friends stand beside Rayna. She tells Rayna she’s Juliette’s best friend. Steven Tyler joins Juliette onstage and they sing together. Deacon sits with Beverly and gives her a kiss on the forehead. She squeezes his hand. He speaks her name then calls out for a nurse. He says she squeezed and her eyes flutter. The nurse runs to get the doctor. Deacon starts crying that she woke up.

Gunnar and Scarlett sit side by side and sing. They have a lot of eye contact while they sing the romantic song. Gunnar touches her face and she closes her eyes. Gunner kisses her and she kisses back. She tells him to stop when it gets more passionate. She says they can’t and says she’s so vulnerable he needs to stop. He says she ignored him for a month hoping this wasn’t real. He says they both like what it is between them. She says she has a BF and he makes her feel out of control.

She says Caleb makes her feel safe and she loves him. Gunnar says she’s not and she says she’d like to be. She tells him good night and leaves. She goes to her car and cries and beats the steering wheel. Avery walks his daughter around looking at family photos and thinking. Kevin and Will are out to a nice dinner and Kevin says it’s nice to be out and nice to see his face without a beard. Kevin goes to take his hand and Will says everyone is staring.

Kevin says to ignore them. A woman comes over and says he’s a liar then says they slept together and he’s gay and disgusting. Kevin gets mad at her and says they need to go somewhere this won’t happen. Juliette is with her party friends backstage when Rayna comes in. She asks to talk to Juliette who sends her party crowd out. She asks why Rayna is there and she says she was worried after the phone call. Juliette tries to pretend she didn’t call her and says it was a butt dial.

Rayna says she can play it that way but it’s not what she wanted. Rayna says she thinks Juliette needs a friend right now and asks what’s going on and says she flew across the country to see her. Rayna says she knows what it’s like to go down an unfamiliar road. She asks Juliette to let her find her way back home. Juliette says she wants her back on the label and Rayna says she signed the papers. Juliette says she just wants a piece of her and calls Rayna’s company a vanity label.

Juliette says her label is a joke and she’s on top of the world. She says Rayna has nothing to offer her. Rayna tells her she breaks her heart and walks out on Juliette. Scarlett rushes to the hospital and tells her mom she’s there. Deacon says it will be a couple of days before she comes all the way out of it but the docs said she’s be okay. Deacon says it has been hell and says he feels good about his and Beverly’s relationship. He goes to call Maddie and Daphne.

Beverly is struggling with her breathing tube as Scarlett comforts her. Avery comes to talk to his parents and says he thought about their offer to stay. He says they can have a great small town life and says it’s tempting but he doesn’t want Cadence to see someone who gave up on his marriage or his dreams. He says he can’t keep hiding there and says Nashville is home whether Juliette is there or not. Maddie rants when she sees that Daphne taped together the letter from her dad.

Maddie calls her stupid and says her dad is guilty. Deacon comes in and says they need to be nicer to each other and tells them that they are the best friends they will ever have. Daphne says he’s not her dad and he says he knows but she can still talk to him. Daphne stomps off upstairs. Maddie says to marry her mom so Daphne can’t say that anymore. He says they will now that Beverly is getting better. Will is at a gay bar with Kevin and he’s uncomfortable.

Kevin tells him to relax and dance with him. Will says he can’t do it and steps off the dance floor. Kevin follows him. Rayna tells Deacon she doesn’t know why she came to Juliette and didn’t know why she bothered. Deacon says you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to save. Rayna says Juliette lashes out at people who try to reach out to her. They swap I love you’s and end the call. Rayna gets on her tablet and Googles herself.

Layla comes into the dressing room looking for Patrick and Juliette asks why she’s there and is annoyed. Juliette tells her it pains her to see Layla have so little self-respect sleeping with Jeff and says she must hate herself. Juliette says Jeff is a terrible human being and it only took her once to know she didn’t need to repeat with him. Layla says they love each other and Juliette says she just made her think less of her and says Jeff will always put Juliette first.

She calls Layla a failed reality star and says she’ll never be her. Layla says good. Kevin finds Will pacing the parking lot and Will says he hates electronic music and he says he doesn’t belong there or in his old places and just doesn’t belong. He tells Kevin he’ll call him tomorrow. Juliette is partying hard when Patrick shows up. She says to send Layla back to Nashville or push her in traffic and says she wants her gone. He says Jeff wants her gone and Patrick says he’ll make it happen.

Layla calls Jeff and says she knows he’s also managing Juliette and she’s a bigger star but says she needs to know she’s more important to him when it counts. Gunnar shows up to record and Noel says Scarlett was already there and recorded her track. Gunnar is annoyed and says to get it done. Rayna reads news about her being a flop with a label and other criticism. Avery drives with Cadence back to Nashville. Juliette looks at photos of Avery and Cadence on her phone.

Scarlett tells Caleb she loves him. He says he loves her too and kisses her. Gunnar records his track but is upset about Scarlett dissing him. Noel tells him it’s some of their best stuff and says it didn’t matter they weren’t recording together. Gunnar says it wasn’t the same. Rayna hears Juliette news on the radio. Gunnar finds Will at his place and he says it was a bad night. Gunnar says Scarlett picked Caleb. They agree it sucks then Avery comes in the door with the baby.

Gunnar says they have a new roommate and Avery says two. The guys do not look thrilled with the baby. It’s three men and a baby. Rayna hears the deejay talking about how she must be kicking herself for losing Juliette and they says she’s o for three for signing talent and says she’s just no good at business.