NCIS: New Orleans Recap 11/24/15: Season 2 Episode 10 “Billy and the Kid”

NCIS: New Orleans Recap 11/24/15: Season 2 Episode 10 "Billy and the Kid"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: New Orleans returns with an all new Tuesday  November 24, season 2 episode 10 called, “Billy and the Kid,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the murder of a marine provides clues to the first case that Pride (Scott Bakula) and LaSalle (Lucas Black) ever worked on together.

On the last episode the fiancé of Pride’s daughter’s friend went missing during a blackout; and the team located the man’s dead body, which held clues to the cause of the blackout. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the murder of a marine provides clues to the first case that Pride and LaSalle ever worked on together, a murder that occurred right before Hurricane Katrina struck the city and washed away the evidence. Also, the team celebrates Thanksgiving together.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s NCIS: New Orleans at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the season 2 episode 10.

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#NCISNOLA starts with a girl talking about New Orleans facing the storms of Katrina and how souls were reborn. It’s August 2005 and Katrina is raging towards New Orleans. LaSalle takes a call and heads out. A A man was shot and LaSalle talks to her husband Phil and tells Petey to call again for the ambulance. LaSalle asks if he saw who did it and he says it hurts.

Phil says the guy had a blue tattoo then says nothing. LaSalle tries CPR but Phil dies. Pride and the guys are outside a crime scene at a diner. There’s a dead Marine recruiter and a dead waitress and cook. Merri says they’re working on cameras. Loretta says they were shot at a distance likely by a shotgun but Ford, the Marine, was shot point blank and the shooter stood over him.

Loretta says there’s shiny residue that may have come from the shooter. She says she’ll get a sample to Sebastian. Sonja says the gun looks big based on the shells and they find footprints. They follow them to the freezer and a guy is there. He puts up his hands and says his name is Oliver. He says a man argued with the Marine and shot him. He says he was medium weight and height.

Then Oliver says he had a blue tattoo on his neck and face. He says it was a blob and says it was nothing. That stuns LaSalle. Sonja gets the guy a blanket as LaSalle walks out. He goes to see Sebastian with a box and he says that’s LaSalle’s handwriting. He says it’s a 10 year old murder case of Philip Hart. LaSalle says he thinks it’s the same shooter as the diner case and says don’t tell Pride for now.

The stuff is moldy because of water damage from Katrina. He tells Sebastian if he can help, they can solve the last unsolved murder before Katrina. Sebastian is down for that. LaSalle tells him the blue tattoo detail and says a 12 gauge shotgun was used in both cases. Sebastian says he always wanted to wear a uniform and they talk about Katrina. He says he didn’t make it out.

Sebastian says there’s a shiny residue maybe oil based. LaSalle says they found something like that on the Marine. LaSalle thinks back to him having to tell Billy that her husband’s body went missing. She says Phil had no enemies and he asks what else she remembers. She says she heard the shots and say her husband on the ground. She says she can’t back into the apartment now.

LaSalle says leave the city and it’s not safe. She insists on waiting. She gives him a photo of her and Phil and says just do your job. Pride asks where LaSalle is and they look askance. Merri tells him about the victim Sergeant Ford who volunteered and worked against the green dot initiative and helped fix up homes after Katrina. The cook and waitress had no connection to Ford they can find.

Pride says get a warrant and search Ford’s house. He goes to see Loretta. She’s working on Ford and he says he has no time for the usual Thanksgiving tradition and she says he’ll figure something out. She says Ford died instantly and the others shot with the same type of ammo. Sebastian comes and says the blue tattoo is not a tattoo but medicine used to treat a condition.

Loretta says Argyria is caused by exposure to colloidal silver. Pride asks where LaSalle is and Sebastian blabs about the cold case. Sonja and Merri go to Ford’s house and they see the door is partially open. They head inside with guns out and see that the place has been tossed. LaSalle is there too and he shushes them and points upstairs as they hear a creak.

The guy is on the second floor and hops down and runs. LaSalle gives chase. Merri and Sonja give chase too. The guy blends in with a crowd and they lose him. Sonja asks why he was there and says that guy isn’t going anywhere and says he didn’t find what he was looking for. Pride calls for LaSalle and he has to take the call. He goes back to see him and asks about Thanksgiving.

Pride asks if the LaSalle he knew back then is back too. LaSalle says no but he has a lead. He asks if it’s about Phil Hart’s widow and says please tell me you didn’t contact her. LaSalle says he didn’t and says he just needed something solid to connect the cases. Back in the day, Petey tells LaSalle the feds are taking over the Hart case. LaSalle tells him no way.

It’s Pride who says locals call him king. LaSalle says God almighty and Elvis are the only kings he knows. He tells Pride to step off. Pride says he met LaSalle at Mardi Gras a few years ago. Pride tells him that someone stole $100k from a Navy exchange and his armed robber is likely the same as his murder suspect. Pride and LaSalle come to see Loretta and she mentions Thanksgiving.

She says she went rogue and made a few calls and found a doctor who treated the guy with Argyria. She says the guy was treated in prison for armed robbery in Georgia. His name is Taggett and he’s been in prison for 10 years which explains the decade of inactivity. Pride says they think Taggett hid the money somewhere in the city and is now back for it since he got out of jail.

Merri says Ford worked out of Bell Chase and may have been an accomplice in the robbery. They wonder if he hid it or another accomplice had it. LaSalle has a photo showing three robbers. Back in the day, we see Pride talking to his wife and then his daughter Laurel on the phone while LaSalle looks over the same photo. He says it’s not clear enough and LaSalle gets a letter.

Pride asks how he got a message hand delivered when mail is cut off. LaSalle says his dad always finds a way. Pride gets a call and says they may have a lead. He says someone has some bills form the heist. They head out. It was Phil Hart’s widow that spent the money. He shows her the photo of three men and says these men stole $100k from the Navy exchange then asks if she helped them.

She says it was stuck to her bag in the mud outside. LaSalle says maybe Phil wasn’t carjacked but was a partner with the robbers then asks Billy where the rest of the money is. She says her whole life is one bag and points it out. LaSalle digs into it. She yells at him to stop but he keeps rifling her stuff. Pride tells him to stop and says they can go. Billy tells LaSalle there’s something wrong with him.

Pride apologizes and they leave. Outside, Pride tells him that was bad cop work. LaSalle says no one will care in this chaos and Pride says all he had to do was ask her and got permission. He tells LaSalle they need to keep working. Now, Sebastian works on cleaning up the photo. LaSalle says the boxes from Ford’s house stink and Sebastian says it’s mold.

LaSalle looks at his bloody shirt from the night Phil died and LaSalle says he wonders if he should have moved away after the storm. Sebastian says he’s glad he stayed then shows him the photo. It’s Ford and Taggett. The third guy is Oliver Fray the diner witness. LaSalle says he wasn’t a witness and he played them.

They bring Oliver in and tell him they know he was part of the heist and lied to them. He says Taggett is crazy and that’s why he lied. LaSalle says the heist connects him to the murders. He says he doesn’t know where Taggett is and says an out of state syndicate hired them to do the job and they were supposed to meet at Ford’s place then the storm hit.

He says he showed up with Ford then yelled for him and started shooting. He says he ran and hid. LaSalle asks how can they believe him. He says the storm changed he and Ford both. He says Ford served in Iraq and rebuilt neighborhoods. He says the storm saved them. It saved LaSalle too. He shows Oliver a photo of Billy and then Olivier asks if he knows about St Gabriel.

Oliver says he lost people too. Back in the day, Pride says Billy and Phil are clean for the heist. Pride asks LaSalle for a hint of what that is his dad sent. He says it’s an airplane ticket with a note that says come home. LaSalle says he always wanted a badge and knew New Orleans was the place for him but his dad never got it. Pride says he doesn’t like the way LaSalle is going about making his mark.

They head inside a tent full of bodies. Loretta is there working and offers to help them look then sees Pride and gives him a big hug. She says she’s glad he’s safe and he introduces her to LaSalle. He doesn’t make nice and just wants the body. She asks if he’s still in Algiers and says the uptight place doesn’t suit him. She says you can’t be friendly in hell.

Loretta tells them someone painted a number on her friend’s door and she’s gone so she volunteers on her behalf. She finds the body for them and they unzip the bag but first she puts a mask over her face. LaSalle says it’s not him. Outside, LaSalle throws up and says he never wants to see anything like that again. The tent city of dead bodies is called St Gabriel’s.

LaSalle what can they tell Billy and Pride says tell her you’re working the case but LaSalle is negative and says there’s nothing to work. Sonja says Oliver is going away for robbery and Ford would be too. Ford didn’t have the money so maybe Taggett hid it elsewhere. Sonja says Ford lived in the same place where Taggett lived before. They make plans on how to nab the guy and head out.

LaSalle runs off at top speed and Pride follows. The house is gone – only the stairs are left. They wonder what now. LaSalle says work the case. Sebastian calls on video and says graphology for the win and says he founds handwriting on the boxes from Ford’s place. Not all the boxes were his. They were all mixed up in storage after the place was condemned.

Another past tenant could have the cash. LaSalle goes to Sebastian’s lab and says he’s looking for a stuffed elephant. He says this elephant got packed up by accident. He says Billy could have ended up with the money and Taggett could be heading for her. Back in the day, Pride and LaSalle talk to Billy and he says they can’t find the body and they’re done.

Pride asks if LaSalle talks that way to all women or just grieving women. He tells LaSalle to go apologize. He says he can’t fix this and is going back to Alabama and normalcy. Pride tells him he’ll have a chance to solve this case again one day but LaSalle says he’s failed. Billy screams for help. She’s in labor. Pride wants to get her to a hospital but she says it’s coming right now.

Pride says they’ll help her and he tells LaSalle to get towels. Billy says she needs her stuffed elephant and says it was Phil’s when he was a kid. LaSalle goes through her bag and says he can’t find it. LaSalle holds her hand and says they’re going to do this together and she’s going to be okay. She screams as she gives birth.

Now, LaSalle is on her doorstep with the elephant. He tells her his kid picked this up at the park and says he thinks it’s hers. Pride picks the lock on the back door and says Taggett is behind the door. They get her and her daughter out but Taggett says he’s not leaving without his money. He goes to fire at LaSalle who puts him down with two to the chest.

LaSalle tells Pride they just cleared their first case together. Pride has the bag of cash. Merri says Billy didn’t even know she had the money since she never opened the boxes. Pride ends a call as he comes downstairs and finds LaSalle looking at the plane ticket. He tears it up and says he’s home. Now, Pride and they gang go to eat with Donald Link. Billy and her daughter are there too.

She tells Lisa that LaSalle is one of the good guys. They enjoy some good music and food at the bar. Pride even plays the piano. Lisa dances around with the others. Looks like a happy Thanksgiving after all.