Once Upon a Time Recap – Emma’s Dark Schemes Come to Light: Season 5 Episode 5 “Dreamcatcher”

Once Upon a Time Recap - Emma's Dark Schemes Come to Light: Season 5 Episode 5 "Dreamcatcher"

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday October 25 season 5 episode 5, called, “Dreamcatcher” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode. in Camelot, as Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) and David (Josh Dallas) attempt to retrieve the Dark One dagger, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) uses a dreamcatcher to look into the past to see how Merlin (Elliot Knight) was transformed into a tree.

On the last episode, Lancelot sent a warning to Mary Margaret about King Arthur’s true intentions. Meanwhile, Hook’s love for Emma gave her hope in her battle against darkness; and in a Camelot flashback, Guinevere went on a quest when she feared Arthur’s losing his way. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “in Camelot, as Mary Margaret and David attempt to retrieve the Dark One dagger, Emma uses a dreamcatcher to look into the past to see how Merlin was transformed into a tree. Together, Emma and Regina figure out the critical ingredient they must acquire to free Merlin, but it’s a race against Arthur, who does not want Merlin released. Meanwhile, with encouragement from his moms, Henry musters up the courage to ask Violet on a date. Back in Storybrooke, the heroes break into Emma’s house hoping to locate Gold, but what they find will give them a glimpse of Emma’s end game. Far from prying eyes, Merida sets about the mission Emma has tasked her with and begins molding Gold into the hero they need to draw Excalibur”

Tonight’s season 5 episode 5 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Once Upon A Time at 9:00 PM EST!

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#OnceUponATime begins in Camelot, many years ago. A man walks through the forest calling out for the Dark One. He has the blade and commands him to stop and appear. The guy rants that the Dark One destroyed the only woman he’s ever loved. He goes to stab the Dark One but hesitates. The Dark One wears a creepy gold mask. The man pauses and drops the knife in shock. The Dark One has the dagger and casts a spell to turn him into a tree. The man was Merlin! Emma watches this in a dream catcher as she stands before the tree in Camelot, weeks before now.

Regina, David and Mary discuss the dagger back in Camelot. They tell her they think it’s in Emma’s best interests to give Arthur the dagger. Regina takes them to where she hid the dagger and asks if they’re sure. They tell her they are. Emma sneaks up and freezes her parents with magic then tells Regina that Arthur has her parents under a spell and wants the dagger to unite with Excalibur. She says Arthur plans to kill Merlin. Regina asks how she can know that this is true and not Emma’s darkness. Emma says they need to free Merlin. Regina says they don’t know how.

Emma says dark magic is the answer and says she’s willing to take the risk. Regina tells her it’s a slippery slope and she’s been there. Emma says – I’m not you. Now, Regina and the others talk to Arthur about his squire that just vanished out of the cell. Arthur says the guy must have lied about the magic bean. Gwen says they must do something to raise the morale of their people and she’s heartsick. Mary agrees that people need hope and says they can help. Henry is texting with Violet and suggests a dance. David asks if that’s to ask out his GF and Regina is stunned.

Hook offers to give him some romantic tips and Regina threatens him. She asks Mary and David what they know. Belle runs up and tells them Rumple is missing. Emma has him prisoner still and she brings Gold some food and says he needs his strength to remove the sword. Gold begs her to let him go so he can see Belle. She says he’s not going anywhere until he gets the sword. He asks why she needs it with so much power. She asks him if he revealed his plans when he was the Dark One. Gold says he was always trying to help his son but Emma mocks him.

Gold says her justifications for using her power will push away those she loves. Emma calls for Merida. She tells Merida to take Gold to the woods and begin. Merida tries to attack her but Emma squeezes the heart she holds in her hand and stops her. Emma magics them to the woods so Merida can start making him into a hero. Emma goes into her garage and we see there are dozens of dreamcatchers hung there. She chooses one and holds it to her heart. Back in Camelot, Regina asks Emma how she knows her parents are under a spell. She shows Regina the dream catcher.

Regina says these things catch more than dreams and Emma says her dark magic is stronger than any she’s seen and it showed her what Arthur did to them. She says she saw Merlin who wept for the woman he lost and trapped him in a tree using a tear of lost love that Merlin cried. Regina says another tear of lost love might get him out. She says they need to get another tear. Back in Camelot, Henry and Violet groom her horse and she tells him that her mom was a champion rider but she died. Henry says his dad is gone too and says there’s a lot he never got to tell him. Violet says she understands.

Violet goes to put the saddle away and Henry grabs up a sword and talks about pulling Excalibur from the stone. He whacks with a sword that’s too heavy for him then he falls through the stable wall and Morgan comes in – Violet’s dad. He asks if Henry is one of the visitors and says he’s Violet’s father. He tells him to call him Sir Morgan then asks how old he is. He asks why Henry has no skills with sword or horse. Henry says he’s a writer not a squire. He asks Henry if ogres attack, will he protect Violet with a pen then says she deserves someone who can protect her. He tells Henry to get out.

Henry meets up with Violet and asks if she got his text. She says she’s not in the mood to party and says her horse ran off this morning. She says he’s gone and her dad is out trying to lure him back. Henry reassures her and says the town isn’t that big. Then she says she can’t go to a party while her horse is missing. Henry promises to help find the horse. He goes to see his evil mom. He asks if she remembers why he brought her to Storybrooke. He says her happy ending mission isn’t over. She says things are different now and he says show him that the mom he loves is still in there.

He asks her to help Violet. Merida tosses a sword at Gold who is too weak to stand much less fight. Merida sheaths her sword then hands him a staff to support himself. She says you just need a sword and one good hand and tells him to pick up the sword. He struggles and she knocks it from his hand. Merida says if he fails when he tries to pull Excalibur, he’ll turn to dust. Merida says she can’t let that happen since she has to protect her family. He says he’s a coward but she says he must be brave. She says there must be another way to encourage him then she knocks him out.

Henry tells her about Violet’s pumpkin loving horse and Henry says he misses Operation Cobra. They hop in her yellow bug and she asks him about Violet. He says they like some of the same things. She asks what music he played for her and then asks if his dad taught him that move. She agrees it’s a good song he chose for her. She says she has an idea of where to start looking for the horse. Back in Camelot, Henry tries to wield the sword as Regina comes on him with Emma. He says he’s trying to get into the Camelot spirit and he tells them Sir Morgan told him to fit in.

Emma says changing for someone doesn’t work and says she liked his dad because he was always himself. Henry says maybe being something better is worth it then tells Regina that she changed for Robin. Regina reminds him about her first love Daniel and says he was so different that he caught her eye. Emma tells Henry he’s an exotic stranger from a foreign land while in Camelot. He says he can work with that and runs off. Regina says she knows where to get the tear and says it can come from her. Emma and Regina get ready to try and harvest the tear.

Emma tells her it’s the last chance to back out but she won’t. Emma hands her a dream catcher and Regina sees her younger self hugging Cora who just told her she could have Daniel. Then we see Cora tell Daniel that he needs to learn a lesson. She says you always have to do best for your children. Then she rips out Daniel’s heart. Regina watches and cries. Emma is stunned and says she’s sorry. Regina says it was like it was happening all over again. Emma captures a tear and thanks her.

She says she had no idea how it was for her and Emma says she doesn’t know how a mother could do that. Regina says Cora thought it was for the best. Regina takes the others to the house while Henry lured Emma away on the horse errand. Regina tries to open the door but is hit by a protection spell. Belle says Regina would let Henry in and Regina magics one of Henry’s scarves into her hand and uses it to open the door. Back in Camelot, we see Henry making a romantic dinner for Violet at Granny’s diner. She shows up and says she was happy to get his note.

Henry is nervous and fixes her a soda. She hears the pop and fizz as he opens the can and asks if it’s magic. She laughs and says it’s like a carnival in a can. Henry says he reheated some lasagna for them and she says he really is from another world then says it’s great. He says after dinner he thought they could watch a movie and shows her Harold and Maude. He says it’s a good date movie and she asks what’s a date. He says never mind. Then Violet asks if he’s courting her. He says maybe. Then she says he’s sweet but she doesn’t feel the same way about him.

He asks if her father told her what happened. She says that’s not it and Henry says her father doesn’t think he’s a hero but he is. Violet says she thought they were just friends and liked it better that way. He’s hurt. Merida is in Regina’s office and flips through the story book. She sees Gold with Belle. She smiles. Merida breaks into Gold’s shop then finds something of interest. Emma takes him to Peter Peter’s pumpkin patch and sure enough there’s Nicodemus. He rears up at Emma and Henry tells her to step back. He says it’s because she’s the Dark One and tells her to get back.

Henry holds out a piece of pumpkin to the animal who snorts and paws at the ground. He allows Henry to come close enough to grab his lead. Emma asks doesn’t he have a dance to go to now he has the horse. Regina, Hook, Belle and Robin find Excalibur in the basement. Belle says it’s the dame design as the Dark dagger. Regina wonders why Emma wants that and Gold and wonders what Emma is up to. Hook starts to grab it but Regina says stop and it could be booby trapped. Belle picks up a loop of rope and says Gold is gone. Regina gets a text from Henry and says they have to leave now.

Hook stops when he sees a box on the table and a dream catcher. Hook says Baelfire gave Emma one a long time ago but this is different. Regina says they can be quite powerful and says she knows how Emma took their memories. Back in Camelot, Emma gets ready to work the spell to free Merlin. She and Regina hurry since they’re worried Arthur might interrupt. Emma adds the tear to the potion but it doesn’t work. Emma says her heartbreak wasn’t strong enough. She says Regina has healed some and moved on from Robin.

Henry shows up sad and his moms ask what’s wrong. He says he tried to be himself and she didn’t want anything to do with him. Emma touches him then he says Violet is right, he’ll never be a hero in this world. Regina wipes his tear and says he’ll be a hero in theirs. She tells him that his tear could save Emma. Arthur is there and tells them to stop and get away from the tree. He has guards with him and he calls them all liars. Regina gives him back anger and he says they brought the dark one here and he demands the dark dagger. Regina pops up fire in her hand and tells Emma to do the spell now.

Emma does the spell and then dark and light shoot from her hands and she aims the tendrils of magic at the tree. They surround the tree then blow away. Merlin staggers to his feet. He pulls back the cowl of his cloak and says he’s been waiting for him. He calls her by name – Emma. Merlin tells Arthur he was his great hope and now he’s disappointed him. Arthur says Merlin gave him false prophecies and ruined his life. He goes to pull his sword and Merlin says they both know that broken sword can’t hurt him. Arthur says this is not finished and he’s furious.

The others tell Arthur that Emma has Excalibur and that it had markings that look like the dark dagger. Hook says he knows all about the dark dagger but little about his blade. Arthur says they were one and the same then was broken. He says if they restore it, they can snuff out dark magic but if it’s used wrong, can snuff out light and dark. Mary thinks Emma is trying to get rid of light magic then wonders how her daughter fell so far. Henry rides up to the block party on Nico and Violet is thrilled. Sir Morgan tells him well done.

Morgan says they owe him great thinks and Henry says it was nothing. Morgan says he’s heroic and humble and will make a great knight someday. Her dad takes the horse with him and tells them to have fun. Violet kisses his cheek and smiles at him. Merida kicks Gold awake and cuts him loose. He begs her to stop and says he can’t fight. Merida says it’s not can’t but won’t. She says he needs something to fight for and she shows him the teacup with the chip. He asks where she got it and he starts to get mad. She says come fight me for it and tosses the sword to him. He throws it down and she kicks at him.

She tells him it’s fragile and threatens to drop it. She asks if Belle saw how yellow bellied he really is. He comes at her with the sword and Merida says that was an act of true bravery and he wasn’t thinking about his fear or the limp. Merida tells him it’s good but they have a long way to go. Regina tells Robin maybe the dream catcher can tell them what happened in Camelot. She says Emma clearly thought she had good reason to wipe their minds. Robin says there’s one way to find out. Regina starts it up. They see Violet and Henry meeting. It’s Violet’s memories. Henry show sup and watches.

We see Violet find the note and then Emma is there and tells her to keep a secret. She says Henry can never know about this and then takes her heart. She tells Violet she’ll get it back but must help her first. She says she needs the tear of a lost first love. She asks her to break Henry’s heart. Henry is shocked and drops what he was holding. Robin and Regina turn and are horrified to see him there. We see Merlin pull the spell off Mary and David. Mary apologizes to Emma and hugs her. They’re shocked to be introduced to Merlin and David says he was expecting someone older.

Merlin says being a tree keeps you young. Hook asks if can free Emma from the darkness. Merlin says it comes with a caveat then tells her darkness takes hold of a person and goes deep inside. He says he has to know if her heart is truly ready to be free and says it’s as much up to her as him. Emma comes to see Regina and she asks what the hell is going on. She says she took their memories and now Gold. She tells Emma she can come back from this. Emma says this is for the best and tells her to trust her. Regina says she believed that until she saw what she did to Henry in Camelot.

Regina says Henry saw it too and is devastated. She says she tried to make it up to Henry and Regina says Emma probably let the horse out. Emma makes couple of smart remarks and Regina says her justifications are extensive and ridiculous. Emma says she would not have done that to Henry without good reason. Regina says that’s what her mother said when she killed Daniel and tells Emma there’s always a choice. Emma says it was the only way to free Merlin. This shocks Regina and she asks why she’s still the Dark One.

Emma says this is a waste of time and demands to see Henry. Regina slams the door in her face. Emma looks up and sees Henry looking down at her angrily. He pulls the blinds so he doesn’t have to look at her anymore. Emma strides off into the darkness.