Once Upon a Time Recap – The Witch Is Back: Season 4 Episode 14 “Unforgiven”

Once Upon a Time Recap - The Witch Is Back: Season 4 Episode 14 "Unforgiven"

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday March 8, season 4 episode 14 called, “Unforgiven” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Emma [Jennifer Morrison] thinks something is being kept from her; Henry [Jared Gilmore and Regina [Lana Parrilla] hope Pinocchio [Jakob Davies] will remember a clue.

On the last episode, a banished Gold sought allies, so he recruited Cruella De Vil to join him and Ursula. Meanwhile, Hook and Belle tried to free the fairies from the Sorcerer’s hat; Henry and his mothers searched for clues about the Author; and a darkness fell upon the town. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “David and Mary Margaret suspect Cruella and Ursula have come to Storybrooke looking for something more than their own happy endings – something that threatens to reveal a secret they thought was long buried. Emma begins her own investigation of Cruella and Ursula, but she can’t shake the feeling that her friends and family are keeping something from her. Regina and Henry continue their search for the Author, turning to Pinocchio and Marco in the hope Pinocchio might remember a clue that will help them. Meanwhile, in a flashback to Fairy Tale Land, Snow and Charming cross paths with the Queens of Darkness as the threat of the Evil Queen’s Dark Curse hangs over all of them.”

Tonight’s season 4 episode 14 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Once Upon A Time at 8:00 PM EST!

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Mary rolls over in her sleep and finds that David is not in bed. She calls out to him and then gets up. Baby Neal starts crying. Maleficent is there, so is Cruella and Ursula. Maleficent says the truth of what she did to her hands over his head and says when she’s done, Mary won’t have a family left. Mary wakes from her nightmare and goes to check on her son who is fine. She finds David sitting on the stairs and he says he’s struggling to sleep with the new villains in town.

He’s drinking whiskey and pours her some. Mary is troubled but David says they just need to get them out of town before anyone else finds out what they did to the lady villains. Back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow and Charming ride for a castle. Snow says they have to deal with the Evil Queen. She finds Sleepy on guard duty but then they realize that there’s a sleeping curse and it must be Regina. They go inside and find everyone asleep. They call out for Regina but it’s Maleficent.

Maleficent introduces Cruella and Ursula. She tells them they’re not there to fight but to make a deal. Back in Storybrooke, Cruella and Ursula wait at the counter for service from Granny. Will gets prompt service but ignores the villains. Regina comes in and they ask her to get Granny to serve them and remind her of her formerly wicked ways. Regina sends Henry off and tells them if they bring up her past sins in front of Henry again, she’ll boot them out of town. They head out.

David and Mary ask what’s the plan to deal with them. Regina says they’re morons and they don’t need to worry about them. Regina says she has bigger things to worry about than those two. Emma and Killian walk up to the diner and Ursula calls to Killian by name surprising Emma. David tells Emma they have to follow the villains. She gives Killian a kiss and goes off with her dad. Belle isn’t happy to see Ursula and Cruella in her shop.

They congratulate her on defeating the dark one and tell her they’ve seen her and he’s a mess. Usual sneaks a tentacle into the back of the shop and grabs a box. She asks if they’re there to buy something or just came by to be cruel. Cruella says she’s looking for a hood ornament with some glitz and Belle says she’ll check the inventory. They take the box and go then text Gold that they have it. He’s down in the cave where Maleficent was trapped (and supposedly died) as a dragon. He tells her it won’t be long.

He uses magic to draw up a pile of her ashes then whispers that her slumber is almost over. Regina goes back to her office where Henry is leafing through the books looking for clues. She brings him donuts and he says he hasn’t found anything yet. She says she’s fine but he says she didn’t seem fine when she saw Ursula and Cruella. Regina says they remind her of when she was a true villain and doubt if her happy ending is even possible.

Regina says she was closest to being happy when it was just the two of them. Henry says they’ll find the author and get her ending rewritten so she can be happy too. She brushes crumbs off the book when he drops crumbs. She notes that Pinocchio’s story had different paper so he added to it. Regina says August took the book apart. He’s gone, but Pinocchio is still around. Emma asks her dad if he knew Ursula and Cruella back in the EF and asks if he’s leaving something out.

They see the ladies come out of Gold’s and get into Cru’s car and speed off. He tells her to call Belle and see what went on in the shop. Back in the EF, the three villains tell Snow and Charming that Regina just stole the darkest curse from Maleficent. They tell them about the tree of wisdom and it can tell them how to defeat the queen and the curse but it will only answer to two of the most valiant heroes. They offer them a map and say they’ll escort them to the tree.

Snow says if this is true, they could defeat the evil queen but then discuss that those three are almost as bad as Regina. They agree they have no choice but to go with them. Now, Cruella speeds along in her car and Emma and David follow. Emma says Belle is sure there’s a wooden box missing. David flips the lights on and Cruella pulls over. She puts down her window and calls him Sheriff Chisel Chin. David asks them to step out. He searches the car.

He finds a secret compartment and opens it. There’s the box and inside it is a jeweled bauble of some sort. But he lies to his daughter and says the car is clean. Emma says maybe Belle was wrong and she says she’s going to go check security footage. David stole the bauble but doesn’t tell Emma about it. He asks her to drop him off at the loft. He shows Mary what he found in Cruella’s car. She says that meant a lot to Maleficent. David says they must be planning a resurrection spell.

Mary asks if it’s possible and David says they need to take Maleficent’s remains so they can never resurrect her even if they find another totem of hers. Back in the EF, Charming tells the villains that they can’t cross the bridge with them in tow. They suggest that Charming and Snow use their swords. Then they notice Maleficent is missing. She shows back up in dragon form and attacks the men guarding the bride. She uses fire breath and burns them to a crisp.

Charming says she should have given them another chance to talk to them. Cruella tells Maleficent well done. Snow and Charming are not happy with her but let it go. Now, Emma is at her computer at the sheriff’s office when Killian shows up with a grilled cheese and onion rings for his sweetie. She says she’s trying to figure out if the villains stole something from the shop. She asks again how he knows Ursula and he tries to say he can’t remember but Emma presses.

He won’t say anything more and Emma sits back angry at him. She gets the download from the ATM camera and he tells her to enjoy her witch hunt then leaves. Emma is bothered. Mary and David gather supplies when Emma shows up. She shows them footage of them walking out with the box. David says they don’t know for sure what it is. They tell her they’re going on a hike while Ashley babysits Neal. Mary says those women were villains in the EF but they need to give them a shot.

David says backing off Ursula and Cruella is the right thing to do. She says to have a good time and heads back to the station. Mary asks David if this is the right thing to do and he says it’s the only way to protect Emma from the truth.

Regina brings in Pinocchio and they ask if he remembers anything about the book. Emma shows up and Regina says he can’t remember anything but was hoping Emma might jog August’s memory. She asks if he remembers he back when he was older that they were friends. She says he was smart enough to take that book apart and add one to it then put it back together. Pinocchio says he doesn’t remember but Regina snaps at him and asks if his head it still made of wood.

Regina is getting angry and Emma takes Pinocchio to get a snack. Gepetto asks her why she thinks she deserves a happy ending. She reminds him he lied to get August sent through to this world with Emma and he says without her curse, he wouldn’t have to. He tells her to leave his son alone. Mary and David are down in the tunnels under the library going for the ashes. Back in the EF, we see that Snow and Charming snuck off from the three villains to go to the tree on their own.

The women discover they’re gone but it’s too late. Snow and Charming find the tree of wisdom. The each place a hand on a designated rock nearby and they ask how to stop the evil queen’s curse. The tree lights up with gold and then red and they are blown backward. They wonder why it didn’t answer. Maleficent shows as they wonder if it’s a trap. They tell Snow and Charming they must not be as valiant as they thought.

Now, David and Mary find Maleficent’s ashes. But then Ursula and Cruella are there and Ursula whacks them with a tentacle and knocks them both out. Gepetto is in his shop working when Regina shows up. He says he doesn’t want her near Pinocchio. She says she came to speak to him. He says August never told him anything about the book. She says if someone talked to Henry the way she spoke to Pinocchio, she would have reacted even worse.

Regina says she was out of line. She says she won’t ever find her happy ending if she goes back to her old ways. She says she’s sorry and starts to leave but Gepetto stops her and says he kept everything August brought back to town as an adult. He offers her his bag and says maybe something there can help her. He wishes her luck. Gold asks if Belle, Mary and David suspect him. They tell him Belle didn’t mention him and seems to have moved on. He hands Cruella a knife and says she knows what to do.

Back in the EF, Snow and Charming want to go and Maleficent says they won’t let them go until they figure out why the tree won’t answer. Maleficent looks at Snow and says she’s pregnant. She says that’s why the tree knocked them back. Maleficent says they may be heroes but their child won’t be. Maleficent says their child, as the product of true love, could have the potential for either great good or great darkness. Maleficent says their child could just be the darkest villain the realm has ever seen.

Ursula asks to choke them but Maleficent says those two have plenty of suffering in their future. Now, David and Mary are unconscious on the cavern floor when Cruella slices each of their hands and their blood lands on the pile of Maleficent’s ashes. They tell them the object from Gold’s shop was a ruse to get them there. They needed the blood of the two that wronged her most. Her ashes swirl and then a dragon is realized. It crashes towards he ground and there’s Maleficent. She says it’s good to be back.

Mary tries to calm Maleficent. Cruella tells Mal to calm down. Maleficent says she won’t hurt either of them. She says she doesn’t care about their secret either – she says she only cares about their pain and it lasts as long and is terrible and unyielding. She says she will revel in every moment while they watch their world crumble. Maleficent says she’ll see them soon and the three villains walk away. David says they can’t keep lying and have to tell Emma everything.

Killian comes to see Emma after she calls. She says she knows he’s keeping something from her about Ursula. She says it’s okay that he has a secret but not that he’s lying. Killian says his history with Ursula was ugly. She asks if he broke Ursula’s heart and he says it was worse. Emma says it won’t change how she feels about him and he says she’s showing a lot of faith in him. She says she doubted her parents today when they told her they were taking a hike.

She says she has the tendency to expect the worst of people. Mary and David are there and overhear the conversation. She tells Killian that he can tell her the secret on his own time and says she’ll see the best in him like her parents told her to. He kisses her and Mary goes to leave and makes a noise. David says they have bad news. They tell her that Cruella and Ursula resurrected Maleficent which means no one in town is safe. Emma asks why the witches are waging war on them.

Mary says it’s because they’re villains and we’re heroes. Back in the EF, Snow wakes to find Maleficent in her house. She’s alone. Maleficent says they have something in common that the other two villains won’t understand. Maleficent says she’s pregnant also and says they need to work together to defeat Regina to save their babies. Snow tells her she won’t work with her and won’t become like her. She thinks that will protect her baby from becoming like Maleficent.

Now, Mary meets Regina outside of town and tells her that Maleficent is back. She says Regina needs to get close to them and find out the plan. Regina asks why they would welcome her and says they think she’s a hero now. Mary says to find a way to make them believe. Regina asks why she thinks they’re dead set on destroying them. Mary says it’s because of what she and David did to them long ago. Mary tells her that Regina asked her to keep a secret long ago and she failed her.

She asks Regina if she can keep a secret now that Emma can never learn. Mary says Emma was born with the potential for great darkness and they took extraordinary steps to make sure she would never be evil. Regina asks why she can’t tell her and Mary says the same reason Regina doesn’t want Henry to know about all the things she’s done in her life. Henry finds a page that may be about the author. Mary says if Emma learns the truth, it could send her tumbling down a dark path.

She says Emma is finally learning to open her heart and this could ruin her. Gold lurks outside his shop looking at Belle. Mary says when you betray those you love, what you do changes everything. Belle is with Will and she kisses him. Gold is stunned. Mary tells Regina there’s no going back from that. She says once you’ve shattered the bonds you worked so hard to forge, it’s done. She says the stronger those bonds once were, the more difficult they are to put back together.

Maleficent puts her little totem back together. It meshes with her necklace and she shakes it. It’s a baby’s rattle. She looks devastated. Regina says she doesn’t understand and asks what she did to Maleficent. Mary says because of them, Maleficent lost her child.

The End