Person of Interest Recap – Sameen Alive, Everyone Else About to Be Dead: Season 4 Episode 21 “Asylum”

Person of Interest Recap - Sameen Alive, Everyone Else About to Be Dead: Season 4 Episode 21 "Asylum"

Tonight on CBS Person of Interest continues with an all new Tuesday April 28, season 4 episode 21 called, “Asylum” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode, Reese and Fusco are caught in the war between crime lords Elias and Dominic; a clue to Shaw’s whereabouts leads Finch [Michael Emerson] and Root [Amy Acker] into a possible trap; and Control [Camryn Manheim] goes rogue to learn the truth about the Samaritan program.

On the last episode, Reese found himself on a perilous personal journey when he took on a homicide case Detective Carter was never able to close. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Reese and Fusco get caught in the war between the two newest POIs, rival crime bosses Elias (Enrico Colantoni) and Dominic (Winston Duke). Also, a tantalizing clue to Shaw’s whereabouts leads Finch and Root into a possible trap, and Control (Camryn Manheim) goes rogue to uncover the true intentions of the Samaritan program.”

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On #PersonIfInterest, Control orders a kidnapping and the victim’s car to be blown up in DC. Fusco chews Reese out for not calling him in on his last ordeal and Reese apologizes. They’re checking out the dead Brotherhood soldiers at the courthouse. Reese asks how the guy got through security. He tells Finch there are four of them and Harold says maybe Elias find a way around the Machine or that Samaritan found the Machine. Root is there and says if that was true, they’d all be dead.

She’s back from the People’s Republic with a computer chip she stowed away. A pay phone rings and Reese answers it. Finch tracks it and says it’s Dominic and Elias and says he thinks they’re trying to kill each other and innocents will be caught in the middle. Finch traces the Brotherhood trucks and Reese spots an interesting container. Reese and Fusco take off to look into the trucks. Fusco spots two of the Brotherhood guys arguing. Reese snaps photos and notes increased security.

Finch says they need to go by the bank and says the container from the courthouse scene is from an old pneumatic system on a property Elias just bought. Finch gets a call on his cell and Root says it’s Shaw’s number. Finch ends the call as Root answers. It’s Shaw and she asks for help then the call ends abruptly. She’s stunned to hear Sameen’s voice. The kidnapped woman, Shelly, asks Control why she’s doing this and she says they need to talk about Samaritan.

Control asks if Shelly knows Tyler one of her agents and puts a gun to his head. She shoots and Shelly screams while she kills him. Shelly says she doesn’t understand this. Control says she wants her to be helpful. She says Tyler told her he was a Samaritan mole in the ISA and says he told her that Shelly was their handler. Shelly says she’s just a mom who wants to go home to her family. Control says she’s a mom too and says that’s why she’s giving her one last chance before she becomes a spot on the wall.

Root tells Finch that Shaw is alive but he says they don’t know that. She says the call came from the city and Finch asks to think carefully before they act. Root says she should never have called off her search but Finch says it’s a trap. Root says she knows but is going anyway. Finch follows. They’re on a roof and Root talks to the machine and asks for help. She climbs up on the ledge and asks the machine if Finch ever taught her how to play chicken.

Root says she’s going to walk across the ledge with her eyes closed until the machine helps or she falls to her death. The machine calculates the wind speed and her odds of survival. The machine caves and gives Root the info she wants. She tells Finch the machine found Sameen and found them an ambulance. They drive to a psychiatric asylum. Root says it has a closed security mission. Finch asks if the machine had a plan on how to keep them alive but she says it’s all about the shovel.

Reese and Fusco head to the bank and flash the badge then demand to talk to Elias now or with a SWAT team. They are allowed inside. Finch tells Reese he has to go offline since Shaw is alive. Elias tells Reese he doesn’t need a sitter and warned him not to interfere. Elias says he doesn’t need saving but Fusco says the Brotherhood is coming. Elias explains the pneumatic tubes that go all over Manhattan. Reese says they have enough evidence to charge him with conspiracy.

Reese says it’s time to end this war. Elias and his men pull guns and then they hear gunfire. Reese says it’s the Brotherhood. Elias shows them his back way out but the Brotherhood is waiting there. Root tells Finch the facility just changed over to a fiber optic network it can’t afford. She uses the shovel to dig down into a hatch and tells him to come on. She taps into the fiber optic network and micro clamps to get a little info and let them hack. Finch opens the laptop and gets lots of info.

He says Samaritan is doing much more than harboring Shaw there. Samaritan gets hold of his laptop and there’s a message saying they’re close to finding the Machine. Root says the Machine and Shaw both need their help and asks if they don’t save them, who will. The Brotherhood guys discuss putting Elias down but Dominic cautions Link they don’t want to lose Elias’ intel. Dominic demands Elias explain how the relationship between Elias and Reese works.

Dominic brought in Harper Rose to help get the info he wants. Root wheels Finch into the funny farm dressed as a homeless dude on a stretcher. She says the Machine told him to just be honest. Root says he’s a paranoid schizophrenic. Finch says it’s not paranoia if they’re out to get you. He says the Brotherhood and a form of AI. She says he basically lives in the subway. Root leaves him and walks off. He staggers around looking like an inmate and trying to find Lenny.

One of the nutters points him to a big guy working a puzzle. Finch points to two of the orderlies and tells Lenny they stole his space man. Chaos erupts as Lenny goes on a rampage. Finch uses the diversion to sneak into an office to access a computer to find Shaw. He checks files and tells Root she’s likely on the ninth floor which has no security cameras and supposedly houses the most dangerous. He tells her to check for a compact sociopath in room 919.

Root sees a staff member use an access code and then uses the keypad to get into the restricted area. She sees Greer telling his people that their work is about to come to fruition. Root tells Finch it’s their base of operations and they’re in the belly of the beast. Shelly is tied up and Control sits watching her freak out over Tyler. Control says it’s better to shut your eyes and says she would have stayed in the dark too except some friends forced her to open her eyes.

Control asks how a prep school girl like Shelly came to work for Samaritan. Shelly continues to play dumb and then tells Control about her kids. She tells Shelly she’s sorry and says she lost her mother at a very young girl but says Shelly knows that and why she keeps playing the mother card. She asks if that’s why she told her to say that. Control asks how many agents she’s handling for Samaritan then shows her a photo of Tyler with Shelly.

She shows her photo after photo of Shelly with various people. Control asks why a middle aged school teacher is in the White House. Shelly calls Control a bitch and says she has no idea what’s coming for her. Dominic talks to Elias who says his men are loyal to him but Dominic has his doubts then mentions the hacker with the tech and Harper says she told them about Harold. Dominic says he wants Harold’s access to the cameras.

Dominic threatens Anthony and asks how he’d like to be responsible for his right hand man’s death. Elias says to be careful what you wish for. They break Elias’ hand with a hammer. Dominic then moves on to interrogate Reese and he demands to know where their safe house is and where his boss is. Reese says he doesn’t know. They put a screwdriver into his shoulder. Then they water torture Fusco and also get nowhere. Harper is getting queasy about the torture.

One of Dominic’s crew finds the date and time of the courthouse hearings in one of the pneumatic tubes. She says one of their own is selling secrets to Elias. Harper creeps closer to try and save Fusco when Dominic calls for an end to it. Harper tells Fusco quietly that she got a text saying she could name her price to save his ass. They handcuff him to the sink. Harper goes with the Brohterhood. Root is noticed on the restricted floor then shoots the two men who confront her.

She presses on and calls for Sameen. The bed is empty and she sees Shaw being led outside to a car. Martine is there and tells Root she just missed her. Root takes a shot at her but Martine evades. She fights off another guy then uses him as a shield. Martine kills the guy the runs out of bullets. They move on to hand to hand combat. She chokes Martine and asks where they’re taking her – she says somewhere nice. Martine says Shaw held out for a month or two but then broke when she hurt her.

Root is captured and drugged and Martine says Root did everything Shaw said she would. Elias tells Reese he seems very calm and he says he’s thinking about a trip to the mountains and what he’s been missing. Elias says he’s stuck in a dark basement with him and Reese asks if Elias knew the Brotherhood was coming and left the canister at the courthouse on purpose. He asks Elias if he has something rigged with C4. Elias says this is his last stand and tells Reese it’s been nice to know him.

Dominic orders Elias to write a note for him to go into the tubes. Elias tells Reese is upset because Dominic discovered a traitor in their midst. They have him write the address of the Brotherhood HQ and are ready to send it in the tube. They’re setting a trap. Root comes to and fights off her captors but doesn’t succeed. Greer tells her to show nobility in defeat. He says he realized that Root is the last piece of the puzzle and the answer is in her head.

Martine says they know about the cochlear implant and says Shaw told them all about it. They bring in Finch and Greer says he’s in time to see them cut her head open to dig it out. He says she may be able to feed herself but that’s about it. Martine threatens Finch’s life and Root threatens her back. Martine touches Finch and makes another threat. Root grabs Martine and snaps her neck when she gets close. Root tells Greer now she’ll surrender.

Control asks who Shelly’s contact is at the White House and Shelly says she used to admire her and says she can still be a patriot. She tells Control the correction is about to begin and says it’s nothing Control hasn’t done herself. She mentions the ferry bombing to take out Ingram. Control says Samaritan is planning an attack and asks when. Control grabs out Shelly’s datebook and sees a note about the correction on May 6th. She asks what the number means. Shelly smirks.

She tells Control to go ahead and shoot her and says she won’t tell her. Control punches her and Shelly says to save her energy and says she’ll need it. She talks about Lot’s wife looking back at the burning city and turning into a pillar of salt. Shelly tells Control she can save herself by ignoring the correction. She says the world is about to set fire and this is Control’s last chance to look away. Dominic asks Elias if he made his choice. Elias says he wins and asks him to leave his men alone.

Dominic asks who his informant is and Elias gives him an account number he sends money to. Dominic snaps a pic and then gets a call. He’s told the mole is Link. He ends the call abruptly. Link comes over and asks if he gave him a name and Dominic says an alias. Dominic shoots Link and says it was his name on the account. Elias smirks and says he can take his title but can’t hold onto it because no one will trust him. Elias says he may have lied about a few things.

Dominic asks if he planted the message and knew they were coming. Elias says the good news is there’s no rat in his organization – the bad news is, he killed his right hand. Elias asks Dominic how that feels as he holds a gun in Elias’ face. The Machine runs calculates a 94.47% chance of failure for Root and Finch. Greer admits to Finch that they are irrelevant. Samaritan offers the Machine a chance to save Root and Finch’s lives in exchange for the location. There’s just 60 seconds.

Root tells the Machine not to give herself up. She says Harold was right and they are replacable. She tells her to keep fighting. The power goes out and with it, the saw that was headed for Root’s head. The Machine sends a message saying Harold is wrong, they are not interchangable. She says she failed to save Sameen and will not fail them now. With seconds left, the Machine says to release them first and then she’ll give the location.

Samaritan thinks and tells Greer to release them. The power comes back on. Greer tells Harold until the next time. Shelly tells Control to go home and hold her daughter tight because a new day is coming and the aberrant will be purged from society without mercy. She says for some, this will be the end. Sameen is in a car driving away. Shelly says Samaritan will build a new and better world where everyone has a purpose. Control says Shelly won’t live to see it and she puts her down like a dog.

Finch tells Root he can’t believe this. SUVs speed away and Root says they have to get to the Machine before it’s too late. Samaritan deploys all her assets to take down the Machine.