Pretty Little Liars Recap – “Songs of Innocence”: Season 6 Episode 2

Pretty Little Liars Recap - "Songs of Innocence": Season 6 Episode 2

Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family tonight with an all new Tuesday June 9, season 6 Episode 2 called “Songs of Innocence,” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode, the effects of captivity weigh on the girls after they’re freed from the Dollhouse, and they still fear for their safety even as their concerned loved ones watch over them. Meanwhile, Alison [Sasha Pieterse]  must deal with townsfolk who disapprove of her bad reputation.

On the last episode, moments after where the season five finale left off, Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Mona were trapped outside of Charles’ Dollhouse with nowhere to go and had to now deal with an angry tormentor. Just when the Liars thought Charles couldn’t get any worse, his games took a more demented and darker turn. As the girls struggled to survive, the puzzle of Charles’ story began to come together. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family synopsis, “the girls may have gotten out of the Dollhouse but what happened to them during their time of captivity has lasting effects. With worried loved ones watching over them, the PLLs are home and trying to heal, with not much success. Even with suspected tormentor Andrew in custody, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer fear they are far from safe.”

The finale episode of season six’s PRETTY LITTLE LIARS is going to be really exciting and we’ll be recapping it for you right here.

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Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars kicks off in the hospital – the liars are all in one hospital room. Hanna says that she heard the cops talking about finding plans and journals in Andrew Campbell’s house. Aria is convinced that Andrew Campbell is Charles DiLaurentis. Spencer tells them that they can’t talk to the cops – they will figure it out. Meanwhile, Toby is in the woods arresting Andrew Campbell, he roughs him up and then cuffs him and reads him his rights.

Alison is sitting at home with her father – he is furious that she risked her life to save the girls from Andrew/Charles. Her father says that it is all over now, the cops are going to “catch that pervert Campbell.” Alison isn’t so sure that it is over though. She demands that her father tell her who Charles DiLaurentis is. He insists that there is no one in their family named Charles DiLaurentis.

At the hospital Emily stops by Sara Harvey’s room, she is laying in a hospital bed. She introduces herself, Sara recognizes her from being held in the doll house. Sara says that she got to talk to her mother on the phone. Emily wants to know how she got kidnapped. Sara explains that she ran away, she was in a parking lot near Rosewood and someone hit her over the head – then she woke up in the dollhouse. Emily quizzes her and asks her who kidnapped her, Sara says that she is tired and rolls over and refuses to answer her questions.

Toby arrives at the hospital and tells Spencer that they caught Andrew, they traced all of the electronic gear to him, and they found a journal he wrote about how much he hated the liars and Mona. He hasn’t confessed yet – but Toby thinks that he will. The next day Emily’s mom arrives to take her home, her mom says that she saw Sara Harvey leaving the hospital with her mother when she was on her way in. She feels horrible for Sara, she was locked up at the house of horrors for over 2 years.

In Hanna’s bedroom her mom tries to talk to her, she is a little on edge and keeps having flashbacks about being held captive. Aria is at home too, spending time with her mom – she has a slew of prescriptions from the hospital. Aria’s mom says that she doesn’t have to talk to the police until she is ready, Aria wants to talk to them now though. She wants to make sure that Andrew doesn’t get out of jail.

At Spencer’s house her mom says that the police are blaming everything on Andrew Campbell. Spencer doesn’t want to hear about it, she is upset because she didn’t get her pills from the hospital. Her mom reveals that she told the doctor she didn’t want her taking any prescription that she could relapse on. Spencer is livid, she shouts that she need the pills, it was the only way that she was able to sleep when she was in the hospital. Later that night Spencer tries to go to sleep and keeps having nightmares about being held captive, she has to prop her bedroom door open because she is scared of the dark.

Alison visits Spencer the next day and rants that her father wouldn’t tell her who Charles is. Spencer snaps at her, she doesn’t want to hear about Charles or Andrew. Spencer apologizes, and thanks her for helping save her and the other liars. Aria heads to the café to see Ezra, she thanks him for helping save her life. Ezra is worried about her, Aria reassures him that she will be just fine – she just wants to move on. Emily is coping with her issues in her own way, she stole her father’s gun out of his safe and headed to the shooting range. Caleb arrives at Hanna’s house and she is ripping down the wallpaper in her bedroom – he is a little confused, he doesn’t realize that it was the same wallpaper on the walls in the house where she was held captive. Hanna rants that she just “needs to change her room now.”

Alison tracks Toby down outside of the police station, he introduces Alison to his new partner Lorenzo. Alison tells Toby that she went to visit Spencer and she seemed okay. Alison says that she is just “glad it is all over,” and then excuses herself from the awkward conversation.

Ashley arrives at home and finds that Caleb and Hanna have dragged all of her furniture out of her room. Ashley says that it is late at night, and they should just sleep on it and decide whether they should get rid of her stuff in the morning. Hanna says she doesn’t need to think about it, she will just sleep on the floor, and she shouts at her mom and Caleb for looking at her like she is crazy. Emily tries to sneak back in to her house and her mom catches her, she knows that she stole her dad’s gone and went to the gun range. She shouts at Emily that it is against the law, and she is changing the combination lock on the gun safe. Emily’s mom is worried about her, she thinks that she should consider counselling.

The next day Ashley tries to talk to Hanna about what happened to her when she was being held hostage at the dollhouse. Hanna says that Charles just “played games with them” like “truth or dare.” And, he made them choose “who they love more,” they had to decide which one of them was worthy of getting water every day. Ashley tries to comfort her and tells her that this is her bedroom – and she can have anything that she wants inside of it. She promises to take her shopping and get her all new stuff.

Aria heads to the police station with her mother, the cop explains that they found a paper trail linking Andrew to the house where she was held hostage. Aria says that the entire time they were held hostage – she never actually seen Andrew’s face because he was wearing a mask. The cop reassures her that they are exploring Andrew’s motives – but they have no direct testimony that someone saw Andrew Campbell at the scene of the crime. Aria lies and says that she saw Andrew without his mask on, inside the dollhouse. Aria’s mom can tell that she is lying, the cop isn’t really buying it either but she thanks Aria for coming in.
Spencer and Toby meet up, Toby says that they are busy building a case against Andrew. Spencer can tell that he isn’t telling her everything. Toby admits that there are some discrepancies, he doesn’t understand why Andrew didn’t ditch the van and left it right in plain sight so that it could be found. Emily heads back to the shooting range even though her mom forbid her, while she is shooting she has flashbacks to the dollhouse.

Alison heads to church, afterwards the new cop Lorenzo corners her outside. They talk about why they go to church, Alison confesses that she likes the music. She excuses herself and Lorenzo tells her that she won’t tell anyone he saw her in church. Alison tries to play coy and says that she doesn’t care if anyone knows.

Emily’s mom drags her home, and shouts at her about going back to the firing range. Emily scoffs that she rented a gun and she didn’t steal her dad’s so she has nothing to be upset about. Emily sits down and tells her mother that she was only held hostage for three weeks – but it felt like forever. She talks about Sara Harvey’s eyes, she was down there for years and you could see it in her eyes. She cries that she could have been locked up for years too.

Aria calls Spencer over to her house and she is distraught – she rants that she screwed up and tried to lie to the police and tell them that she saw Andrew’s face. She is afraid that she could have blown the whole case and they are going to let Andrew out. Aria sits down with Spencer and tells her that she is sorry. They talk about whether or not they should go to school tomorrow. Aria leaves the bedroom for a moment and Spencer spots her sleeping pills on her dresser.

Alison runs in to Lorenzo at the coffee shop, she apologizes for being rude to him at church. She admits that she is afraid of what people will think, she thinks that someone will say that the only reason she goes is “for show” or because she is crazy. Lorenzo invites her to sit down and join him and offers her a hamburger.

Ashley finds Caleb and Hanna sleeping in her bedroom, Caleb promises to leave – but Ashley sits down on the floor next to them and tells him he can stay so that Hanna can get some sleep. At Aria’s house her mother tries to talk to her about lying at the police station. Her mom explains that the police talked to them after she was rescued, and told them about some of the things that Aria went through. Aria insists that it was Andrew that kidnapped her. Her mother warns her that she is very smart, but not to forget that she is also very wise.

Emily sneaks out of her house late at night wearing her father’s army jacket – she hears a noise and sees someone standing in the bushes outside of her house. It’s Sara Harvey. She says that she saw Emily’s address on a piece of paper at the hospital and she didn’t know where to go. She ran away from home again. Emily invites Sara inside, her and her mom comfort her. Emily’s mom says that Sara can stay for the night, but in the morning they are calling her mother and telling her where she is. Emily tries to comfort her and tells Sara not to worry about that place, the police have Andrew. Sara isn’t so certain she saw a picture of Andrew on TV and she doesn’t think it was him that kidnapped her. Tonight’s episode ends with Alison going through an old family photo album – she realizes that someone has removed half of the photos from it.