Ray Donovan Season 3 Premiere Recap and Spoilers: Episode 1 “The Kalamazoo”

Ray Donovan Season 3 Premiere Recap and Spoilers: Episode 1 "The Kalamazoo"

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new Sunday July 12, season 3 premiere episode called, “The Kalamazoo.” We’ve got your full recap and spoilers down below! On tonight’s episode Season 3 begins with Ray [Liev Schreiber] being hired by a wealthy family to free their kidnapped son.

On the last episode, season 2 ended with Mickey hatching a new plan that sent him to the races to bet big. Meanwhile, Abby became torn between her two potential protectors, Ray and Jim. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Showtime synopsis “season 3 begins with Ray being hired by a wealthy family to free their kidnapped son. Meanwhile, Mickey stumbles upon a new enterprise; Abby finds a friend on the streets of Los Angeles; and Bunchy’s newfound confidence falters when faced with a troupe of Luchadores.”

Tonight’s season 3 premiere episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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#RayDonovan begins with a priest checking on Avi who looks to be on death’s door. He tells him he’s a Jew and doesn’t want last rites. He asked who made the call. Deb comes in and says no priest. The man walks out. Avi says he killed a girl and wants to call Ray. He screams for Ray and Deb says Ray hasn’t spoken to him in weeks. She uses Ezra’s phone to call Ray but he ignores the call.

Ray shows up to a sex shop looking for Flip. Bob tells him she wants more money and Ray kicks Bob’s ass, unlocks the door and then he goes back. Turns out they zip tied Flip’s penis and balls and the woman demands $6k. Ray says no way and she shows him a photo and threatens to call Stalkerazzi. Ray calls Marty and asks if he wants the photo. He says to stop wasting his time. He puts the call on speaker so she can hear.

Deb tells the nurse no priest anymore and the woman tells her there was no priest around. Deb goes to Ezra who is looking like he’s in his last moments. She starts crying. She calls him her love and cries on him. Ray walks Flip out and he bums a smoke from a hooker. Flip tells Ray he has a disease and says the glory hole guy is his addict. Ray says the addict owes him $2k. Deb calls and Ray ignores it. Ray goes to the bowling alley nearby to drink.

Abby calls and tells Ray that Ezra died. He doesn’t believe her but she says he’s gone. She asks where he is and asks him to come home. He says it’s not a good idea. He tells her to go back to sleep. He ends the call. A girl named Mandy sits nearby complaining about her life. Ray thinks about coming to LA years ago with a much younger Ezra. Ray takes Mandy with him and screws her angrily. He pulls up his pants immediately afterward and then grabs a drink.

The news says it’s going to be another beautiful day in LA. Mickey floats in the apartment pool in a chair while a young girl Audrey sings to him. Vartan comes over and chats him up. They’re talking about a top of the line grill and they cut a deal for one third of retail. Ginger, a hooker is arguing with her pimp Gary and she asks if Mickey can watch Audrey. He agrees. Ginger and Gary leave and Audrey says it’s time for her swim. He tells her to put on her floaties.

Bunchy puts on new sneakers and a track suit. Pie tells him the Mexicans haven’t paid in two months and says Terry wouldn’t put up with it. Bunchy says he’ll talk to them later. He goes into the office and closes the door. He has a sign in tape put up that says – Brendan Donovan, Manager. Ray comes to the church and Bridget’s waiting outside for him. She asks if he’s sad but he says he’s fine. She asks him to come home and he says he just can’t. He says she doesn’t want him there.

She says they can handle it if he’s mad at mom or even sad. He tells her to go inside. Avi waits outside and tells him they need to make things right but Ray says – go f-k yourself. Deb comes over to him and he says he’s sorry. She tells him that Ezra needed him and was screaming his name from his deathbed and treated him like a f-ing son. She tells him to leave. Ray turns to go. Abby tells the kids they’re going too and they follow him out. Ray tells them to stay for Deb.

Abby says f-k Deb. Abby asks what else she can do and says she’s apologized so many times. He walks away from her. The kids just watch him go and her desperation. Mickey helps Audrey rehearse what sounds like a line from a toothpaste commercial. Avi and Lena wait on Ray when he comes to the office. Lena asks if he wants to talk and he says nothing to talk about. Avi says Deb had no right to treat him like that. Avi tells Ray he has nightmares and he has to live with it.

He says he hates working for Lee and hates that they don’t talk. Ray tells him to get the f-k out of his office. Avi says Kate had everything on him and Ray would have gone to prison. Ray guzzles liquor. Lena follows Avi out. Ray looks at the bag Avi left of Kate’s stuff. There’s a notebook and a voice recorder. Bridget asks Abby what was going on between her dad and Ezra. Bridget blames her mom for her dad not being there and says she had an affair with that cop. She tells her to just leave.

A guy pulls up and shows Ray a card with a name on it – Andrew Finney – he says he wants to see him and tells Ray to get in. Ray gets in the car. Mickey takes Audrey to prison to visit Terry. She asks if he’s a bad person. Darryl says he’s a great person and Mickey says there are all kinds of people in jail – good people and bad people. She asks like Gary. They tell Mickey that Terry won’t accept visitors and Audrey asks why he won’t see his dad.

Mickey says it’s important that he knows they came by. Abby comes to hang with Bunchy at the gym and pours a drink. She asks if he’s looking at porn but he’s on Match.com. He says it’s stupid and she says finding love is brave not dumb. She tells him he needs a different photo and isn’t describing himself right. She tells him some other stuff to say on his profile. Ray is greeted by Varick Strauss and asks him to sign an NDA before seeing Finney.

He asks if Ray watches the news and says he must know why he’s there. Darryl tells Mickey they owe taxes from their race track winnings. Darryl is worried because they spent it all. Mickey calls Conor who says he can’t talk to him. Mickey is thrilled when his big pimped out grill is delivered. The manager is annoyed about the big grill but Mickey blows her off. He asks Gary what he thinks and he says 50k. Mickey tells Gary he should take his business off site.

Gary tells him he doesn’t give a shit and walks away. Mickey tells everyone party tonight, steaks and burgers on him and music by Daryll and says Audrey will sing and tells everyone to bring salads and shit and to look good. Ray goes to Ezra’s grave and tosses in a handful of soil. He gets a call and says he has the money and can be there in 20. He sees the guy in the priest outfit that came to see Ezra at the hospice. Abby picks Bridget up from school.

Bridget sniffs her and says she can’t drive drunk. She takes her keys and Abby pops her hand. She says you hit me and says she’s taking the bus and gets out. Abby drives and eats. She slams on the brakes and almost hits a dog. She follows it. A car pulls up and honks as Abby chases the dog. Ginger shows up with sunglasses on and finds Audrey cooking with Mickey. She asks to talk to Mickey alone. She thanks Mickey for watching her.

She asks Mickey for a glass of water to take a pill and she says Gary is kicking them out. She says Gary told her that she’s too old and he wants her and Audrey gone by the end of the week. He asks about Audrey’s acting and she says Audrey will never make it but he says he thinks she has nothing. She says it’s nice he got the grill for them all. She steps up close to him and says he’s a real man and a nice man. She makes it clear what she’s offering.

The guy in the priest outfit is at the PD – it’s Father Romero. He thanks the cop, Jonathan. He blesses the guy. Ray stops and puts his gun on a briefcase then locks his car and does something with his phone. He goes to a building and is pulled inside by two armed men. He tells them they can have the money when he sees the kid. They load him in an elevator and go upstairs. They hold their guns on him and he sees Casey tied to a chair and a dead guy lying on a floor nearby.

He says his driver is downstairs. They see a car circling below. They tell him to stay there. Casey tries to cry out. He asks what happened to the other guy. Casey tries to move around. Ray asks if he’s the one who set it up. Downstairs, the other guy curses when he sees it’s an Uber driver. The one guy shoots at Casey and Ray struggles with him then shoots him. Casey was shot in the arm but he’s okay. Ray forces the other guy to take off his mask. He tells the guy to start running. He does.

He asks Casey if he’s okay. He says he’s bleeding but Ray says it’s a graze. Bunchy looks at a girl in the gym when he sees his dating profile gets a hit. It’s a chunky chick that says he’s super sweet. The girl in the gym flips him off. Mickey tells Gary to move his business to a donut shop and says it’s a perfect cover. He tells him to f-k off. Then he tells Gary that Ginger is a nice lady and she and the kid deserve a home. He slaps the guy and says he crossed a line.

Gary tells Mickey he’s not scared of him and Mickey says that’s because they’re friends. Ginger tells Mickey she just wants a night of no one yelling at her or hitting her. Mickey asks her for her bottle of Xanax. She gives it to him then Gary calls her over and sends her to a John and kicks her over to the guy. Mickey starts grinding up the Xanax. Bridget complains to Conor that mom was drunk when she picked her up and he says everyone drives drunk and dad’s a thug.

Conor tells his sister that she’s a mess. Abby comes in with the dog she was chasing and takes it upstairs with her. She tells the kids it’s her dog now. Ray and Casey go over the story Casey will tell the cops. Casey’s scared his dad will kill him. Casey will tell him that Nick is a junkie who needed money for his drug habit and had dealers kidnap him for money then it went bad. He says the dealers got away with the money and Casey was injured in the altercation.

Casey says he never saw Ray before in his life. The manager tells Mickey she’ll get the grill approved retroactively and has been around the block. Gary is high – he tells Mickey the meat is funny, he’s getting spinny. Mickey says maybe he drank too much. Mickey asks why he has to treat women that way. Gary says their job is swallowing cock and they’re lazy so someone has to keep them motivated. Mickey says he sees now. Gary is really feeling the drugs.

He says it’s a helluva grill then tips over passed out. Mickey calls his name but gets no answer. He looks around and sees no one. He tips him into the pool Gary puts a hand over the edge. Mickey kicks it away and watches him face down. Gary floats and then his phone rings. Mickey answers it. Ray takes Casey home. Varick tells Ray that Finney wants to talk to him. Ray thinks about Ezra telling him that LA was going to be a great adventure. He’s near tears then pulls it together.

Finney comes out and hands him a drink and says he hears it was quite a spectacle. Ray says it was a mess when he got there. Finney says his father was a criminal so he ensured he didn’t have to be and he asks about what Ray’s dad did. Ray says – nothing good. He hands Ray a check and says he’ll find it fair. Finney says when it comes to man versus the world, bet on the man and tells Ray to enjoy the view. Ray sees Finney holding his crying and scared son.

Hotel California plays in the background. Father Romero goes through the evidence files. Abby lies in bed with her new giant dog. The apartment manager brings a bottle of wine up to Mickey’s place but stops when she sees Gary’s body floating in the pool. Ray stares at the giant pool at Finney’s place overlooking the city.