Ray Donovan Recap 9/28/14: Season 2 Finale “The Captain”

Ray Donovan Recap 9/28/14: Season 2 Finale “The Captain”

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new Sunday September 28, season 2 finale episode called, “The Captain.” On tonight’s episode season 2 ends with Mickey hatching a new plan. Meanwhile, Abby becomes torn between Ray and Jim.

On last week’s episode, Ray made sure that he was well-prepared for anything, even an arrest. But, did that include jumping off a cliff and ending his life to escape his past, present and future? As for his father’s plan of robbing a pot store, it didn’t go as he intended it to. Cookie payed Ray to track down a video. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode season 2 ends with Mickey hatching a new plan that sends him to the races to bet big. Meanwhile, Abby becomes torn between her two potential protectors, Ray and Jim.

Tonight’s season 2 finale episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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Ray walks out of the police station and slips his ring back on. He tucks his stuff back in his pockets. Lena walks up and he asks if she got Terry out. She says he was arraigned this morning and bail was set at $50k. She tells him Terry refused bail and she doesn’t know how. He asks if she still has the money and she does. It’s in the trunk. He tries to call Cookie but gets voice mail. She tells him to find Cookie and set up a meeting for today.

Mickey and Shorty have the safe out in the middle of nowhere working on it and finally bust it open. There is only $20k in it and Darryl is furious and tells his Dad he really f-d up this time. Darryl tells him they just need to go. Mickey asks how far it is to Palm Springs and he says he needs to go see Allan. He says he wants to apologize. Darryl says he doesn’t want to see him but he insists.

Terry tells Ray that he’s a flight risk. Ray tells him he’s sick and needs medicine. Terry says he hit a man to get money and Ray says that’s the story of his life. Terry says he’s going to prison for armed robbery and Ray says there are things he may be able to do. Terry says he deserves to be admonished and Ray asks if he’s a God fearing Catholic all of a sudden. Ray tells him it’s all Mickey’s fault and that he would never have done this on his own.

He tells Terry he’s a good man and Terry asks what the f- he’d know about being a good man. Ray tells him he’s in trouble and might be going away. He says he needs him out of there to take care of the family and says if not Terry, it will be Mickey. Ray tells him to call the bondsman if he changes his mind. He leaves. Outside, Ray finally reaches Cookie and asks if he wants to see the tape. Cookie says he already saw it and that Ray isn’t the only guy working for him.

Ray says they need to talk and Cookie agrees but says he’s getting ready for his son’s party and it will be later. He asks Lena where Avi is but she doesn’t know. He tells Lena to go guard his family. Bridget comes home and finds her mom making plans to relocate them back to Boston and Conor whining for a pain pill. Jim shows up and Bridget tells her that her BF is there and Conor asks to meet him then asks if it’s the guy Dad says she could f- in his bed. She tells him to stay on the couch and shut up.

She goes to the door and Jim says they need to talk. She lets him in. She tells him to not just show up and he says Ray just got out of jail and they have time. He says he put his life and career on the line for her but says you can’t snap your fingers and put someone away. He says he can protect her and they’ll figure it out.

Kate goes to see Catherine’s Mom and tells her she found out what happened to her daughter. She asks if Sully killed her and Kate says yes but she doesn’t know how. Her Mom says he probably strangled her like the other two. She asks Kate to leave. She does. She comes home to mail piled up and then takes a bullet to the head. Avi was waiting on her. He puts another bullet in her for good measure then picks up her bag and walks quietly out the door.

Ray pulls up to Cookie’s and goes to walk in. He has guards blocking the way and they search him. They take his gun and tell him it’s a birthday party. Cookie has pony rides and all sorts of cool stuff set up. He asks where his money is and Ray says he’ll bring it later. Cookie takes him inside to talk. Ray asks where he got the tape and Cookie says it doesn’t matter but there is a problem since Snowflake is on it. He asks Ray if he wants to kill him.

Ray says he doesn’t want to kill him, but wants to make sure he doesn’t hurt his daughter. Cookie’s young son Alfonse comes in and Cookie introduces him. He asks what Bridget told the cops and Ray says she told the truth – that Rekon and Marvin were getting high and she asked to get out. Cookie says that’s good so neither of their kids needs to grow up childless. He asks for his million back and Ray says he’ll bring it later and asks what time the party will be done.

Mickey knocks on Allan’s door and says he wants his f-ing money. He says he offered him $500k to blow town and he wants it. Allan tells him to leave before he calls the cops. Mickey tells him he f-ed up his deal with Jerry Weiss and he wants a check. Allan lets him and says he’ll give him a check. Darryl is upset that his Dad lied. Allan hits Mickey over the head with a tennis racket, they grapple and then Allan runs from him.

Mickey takes the racket, hits him with it and knocks him through the glass door and into the pool. Darryl’s Mom runs up and Allan tells her to call the cops. Mickey is bleeding and says if she calls the cops they’ll both be arrested. She tells Mickey she never wants to see him again and Allan screams at him to get out. Darryl drags his Dad out.

Lena talks to Ray and tells him it looks okay at the house and he tells her to head back to the house. At his meeting, Bunchy tells the others that he accidentally hurt Clifford. He says she wanted him to take him out of the bath but he was naked and the kid wrapped his legs around him and he threw him down. Bunchy says he shouldn’t be around kids.

Then says he shouldn’t be around naked kids and asks what if he hurt him the way he was hurt. One of the guys says it doesn’t mean he would hurt him. He asks if he looks at kiddie porn, thinks about sex with kids or is aroused by them. He says no. The guy tells him just because he was abused doesn’t mean he’ll abuse and they are there to break the cycle.

Mickey tells Darryl to keep driving South and says they’re going to Mexico. Darryl refuses and says he has a job and life in LA. He tells Mickey that he has nothing because he’s a f-ing a-hole and that he’s done with him. Mickey tells Darryl he can keep the $20k. Ronald calls Mickey and he tells him he knows what he tried to do to them. Ronald says if they both keep their mouths shut, they’re cool as long as Mickey gives him a piece. Mickey hears the noise and knows Ronald is at the track and tells Darrylt they’re going to the races.

Lena and Ray are discussing where Avi might be when Ashely shows up crying. She says he might be following her. Steve is there and says that the guy broke into their house but he pulled him off before he could hurt her. Ray asks to talk to Ashley alone. Steve refuses to leave and says there are no secrets. Ray asks Ashley is Steve or the stalker hit her. Steve tells him that he’s beautiful when he’s angry but then Lena tells him she needs to talk to him right then and he walks out on them.

She tells him that Kate is dead. He’s floored. She says Kate was found murdered in her apartment then tells him she’s sorry. Ray sits, stunned. He tells her to get rid of Steve and Ashley. She goes in and tells them to go and they file out. She sits down to take a moment. Steve stops on his way out and tells Ray he feels his pain and calls him brother.

Ray comes into the office where Lena is and opens the safe. He grabs out the video player and tells her to give it to Marty at Stalkerazzi. She asks if he’s sure and he says he is. Bunchy talks to his group buddy who tells him he’s sorry he kissed him and he asks him to keep their friendship. Bunchy tells him not to do it again and he says he won’t. He tells Bunchy it’s not like he’s in love with him or anything and Bunchy says he acted like it.

He asks Bunchy if he’s talked to Patty since it happened and says he should. Bunchy reminds him he was discouraging him before and the guy admits that was f-ed up. They share a little awkward laugh. Ray marches into the FBI looking for Cochran. He hangs up his phone as Ray confronts him and asks if he had Kate murdered. A couple of guys come in, guns drawn but Cochran kicks them out and says it was a misunderstanding.

Cochran says he thought Ray did it. Ray says he’s a liar but Cochran says he has bigger fish to fry and says he’s on his way to Washington but Ray says he’s not. Cochran asks if he’s threatening him. Abby shows up to Jim’s at his request and he says he has something to show her. He brings her in and shows her a bedroom with two single beds in it. He tells her that Cookie doesn’t know where he lives and he set the room up for the kids. He says he wants her and the kids to live there.

Jim says it’s not Calabassas but says he loves her and they can have a life there. She starts crying and he holds her. He tells her that he wanted to do it and he tried. Abby says she had no right to ask him to do it. She says it’s not who he is and she should have known that.

Ray comes to see Ezra and he asks him to shut the door and come sit down. Ray tells him he’s not f-ing sitting down. Ezra tells him Kate was the rodef and he couldn’t let her destroy them. Ray asks if he sent Avi and he says he had to because he loves Ray but Ray has forgotten who is and lost the way. Ray tells him it’s over. He picks up the phone and tells Ezra he warned him. He dials 911 and reports the body buried at Ruth’s cancer center then walks out the door.

Mickey and Darryl head into the races. They find Ronald eating a hotdog. Mickey calls his name and Ronald starts running. Mickey gives chase and Darryl chases his Dad. Darryl gets ahead of his Dad and starts chasing Ronald. They catch up to him in a bathroom. He locks himself in a stall and tells them to leave him alone. He busts out and tries to beat Mickey but Mickey beats him down.

Ronald asks how much money he got out of the safe and tells them there is a horse in the seventh guaranteed to win. He says he’s lost the last three on grass but has never lost on dirt and is a lock. Darryl can’t believe his Dad is listening. Mickey says let’s go see the horse. Ronald sits bleeding.

Bunchy goes to see Patty and explains to her what happened. She says she’s sorry what happened to him. He tells her he’s okay and he tells her he goes to a group of those that have survived priest abuse. He says the fear that you’ll do it yourself is a common fear. He says that’s what happened to him. Patty thanks him for his honesty. She goes to walk back inside and he asks her if he can keep seeing her.

Patty tells him no – she says she can’t put her son at risk for something he’s unsure of and he says he’s not unsure. She asks how can he know for a fact if he was that worried. She says there must be a reason he was that concerned. She goes inside and shuts the door on him. He’s devastated.

Darryl begs Mickey to take the money and leave but Mickey looks at the horse and says it’s 8 to 1. Darryl reminds him that he told him the money is his to start a business. A horse talks to him in Linda’s voice and says she forgives him and he’s the captain. He asks Darryl what the horse’s name is – horse number seven – and he says it’s Captain. Mickey says holy shit and he goes to place a bet.

He tells Darryl to give him the money – all ofit. Darryl hands it over. He puts $20k on the Captain to win and Ronald puts all his cash on Captain too. Darryl curses but Mickey tells him to trust him. Ray gets a call from Avi who tells him they need to talk. Ray asks how much he paid him and Avi says he didn’t pay him. Ray shows up to Cookie’s with the bag of cash and they search him as usual. The guards are eating cake and tell him it’s good.

They let him in and Cookie sits at a table with a gun in front of him. He asks Cookie if he’s going to shoot him and he tells Ray he doesn’t want to always be looking over his shoulder. Ray says he knows the feeling. Ray asks how he knows for sure Cookie won’t hurt his kid and he says he doesn’t. Ray pulls a gun out of the money and shoots Cookie once.

Ray says he didn’t think so. He shoots him again. Then he gets the drop on his two guards when they come in. He tells them there’s a million cash on the table. He says that’s $500k each or more if the don’t split it. He says he’ll let them work it out and walks out. He hears a gunshot. Guess one decided not to share!

The race is set to start and Darryl asks if he’s sure. Mickey says he is and that Darryl will see. The race starts. Ronald, Darryl and Ray are all seating it and cheering for Captain. It’s the final turn and he’s in the group. He pulls ahead and wins it. Mickey calls out – Shorty, did you see it?

Ashley calls Ray and says she needs him right now. She begs him to come right now and he says he’s on the way. We hear groaning. Terry walks into the gym and sees Mickey talking to Potato Pie. He asks if Ray bailed him out and he says he knew he would. Mickey says he had shit to do then tells Terry he won a million dollars and offers him cash – he says it’s his cut.

Terry tells him to keep counting and Mickey piles on more cash. He says he thought since he wasn’t there making the bet, he’d get less and Terry reminds him he’s the one going to jail. He takes the cash and tells Mickey to get the f- out. Mickey reminds Terry that he told him to run for it and Terry tells him he doesn’t want to see him there again. Terry hands money to Potato Pie and tells him to get new equipment and get the floors fixed because the place looks like shit.

Ray finds Steve waiting on the steps and asks where Ashley is. He heads around back. She’s on the balcony and we see her stalker on the rocks below dead. Steve tells him the guy was really going to hurt her this time. He says he has to get rid of the body. Ray tells Ashley to tell him the truth. She says Steve was hitting her and Bob tried to stop him. Steve says it was self defense but Ashley says he pushed Bob.

Steve asks what he’s going to do and asks Ray what he’s going to f-ing do. Ray asks for the keys and then Steve says it felt good and was liberating. He asks Ray if he’s ever killed anyone then says he can tell he did. He tells Steve to get into the trunk of his car. Steve says it’s Thanatos – death, sex, love, all the same and they’re all in this wonderful stew together. He tells him to get in the trunk and Steve says he trusts him and does.

Steve tells Ray that they’re the same and knew it the moment he met him. Ray closes the trunk. He tells Ashley to give him her phone and she does. He dials a number and tells her to tell the truth this time. Steve laughs from the trunk and says he’s back in the womb and loves it.

Abby sits on her bed and Conor comes in and asks if she saw. He turns on the news and shows her the news of Cookie’s murder. Bridget comes in too. Abby gives a small smile. She knows Ray did it. Cochran comes into work and sees his secretary watching a Stalkerazzi video of him and his wife swinging. He’s floored.

Crews are digging out the body at the cancer center. Avi comes into the office and Lena hugs him. Ashley tells the cops what happened and we see Steve led away out of the trunk in handcuffs as Bob’s body is loaded into an ambulance and taken away. Jim turns out the light on the empty room he made up for ht ekids – knowing it won’t be used. Terry sits with Bunchy and Pie to watch TV. Mickey looks at Shorty’s ball cap and walks out of the flop house with his bag of money.

Ray comes home and closes the door. He pours himself a drink. Abby and the kids lie in the bed. Conor is asleep. Abby gets up when she hears him come in. She heads downstairs. She speaks his name. He finally looks at her. Then he looks straight ahead with a thousand yard stare.