Ray Donovan Most Detailed Recap ‘Rodef’: Season 2 Episode 11

Ray Donovan Most Detailed Recap 'Rodef': Season 2 Episode 11

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new Sunday September 21, Season 2 episode 11 called, “Rodef.” On tonight’s episode Ray prepares in case he’s arrested. Mickey’s heist doesn’t go as planned.

On last week’s episode Ashley’s stalker, Bob Lepecka, returned and made trouble for Steve Knight. Meanwhile, Cochran was officially nominated for the FBI directorship and tried to protect himself from the vetting process; Kate confronted Ray about his past; and Mickey gathered a team for his pot store robbery. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you want to get caught up before tonight’s episode we happen to have a full and detailed recap, right here for your enjoyment!

On tonight’s show Ray will make sure that he is well-prepared for anything, even an arrest. But, will that include jumping off a cliff and ending his life to escape his past, present and future? As for his father’s plan of robbing a pot store, it won’t go as he intended it to. Cookie pays Ray to track down a video.

Tonight’s eleventh episode of season two looks like it going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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At the memorial for Marvin, Cookie gets out of his limo and is greeted by cheers from adoring fans. Avi watches from nearby and calls Ray. He tells Avi to keep his eye on Cookie but Avi says he’s just going into the church. Lena meets Ray and he asks if she found the video. She says she thinks it’s just a rumor but he tells her to keep looking. She asks how Bridget is doing and he says she’s all right. Lena leaves. Harriet brings him some papers to sign about the deed but asks if it’s the right time to do it. He says he’s sure.

She asks how bad it is and he say it’s bad. Then she asks if she needs to close up shop. He promises her nothing will rebound on her. Harriett offers him a hug. He refuses. She gets back in the car with Lena and tells her she may want to look for a new job. They drive away. Mickey climbs up on a chair and retrieves a gun he’s hidden on top of his cabinets. He hears Shorty hacking and coughing horribly. He hides the gun and goes to check on his fried.

Shorty tells him his oxygen tank didn’t come and Mickey asks how he could f- this up. He reminds him they’re supposed to do the heist today. Mickey asks if three guys and a dolly can move the safe. He says they can steal the safe and pick up Shorty to let him crack it. He makes a call to change the plans. Bridget watches the news about Marvin’s killing and sees Cookie making a statement about how terrible gun violence is. The reporter says Cookie is clearly distraught. Her dad asks how she’s doing and she says she didn’t feel like going to school.

Abby shows Ray three joints she found in Conor’s room. He tells her they need to talk. He shows her the deed and says it’s property for her, Bridget and Conor. He tells her to keep it until she needs the money then sell. He admits he may be going to prison and she wants to know why. He says a reporter is going to publish and article that says he paid Sully to kill Mickey. She asks if he can stop it and he says he’s not going to. She tells him she doesn’t want the property and says he can’t buy them. She is super mad that he tried to kill his dad. She says they can take care of themselves.

He tells her that he knows she’s talking about her cop can take care of them once he’s gone and can even f- her in their bed, but as long as he’s around, the cop had better stay away. Conor comes in overhears but Ray doesn’t stop. Then he follows Conor to his room and throws down the weed and asks if he’s buying it. He says Mickey gave it to him and then says his granddad is an FBI hero but Ray won’t let him tell anyone.

Conor says Mickey cares about them and is a good guy who gave him a car. Ray scoffs and tells him to grow up and be there for his mom and sister. He tells him to stay away from Mick. Conor tells his dad to shut up and Ray walks away.

Ed tells Frank he’s fired and he’s angry and asks why since he did everything he told him to do. He tells him he’s getting retirement, full pension and everything but he has to leave the building now because they’re tying up loose ends. Ed goes into a press conference to make a statement about Thomas’ suicide. He says he was suffering serious depression and their efforts were too late to help him. He says he was their best and brightest and their hearts go out to his widow Megan. Holly is there and starts crying and says he wasn’t depressed and that he was a sweet boy. Ed cuts off his comment, grabs her and hustles out of the room.

Frank finds Kate on his boat petting Catherine’s dog and asks why he has the dog. She shows him a photo of the dog and says she thinks Catherine came out with Sully. She asks if she’s dead or in witness protection then asks if he killed her. He says Sully killed her and she asks why. He says Sully was a psycho. He starts to drink and she pulls out her recorder and asks who killed Sully. He tells her it was Mickey Donovan and to get off his f-ing boat.

She walks off the pier and calls Ray and tells him she needs to see him and he better not ignore her. Ed tells Ezra that Kate is back asking questions. He says they are both in trouble and she must be stopped. Ezra asks why he can’t stop her himself and Ed says Ray has him in a bad spot. Ezra tells him that Ray is clever. Ed says Ezra can get Ray to listen and Ezra says he’s like a dad to Ray and he will reason with him. Ed says Ray can’t know that he was involved and Ezra says he looks forward to having a very powerful friend in Washington. Ed agrees and leaves.

Conor pops into Mickey’s room at the boarding house and finds his granddad trying on a ski mask. He tells him he thinks his dad is going away. Mickey chews him out and Conor says his dad is right – that he is an asshole. Mickey tells him to stay put until he gets back and Conor asks if he’s going to do a robbery. Mickey tells him there are “magazines” under the bed and if he’s bored to knock on the door across the hall.

Terry and Darryl wait for their dad. Ray calls Mickey’s parole officer and tells him to get Micky off the street since he gave his kid pot. The PO says Mickey has been behaving himself so he can’t. He tells him to get him off the street or he’ll call his boss and tell him he’s on the take. Mickey approaches and the PO gets off the call. He tells Mickey it was just his wife calling. They go get in the van with his kids.

Ray shows up to Ezra’s and he asks if he knows the Jewish principle of the rodef. Ray does not. Ezra says the rodef is someone who is pursuing someone trying to destroy them. He tells her Kate is the rodef who is trying to destroy them. He says she’s been warned and has to be stopped. Ray tells him that his precious RGOCC has a body buried in it – the priest – and Ezra is shocked. He tells him that he’s cursed him and his legacy. Ray says if anything happens to Kate, the body will be found.

Lena calls Ray and says someone does have the video. She says she’s got a meeting to get it and that Cookie is waiting for him at Pink’s. Ray heads there and hops in the car with him. He says he got the video and Cookie says he’s got the money and they need to go. Ray tells him he can’t be seen anywhere near it. Cookie says he’s just a concerned citizen. Ray tells him he can’t go but Cookie says it’s his money. Ray tells him that since he’s working for him now, he has to trust him. Ray says he’ll bring it to him the second he gets it. He offers Ray some food. He declines and leaves.

Jim and his partner are watching Cookie (at Abby’s request) and they see Ray get in and out of the car. Jim takes off in pursuit of Cookie. His partner asks why they’re following him. He flips his lights on and says he ran a red. His partner asks who gives a shit. Jim gets out and asks for license and registration. He tells Cookie to shut up and step out of the car. His partner tries to talk him down and Jim tells him to get the f- out of the car. Cookie says he’s not getting out but tells his driver to put his hands where Jim can see them.

Cookie stares them down and Jim lets them go. His partner asks what it was and asks what’s in his pocket. He says he saw him put something in his pocket but Jim doesn’t show it to him. Avi calls and tells him that Jim stopped Cookie but let him go. Ray curses. Avi wants to know what’s going on and Ray tells him to shut up and cash his paychecks. At the weed shop, the last people leave and the guard locks up. Cherry is there and he tells her she has to go too. He says he’s getting married tomorrow and his sperm has to be strong.
[9:41:45 PM] Rachel Rowan: She tells him tonight is his bachelor party and she offers him a discount and unzips him. He lets her do her thing. Mickey and Terry put on their masks and head inside. She sucks him with his back to the cameras as the guys sneak up. Mickey thanks Terry for being there with him and he says he had no choice. Cherry and the guard walk out and they knock the guy out. Cherry runs off. They drag him to the back room and handcuff him then duct tape his mouth. They leave him in the office then lock him in. They open the back door and go into the growing shed.

Terry asks where the f-ing safe is and Mickey says it was right there. Looks like they’ve expanded since he saw it. They head into another room and it’s there. Terry says they can’t lift it – it’s gigantic. The PO and Darryl wait at the back door and they pull out the ramp and the dolly. He tells the PO to stay put and flash his badge to get rid of anyone who shows up. Shorty smokes weed while Conor pokes around his room. He pulls out a box and Shorty says his dad made it for him.
[10:01:14 PM] Rachel Rowan: He tells him his dad was in Alcatraz. The oxygen guy shows up and apologizes for being late. He leaves and Shorty asks Conor to hook up the tank for him and turn it up. Conor takes a drag off a joint and then asks Shorty if he’s sick. He says he inhaled Agent Orange in Vietnam. Conor asks if he’s going to die and he says he thinks so.

Ray shows up at the office and Lena says she’s waiting on the video contact. She tells him someone is in his office. He goes in. It’s Kate and she tells him she’s going home because she has her story. He tells her maybe she’ll win a Pulitzer. He asks doesn’t she feel responsible for having Sully kill people. She tells him he’s sick and needs help but he says he’s just tired. He asks what she wants and she says she doesn’t know. She says she thought maybe he’d beg her not to do it. She tells him she’s sorry and he says she’s just doing her job. She touches his face and kisses him. She looks sad and then leaves.

The guys try to lift the safe and are struggling to get it on the dolly. Terry says it’s all in the angle. Ray counts out money and then takes the bag of cash to Lena. He hands her a stack for her and Avi and she asks if it’s severance. She says she wants to keep working and tells him to f- off and keep the money since he won’t tell them what’s going on. He gives it back and tells her to keep it. She gets the call about the meet and tells him it’s on. He heads out.

Shorty checks his stethoscope and tells Conor a joke. He asks how many Vietnam vets it takes to screw in a lightbulb. The answer? “You weren’t there, man.” Conor says he feels dizzy and Shorty tells him to go lie down in Mickey’s bed because he might have bed bugs in his. Conor agrees and staggers across the hall. The guys are trying to load the safe in the truck when Boris (the guard) wakes and starts yelling. They tell the PO to go shut him up. Boris tells him the armored truck came already today and they made a big mistake. He says Boris is lying but he says he’ll find out – says they changed companies. The PO calls Ray and asks how much it would be worth to put his dad away for 20 years tonight. Ray offers him $100k and the PO agrees. He tells him to do it.

The Stalkerazzi guy, Marty, says the offer has gone up to two million. Ray sees the guard and asks if he heard what they did to Chip. The guard moves aside and Ray goes into the room. The kid wants $2k and his dad says $20k. Marty was skimming big time! Ray hands over a stack of cash and takes the kid’s phone. He asks how many copies he made. His dad says none and Ray asks the kid and he says none and then swears to it. Ray takes the phone and leaves.

They finally get the safe in the van and Darryl hops in. They ask what’s taking the PO so long and why Mickey had to bring him in. Mickey says he had to since he’s still got the ankle bracelet on. He tells Terry to go check on him. He goes into the office and asks Boris where he is. He tells Terry that his friends f-d him. The office door shuts and Terry is locked inside. He tries to open the door then tries to break the glass. Mickey comes in and Terry says he’s locked in and Ronald (the PO) f-d them over. They hear sirens and Terry tells him to get out of there.

Mickey runs and leaves his kid to take the fall. Mickey runs back to the van and tells Darryl to drive. He asks where Terry is and Mickey tells him to just drive. They take off as the sirens get closer. Ray sits in the car watching the shooting video. He sees Bridget on the recording after the shooting walking away. He calls Cookie and tells him that he got the video and Cookie says to bring the recording to his house in half an hour. They pull up at the fleabag and Mickey says he’ll go get Shorty. Darryl tells him to hurry.

Shorty waits playing with his lighter. It’s out and he looks for matches. He turns on the propane to light his cigarette and the room explodes – Conor had turned his oxygen way up and made the room a blast zone. Mickey runs upstairs calling for Conor. He calls out to Mickey and pulls the door off of him. He asks if he’s all right and he says he thinks his arm is broken Mickey tells him they have to go. Cherry comes up and asks what happened and he says it was Shorty. We see that he’s dead. Conor says he thinks he killed him.

Conor calls Ray and says he’s at Mickey and that there was an explosion and he thinks his arm is broken. Ray pops a u and says he’s on his way. Conor tells his grandpa he’s on the way. Ezra fixes Avi a drink and asks after his mom. He says she’s good and then Ezra says he’s worried about Ray and that Avi is a good friend to him. Avi says he’s worried too. Ezra asks if he’s an observant Jew and knows of the law of the rodef.

Jim sits in his car and throws aside the bag of coke he was going to plant in Cookie’s car. He calls Abby. He tells her he couldn’t do it. She sighs. He hangs up. She goes to her closet and pulls out a case. She enters a security code. Ray gets out at the hotel – there are emergency vehicles everywhere. He heads inside and looks for Conor. The EMT is checking on him and he’s teary. The EMT says it’s probably a hairline fracture and Ray says he’ll take him to Cedars himself and the EMT says to let him wrap it first.

Mickey talks to the fireman who tells him Shorty died instantly. Ray comes over and tells him that he almost killed his son. Mickey tells him Terry needs a lawyer and says Terry begged him to come in on the deal. He says it’s serious and that he should hook him up with Ezra. Says it’s armed robbery. Ray punches Mickey and the cops have to pull him off his dad. As soon as they let him go, he goes after his dad again. This time the cops cuff him but he begs them to let him go so he can take care of his kid. They throw him in the car. Ray curses.

He tells Conor to go with them. Cookie leaves an angry message for Ray telling him he needs to see the video. Mickey tells the emergency guys that Conor is his grandson and he’ll take care of him. They take Ray and go. Mickey puts his arm around Conor. Abby watches an old movie while Bridget sleeps with her head on her lap. She has her fingers on her gun that lies on the end table.