Ray Donovan Recap 7/19/15: Season 3 Episode 2 “Ding”

Ray Donovan Recap 7/19/15: Season 3 Episode 2 "Ding"

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new Sunday July 19, season 3 episode 2 called, “Ding.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Paige Finney [Katie Holmes] calls Ray [Liev Schreiber] to protect a quarterback.

On the last episode, season 3 began with Ray being hired by a wealthy family to free their kidnapped son. Meanwhile, Mickey stumbled upon a new enterprise; Abby found a friend on the streets of Los Angeles; and Bunchy’s newfound confidence faltered when faced with a troupe of Luchadores. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Showtime synopsis “Paige Finney calls Ray to protect a quarterback; Lena considers quitting.”

Tonight’s season 3 episode 2 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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#RayDonovan begins at the prison. Matty asks Terry what he’s doing today and says he’s thinking about Napa or Vegas. Terry tells him to f-k off. Terry gets a delivery from Ray – a guard brings it. It’s a shoe box. Ray works the bag at the gym and he’s going nuts. Mickey chats up the hookers and says poor Gary just f-d himself up with drugs. He says they still need to put food on the table. He says he will protect them from pimps and make sure their corners are safe. He says he’ll only charge 40%.

They get up and walk out and Ginger tells him it’s not 1979 and they don’t walk corners. Father Romero drives and whistles. Ray sees the support group meeting at the gym. Abby calls her dad and says her mom came to school drunk then came home with a big dog and passed out. Ray listens to Stan talk for a moment then he leaves and goes to his house. He goes upstairs and sees the giant dog lying on the floor. It whines then gets on the bed beside a sleeping Abby.

Ray looks at the dog then nudges her. He says Bridget called to say she was driving drunk. She says it was no big deal but he says she was scaring the kids. She touches him and tries to kiss him. She asks if he’s going to call the cops on her but he says that’s her thing. Ray finds the kids in the kitchen and Bridget offers him a plate. He asks how she likes the new school. Conor coughs and says he doesn’t feel well and has a fever.

Abby curses and tells him to just go back to bed already. He goes. Bridget asks Ray to come for dinner tonight and then Abby butts in and Bridget is annoyed. She kisses her dad and goes. Abby tells Ray that Bridget misses him and wants him home. He walks out to take a call – it’s Paige Finney. She says she has a job for him and he asks if her dad knows he’s calling. She ask if it matters and he says as long as the bill gets paid.

Avi chats with Lena and says he wants her to work with him and be his partner. He says Ray will never make her a partner. Lena says to give her a day to think. Ginger shows Mickey how they post on the internet and he says it’s weird. She says he has to manage the page or else he won’t get a piece of the action. She tells him to figure it out. Darryl comes in and Mickey asks how he’s doing. Darryl says he’s losing to an app.

Ginger heads out and Mickey says Donovans make money on the fringes. Mickey says he’s taking charge of a new business but Darryl says he’s tired and wants to go to bed. Mickey says he’ll treat him to coffee and a donut. The cops have drained the pool and Darryl asks who died. Ginger tells Mickey they have a situation. She says she has a client who booked a threesome in Bev Hills and it’s three times the normal rate.

She says Audrey has a big audition at the same time. Mickey says he’ll take care of it. Mickey, Darryl and Audrey head out. Terry stands in the yard waiting on the weight bench. Garth shoves him off it then slaps him and calls him subhuman. He beats on Terry who then takes him down with an uppercut. Terry is hauled off by a guard. Father Romero asks Bunchy about joining the gym and says he has cash to pay. Bunchy takes the cash and tells him to sign.

Romero asks if he’s been coming to SNAP a long time and asks if it helps. Bunchy says real helpful. Bunchy says the cash is good for two months and Romero says he’ll see him soon. Lean is with Ray and asks what she is to him. He says not today. She asks if he sees he as an assistant and he asks if she needs more money. She says no. The prison calls and says Terry is in the infirmary. He tells the guard he’s supposed to prevent this and the guy says it’s handled.

Ray asks to have the prison doc call when he’s checked him out. Lena says Avi asked her to come work with him and offered her partnership. She says she told him she’d think about it. Ray says she must be planning on taking it otherwise she wouldn’t have mentioned it. The doc asks Terry how he’s sleeping then asks if the leg thing is new. Terry’s hand is twitching. He says Parkinson’s progresses faster in prison and asks if he wants a cane. Terry says he doesn’t need one.

Abby gets the kids’ report cards in the mail and sighs and then curses. She goes up to Conor’s room and the dog goes along. She knocks on his door and she doesn’t get an answer. She finds him jerking off to his laptop. He curses at her and she slams the door. He tries to say he was making his bed. She walks away laughing. Ray shows up to the stadium and told Lena has to wait. Paige is there and says her brother’s headline was impressive and calls him a miracle worker.

She introduces Zack Davis the team owner who says he can have 50 yard line tickets for life if he can fix this. Paige takes him to the locker room and shows him Troy Landrieu who she says is a former client and has a thing for married women. He’s the starting QB. She says the most recent is the wife of a Navy SEAL who threatened to shoot him at tonight’s game. She asks Ray to handle it and he asks why she cares if it’s a former client.

She says it’s up to $500k and says she’s footing the bill. She says she will text the address but says the sent emissaries and the guy wasn’t friendly. Lena asks what’s the job and Ray says to keep an eye on the QB. Mickey and Darryl leave Audrey in the car to go see Vartan about some cash to invest in the new business. Darryl is uncomfortable with the way Vartan’s sister is looking at them. Mickey heads over to talk to her. She gives a nod.

Vartan says the terms are he gets $10k and then in a month he pays back $15k. They also demand the title to Darryl’s car. Darryl says he can’t use his car as collateral but Mickey says it will be fine. Audrey says she has an audition at Disney. They give Mickey the $10k and Darryl says the car is worth $70k. He takes the cash and says he’s the bank now, not Mickey. They get into the car to head to the audition. Abby calls and tells Ray she caught Conor watching porn and having sex with the bed.

She says he had his dick between the mattress and box spring. Ray laughs and says it’s a new one. She says she’s sorry he had to come over but he says he was glad to see her. She says Bridget really wants him to come and says she’s making lamb. He says he’ll try to come. Bunchy watches the female fighter work in the ring. He goes over and tells the Mexicans they have to pay or go. He says the credit card was declined three times. He asks Bunchy to work with them but he says no more.

The guy says they’ll clean out the lockers. The woman comes to the corner and he asks if she’s a wrestler. She says she’s a luchadora. She says one is an art form from myth and history. He asks her character’s name and she calls him a maracon. She asks if he’s really kicking them out. Bunchy says it’s the rules. She asks if he likes rules. He says they can finish their workout today and says they can make an arrangement. He walks away crushing on her. She goes back to her training.

Ray goes to talk to the SEAL who says he’s the third guy they sent and he’s not taking the money. Ray asks to sit and says it doesn’t look good if he goes back right away. The guy says sure. Ray sits. He asks if he can pop a beer and the guy nods. Ray drinks and asks if he’s burning her stuff. He says her shoes burn like a mother f-ker. Ray says you hate her one minute, miss her the next. He says it feels like your fault but she f-d around. The guy says Ray could have been a VA counselor then says it’s not a compliment.

Ray says he’s been where he is now but no one offered him $500k. The guy says they sent him to Kandahar to keep bond rates stable. He says a wealthy white man saw his wife and thought she looked good then used his money to seduce her and now wants to use his money to get him to ignore it. Ray says to take the money. The guy says he wants his wife. Ray says he can’t help with that but can help him make a new start and says it’s something.

The chick wrestler comes to complain to Bunchy and says it’s filthy and could make them sick. He says she’s not a member and she says today she is and he better look at it. He says he’ll take a look. Audrey talks at lunch to Darryl about how rich she and her mom will be once she gets the part. She talks about Scarlett Johansen then calls Darryl a car person. Darryl says there are 2,000 girls like her going to those auditions and says none of them will play it.

She starts crying and Darryl tries to comfort her then hands her his phone. She says they’re late. Mickey asks Daryl for $5k. He wants to buy coke and Darryl doesn’t like it. He says they’ll buy it for $5k and then will sell it for $15k. Darryl is furious. Ray has the guy in his car and asks Ray who slept with his wife and what he did about it. Ray says he let it go. He asks if he forgave then says it’s BS. Ray gets a call from Paige and she says to bring him to the Saxton Hotel.

The guy asks what it will look like. Ray says they’ll make him sign and NDA then give him a certified check. At the audition, Darryl tells Mickey he needs to see the bigger picture of what he’s trying to do. He asks if they’re selling coke and Mickey says the whores will do it then Darryl asks his dad if he killed the pimp. Mickey says technically the water killed him.

Audrey comes out upset and Mickey tries to reason with the casting director but she won’t budge. Mickey tries to comfort Audrey but she says f-k you Mickey. Paige greets Ray and Lafell and says she’s sorry about the circumstances. She hands him a key and says to go up. Paige tells Ray he’s done yeoman’s work and he’s on her Christmas card list. She says she started her own business without her dad’s money. She tells him they should leave now and he asks why.

She says neither of them broke the law. Ray goes running inside. Lafell calls Ray a f-ing liar and runs off. Ray looks and see the QB’s arm is broken and the bone is sticking out. Lafell’s wife is there naked and begs him for help. One of the white pride guys tells Terry that Randy wants a rematch. Terry says no thanks. The guy says not to make them come looking for him. Kevin the guard tells Terry he’s putting him in isolation for protection. Terry says f-k his brother, he’s not going.

Kevin says the Aryans are nasty business who don’t play by the rules. Terry says he’s not going in the hole. The lady wrestler is in her sexy uniform and has Bunchy scrubbing the shower. She calls him lazy and says to use more soap. She bosses him as he scrubs the mold. He looks up at her and she calls him a pervert. He says he’ll finish later and ducks out. Pablo, her coach, comes over and tells Bunchy he has an idea. He says they need a venue and they could host and split the door.

Pablo says they can do a five show run and make some money. He says it cost about $20k but they turn it to $60k. He tells Bunchy to think about it. Ray finds Paige at the stadium and asks if she’s looking for a strong arm to break bones for her. He says all she had to do was ask. She says she’ll remember that. He says she likes a little blood and asks if it turns her on hurting people. She tells him to watch what he says and he asks if she’ll call her daddy.

He slams her against the wall and says he wants a check for $500k made out to Lafell today. She asks or what and he says he’ll put her in the trunk of her Aston Martin and drive it off a cliff. He walks out. The Aryans wait for Bunchy in the yard. Randy asks if he’s ready. They paid off the guard with smokes – he leaves. Randy comes at Bunchy. They grapple. Terry punches him hard then someone hands Randy a shiv and he stabs Terry in the gut and neck.

Terry grabs a nearby weight and beats him in the face asking who’s a ding motherf-ker. Ray comes to see Finney and he asks if he has what he came for. Finney says he must have scared Paige since she doesn’t often ask for his help. He says Paige has been that way since she’s a little girl and thinks the world is a cruel place. Finney says Paige represents the backup QB then hands Ray the check for Lafell. Finney says kids of the rich don’t always have it easy.

Ray asks if he’s making excuses for her. Finney says he is then says he wants to buy Ray’s business and pay him to run his affairs and keep them in line. Ray looks at the contract and says he’s not for sale. Finney says they can keep negotiating. Ray tells Lena to take the job with Avi and says she doesn’t want to be his partner right now. She asks why he can’t just ask for her help. Lena says she doesn’t want to be his partner and he says fair enough.

Darryl carries a sleeping Audrey back to the apartment and Mickey hands Ginger the Shirley Temple wig. Mickey tells Darryl the big picture is they supply the girls coke and they sell the johns coke. He says it expands from there. Darryl says the plan actually makes sense. He tells Darryl he needs to be the muscle and keep track of the ladies. He says 20% but Darryl says it’s his car on the line and he wants 50/50. Mickey says f-k you 20% is what you get.

The wrestler is in her full costume with mask and goes into the ring. Bunchy watches through the blinds. She stands on the corner ropes and does a back flip. He jerks off while he watches her. Terry’s crazy roommate sings and scrubs the floor. A guy puts a drop of blood under Terry’s name on a napkin. All we see is the tattoo on his hand. Mickey and Darryl get to work cutting the coke. Terry is chained up and taken to solitary. He’s locked into the tiny cell.

Ray drives and gets a call from Bridget who wants to know where he is. He says he won’t make it and she asks why not. He says something came up. She hangs up on him. She, Abby and Conor sit at the table. Abby gets up and takes Ray’s plate and fills it with food. Bridget asks what she’s doing and she sets the plate down for the dog and sits by it. The dog laps up the food. Ray finds Lafell burning more of his wife’s stuff.

He is not happy to see Ray. He hands him the check and says he didn’t f-ing lie to him. The guy says he doesn’t want that BS money. Ray says not to be f-ing stupid and to take the money. Lafell punches him hard in the face. Ray tells him again to take it. He hits him again. Ray staggers to his feet and Lafell punches him again after looking at Ray likes he’s a moron for getting back up again.