Ray Donovan Recap 8/2/15: Season 3 Episode 4 “Breakfast of Champions”

Ray Donovan Recap 8/2/15: Season 3 Episode 4 "Breakfast of Champions"

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new August 2, season 3 episode 4 called, “Breakfast of Champions.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Ray  [Liev Schreiber] puts out fires as Paige tries to broker a deal. Abby [Paula Malcomson] goes to Boston.

On the last episode, Ray and Mickey make a desperate attempt to get Terry released from prison. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Showtime synopsis “Terry tries to adjust to life outside of prison; Paige attempts to sell the studio to Chinese buyers; Abby goes to Boston and reconnects with her Southie family; Conor cuts school to throw a party; Bridget gets angry with her math teacher.”

Tonight’s season 3 episode 4 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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#RayDonovan begins with a car dropping Abby off at a bar. She looks around and Gus rolls up to say hi to her. He says he hit a truck with his motorcycle. She asks about Becky and he says she’s gone. Dave, her brother, comes out and is stunned to see her. She says she missed the neighborhood. He says she looks good and hugs her. She goes behind the bar and she asks what happened to the place. He asks what she means and she pours a drink. She says Margaret doesn’t know she’s back yet.

Abby rings the bell and says the round is on her. The scantily crowded place cheers. Ray fixes Terry some coffee – he slept at the gym. Ray eats a pop tart then says it’s awful. Terry says it’s Bunchy’s. Ray says he needs to get him a new coffee maker with a timer so it will be ready when he wakes. Terry asks how he got him out and says he needs to know if he owes him. Terry says he needs a new car, forget a coffee maker. Ray says he moves fast.

Bridget tells Conor that mom left and he can stay home and make love to his mattress since he’s not ready for school like he should be. He grabs the car keys out of the drawer. Bunchy shows up to the gym and gives him a hug. Mickey is there too and Terry ignores him. Ray takes a call from Varick saying Casey needs to be at a meeting and he has to pick him up. Ray can’t say no. Mickey then starts saying he wouldn’t believe what he and Ray had to do to get him out – he’s taking the credit.

Terry walks away to go get dressed. Varick tells Finney about a business deal that Finney’s not ready to make yet even though Paige thought it was a good job. Margaret wakes up Abby and Dave says he’s going to the bank and asks if she wants to come. Abby says he doesn’t need to be in the middle. Margaret asks if she’s leaving Ray and Abby says she was just drunk talking. She asks about Lauren and Margaret says she’s seeing a bad guy and doing bad at school. Abby wants to see her.

Ray shows up to the address he was given. He finds Casey passed out on the deck. Casey says he hoped never to see him again and Ray says him too. He says he has a 10 am meeting. Casey says it’s his execution. He says Paige wants to sell his studio to some Chinese dude. Ray says to get in the f-ing shower. Conor pulls up at the school and tells his buddy to get into the car. Several girls walk up and ask about the car. He says his parents are gone and they tell him not to leave yet.

They ask for his address and he gives it. Casey asks Ray if he’s working for his dad and wants to know his job description. He asks Ray what kind of cereal his kids eat. Ray says he doesn’t know. Casey says breakfast was once a family meal. Ray gets a call from Varick asking about Casey. He tells Ray to take Casey back home. He says the meeting was canceled. Ray watches Casey rearranging the store shelves. Casey talks about how the characters are drawn to look in your eyes.

Ray tells him the meeting is off and says he can go home. Casey says he’s got to deal with this cereal thing. Abby chats up Lauren and Margaret for lunch. Abby says it’s just a vacation and says the kids are fine. Abby asks what’s going on and Margaret says it’s losing money and Abby asks what Dave will do. Margaret says she’s got work and Abby says she has to go since Ray and the kids will be worried. Margaret nags her daughter then leaves.

At the studio, Ray and Casey pull up and go through the gates. Varick thanks Ray for helping with Casey. Ray sees the Asian guy chatting with Paige and Varick says it’s Lui then asks how his brother is doing. Varick says he’s chief of staff for the Finneys and Ray asks how he got that – he says he married his daughter. Varick tells Candice to get Ray an office. Paige tells Varick to tell her dad the meeting is on today no matter what. It’s pretty cold.

Ray looks around and then Casey comes by talking to someone about Trix the Rabbit. Ray goes roaming around and finds his new office. His phone rings – it’s Conor who says his stomach feels bad and that Abby took off. He says he’s back to the bathroom and Ray says okay. Conor and his buddy start setting up for the party. There’s a knock at the door – it’s the girls but they brought a couple of guys too. Eddie introduces himself.

Abby tells Lauren she saw a guy get shot and Dave says it’s Mike Nicolini. Lauren asks when Abby last saw grandpa and Abby says it would make him mad. Abby flirts with Gus and talks about losing her virginity to him. Ray calls Abby who says she’s in Boston – she says the kids can look after themselves. He says to get her ass home and she says he can get his ass home then calls him a f-ing hypocrite. Eddie and Conor watch the two couples kiss. Only one girl is available. Conor tells Eddie to leave.

There’s a knock at the door again – it’s Tate looking for Madison. They start making out too. Conor has no party just other people screwing around at his house. Bridget hands in a D test she says her mom signed. She asks about extra credit to make up her grade. He says they don’t do that, no second chances just because she’s used to getting As. He tells her to show up and do the work and she’ll get an A – he says stop screwing around in his class.

One of the other girls tells her that Mr Donnellen is a tragic teacher because his wife was decapitated in a car wreck last year while he was driving. Ray meets Terry at the doctor and he demands to know what he owed Ray and what he did. Ray isn’t having it. He says he made a deal to work for a guy named Andrew Finney. He says the guy pulled some strings for him. Ray says he doesn’t know yet what he has to do for Finney but says it’s not the end of the world, just another rich guy he’s got to answer to.

Terry says the guy has made Ray his servant then asks why Ray isn’t living at home. Ray insists he’s all right. Terry says he’s the only one of them who had a shot to have a family and leave something behind worth anything. He says Ray is the only strong one of them. Terry’s ex GF Frances is there and asks him to come back for his appointment. Terry tells Ray to just go home. Frances chews Terry out for choosing family over her. The doctor is there but Terry says no and just walks out.

Paige comes to Ray and says Lui likes a gameshow and the hostess won’t come out of her trailer. Paige tells Ray what happened the other day wasn’t the best use of his time and he says this isn’t either. She says they bought his company and services so he needs to take care of it. She dismisses him. Terry comes to the gym and finds a welcome home party being set up for him by Mickey complete with coke and whores and coke whores. Mickey offers him champagne but Terry wants whiskey.

Abby tells Lauren she met Ray there and says she likes shitheads and this is where they hang out. She says when you’re young you don’t know what love it. Lauren says her BF Philipe gave her an STD. She says she can’t tell her mom or she’ll lecture her. Abby says at least he didn’t get her pregnant. Lauren and Dave get into a yelling match and she calls him an alcoholic. Abby says she’ll take her home. Ray goes to the trailer of Tina Harvey and someone else points her out as a drunk bitch.

Ray goes into her trailer and pours them a drink. She says she doesn’t feel like performing today then she talks about getting the part 34 years ago and says she’s going to drop dead spinning the wheel. She says Sandy the host has the IQ of a guinea pig. She says Lui likes her and she hopes he’s the new owner. She say she hates being a prop and says they never let her talk. Bridget spots her tragic teacher at the coffee shop after school. She says she’s been working on the proofs and he walks away.

Bridget says she deserves a little bit of leeway. She says she transferred in, her BF was murdered and her parents are at each others throats. Then she says she shouldn’t have told him and walks out. Ray spots Tommy and the guy hugs him too long. He says Avi told him he retired and Tommy says he came from a meeting with Casey and asks how he can work for them. Ray asks what that means and Tommy tells him to come on with him.

Ray goes with him to his trailer and Tommy’s trans GF Chloe is there. Tommy asks if he’s ever been in the kind of love that makes you realize your whole life is a lie. Ray says no. Tommy says they’re getting married and says he has a contract with a bunch of morals clauses and Casey is threatening to sue him. He says he can’t lie anymore. Tommy says he’s willing to walk away from it all and says he has to live his life. He says he loves Chloe.

Tommy says he’s sorry for Casey if he doesn’t understand love. Ray says he’ll talk to Casey. Tommy thanks him. Casey is talking crazy about making a movie with Captain Crunch in it when Ray comes to see Casey. He asks to talk to him alone. Casey says he has a problem with Tommy and says he’s one of their biggest assets. Ray tells him he should back off and Casey asks why he would. Ray asks if Casey remembers how they met – the blood, the chair. Casey smirks.

Terry ignores Mickey’s efforts to get him to party. He grabs Jade and says he should have some fun with her and says she’s a world class d-k sucker. Terry says no thanks. Mickey says the girls and coke are his and he’s got something going. Mickey says he’s flush now and wants to take care of him. Terry walks away. Mickey whispers to Jade who follows Terry into the office and closes the door. She closes the blinds too. Then she smiles at him.

Paige is on set and Ray says Tina wants a chance to host the show. Sandy is livid. Ray says she won’t come out unless she gets a shot to host. Sandy says Tina is a pair of tits and an arm. Ray slaps him. The guy freaks and Ray slaps him again then says he’ll go get Tina. Conor tells the others they have to get out of the house. Tate calls him a pervert and punches him. He hits the wall hard and goes down. Varick and Ray watch while Tina takes a crack at hosting. Sandy stands by the wheel. Mr Lui is happy.

Paige tells Ray she’s good then Paige covers her eyes and Varick asks if it’s a migraine. He asks Ray to take her back to the office while he takes over with Lui. Conor gets a baseball bat and then shuts down the breakers to the house. He says come down motherf-er then calls him a bitch and says to get out. Conor beats him with a bat and the others are alarmed. Bridget comes in and says she’s calling 911 and they better get the f-k out of her house. They kids run out scared.

Terry talks to Jade and wants to know her real name. She says that’s the real one then asks about Mickey then unbuttons his shirt and asks about his tattoos. Terry is annoyed when she reads the name of his sister off his chest. Terry charges Mickey and calls him asshole. Darryl tells the girls it’s time to go now. Mickey tells Terry he did a terrible thing to him and Terry says that’s who Mickey is. Mickey says things will get better but Terry says things will get a lot worse from him soon.

Mickey promises to take care of him no matter how bad the shakes get. Bunchy listens to this and looks concerned. Paige lies in pain on he couch. She says there’s a surgery she can get but hasn’t had the time. Ray sits looking uncomfortable. She asks if he knows why her dad hired him – she says he doesn’t want to face the f-ing things he’s done. Varick tells Paige it’s time and they’re meeting in the conference room. Paige sucks it up and goes to the meeting.

Ray follows Varick out and goes into the conference room. He sits out of the way. Casey is at the table too. Finney comes in and Casey starts talking about movies with cereal characters. Finney says he’s not selling the studio and Paige goes nuts. She says she needs to talk to him now in private. She walks out and her dad follows. Casey asks Ray if Tommy Wheeler would play Tony the Tiger. Ray walks out and sees Paige and her dad talking. She shuts the door so he can’t see.

Abby talks Lauren through a break up call with the guy who gave her the STD. She tells Abby she liked him and asks why he had to be such an asshole. Abby hugs her and then Margaret comes in and Lauren asks her to keep it quiet. She agrees. Abby says she missed the flight and Margaret says she got Lauren drunk and she didn’t turn in her paper. She tells Abby she doesn’t want Lauren depending on a man the rest of her life. Abby starts crying.

Margaret asks her to stay a few days. She says maybe it would be good for them and says Abby looks tired. She tells Abby to stay and let her take care of her and says she can have her old room back. Abby cries more. Finney tells Ray he needs him for one more thing and tells Varick to bring Lui to the conference room because they’re selling. Finney tells Ray a good family and good family business are not the same thing. He says Paige wants to use the proceeds to bring an NFL team to LA.

Finney says Paige sees him as an opponent not her father. Finney says to remember that as things get more complicated and tells Ray to remember he works just for him. Varick says Lui is there and Ray walks out. Terry sits on his bed hands shaking. He looks at a photo of Francis. Bunchy comes in and sits by him. He tells Terry he’s sorry he put his name on Terry’s office and says he can take it down and can leaves. Terry says to take the bed and says he doesn’t sleep anymore anyway.

He walks out. Ray comes home and finds Bridget studying. She asks where he was and he says work. She says Conor skipped school not that he cares. He says her mother should have been there. She asks if they’re getting divorced and if he’s in love with someone else. She says if he’s happier somewhere else, he should go then she walks away from him. Margaret and Abby reminisce about their childhood. Margaret sits by her and tells Abby that Ray is a dangerous guy but she can change things.

Abby says nothing. Margaret tells her to get some sleep then Abby touches her. Margaret says it will look better in the morning. Ray cleans the kitchen and then looks at the Frosted Flakes. He fixes a bowl of cereal. The phone rings – it’s Paige who asks to meet him. She says she wants to explain some things. He says no. She says her father will tell lies about her and ask him to do cruel things to her. He says he works for her father, not her. Paige says okay and hangs up. The dog comes back and barks to be let in. It scratches at the door.