Ray Donovan Recap – Problem Priests Persist: Season 3 Episode 7 “All Must Be Loved”

Ray Donovan Recap - Problem Priests Persist: Season 3 Episode 7 "All Must Be Loved"

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new August 23, season 3 episode 7 called, “All Must Be Loved.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Ray is contacted by Romero

On the last episode, Ray was tasked with securing incriminating voicemails that brought down the governor and sink the NFL deal, but the mission drive a wedge between Finney and Paige. Meanwhile, Mickey and Daryll sold a coke-and-hooker party to a Silicon Valley start-up. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Showtime synopsis “Ray is contacted by Romero; Bunchy joins Mickey against the Minassians.”

Tonight’s season 3 episode 7 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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#RayDonovan starts with Father Romero feeding his cages doves. Paige sits in her room and then grabs her coat and heads out. She sees Varick still asleep. The doorbell rings as she goes down. She asks if the papers are in order and says he’s upstairs. She walks out. Ray takes Terry to the doctor and Terry says he can’t sleep much and it’s like he’s having dreams while he’s awake. The doc says they can manage the symptoms with new meds.

Dr Righellis asks where he’s living and he says at the gym. He says Terry needs someone with medical training to help with his needs. He says he needs in-home support and says living alone is not a best option for him. Ray sighs. Mickey walks out of the tailor with a new suit. He checks his reflection and is pleased. Darryl is upset to see his Caddy was just taken by the Armenians. He’s bloody and tells Mickey they pistol whipped him and said they owe $30k.

Mickey says it’s a mistake and he makes a call. Bunchy finds Teresa throwing out some of his clothes. She kisses him and says it’s going to the garbage man and says his legs are too skinny for those shorts. He finds a shrine she put up and she says it was for her big brother that died before she was born. He asks about the dead bird and she says it’s for a life that flew away. Ray and Terry are surprised to see her there. Bunchy and Ray talk.

Bunchy says he’s going to marry Teresa and asks for his settlement money. Ray tells him to slow up and asks how long he’s known her. Bunchy says he loves her and wants his money. Bunchy says it’s his money and he told the world what happened to him and Ray didn’t. Ray agrees but is worried that Bunchy will give her the money. Bunchy says this week. Abby meets with Harriet and says the bar is a money pit that hasn’t turned a profit in 12 years.

Abby says it’s about family, not profit. Harriet says fine and Ray has to cough up $375k. Ray comes home and Abby asks if he changed his mind about the bar. He says no and it’s okay if she goes ahead. Ray tells Harriet to just get it done then he goes to look around a spare room in the house. He sits down and looks around. He calls up Paige and says they can make the property work. She says it’s no good without Verona and asks if she can put together $200k. He says to call when it’s done.

Abby finds Ray and says her family would lose the bar without him and thanks him then asks why he’s in there. He says he took Terry to a specialist who said he’s getting worse and he wants him to move in with them. Abby says okay and asks if Terry agreed. Ray says he hasn’t told him yet. Darryl finds the Armenians talking to the hookers and chases him down but he peels off in his car. The hookers tell him that the guy took their money.

Ray is with Abby at a medical supply place looking at stuff. Abby says he doesn’t need a wheelchair yet then Ray says Bunchy wants to marry a Mexican wrestler and he’s going to get his heart broke. Paige calls Ray and says she has the money. He says he’s coming to her now. Abby asks who that was and he says it’s work. She tells him to go ahead and she can finish buying stuff for Terry. Bridget brings Janet home for school who asks for a drink – Bridget pours them some hooch.

She tells Bridget to search on Facebook for Sarah Donellen – her hubby, their teacher, has not taken down her page. They browse pics of his dead wife. Ray meets Paige and she tells him the birds moving in a pattern is called murmuration. He asks if she’s okay. She hands him a bag of cash then asks what it’s for. He says fish and game lady and says he’s going to sort out Helen Miller then Napier is next. She tells him she served Varick with divorce papers and says it’s going to cause all kinds of problems.

Ray heads to Miller’s office and she looks fuzzy then he says they met at the governor’s party. He sets a bag on her desk and she asks what it is. He says the Finney family would like to make a donation. He says they’re concerned with the preservation of the tri-color blackbird. She asks if he’s bribing her and he tells her to look in the bag. She does. She says the nesting site of the blackbird is protected. He says maybe they can find the birds another place to nest. He says the plant is a shithole where they nest now.

Helen says it’s a nice purse and puts it on her lap. She thanks him and he says to enjoy the bag. Ray calls Paige and says he got Helen and she’ll sign off by the end of the week. He says Napier is next. She ends the call when Varick comes in. He says it won’t go over well but she says it’s over and says she wants him out by tonight. He says he’ll go to a hotel for a few days but she says that won’t change anything and says again to get out.

Bridget Facebook stalks Mr D and his wife then pulls out her guitar. She plays a song. Mickey comes home and tells Darryl he’s working on clearing things up and calls Davros and says he has the money. Darryl asks where he got it and Mickey says he’s resourceful. Ray asks Lena to figure out an angle on Roger Napier. Romero calls and says he talked to Bunchy about Father O’Connor’s murder. He says he needs to speak to him in person and says he’ll send him the address.

Ray is stunned and curses when the call ends. He tells Lena to forget Napier and look into Romero. Then he goes to the gym and tells Terry and Bunchy to come into the office now. They follow him in and Ray asks Bunchy who Romero is and how he knows him. He says he comes to the survivor’s group. Bunchy denies telling him about O’Connor. He says he never said O’Connor’s name and Ray says to tell him exactly what he said.

Bunchy plays dumb and Ray pushes on him and he says he told him he shot him in the stomach and Ray shot him in the head. Terry starts screaming at him and says that’s why Ray can’t let him have the money and he can’t marry that f-ing Mexican. Bunchy punches him and Ray holds him off and says he can’t do that. Ray gets a call from Lena who says Romero is a priest who runs Servants of Pericles where the church sent their child molesters. She says he was in Baltimore before that.

Ray tells Bunchy that Romero was sent by the church and is a priest. Bunchy is shocked. Ray says he’ll take care of it. Terry says there are plenty of Catholic cops and Ray says he wouldn’t have called if he was going to haul him in. Teresa hears them arguing and Ray putting his finger in Bunchy’s face telling him he’s in over his head and f-d up. Bunchy says he knows they think he’s dumb and weak but says it’s not true. Ray sits in front of him. Bunchy says he can’t help that people lie, cheat and do bad things.

Bunchy says he’s never hurt anyone and Ray says he knows. Bunchy walks out of the office and Teresa looks at him expectantly but he says he can’t. Teresa tells Ray not to treat him like that and says he’s not a boy and he’d act more grown up if they didn’t treat him like a f-ing baby. She tells then she and Brendan are in love and they better get used to her. Terry says he’s coming with him to see Romero and they head out. Abby comes home with supplies and hears Bridget playing her guitar.

She goes into Bridget’s room then sees the booze on her desk. She asks if she was drinking. She says her friend Janet was into the booze. Abby sits down and Bridget asks her why she choose Ray. Abby says they understood each other and had each others back. Bridget asks what if her dad didn’t like her, would she still go after her. Abby asks if there’s a guy she wants to go after and says if he acts like he doesn’t like her, it’s a pose and Abby asks to see his pic.

Bridget shuts her computer and says he’s not on Facebook. Abby takes the bottle of vodka and says no more of that for her. Bridget texts Mr D – aka Greg – that she’s going to Starbucks and asks him to come. Then she says it was stupid and tosses her phone aside. Ray and Terry talk in the car. Ray says they want him to move into their guest room. Terry says no way. He asks if he remembers when Bunchy used to hide those girl superhero comics and says it’s like the Mexican girl just walked out of one of those. Ray asks him to move in with them and Terry says he’ll think about it.

Mickey tapes up an envelope and they’re ready to go when Bunchy comes in and says he’s getting married to a Mexican wrestler named Teresa. Mickey hugs him and kisses his cheek. He calls Bunchy his baby boy then Darryl says he’s the youngest but Mickey says he means from a proper marriage. Mickey asks what’s wrong and Bunchy says he has someone to support and Ray won’t give him his settlement money. He asks if he can work for Mickey.

Mickey says he came at a good time and says he’s going to a big negotiation and can use an extra hand. Ray and Terry roll up at the church. Terry asks Ray if he blames him for O’Connor and Ray asks why he says that. Terry says he heard him crying some nights as a kid and knew what he was crying about. He asks what they are going to do with Romero and Ray says there’s no we then tells Terry to stay in the car. He goes to talk to Romero alone.

Ray asks what he wants and Romero says he wants to talk about O’Connor and knows Ray wouldn’t have come if Bunchy wasn’t speaking the truth. Ray follows him inside the church. Mickey, Bunchy and Darryl sit in The car. He asks Bunchy if he can drive fast then says to get behind the wheel and keep the car running. Mickey and Darryl get out to talk to Davros who asks for the money. Mickey asks for the car back. They swap the keys for an envelope.

Davros opens it and sees it’s Monopoly money. Darryl and Mickey grapple with the Armenians. Bunchy whimpers in distress. He gets out and beats down the guys who were getting the best of his dad and brother. They have to pull him off a guy and Darryl says to help Mickey home and says he’ll meet him there. They take off with both cars. Romero tells Ray he was sent by the Vatican to treat priests who had abused children. He says he put a system in place and brought in therapists.

He walks Ray through the place and Romero says O’Connor left a trail of wreckage but worked through what he did and took responsibility. Romero says O’Connor told him all about he and Bunchy both. Romero says he told him everything. Ray gets up to leave and Romero says he didn’t bring him there to threaten him. Ray says he already lied to Bunchy and asks what he wants. Romero says he and O’Connor spoke twice a day once he left.

He says he knew O’Connor’s past caught up with him when his body was found. Romero says O’Connor did the worst thing a man could do to a child and says O’Connor atoned and tried to do better. He says O’Connor was innocent when Ray killed him. Ray looks at him and says he has nothing and Romero says he has everything he needs. Ray asks what he needs. Romero says forgiveness. He tells Ray he wants to forigve him and says admit what he did and confess in the chapel.

He says he needs to accept God and they will forget everything that came before this. Ray steps closer and says if he confesses, he won’t go to the cops. Romero says to say what he did and why and repent and all will be forgiven. Ray and Romero go to the chapel. Ray stares at a cross on the altar. Romero asks when he was last in church and Ray says he doesn’t remember. Romero says he’s been where they were and had violence in his heart. Ray asks what that means.

Romero says he told Brendan the truth and told his story truthfully. He tells Ray that he can trust him and the seal of confession and he steps into the confessional. Romero says just ask God and let him teach him to forgive. He closes the door. Ray steps into the other side of the confessional. Terry waits in the car nervous. He finally gets out. Ray sits and says forgive me father for I have sinned. He says it’s been 36 years since his last confession.

He can’t do it and leaves the confessional. Romero says only God can help he and Bunchy, not prison. He begs Ray to repent now or face excommunication. Ray says he’s protecting men who should be dead. Romero says he knows how much O’Connor hurt him and how much Ray loved him. Ray beats him bloody and Romero says the rite of excommunication. Ray says f-k him and f-k your forgiveness. He tells Ray to repent and let him help him but Terry is dragging a furious Ray out by then.

Bunchy helps Mickey back into the apartment and Mickey says it was nothing and he’s fine. Darryl says they’re going to come after them but Mickey says you push back to get respect. Darryl is scared. Mickey says his suit is ruined. Bunchy says he has to get back to his girl. Mickey tells him he was a lion tonight. Bunchy leaves looking unsettled. Bridget plays her guitar and sings. Ray and Terry drive home and Terry says he excommunicated them but Ray says it was just him.

Terry says Romero said accomplices and that means he and Bunchy are excommunicated too. Ray says he didn’t do anything and Terry says the killed a priest. Abby fixes up the guest room for Terry but the guys head back to the gym. Ray says to get his stuff. Terry asks what he’ll do about Romero and Ray pours a drink and says he needs to think about it. Terry says to tell Abby thanks but he can’t move in and says Ray doesn’t need his hassle in his life. Ray says not to worry about it.

Terry tells Ray that the rest of them are lost causes and Ray needs Abby and the kids. Bridget sings a song about secrets. Her phone chimes – Mr D texted her back. It says – maybe tomorrow. Ray gets a call from Paige and she says she needs him to come to her house now. She says she knows how to handle Napier but he needs to come now. Abby makes the room nice for Terry even puts out some fresh flowers. Ray calls and says he’s going to be late. She says the room is almost ready.

Ray says Terry told her no to moving in. Abby asks if Ray is okay and he says he’s sorry to put her through the trouble and she says Terry might change his mind. He says he’s got work. Abby says okay. The doorbell rings at Paige’s place. Ray comes inside and she says her marriage was good for everyone. She says her dad got Varick and she got her dad’s attention for a change. He asks about Napier and doesn’t want small talk.

Paige says she lied. He says he has to go and she asks why. She says she doesn’t know many men like him and says he doesn’t give a f-k about money, power or cars and says he’s addicted to the fight. He says he has to go and she says he doesn’t. She walks upstairs. He looks down in thought.