Ray Donovan Recap 8/30/15: Season 3 Episode 8 “Tulip”

Ray Donovan Recap 8/30/15: Season 3 Episode 8 "Tulip"

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new August 30, season 3 episode 8 called, “Tulip.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Romero (Leland Orser) appears at the Fite Club.

On the last episode, Ray was contacted by Romero; Bunchy joins Mickey against the Minassians. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Showtime synopsis “Romero appears at the Fite Club and challenges Ray to repent for his sins.”

Tonight’s season 3 episode 8 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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#RayDonovan begins with Ray digging a hole in the desert. He wakes to find Paige staring at him and she asks if it was a bad dream then says she doesn’t sleep well either. He grabs his watch and says he has to go. Romero looks at his file on the pedo priests then info he has on the Donovan brothers. He packs them into a box. Terry is woken by Abby on his cot at the gym. She asks why he won’t move in with them. He says her kids don’t need to see this and Abby says they’ve seen worse.

She asks when the last time was he had a haircut and tells him to get up. Varick shows up to Finney’s house and gets his walking papers and settlement offer from Finnye’s butler. He tells Varick he’ll land on his feet then locks the door in his face. Varick looks up at Finney’s window and asks if he’s kidding. He tells him they need to talk. Finney gives him a sad look and Varick gives up and leaves. Ray comes downstairs and Paige says she made him coffee.

She says they need proof they secured the site by week’s end. She says if Napier won’t sell the land, their dream dies. She kisses him and then Varick comes in and he tells Ray where he can find sugar. Ray thanks him. Theresa pokes around in the office when Mickey shows up and asks if she’s Bunchy’s girl. He says he’s going to be her new dad and hands her flowers and calls her a beauty. She gives him a hug and he says Bunchy won the lottery. She says she prefers Brendan.

He tells her that his son is sweet and pure. Bunchy comes in and says they have to go. Mickey says they have a project going and Theresa tells Mickey he better be gentle with her man. They leave. Romero drives with his box of files. Mickey and Bunch go back to the apartments and they see Darryl is up and about. Mickey pops a beer and he says he met Theresa. Mickey says she’s a beauty and they toast to love. Someone takes a shot at them and Darryl sees his car is on fire.

They run out just in time to see the trunk explode in a fire ball. Darryl is furious. Lena tells Ray that his plan is terrible. She says Napier lands in an hour. They head into an animal facility to meet a warden. She points out some snakes that were stuffed full of heroin in condoms. They drug the snakes and Ray says she just has to show up at the airport with her warden badge. The cops show up the carbecue and Mickey says some local kids.

The detective tells Mickey she knows what he’s up to and he tries to flirt with her. She says she doesn’t care for old white men. She ask if he knows the Armenian Power Syndicate. He plays dumb. She asks him to play CI for them and hands him her card. He takes it. She says that’s the only way he and his kids will come out of it with all their legs and arms attached. He says he doesn’t know anything and isn’t talking and the detective says his whores are shut down as of today.

Mickey tells Darryl to have Ginger cancel all appointments and to hide the coke. Ray tries and gets the warden Helen to calm down – she freaks out and Lena punches her to calm her down. The bag gets dropped in the process and then we see Ray digging in the desert. Avi shows up to help dig. Helen freaks out when her leg starts swelling and turning black. He sends her with Lena to the hospital and sees Napier getting off his plane. He leaves Paige a message and says the Napier thing won’t happen.

Varick finds Paige and asks about a collection he wants. She says to take it. Varick says her dad cut him out of his life and she says it’s no surprise. He asks her to talk to her dad about him. Paige says he’s been masquerading as one of them so long he forgot he’s not. She says he needs to say thank you and get out. Abby takes Terry for a haircut and asks him again about moving in with them. She tells him he’s glum and says all the Donovans are. She hands him a magazine to read.

Abby asks him to just come look at the room and then he’s called for his cut. Mr D tells the class there’s a surprise pop quiz tomorrow and tells them all to study. Bridget stays after and asks for help with proofs and if they can get a coffee. He says he shouldn’t have texted her back and it’s inappropriate. He says he takes pain medicine from the accident injuries and wasn’t himself when he texted. He says she’s a student, he’s a teacher so that’s it.

He leaves for a meeting and Bridget sees a magazine on his desk with an address label on it. She snags it and goes. Romero comes to the gym and Bunchy asks why he was there – he says Romero lied to him. Romero says he had to know what happened and Bunchy asks if he’s going to the cops. Romero tells him to get Ray there to talk to him. Romero says he knows Bunchy is mad but asks him to please call his brother. Bunchy says they already killed one piece of shit priest and could do another.

Bunchy calls Ray and says Romero is there at the Fite Club. Ray says he’s on the way. Varick sneaks into Finney’s compound and in a side door. Ray pulls up at the Fite Club, grabs his gun and goes inside. Later, Ray and Avi have dug a very deep hole. Ray says that’s good and Avi pulls him up out of it. They open the back of the van and pull out a body wrapped in a tarp. They toss it into the hole. Now, Ray walks in and Bunchy asks what they should do with him.

Ray goes to talk to Romero. The priest says they have unfinished business and Ray says they don’t. Romero says he needs to show him something outside. He says please. Ray follows. Bunchy stays inside. Ray tells Bunchy to clear the gym out and lock it up. Avi dumps gas in the hole and Ray tosses in the box of evidence Romero had. The indication is that the body is Romero’s, but it may be Helen the snake bite chick.

Now, Ray goes outside with Romero to his car. Ray has his gun out and puts it in Romero’s face. Romero says Father O’Connor told him he lost his mother to cancer, his sister to suicide and his dad was a criminal. Romero says he knew Ray had one place to turn – to the church and his priest. He sets a box at Ray’s feet and says excommunication is not a punishment but an invitation to change and repent and come back to full communion. He tells Ray when he’s ready.

Romero tells Ray he’s suffered enough. He gets in his car and drives away. Varick sneaks into Finney’s sitting room and he tells Varick he’s trespassing. Varick says to call the cops or the press then tells Finney he doesn’t want to do this. He says gay men can marry now and have kids and says no one would bat an eye at them. Finney says he’s not a gay man and Varick says to keep pretending. Finney asks if he wants more money.

Varick says he can’t let others dictate who he loves. Finney touches his face then pulls him in for a kiss then says he never felt a f-ing thing for him and says it was adventure. He tells Varick to leave. Varick threatens to rat him out for stealing from his charity, seducing his daughter’s husband and getting his c-ck sucked in the back of a car at his father’s funeral. Finney freaks and hits Varick in the head with a fireplace poker. Then he gasps in horror at what he did.

Maybe it’s Varick’s body in the grave. Ray brings the box inside the Fite Club and he and Bunchy look at it. It’s all the evidence against them plus files about O’Connor. Ray says it’s over and Bunchy says he never should have gone to the support group. He says he trusted people and you pay a price. Ray says Romero isn’t going to the cops. Bunchy sits and says they’re done with all of it. Ray gets a call from Finney who says he needs him for an emergency at his house right now. He says please.

Bridget shows up to Mr D’s house and knocks at the door. He asks why she’s there and says she can’t just show up. Bridget says she feels connected to him and thinks he feels it too. She says the boundary is stupid. He has to sit – his medication is messing with his head. She comes inside and closes the door and asks if she can use the bathroom. Finney tells Varick was threatening him and it was an accident. Ray says since Varick is unarmed it doesn’t look good.

Ray sits on the sofa and asks how long ago it happened. Finney says about an hour. Ray asks why he called him and Finney says he wants him to clean it up. Ray says it’s too f-ing risky. Finney says his 3% won’t be worth much if this goes public. Finney says he can’t go to prison and Ray says people like him usually don’t. Finney says he doesn’t want to defend himself in the court or press. Finney says Ray came to him broken with nowhere to turn and he saved his brother’s life for him.

Finney tells Ray to repay the kindness. Ray asks who else was in the house. Finney says no one. Ray makes a call to Lena. She’s at the hospital. She says Helen is fine and he asks her to come to Finney’s house and call Avi and tell him he needs him. Mickey watches Darryl’s burned out car get towed away. He goes to sit by the pool. An old-timer comes to sit by him and asks if he plays gin. Mickey says no then the guy says they also do lawn bowling at the senior center nearby.

Mickey stands and says he has business to attend to. That sure made him feel old. He goes upstairs and calls the detective. Bridget goes into the bathroom and sees his bottle of pills on the counter. She looks at it then turns on the water and checks his medicine cabinet. She looks at the array of pills then comes back out and says – Greg. He says not to call him that. Bridget asks if she can stay and he says no. She leans over him and kisses him and he pushes her away.

He says she’s just lonely and she says that’s true. He says staying with him won’t change that. Bridget says she knows. She sits beside him in silence. Ray brings Avi and Lena into Finney’s study. They have the clean up materials. Avi and Lena coordinate. Ray asks who else knows about he and Varick. Finney says only Paige. He asks if Varick has any family that will come looking for him. He tells Finney to empty the trust account he made for Varick and Paige to make it look like Varick took it.

Ray then tells him to call Paige and tell her he reconsidered the Napier deal. Finney agrees. Later, Ray and Avi finish filling in the hole. Avi says it takes a long time to dig a grave. He asks about Terry. Ray says Parkinson’s only goes in one direction. Avi tells him he had never killed a woman before. Avi says Ezra told him the girl had to die and he went to Boston praying the whole time it would be different. Avi tells Ray he needs to listen to him and says he needs to talk to someone.

Ray says he would rather have gone to prison and Avi says it was the best thing for his family, not just Ray. They finish the hole and Ray says he’ll meet him back at the office. Abby shows Terry the guest room. He’s clean shaven and looks nice. She says it would be nice to have someone around the house to talk to. He says she has Ray but she says none of them have Ray and he knows that’s not true. She says Ray didn’t come home last night. She says she doesn’t know what to do.

Terry says she doesn’t have to do anything since she’s not the one with the problem. He hugs her and says don’t worry then says it’s a nice f-ing room. She says she has calls to make and will take him back to the club later. She leaves him there. He picks up a book off the shelf and sees the book sticker has Mary Donovan’s name on it. Ray comes to see Paige and says the Napier deal is working. He tells her he needs Varick’s passport. She says she needs the fix and he says the passport is the fix.

The detective comes to see Mickey who fixes them crackers and spray cheese. He talks about Amsterdam and he says they don’t judge there. She asks if he’s going to help or not. Ray rents a car in Varick’s name and tells Avi to drive it across the border then fly back. Lena puts Avi’s pic on Varick’s passport and Ray says it’s close enough. Ray thanks Avi and says to call when he gets back. Abby asks if Terry is ready to go but he says he wants to wait for Ray and says he has something to give him.

Ray goes over the story with Finney. He says to say that Varick came to him angry after Paige filed for divorce. He says in three days Finney will hire a private eye – Ray says he knows an idiot who will eventually figure out that Varick stole the money and took off. Paige shows up and Finney tells her that Varick stole $8 million and he’s going to let Paige run the show and do the Napier deal. Paige says it has to be done tonight and Finney says to call Napier now and close it.

He asks her to let him talk to Ray and Paige thanks her father then leaves. Finney asks where he buried him and Ray says he can’t tell him that and it’s better he doesn’t know. Finney asks Ray to sit for a moment. He says them sitting will be all the funeral that Varick gets. Ray sits and they stare at each other. Finney thanks Ray and takes a sip of his drink then sits back. Ray leaves and Paige asks him how he got her dad to do this.
[8/31/15, 12:42:45 AM] Rachel Rowan: He says he helped her dad with Varick and she says she knows he made a side deal. He says she got what she wanted and she says – congratulations partner. They shake hands. She walks away. Ray leaves. Later, Mickey touches his bruised side in obvious pain. He hears Darryl laughing with the girls and they joke about Mickey sounding like Edith Bunker. Mickey is really feeling his age. Romero prays. Mr D falls asleep and Paige lays her head on his chest and falls asleep on him.

Avi drives for the border. Ray comes home and goes upstairs. He sees Terry asleep in the guest room and comes in and picks up the book off his chest. Ray flips through it and sees it’s a bible and that it was inscribed from the priest O’Connor and told him to be a brave soldier. Abby is there and tells Ray to come to bed.