Ray Donovan Recap 9/20/15: Season 3 Episode 11 “Poker”

Ray Donovan Recap 9/20/15: Season 3 Episode 11 "Poker"

Tonight on Showtime Ann Biderman’s Ray Donovan starring Liev Schreiber returns with an all new September 20, season 3 episode 11 called, “Poker,”  and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Mickey (Jon Voight) pushes his luck.

On the last episode, an attempt to draw Mickey out of hiding jeopardized Bunchy’s wedding. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Showtime synopsis “Mickey pushes his luck by throwing himself a goodbye party.”

Tonight’s season 3 episode 11 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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#RayDonovan begins with Ed smiling as he makes popcorn at Ray’s apartment. He whistles and drinks a beer then checks out the view. He digs into the popcorn and logs onto his laptop. He reports to the LA’s anonymous website the location of Varick’s body. Avi is monitoring his computer and sees this. Lena sits with him and they discuss how bad this is. Ed pours the rest of his beer on Ray’s floor then makes a call to Finney and says he’s good to go. Finney says to name his price and they can forget Varick.

Ed says he already told him what he wants and says it’s that or Finney goes to jail. Ed is unscrewing a vent at Ray’s apartment while they talk. Ray wakes on the sofa when something hits the window – a dead bird. His phone rings and Avi tells him that Ed just sent an anonymous tip. Ray says they have time to move the body and tells Lena to move the murder weapon from the storage unit. Abby comes in and tells Ray they need to talk about Bridget. She says she got into a fight.

Finney reports that Varick was raving and threatening his family and says he asked Ray to talk to him. He says he asked Ray to negotiate settlement with Varick then says they went into the study to talk and he found Ray standing over Varick’s body with a poker in his hand. The cops ask why Finney is just telling them now and he says Ray threatened to kill him. They thank Finney for coming forward. The men talk about how Finney likely paid Ray to off him but Ray’s a thug and Finney is a pillar of the community.

Ray and Abby talk to Bridget about fighting with Janet. They ignore the doorbell then yell at Conor to get the door. Bridget tells Abby she thought she wasn’t going to say anything and Conor asks Ray if he can got to his grandfather’s going away party. Jeff Barker from the LAPD is at Ray’s door and says he’s working the Varick Strauss missing person’s case. He asks to come inside and Jeff says he can come downtown if he wants. Ray agrees to meet him downtown and Jeff leaves.

Abby asks what that was about and he tells her Varick Strauss went missing. Abby says his GF didn’t seem upset about her missing husband. He says Paige is not his GF and she says there’s no way he didn’t f-k her. Conor asks his mom to drive her to the going away party for Mickey. She agrees. Mickey is packing and Ginger says Audrey just got a job for a short film and Reno isn’t going to work for them. Mickey gets a call from Ray and he asks about the party.

Ray says he just wants Mickey gone and says they agreed he’d be gone this morning. Ray says by tonight or else. Darryl and his girl are at a cheap motel. She takes money from his wallet and his car keys and sneaks out while he’s still sleeping. Mickey yells at the girls for not packing better. Teresa and Bunchy show up and she says Bunchy’s scared of the ocean. Mickey asks about the honeymoon and she says he ate too much and she drank too much.

Mickey says he’s leaving for Reno and compliments Bunchy on the new truck. He says money is good and he should treat himself. Abby rants to Terry about Ray lying to her all the time now Bridget too. She says Ray expects her to believe he’s not f-ing that woman. Terry says she looked like Fatal Attraction and she laughs and says he’s talking about Basic Instinct. Terry says Ray is like Mickey was with their mom and is too caught up to realize how beautiful she is.

Abby kisses Terry’s cheek and he kisses her mouth. She kisses back then stops and he says it didn’t happen. She says right. Avi goes to dig up the body while Ray answers questions about Varick. They ask if he ever talked about visiting Central America and he tells Jeff they didn’t have that kind of relationship. Jeff asks about Ray’s relationship with Paige then asks if he ever threatened the family. Ray says his lawyer is on the way. Jeff says he knows he didn’t go straight home and was in the mountains.

Lee Drexler shows up and shuts it down then tells Ray that Finney was there three hours ago telling the cops that Ray killed Varick. Ray goes to Finney’s guy Windsor and says Finney has one chance to walk this back or else. Finney tells Paige about Ray killing Varick and says they have to clean up this mess. Finney says Paige needs to back up his story with the cops. Paige tells Finney that he’s the one who hired him. Lena calls and tells Ray the poker is gone and they assume it’s Ed Cochran.

Darryl wakes to a cup of coffee that says Sorry and sees his car is gone. He curses. Abby takes Conor to Mickey’s place and says to get Bunchy to bring him home. Mickey invites Abby in but she says it’s not a good day for her. She says he’s only an hour flight away and kisses him goodbye. Conor checks out one of the hookers – he didn’t know she was a pro. He asks to her to the movies and she says $200. Mickey tells Cindy it’s his grandson.

Avi has the body in the back of the van and drives away. Ray is at Ed’s apartment and finds the place trashed and then Ed shows up and is stunned to see Ray there. Ray holds a gun on him and asks where the poker is. Ed curses him and calls him an Irish piece of shit so Ray shoots him in the leg and asks again where the poker is. Bunchy and Conor move some furniture and Darryl shows up looking for Michelle. Mickey asks him where his Caddy is and he tells Darryl they’re moving to Reno.

Darryl says he’s not going to Reno and says he’s been an idiot waiting his whole life for Mickey to be a problem. He says he has the Armenians and the IRS coming after him now because of Mickey. He says he wants a job, car and a normal life and not a girl who steals his car. Mickey asks whose car was stolen. Darryl says he’s not going to Reno. Avi is with Ray and they bind his wound. Ed won’t talk but when Ray gets a bat, he caves and says it’s in the vent at his place but he already called the cops.

Ray is there when the cops show up and he has just got the poker out. He throws it out the window and it lands pokey side down and Lena grabs it and drives away on her motorcycle. Jeff is there and tells Ray to have a seat. Ray tells him to take his time. Jeff shows him a photo of Avi driving Varick’s car into Mexico. The cops tell Jeff they found nothing. Jeff and the cops leave. Bridget starts to leave and Terry asks where she’s going. He asks if her mom knows and she says she does.

Terry doesn’t believe her and calls Abby but Bridget already left. Conor comes up from the pool and asks if Cindy is a prostitute then asks if he still has a shot with her. Mickey says Conor is a romantic like him but warns him to stay away from sex workers until he’s older. Conor says he doesn’t want Mickey to leave but he says he has to go. Conor says Ray never talks to him like Mickey does and Mickey says to grab a couple of beers and he’ll be down soon.

Bunchy brings out a box and says it’s all porn and the last of it. Mickey tells Bunchy he can’t let Teresa boss him around or she’ll run off. Bunchy says their relationship is the way we like it – and says he likes her bossy. He says Teresa got that big truck because she wants to fill it with kids and says that’s scary. Then he says Mickey won’t be around for it. Mickey looks at the court papers making Ray his guardian and looks thoughtful.

Mickey goes down to the pool and tells Darryl and Conor to come out of the pool and talk to him. He sits them down near Bunchy and Teresa and says he hasn’t been honest about why he’s going away. He says they’re going to find out anyway and says he’s got Alzheimers and shows them the doctor docs that Lee Drexler got for him. He says he’s going to Reno so they don’t have to see him fall apart. Teresa asks to see the papers then hands them to Darryl.

Mickey says he’s scared Ray will lock him into a home when it gets bad. He says he’s scared that when he’s weak, Ray is going to take advantage of him and he’s scared to talk to him about it. Bunchy says this is f-d up and Mickey says he’s going to go grill the food for them. The brothers talk about Mickey’s “diagnosis” and Jeff reports to his boss Thomas that he didn’t find the weapon. Thomas says Paige is on the way in to corroborate the story so it won’t matter. Bridget goes to Mr D’s house and he says she can’t be there. She asks about him telling her mom that she stole his pills.

Mr D says she’s going to ruin his life and send him to jail. He says it’s in her head but she says she loves him and wants to be with him. Mr D says he can’t and she knows it. She says she’ll be 18 in six months and he says she has to leave. He closes the door in her face as Abby pulls up out front. She asks Bridget if she’s out of her f-ing mind and says to get in the car. Ray meets Avi and Lena and they talk about what to do. Lena says Paige is on the way downtown and Ray tells them to hang tight.

Conor calls and says Ray told them he was sick and that Mickey is leaving so Ray won’t lock him up. Bunchy gets on the phone and says Mickey will live with him and Teresa. Ray asks to talk to Mickey and says he’s going to leave tonight and he won’t tell him again. Mickey hangs up on him and tells Conor that Ray told him not to go. He laughs and they all smile. Bridget listens to music on her headphones when Terry comes in. He asks what’s the matter with her and says to talk to him.

Bridget tells him if any of them lay a hand on Mr D, none of them will ever f-ing see her again. He walks out. Ray waits for Paige at the LAPD. She tries to walk past and he says to talk to him first. He says he didn’t kill Varick and she says she knows he didn’t. She says if the tells the truth she’ll be known as the girl who’s dad f-d her husband, then killed him. Ray says Finney will go down either way. He says he has the body, the weapon and Ed. He says this can go down any way she wants.

Paige asks if he thinks he’s more powerful than Finney. Ray tells her to tell the truth and she can get it all and might even get to keep the team. Paige asks if he thinks that’s all she cares about. Paige says she saw the whole thing – saw her husband get hit with the fireplace poker. She says they were both covered in blood. Ed is dumped with the body and he screams. The cops ask Paige why Finney would kill her husband. She pauses then says they were lovers.

Jeff says that’s unsubstantiated. They ask if she’s protecting Ray Donovan because he’s threatening her. She says she can tell them where the body is. Ray and Avi are with Lena dumping the body. Paige stops by to see her dad and says she made her statement. He says we did the right thing and says she was right, he did bring Ray into the family. They toss the body into a dumpster with the murder weapon and light it up.

Paige tells him she’ll take good care of the business and says he’s been a great mentor. Her dad says he’s made mistakes and she says everyone does. She says look at where you are and what you’ve done and he says she’s being sentimental. She says goodbye dad. Lena lights the dumpster on fire. They leave with Ed still in the van. Paige leaves the house as the dumpster out back of Finney’s lights up. He hears sirens. They pull Ed out of the van and he curses at Ray.

Ray leaves him and says he has the rest of his life to look forward to. They dropped him back at Dybek. Ray sits outside the apartment complex and tosses the hat Paige gave him out the window. He goes inside and finds his dad by the pool. He asks Mickey if he thinks he’s smart. Ray says to get in the truck and leave or he’ll take him to a real shit hole place he found. Mickey says neither of those sound good. Mickey comes at him and Ray hits him.

Mickey tells him the rest of the family doesn’t want him to go because he makes them feel good then says Ray makes everyone feel small and shitty. He asks Ray what he’ll say to the rest of the family. He says anything he tells them will make him hate him. He tells him checkmate then feigns memory loss. Ray is annoyed. Mickey says it’s just the Alzheimers. Ray leaves frustrated.