Reign Recap 2/5/15: Season 2 Episode 13 “Sins of the Past”

Reign Recap 2/5/15: Season 2 Episode 13 "Sins of the Past"

Reign on the CW continues tonight with an all new Thursday February 5, season 2 episode 13 called “Sins of the Past,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, England’s revenge plans against France are disclosed to Francis (Toby Regbo) and Mary (Adelaide Kane). Meanwhile, Bash searches for an “undead” man observed in the village and finds a mysterious woman in white along the way; and Catherine uncovers the reason for her hallucinations.

On the last episode, Mary (Adelaide Kane) found out the truth from Greer (Celina Sinden) about rumors going around Court, forcing Mary to do something she never thought possible. Francis (Toby Regbo) finds himself in a growing rivalry with Condé (Sean Teale) for Mary. Bash’s (Torrance Coombs) mother Diane (guest star Anna Walton) returns, igniting a long overdue confrontation with Catherine (Megan Follows), while Claude (Rose Williams) was determined to find out the truth about who really killed the twins. Craig Parker, Caitlin Stasey, Jonathan Keltz and Anna Popplewell also star. Larysa Kondracki directed the episode written by Chelsey Lora. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “as the castle prepares for the Winter’s Ease Feast, King Antoine (guest star Ben Aldridge) of Navarre reveals to Francis (Toby Regbo) and Mary (Adelaide Kane) England’s plan for revenge against France. Bash (Torrance Coombs) learns that an “undead” man has been seen in the village and his efforts to track the man down lead him to a mysterious woman in white. Meanwhile, Catherine (Megan Follows) finds out the cause of her hallucinations. Sean Teale, Celina Sinden, Craig Parker, Rose Williams, Caitlin Stasey, Jonathan Keltz and Anna Popplewell also star. Deborah Chow directed the episode written by Doris Egan and Melody Fox.”

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A serving girl spies a purple blossom in the snow and says she spotted it so she gets the reward. Kenna says this means a dance and new dresses. Louis tells Mary that Antoine is coming for a visit. He unrolls a map and shows her an enclave off the Loire Valley called the Eden of France. He says things have been hard on her and wants them to have a new beginning. He says he wants them to have a place there away from the castle and says there’s an abandoned chateau they could expand.

Mary says it’s a beautiful idea but what if they go and things aren’t better. He says they already are better. A woman visits a cemetery and spots a fresh grave and sees it has been broken open and the casket is busted apart. She sees something in the trees and runs off screaming. Antoine, King of Navarre, is presented to Mary and Francis. He asks for funds to help care for Protestant refugees from France. He says he knew this would be awkward and Francis says they’ll consider it.

Louis finds Lola decorating and she says there will be a feast to celebrate new beginnings. He says it’s still winter but she says it celebrates the promise of Spring. He asks to be her escort but she asks won’t his brother need her. He says his brother finds his own way and then we see Antoine making eyes at Kenna. She sees Bash and excuses herself. Louis tells him to leave off Kenna because she’s married and Louis says she’s the queen’s sister in law.

Antoine says he may have met Bash before. Mary tells Francis they can give Navarre a little money but Catherine comes in and says absolutely not since the Bourbons are potential rivals for the throne. He tells her that his father sent all the Bourbons to the front lines of the last war to thin their herd. Catherine says Louis is fine but Antoine is reckless and ambitious. She tells Francis to refuse him and send him home but Francis says he wants to see what’s going on.

Antoine tells Louis he thinks Bash was responsible for their brother Marcus’ death. He says he went to meet Marcus and saw a man in a French uniform riding away. He says Marcus had been stabbed in the back. He says he searched for the man for days but never saw him again until now. Louis says he must be sure and Antoine says he won’t leave court until he learns the truth. He wonders what Kenna knows as his wife. Francis comes to ask Catherine about Claude and she asks what he heard. He says Clarissa.

He asks if she’s still alive and she asks if he’s seen her. She says she didn’t know and wondered if the prophecy was to scare her. He says the prophecy was true and Francis begins to bleed from the eyes and collapses. She holds him and calls for help. Mary and some others come running but Francis isn’t there. Catherine says she’s had a vision and says the prophecy will come to pass. The doctor tries to check her and Catherine says to send him home.

Francis says Bash told them that she was speaking to people that weren’t there. Claude shows up too and asks if she’s terribly ill and seems pleased. The doctor points out sores on her mouth and tongue and says her hands are afflicted as well. Claude implies she has an STD and Catherine wonders if she has syphilis then curses and says that is so like Henry to leave her a last gift so she won’t forget he and his whores. Claude says there are regimens to cure her but they are excruciating.

Catherine tells Francis she doesn’t want to be remembered as a mad syphilitic queen and says to spread the word she died of consumption if she doesn’t survive the treatment. Bash comes to their rooms and Kenna says she prepared all his favorite foods. He says he’s not staying and says he can’t shrug off what she did. He says he can’t do this right now and says someone reported that a man clawed his way out of a grave and is terrorizing people. She mocks it and he says destruction has consequences.

She says dead men and ghosts are the reasons he’s leaving her and says his pagan uncles have poisoned his mind with superstition. He glares and she says she’s sorry and doesn’t want to be his enemy. He says he’ll be back before the feast and says they’re married for life and knows they need to make peace and promises they will. Francis tasks Narcisse to find out if Antoine’s request for funds if justified. Francis says this seems like a mission that should please him.

Narcisse asks if what he really wants it to get rid of Louis, he can arrange an accident. Francis says he’s alive at his whim and says he can’t believe he’s dumping poison into his ear about Mary. He reminds him that he exists to serve him and nothing more. Narcisse says Antoine can be ruthless about his enemies. Antoine finds Kenna and asks for a tour of the castle but she says she knows of his reputation. He says people can be more than their reputations. She gives in and walks with him but says he’s terrible.

Narcisse comes to sit by Lola and says he heard she’s seeing Louis and asks if someone is making her do it since the man is so boring. He invites her to go to the hot springs with him after she’s had her fill of Louis at the party. She says she can’t believe he’s still coming after her when he’s been discredited and has nothing. He says he’ll be back on top and tells her to wear the flower he gave her as a sign she wants to go.

Catherine is subjected to a treatment where birds peck her feet to draw out the bile of the disease. It hurts and the doctor says the longer the better. Claude is gleeful that her mother is being tortured. Claude tells her poison hurts too and says her stomach still aches from her efforts to kill her. Mary thanks Francis for all he’s done for her. He says the new chateau is for both of them but she says it’s more than that. She says she appreciates him sleeping nearby patiently on the divan.

He lies down and say he’ll do it as long as she needs it that way. She invites him to lie down with her unless he’s fond of the sofa. He goes to his side of the bed and she makes it clear that she only wishes there to be sleep. He agrees and lies down. She snuffs the candle and lies down. Claude finds Narcisse whispering in the shadows and greets him. She says it’s nice to see him skulking about. She propositions him and says she wants him to bed her and tutor her on court intrigue.

She says she’ll end up a chess piece in another marriage gambit again and wants to learn the game herself. He puts his arms around her and says he can guide her as closely as she’d like. Francis snores gently in his sleep but Mary lies awake and relives her rape. When Francis rolls over against her, she flees the bed. She says she can’t bear the sound of a man’s breath next to her. He asks to help her but she says nothing can help. He says the nightmare is over and holds out his arms to her. She goes to him and he gently caresses her hair while she cries.

Bash goes to the cemetery with the witness. She says she didn’t know the man but the priest found him dead from the cold and he was buried in a pauper’s grave. She says there has been talk of the dead rising in other villages too and visiting their loved ones. She says he saw him and he came after her. She says the men are searching the woods and she says the man is hell’s own. He finds footprints and says he’ll track him. Louis escorts Lola to the Winter’s Eve ball and she notes that Mary looks happy.

Antoine finds Kenna alone and says she made up having a husband. She says he’s busy as King’s Deputy. He says nepotism keeps bastard brothers different. He implies that Bash is a novice with the sword but she says he served with Henry in the Italian wars. He asks to hear more. Bash finds a man in the woods. He says his name is Aristeo. He’s a Greek. He says he came looking for work to get back to Crete. He says he fell asleep in the cold and woke up in a small box. He says the shroud is all he has to keep warm. Bash says he wasn’t dead, just unconscious and was mistaken for dead.

Aristeo says he didn’t rise alone but saw a woman dressed in white that pulled him from the grave and brought him back to life. Lola talks to Louis about a new dance but he says he’s not much for dancing and goes to talk to Antoine. He says Kenna is a bewitching siren. He says she confirmed that Bash was with Henry in the Italian war. Louis says he should get more information from someone else so it doesn’t call attention to them and look like a Bourbon vengeance mission.

Antoine says it sounds like Louis has spent too much time making friends at the Valois court. He reminds him how miserable Marcus was between his injury and when he drank himself to death over being a cripple. He tells him to remember whose side he’s on. Narcisse report to Francis and Mary and says England has offered help to Antoine to deal with the Protestant refugees. Francis asks if he’s sure and Narcisse says he can’t be certain. Francis says this means the English could be poised to invade at any time if they have access to Navarre.

Lola sees Narcisse kissing Claude in a corner and flirting with her. She walks away and runs into Kenna and tells her what she saw. Kenna says she’s sorry but Lola says he irritates her for trying to bed her when he’s dallying with someone else. Mary asks Louis to find out if the threat to France is real. He says no. He says he’s courted Claude and Lola and let her manage his personal life but can’t spy on his brother. He tells her she doesn’t return his feelings but wants to play on them. He says like any other king, Antoine can be bought.

Kenna says Claude is likely just a road back to the royal family for Narcisse. Lola says he’s unpredictable and she wants a reliable, predictable man. Louis comes to ask her to dance and Lola takes his hand. Kenna watches with a smile. (Cool side note – they’re playing an orchestral version of Sia’s Chandelier and it’s amazing!) Claude tells Narcisse she’s worried about pregnancy and he says there are methods to avoid it.

She tells him that she won’t let him impregnate her to get into the royal family. She says there are other ways to pleasure each other that don’t risk pregnancy. He asks what if he refuses. She says his station can’t get lower and she’s a princess, so they’ll do things her way. He says he declines and puts on his jacket. She says he can’t decline but he says he can. He tells her he’ll give her one lesson free of charge. He says some people merely believe they have power while others really have it.

Francis comes to Antoine and says he’s ready to talk money. They head out with the guard following. Francis brings Antoine to a room where Mary waits and Francis says they heard England may be bargaining with him. They tell him he won’t be leaving until they have the truth. He says England has offered sizable funds for entree into Navarre. He says he doesn’t want to deal with Elizabeth but they need money. Francis asks why he shouldn’t kill him now.

He says his wife Jean will accommodate England if he doesn’t come home and says he came to make a deal with them risking his head on a chopping block courtesy of Elizabeth. He says Elizabeth is building a huge network of spies and makes him very nervous. Mary asks why Elizabeth would make this extreme move now and he says England is a Protestant country and she thinks Catholic France might crush Protestantism and come for her next.

Antoine says giving Navarre the money the need is the best way to assure nothing proceeds. Next, Catherine is locked into a giant barrel where she’s baked in hot water. She asks for her water when she hears someone come in. It’s Narcisse. He offers her the water and she drinks then thanks him. She says he clearly knows what this is and why she’s in it. He says he’s seen a mercury oven before and says Claude has told anyone who’ll listen about her illness.

Bash walks the man through the woods and then they see the hunters. Bash tells them not to run but the man won’t listen. He takes off and they shoot him down. Bash is annoyed. Narcisse sponges off Catherine’s forehead and says he sat with his brother while he endured the same treatment. She says she only has sores in her mouth and hands. He asks if it’s possible she’s been poisoned rather than having syphilis. He says her symptoms are where she touches food.

He asks what she touches often that no one else uses. He says not clothing and then she says she read Henry’s bible and says she took it from his death. He says Henry went bad and now it belongs to her. She gets out of the oven and tests it for poison. She says the book is deadly. Antoine is drunk in the courtyard when Bash offers to help him down and find another bottle. He asks him to hold his bottle and then asks him to hold his sword then changes back to his bottle. Bash takes it.

Antoine says he loves the wine in France and then talks women while he has his arm around Bash. He mentions a specific villa where plans to meet two Corsican women that’s right on the beach. Bash says it’s miles from the beach. Ha! He was testing Bash’s knowledge of the place where his brother Marcus was attacked. Bash finds Kenna waiting for him and she’s in full pout mode. He apologizes for missing the feast and she asks if he even tried or wanted to be away.

She says she’s sorry that she got in too deep with Henry and was out for her own survival. He says he saw a man killed tonight because people saw only the bad in him and didn’t look any further. He says he doesn’t want to kill something out of ignorance. Bash says he wants to see the truth of her heart, not just one part of it. He says it can take years but she says her heart isn’t that complicated. He says it is like one of those mulled Christmas drinks.

He says he can’t do without it and she says she loves him too. He kisses her. Antoine talks to Louis and says Bash is the one that stabbed their brother. He asks what he’s going to do and Antoine says he should suffer as Marcus did. Mary asks Francis how they can convince Elizabeth that she’s not a threat to her throne. He says they can’t explain his actions to her and says they have to give Navarre the money and can forget the chateau because it can’t be defended.

Mary says she’ll be looking over her shoulder for Elizabeth every day of her life. She says when she looks at Francis she remembers what they had and it’s torment. He says he wasn’t trying to control her when he said that queens don’t have the freedom of kings. She tells him she’s granting him his freedom to find love elsewhere. He asks how she could send him to another and she touches him and says because she loves him and says one of them should be happy. She kisses his cheek gently.