Revenge Recap – Is It Finally All Over? – Season 4 Episode 13 ‘Abduction’

Revenge Recap - Is It Finally All Over? - Season 4 Episode 13 'Abduction'

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday January 18, season 4 episode 13 called “Abduction,” and we have your weekly recap below. On this evening’s episode, in order to survive, Emily [Emily VanCamp] and Victoria [Emily Thorne] must set aside their grudge.

On the last episode, David finally decided to settle his debt to Victoria while Emily helps Nolan with a takedown of his own. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “in order to survive, Emily and Victoria must set aside their grudge, while Jack and David race to save them before they kill each other.”

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4.

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Victoria and Emily are in a cage. They both wake about the same time. Victoria asks what she did but Emily says it’s not her. Victoria asks where they are and Emily says it looks like a refuse depot on the water. She says the last thing she remembered was Malcolm Black. Victoria says he’s dead but then he’s there and comes into the cage and says he’s very much alive and so is Amanda Clarke. He says it must have been tough keeping her identity secret so long but says it’s out now.

Victoria asks what he wants and offers money. Malcolm says he doesn’t need their money but says David needs a wee message. He cuts Emily’s cheek with a knife. She glares at him. Jack comes over and asks what he’s doing. He says he’s packing to take Amanda away but Jack says he was already released along with the flash drive. David is angry and says he warned him and now Malcolm will be out for blood. David says he has to go get Amanda but says at least she’s trained for this.

David says Malcolm is close and thinks Kate is still alive. He tells him to meet him at Emily’s and to watch his back. Jack goes to the police department and shoves Ben into a room to talk. He says he needs his help to find someone no questions asked and says Malcolm Black. Jack says the Feds already let him go. Ben reveals that he knows the whole story. Jack says he can’t tell anyone and Ben says he’s not putting his life on the line for liars.

Jack says he thinks Alvarez’s disappearance is also tied to Malcolm. Jack says Malcolm has agents everywhere, maybe even at their police department. He begs Ben to help. David comes to Emily’s and calls out for her. She’s not there and he sees the security system is disarmed. He goes upstairs to her room. It’s empty. He gets a text from unknown. It’s a video message of Malcolm taunting him and saying he’s out of his league and they’re going to do things his way.

Malcolm says he wants his daughter back alive and unharmed by noon. He moves the camera and shows Victoria and Emily in the cage. He says it may be their last night on earth. David is on a computer tinkering when Jack and Ben show up. He tells them that Malcolm kidnapped them in exchange for Kate’s safe return. He says he’s trying to re-edit some audio to make it seem like she’s alive. Ben says to use Nolan but David says he can’t put anyone else’s life at risk.

David wonders if hers is the only phone he can pull her voice from. Jack gets a dark look. He may have some sexy voice mails from her. Margaux is at work looking at a story about Daniel’s death and thinking to when Victoria told her the Emily story. She says there’s nothing they can do but Margaux says Emily needs to be punished. Victoria gives her the back story on what she did to David back in the day and begs her to keep it between them.

Margaux calls someone and asks them to meet her tonight – she says she needs their services. Emily tries to break out of her cage. Malcolm’s guards tell her there’s no way to get out and to save her energy. Emily says by her estimate, the men come around every 30 minutes. She tells Victoria to help her move a box. Victoria says she’s not interested and Emily says it’s about more than them and says Malcolm will hurt other people including her father.

Victoria asks who would have thought that they’d die together. Louise is reading the paper at Nolan’s club when her mother hallucination sits down. She slurps her wine and says oh no. Louise tells her she’s not really there and her mom says she is. Nolan walks up and introduces himself to Penelope. He says she must be there to refill her prescriptions. She tells Louise to give her a hug and says Lyman said she’s not doing well. Nolan says she’s doing well.

Nolan says she and Louise have plans and her mom says she’s going to get settled in at the house – she says she rented a place in the Hamptons so they can be close like a real family should be. Nolan scoffs. Malcolm gets a call from David. He tells him he’s being slow and David says he needed time to get to Kate. He plays a recording. It’s on speaker and Emily is stunned. Malcolm says he wants her back now. David plays another phrase. David tells him where to meet him to trade women and hangs up on him.

Ben says they need to bring in the SWAT team but David says Malcolm has too many men on the inside. Jack says the meet with Malcolm must be their last resort. They agree to head to the station to run down leads in the time they have left. Louise is shocked when she opens the door to her mother. Penelope brushes past her and says Lyman told her she’s been trouble. Louise says she knows they’ve been drugging her. Penelope says she needs the pills to stay sane.

Penelope says her seeing things was why Judge Miller made her Louise’s conservator. Penelope says she’s going to be the mother of a Congressman and she won’t let Louise ruin that. Penelope tells her she’s going to keep quiet or the money stops. Louise says she can’t cut her off but her mom says she can because the judge said so. She tells her daughter not to fight her and says if she does, she’ll come out on the losing end like always.

Jack and Ben find Emily’s car near the lighthouse. Jack tells him that Emily kept him in the dark for a long time too but he found out 18 months ago. He tells Ben that Emily’s on the right side of this war whether he knows it or not. They unlock her car and don’t see signs of struggle but do see a security camera. Jack tells Ben to get the footage and meet him while he goes and tells David they may have another way.

Malcolm brings the ladies some food. Emily asks what’s the point since he’s going to kill them anyway. Victoria says David isn’t the only one who knows where Kate is. She says information has a cost and says she wants freedom. Malcolm says if her information is valuable, she can have her freedom. Emily says not to listen and says she knows nothing. Victoria tells him to go see Jack Porter. Emily says no and strikes out after Malcolm tells Ivan to go find Jack. She knocks him down but then Malcolm has a gun on her.

Malcolm says to tie them up since they don’t respect the freedom he’s given them. Malcolm tells Ivan to find Jack, get info and then kill him. Emily looks terrified. David loads a gun and prepares to go take care of business. Jack shows up and says they found Emily’s car near the lighthouse. David says it’s too late and says it’s his problem. Jack says he can’t do it alone but David says he’s the one who put his family in harm’s way. He says he may lose Amanda again.

Jack says she can take care of herself and will find a way to take care of herself. David says this will all be over in a couple of hours one way or another. Victoria tells Emily she thought she was going to kill her. Emily says they’re there because of the photo Victoria gave Kate. She tells Victoria that David doesn’t love her. She says he was going to fake her suicide there. She says David has been plotting her death since he got back to the Hamptons.

Malcolm comes over and tells them it’s time for a field trip. Louise tells Nolan about her mom’s threat to cut her off if she tells anyone about the dosing. She says no judge in Savannah will rule in her favor since her mom has paid them off. Nolan asks how she put up with her mom all these years. She says her daddy was always on her side. She says he could always take on her mom, but couldn’t battle her demons. She says he left her the money to keep her safe from her mom.

Nolan says that’s what is putting her in danger. She says she can’t live without her money and Nolan says there has to be another way and they just need to figure it out. Jack comes to the house and finds Ben tied up. He fights off Ivan after an intense struggle and frees Ben. Malcolm pulls up to the meeting spot and tells David it’s been a long time. David asks where his daughter is and they pull Victoria out of the SUV.

David looks past her and asks where Amanda is. David says Kate is in the van but he wants to see Amanda. Malcolm points a sensor at the van and it reads 52 degrees. Malcolm says he knew she wasn’t alive and says he’ll suffer the same fate. He shoots David in the leg and he tells Malcolm to get it over with. Malcolm says that’s too easy and he needs to see him suffer first.

Ben tells Jack that Ivan thought he was Jack and Ben says they found nothing on the tapes. They cuff Ivan but have little faith he’d give him up. Jack sees something drawn on Ivan’s shirt and says it’s a message from Emily. He says it was from when they were kids. He says it’s a map. Ben says they may be too late. He sniffs Ivan’s shoes and says he’s been walking through coal and that Emily used it to draw the symbol.

Jack says she was taken by boat and that’s why there’s no other cars in the video. Jack says she’s at the only place that still uses coal as an incinerator. Victoria is brought back and Emily asks what happened. Victoria says it’s over and they dump David on the floor. David tells Malcolm to let them go. Malcolm says he’s going to kill him but thought he should watch the ladies die first. David says it’s him he wants. Malcolm sticks a knife into the gunshot wound and says he’s right.

Malcolm tells him to do the work while he watches and tosses the knife down by David. Margaux talks to a man and says she knows he took care of things for her father. She says a woman needs to pay for crossing her. He asks if she wants him to pin something on her. She says she knows what she’s done but needs evidence. He says he can get that and says he can get it quickly – he just needs her name and number. Margaux says quick results are what he wants.

Malcolm torments David and Emily tells him to leave him alone. David tells him to go to hell and Malcolm says he has no idea. He opens a door of a huge incinerator. He says David could have spared them with one quick slice across the throat but now he has to dispose of them in pieces. He cuts Emily and then goes to stab her. Victoria calls out that she’s the one who killed Kate. She says he murdered her son so she shot that bitch in cold blood and loved it.

Malcolm grabs her up then forces her to kneel. She tells him to go ahead and stab her like a coward. He chokes her brutally but then Jack and Ben are there on a rescue mention. They throw a weapon to David and then Emily gets control of the knife and cuts herself loose. Malcolm comes for her and she fights him off. Ben and Jack struggle with Malcolm’s henchmen. One runs off. Emily goes to check on her dad and Malcolm smashes her with a pipe. He drags her toward the incinerator.

Jack fills Malcolm’s back full of lead then, when he turns, Jack keeps shooting. The momentum pushes Malcolm into the incinerator. Emily looks at him gratefully. The cops are there and Jack tells Emily it was a smart move to leave the symbol on Ivan. She says Victoria helped by creating a distraction. She says she knew he was working with her dad and it would be all right. He says Ben was helping too and they found Alvarez’s personal effects here too.

Jack says they’re going to explain about Malcolm and the double agents. She says the rest won’t be so easy to explain to Ben but Jack says it won’t be that hard. Victoria checks on David as he’s loaded into the ambulance. He says he can’t believe she took the blame for killing Kate and saving Amanda. She says she and Emily were working together but she thought sacrificing herself would buy them more time.

She says she knows he was planning to kill her. She says she could call the cops but won’t. She says he and Emily deserve a life together and she needs to mourn her son. She says they need to go their separate ways and tells him goodbye. She looks over at Emily then walks away. Penelope drinks at the bar when Louise and Nolan come in smiling happily. She asks what they’re celebrating and Nolan says they found a loophole in her conservator ship.

They show off their wedding rings and Nolan says that makes him her conservator now and that means she’s free of him. Penelope says congratulations are in order. He goes to get champagne for them all. Penelope asks if she thinks she’s won and Louise says the law is the law. Penelope says she’ll give her back control over the money or the truth will come out that she killed her father. She says once the truth comes out, Louise will be left with nothing just like she deserves.

Penelope walks out on this last word as Louise looks devastated. David and Ben comes to Emily’s. She asks why he’s not at the hospital. Ben says he heard David arguing with staff insisting to leave so he told the doctors he’d get him home safe. David says he can take it from here. He heads upstairs. Emily asks Ben to wait and says she doesn’t know what they did to deserve his help. She asks why he’s helping and says she knows he knows about her.

She says she’s sorry and Ben says he was relieved to know she wasn’t acting odd because of him. He says he worked undercover when he was a rookie and knows how hard it is to break trust to protect people. He says it’s lonely because you have to push people away. He says he knows how much she sacrificed and says it was for the right reason. He says he’ll keep her secret and asks them to start over starting tomorrow. She says she’d like that.

Margaux comforts Victoria after her experience. She says it’s awful that David was lying to her and Margaux says Emily deserves to pay for all the misery she’s brought into their lives. Margaux wants to run an expose on her but Victoria says it’s not worth their time. She says she wants to focus on the baby but Margaux says she has to honor Daniel’s memory. Victoria says Emily hasn’t left a trail of evidence and she doesn’t need to do anything until she has irrefutable proof. Margaux says she has a way and says it will be her that destroys Emily.