Revenge Recap “Madness” Season 4 Episode 12 Victoria Reveals All to Margaux

Revenge Recap "Madness" Season 4 Episode 12 Victoria Reveals All to Margaux

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday January 11, season 4 episode 12 called “Madness,” and we have your weekly recap below. On this evening’s episode David [James Tupper] no longer wants to be indebted to Victoria. Meanwhile, Emily [Emily Thorne] assists Nolan [Gabriel Mann] with a scheme.

On last week’s episode, As Emily and Victoria grieve, David springed into action to protect his loved ones. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “David finally decides to settle his debt to Victoria while Emily helps Nolan with a takedown of his own.”

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4.

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We see a flashback to David in prison in 2003. He was working on his revenge notebook when a scuffle broke out and he was stabbed by a guard. He was taken away in an ambulance and then a guy in the ambulance saying the boss wants him alive. He says they heard that Conrad Grayson was going to kill him and says – one man’s trash… He asks who they work for.

David tells Victoria they ID’d the body in Orlando and it’s Malcolm’s. He says her sacrifice proved successful. She says 20 years ago she was desperate to save her son and now he’s gone. She says she can’t expect David’s forgiveness when she can’t forgive herself. She says they’re bringing David’s things over and she wants some time alone to go through them.

He asks her to go to the Montauk lighthouse with him after and she agrees. Louise’s brother Lyman is in town and Louise introduces him to Nolan. She asks if he’s there to chastise her and he says it may be time to get her back home to Savannah. Nolan says the article about Louise was his fault and he offers Lyman a free dinner and large campaign contribution.

Lyman says he’d be a fool not to accept and says every penny counts. David comes to Emily’s and she thanks him for coming. He says he’s going to set Victoria up tonight as a suicide and she says death for Victoria is merciful. She tells him to let her suffer alive. She begs him not to rob her of it and says they can just walk away from her and here and get to know each other.

David says he’d like that. She says let’s go. Her phone rings – it’s Ben – she says she needs a week or so to tie up loose ends. She asks him to stay with her until then. He talks about how happy they were when they first moved there, thought it was heaven. She says the devil can have it. Malcolm lurks outside Jack’s place and says he’s Douglas Taylor, Kate’s father.

He says the chief told him they were working on something. Jack says they wrapped the case a few days back and he hasn’t seen her since. Jack asks why and Malcolm says she sure as hell wasn’t in Miami. He looks in the window and sees the baby. He tells Jack, as a father, the worry never ends. Jack says you protect them and Malcolm says – while you can.

Malcolm leaves and Jack makes an urgent call. He says – we have a problem. Louise tells Nolan that Lyman is on her yacht dressing for tennis and wants to hear all about her life in the Hamptons. He asks if Lyman wants her back in the institution. He says he’ll help her convince him she’s okay. Emily comes in and Nolan introduces her to Louise. She says that Daniel was one of her first friends there and Emily says hers too.

Emily tells him she talked her dad out of killing Victoria. She says she never intended her to die and says too much blood has been shed. She says she and her dad are going to leave and he smiles and says she’s getting her happy ending. He says he’ll miss her and she says he’s hob-nobbing with hot redheads. He tells her that he’s helping her with her brother Lyman.

Nolan says he doesn’t trust him and says he thinks she’s scared of her brother. He asks her to come to dinner to get her input and says it could be her farewell take down. Victoria goes through boxes of Daniel’s things and looks at baby photos. David calls and says he was wrong – he says she needs time with Daniel’s memories. She says he wants to spend time with his daughter and he says yes.

She says they can’t force it to work and he says he’ll call her later. David meets Jack and says he sent his son out of town. He says he thinks it’s Malcolm and the body was a fake. David tells him to stay away from Emily since Malcolm thinks she’s dead and says he’ll call him later. He tells him to go to work and act normal.

Emily meets Ben and asks about the investigation. He says it’s closed and says the Chief moves quickly on those things. He says he has a meeting with the Chief today about a promotion and he says it’s long overdue. He says their date is long overdue too but she says she may be heading out of town soon. He says they can do it when she gets back.

Emily overhears Lyman chewing out Louise for not taking her psych meds. She says she’s fine and she says the pills don’t help. He says they help her obsessive tendencies but she says she wouldn’t hurt anyone, especially not Nolan. He says she has to agree to come home with him or he’ll tell Nolan and everyone exactly what her issue is.

Margaux comes to see Victoria at her request. Margaux asks if she’s going to tell her what really happened but Victoria says she wanted to show her things Daniel kept from childhood. She shows her the baby pictures. Margaux says she wakes up happy every morning for just a second before it hits her that Daniel is gone. She says then it’s the worst part of her day.

She says she wants him here and Victoria says she does too and says they’ll get through it together since they’re family. Margaux asks what she’s supposed to say to her grandchild – that his father died assaulting a woman. Victoria says she can pass these things along to her baby. Margaux throws the box down and says the only thing she wants to give her baby is the truth.

Emily shows up to Nolan’s as he’s choosing his outfit. She tells him what she overheard. He says Louise called and told him. She asks if he knows she was institutionalized. She says Lyman said she had obsessive tendencies and violent outbursts. He says there was a little incident where she locked Margaux in the steam room. She demands to see the criminal file.

She reads it and says she put her ex-roommate in a coma. She says Louise is dangerous. She asks why Nolan is turning such a blind eye. He says he believes Louise is a good person whose had a hard life. He says she may be crazy but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong about her and her brother. He asks her to go with his hunch on this one.

Ben and Jack are in their cop car and Ben says the Chief blew off their appointment to talk about his promotion. Jack is distracted trying to check in on Carl. Ben gets a call from Margaux and doesn’t take it. He says she’s hell bent on proving that Emily didn’t kill Daniel in self-defense. The radio chirps that they can’t find Chief Alvarez and need someone to check his house.

David calls Malcolm and Malcolm tells him that he better have found his daughter’s phone. David says if he wants to see her again, he’d better do what he says. Malcolm says he’s out of his league and he proved it with that ill-conceived plot in Miami. David says Kate is unharmed for now and Malcolm asks to talk to her. David says no.

We see a flashback to Malcolm showing David photos of Emily on stage working as a stripper. David curses at him and says he wants out. Malcolm says he’s wanted man and has nowhere to go. Malcolm says every second he’s working for him, he’s saving his daughter’s life. He tells David that she’s worth it. Back to now, David tells him that because of him, he never got to say goodbye to his daughter.

He says he may return the favor. Malcolm asks what about Victoria or his grandson’s life. David asks if they’re worth Kate’s life. He tells him he’ll give Kate to Malcolm and they have to leave the country immediately or he’ll turn over the incriminating flash drive to the authorities.

Emily meets Nolan, Louise and Lyman for dinner. Lyman gets a call and excuses himself to take it. Nolan is sick of the guy and says he can’t tell if he deserves brother of the year or a red sharpie. Nolan says Louise went to freshen up and is extremely nervous. Emily goes to check on her. Emily comes into the bathroom and Louise scatters pills everywhere.

She looks at it and Louise says it’s a Xanax. Emily says half the Hamptons are on them. She says she’s been taking them since her daddy died. She says it makes the pain disappear but not her family. Emily says it must be intimidating having a brother in the political spotlight. Louise says everyone loves him. She says everyone has two faces and some are more disturbing than others.

She says you can’t judge the honey by looking at the bee. Louise asks her not to judge her but Emily says any friends of Nolan’s. She keeps the pill that Louise dropped and looks at it curiously. Jack meets David and tells him the Chief disappeared and they assume it was Malcolm. David says he told Malcolm he has his daughter. He says he’s texting the location to him and says when Malcolm shows up, he’s going to end it.

Jack says if he knew Miami was a trap, he’ll know this is too. David says Nolan knows where the flash drive is that can incriminate Malcolm and Jack asks why not do that first but David says the system doesn’t usually work. Ben calls Emily and asks to meet him tonight if she has time. Margaux is there and overhears. She says he’s too busy wooing Emily to investigate.

He says they are not dating and she asks if his superiors know. She says this precinct is corrupt and says she’ll throw every bit of media at this until she has to. She rants and then wobbles and collapses. Ben says to call for an ambulance. Lyman talks about mental health concerns and Louise says to give it a rest – that no one wants to hear it. Nolan says he’s earned a night off and hands him a fat check.

Lyman says the subject is near to his heart since his sister has her own battle. He says their dad is an alcoholic that fell to his death when she was 13. He says since then she’s had delusions and depression. Her hallucination is there telling her she needs to be locked up. She tells Lyman that he’s embarrassing her in front of her friends. Lyman asks what she keeps looking at.

Her mother hallucination says she’s a waste of life and Louise screams at her stop it. She rants and then tries to slap her invisible mother but strikes Nolan instead. She apologizes and Lyman drags her out saying they can see now why he needs to get her home. Nolan tells Emily she was right but Emily says she actually thinks Nolan was. He looks puzzled.

Margaux is in the hospital and Ben is there with her. He asks if he can get her anything and she says he doesn’t need to stay. She asks why the doctor is taking so long and he says she must have never been in an American ER again. She thanks him. The doctor comes in and says the baby is okay but says her blood pressure is elevated. She tells her she needs to de-stress.

She asks if she has anyone in town and Victoria is there and says she does. The doctor says they’re keeping her overnight and are contacting her OB. Margaux says Victoria is a source of stress but Victoria says she’s family. She says keeping the truth from her has driven her mad but says the truth has to stay within the family.

Victoria tells her that Daniel didn’t die trying to kill Emily. He saved her. She says she did ruin Daniel in a profound way, but the reason she did it is her own fault. Victoria says she has to tell her the story starts with a damaged little girl named Amanda Clarke known as Emily Thorne. Ben lurks outside listening. Emily and Nolan come to see Louise and Emily asks if the family doctor was the one sending her those pills.

Emily says the pills aren’t normal Xanax since they’re a capsule so she had them checked out. She says it’s Xanax combined with Larium. Louise asks what that is and Emily says the side effects are paranoid delusions that lead to aggression. Nolan says her family is drugging her and he asks what do they have to gain by making her seem crazy.

She says her mother is controlling her share of the fortune and says her mom burned through hers financing Lyman’s campaign. Louise says her family skeletons belong in the closet. She says this has to stay between them but thanks them for saving her sanity. Emily says she’s going to get Dr Silverman shut down. She looks at a clipping of herself on Louise’s desk.

She asks where Louise got it and she says Victoria asked her to get it from Nolan’s house. She says it was in the kitchen in a folder. Nolan says that was Kate’s folio and Louise says she doesn’t know what it means but Emily says she does. Malcolm screws a silencer onto his gun as David arms himself too. Jack shows up and says he can’t let David do this.

Jack says he can leave town but he’s stuck there. David says he already thought it through. He says he couldn’t hold on to who he was after what Malcolm made him do. He says he wrote Amanda a letter once but then we see a flashback to Malcolm bringing the letter in and the bloody guard he tried to have him deliver for him.

Malcolm says he has to choose his daughter’s life or this man’s and then made him kill the guy. He says Malcolm was beginning to suspect he wasn’t the criminal mastermind that Conrad made him out to be. David says Conrad ruined his life and Malcolm damned his soul to hell. He says he won’t be free until Malcolm is dead. Jack says it’s too late and he already has the flash drive and turned it in anonymously.

He says the cops are already waiting to take Malcolm in. We see Malcolm’s car surrounded. Jack says now David can have the rest of his life while Malcolm is behind bars and David says he’s more wrong than he can know. Margaux is asleep and Victoria nods by her bedside. She gets a text from David to meet her at the lighthouse.

Nolan thanks Lyman for coming to see him and Lyman apologizes for Louise’s behavior. He says it breaks his heart to see her that way. Nolan asks if it really does. Nolan says clearly Lyman has clearly done a number on him and asks how he could poison his sister. Nolan says they know all about the pills and Lyman asks what he’s talking about.

Lyman says if that’s true, he needs to talk to his family doctor. Nolan says he’s keeping Louise there while he checks on it and threatens to ruin his career. Nolan tells him he’s lost his vote and his check but Lyman insists he didn’t know about it. Jack shows up to the police station and he asks about the SWAT team arresting Malcolm Black.

The sergeant says they turned him over to the feds who let him go for lack of evidence. He says someone’s head is going to roll. Victoria shows up to the lighthouse but Emily is there, not David. She asks what Emily wants. Emily says she showed her mercy when Daniel died and even accepted the blame. She says she saw the photo that she gave Kate and says Daniel died because of her.

Victoria says all Emily had to do was pay his debts to Malcolm. Emily says she’d better run since her dad will be coming after her once he hears. Victoria says she’d rather die than admit Emily was right. Victoria is struck by a dart and then Emily. They both collapse and Malcolm walks out of the shadows saying how pleased he his that David’s daughter is alive. Now he has them both.