Revenge Recap – OMG It’s Tommy Flanagan – Winter Premiere: Season 4 Episode 11 “Epitaph”

Revenge Recap - OMG It's Tommy Flanagan - Winter Premiere: Season 4 Episode 11 "Epitaph"

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday January 4, season 4 episode 11 called “Epitaph,” and we have your weekly recap below. On this evening’s episode and the winter premiere, grief grips Emily [Emily Thorne] and Victoria [Madeleine Stowe]. Meanwhile, David [James Tupper] leaps into protective mode to safeguard those he loves.

On last week’s episode, Jack was torn between Emily and the new woman in his life, while Nolan and Louise brought Southern charm to East Hampton. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “As Emily and Victoria grieve, David springs into action to protect his loved ones.”

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4.

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#Revenge starts now. David and Victoria hear gun shots at Emily’s and call the cops. Daniel is dead and so is Kate. David comes in followed by Victoria. She screams when she sees Daniel is dead and screams at Emily asking what she did. She tells her dad to hold her hand tight and uses the leverage to pop her shoulder back in place. Ben asks the chief to come to Grayson manor with him. Victoria screams to ask where the ambulance is.

Emily explains that Kate is Malcolm’s daughter and was working for him. She says she doesn’t know how Kate knew she was David’s daughter but says she knew and was coming for him next. Emily tells her dad that Kate tried to kill her. Her phone buzzes and Jack sees it’s a text from Black asking for an update. David says she’s killed them all by killing Kate. He says a drunk driver left his son in a wheelchair and Black tortured and killed the man and his family.

Jack says that he killed Kate and David says it doesn’t matter. Jack says they can’t let Black find out. Margeaux gets a call from Simone and thinks it’s Daniel. She’s appalled to her that her baby daddy has been killed. She drops her phone and starts crying. The cops are at Emily’s place with CSU. Emily gives testimony that Daniel was pounding on her door yelling to be let in and saying she ruined his life. She says he was drunk and raving.

She says she called Jack because she was scared but he says he didn’t make it there in time. We see Emily and Jack setting up a crime scene that showed that Daniel broke into the house by throwing a planter through the window. She says he threw her off the balcony and then he went for the gun. The cop asks where she got the gun. She says she found it when she was moving stuff into the attic and the cop says she said she found it in the basement.

Emily says she’s struggling to talk. She says she was moving things from basement to attic and found it under a floorboard. David tries to block the chief from talking to Victoria. He says Daniel was seen with his ex. He asks about the van outside and tells David he left his keys in the rear door. David says it’s a safe neighborhood and the chief says it doesn’t seem so lately. Victoria comes down and tells David he’s a smooth liar.

She says she wouldn’t have lied to them. She asks why and asks what crimes Daniel committed that she has to lie about him. She says Daniel gave his life for his daughter’s and he says if she doesn’t lie, Black will kill her Charlotte and everyone they care about. She tells him to go to hell since that’s where they’re sending her son with this stalker story. Jack brings Emily some Tylenol and says the EMTs can get her something stronger.

She says she doesn’t need anything and he says maybe she can get some for him. He says he can’t believe Daniel is gone. She asks if he’s going to be okay and he says she’s the one that got hurt. She says she meant about Kate. He says he’s not going to think about that until they’re through the weeds on this. He says he’s struggling with the detective and says he doesn’t think she’s buying the story. He says to tell them that she needs a break because of her trauma.

Ben shows up then and says the detectives are done with her for now. She says she can keep going. Ben tells her she’s not being booked and tells her he’s really sorry for this happening. Ben asks Jack what he saw and he says he wishes he could have gotten there sooner. Ben says she seems a little shaky with the facts and Jack says you get the crap kicked out of you by your ex and have to shoot them and see how calm you are.

Ben says he’s seen Emily play people and hopes she’s being honest in this. Jack calls Nolan to fill him in on what happened. Nolan says he did some tech work to substantiate the call she says she made to Jack. He says he also laid evidence for Malcolm that his daughter is in Miami. Nolan sent the phone physically to Miami to support the story. He says he took all the data and can see one of Black’s plan is being prepped to fly but isn’t sure where.

They agree to meet at Kate’s hotel room to clean it up. Nolan goes to leave and opens the door to a crying Louise whose upset about Daniel’s death. She cries and asks if she can stay there. He invites her in but says he has to go. She says poor Victoria must be a wreck. She says she’s going to bake before her Xanax wears off. He leaves. David tells Victoria he has to leave and take care of the body. He says it was Charlotte’s doctor who said she needs to stay at rehab.

David says they have on choice right now. She says she has to leave and he tells her that she can’t talk about Daniel or they will all be hurt. She says she won’t be a prisoner because of his lies and he says he was for two decades because of hers. He reminds her she betrayed him to protect Daniel and asks if she’ll do it again. She says she won’t stay there, will mourn her son but won’t put them at risk. David delivers Victoria to Emily. He tells them both to shut up.

He says if they have any hope to get out of this alive, they need to handle this. He tells Emily to watch her while he takes care of the body. He says he can’t have Victoria alone and can’t watch her himself. He says this is a large safe fortress. He says he told her to stay out of the Black stuff now this. He tells the two of them to play nice and he leaves. They head to separate corners. Nolan and Jack head to the hotel to scrub Kate’s room.

Nolan says he checked her out remotely on the computer. He offers Jack a clean key card that can’t be traced to access the room. Margeaux shows up to Emily’s in tears to see Victoria. She cries and Victoria comforts her. Jack goes into the room to look around. He sees Kate’s clothes lying around and thinks about pulling her dress off of her and then shooting her. Nolan comes in and asks if he’s okay – he was zoned out. He tells Jack that Kate was bad news and that he had no choice.

Jack says he always knew there was a chance he’d have to shoot in the line of duty but didn’t think it would be Kate. Nolan says they have 12 minutes til the cleaning woman comes. They go to work shoving Kate’s stuff into bags, grabbing up her files and cleaning traces of her property. Margeaux says the police told her that Daniel attacked Emily and she had to shoot her. Margeaux says she doesn’t buy it and says Daniel was committed to spending his life with her.

Victoria says she knows he was happy. Margeaux says Emily lured him there and killed him in cold blood. Victoria says that’s not what happened. She says Daniel and Emily couldn’t ever be free of each other. She says she hates Emily for that and says that’s also why she believes her. Margeaux says she’ll go to the police without her. She leaves and Victoria looks up to where Emily stands listening and says – you’re welcome.

David is in his van when a cop pulls up behind him with sirens and lights on. It’s the Chief. Jack is surprised to see Emily heading into the PD and she says they had more questions. She says him intervening is what will throw doubts into this. She says Ben noticed her inconsistency. She says she can fix it and he says she can blow it. He tells her that she will blow it because what happened was traumatic for her and says she needs to grieve.

She says her head is fine and tells Jack to worry about himself. The Chief tells David his license is temporary and he says he’ll fit it. The Chief says his tail light is out but David says he doesn’t think so. He says let’s tale a look and David says it looks like someone intentionally smashed it. He tells David to open it and he says no because he doesn’t have cause. David says this is about Victoria not giving him the time of day. He tells David to open it.

David opens the back and there’s nothing to see. The Chief hands him back his license and tells him to get his tail light fixed. Louise shows up over at the Grayson place with a pie and says she was taught to deflect grief with baked goods. Victoria thanks her and Louise says she knew Daniel only briefly but she say she was good and compassionate like Victoria. She tells Victoria she’s sorry for her loss and hugs her. She says she has to leave and go clean Nolan’s kitchen.

She tells Victoria she’s staying with him and Victoria asks if she can sit with her for a bit. Louise agrees and says she’ll do anything she needs. David gets a call from Nolan who says Black’s plane just took off. Louise comes in with more ingredients to cook. Nolan says he’s headed South but they won’t knew where he’s headed yet. Louise listens then looks through some of Nolan’s stuff and steals a piece of paper. Ben comes in to question Emily.

She says she knew there were some discrepancies. Ben says there’s a problem with the ME report and says it showed no alcohol in Daniel’s system. Emily says she could have misjudged him and says he didn’t need alcohol to be violent and angry. Ben says he just spoke to Margeaux who says Daniel was very happy and was excited to be a father. Emily is surprised and asks if he said father. Jack watches and is concerned.

Ben asks one more question – he says Daniel had no defensive wounds and asks why she wouldn’t have struck back in a fight. She says Daniel was unhurt because she didn’t want to hurt Daniel. She says she held back because what he was saying was true. She says she hurt him and married him for the wrong reasons. She says it was like she threw a grenade into his life and the damage she did to his life was real. She says underneath it all, his flaws, his temper, there was a good guy.

She says despite their history and everything she told herself, she cared about him. She says she only shot him when she knew she didn’t have a choice and when she knew he intended to kill her. She says he tried to kill her on the night of their wedding and she covered for him them. She says he found out she didn’t love him and tried to destroy her for destroying him. She says that was the night he says she ruined his life but it turned out he was wrong.

She cries and Ben seems to take it in. Jack is worried that Ben is baiting her and just wants her out of there. Emily tells Victoria she’s truly sorry about Daniel. Victoria says she knows. Nolan confirms that Black’s plane is headed for Orlando. David says Black has enemies and notified a number of them that’s where Black is headed. He’s hoping they’ll take care of Black before he backtracks to the Hamptons.

Margeaux shows up and Emily tells her how sorry she is. Margeaux says she spoke to the police and says she heard they are making it officially self defense. Margeaux says she knows she’s lying and is playing games. She says she murdered Daniel. Emily says she didn’t and is devastated. Margeaux says she’s going to make it her life’s work to see that she pays for it. Margeaux says they’re burying Daniel on Friday and she better not be there.

Margeaux walks out. Victoria thanks Emily for her hospitality and says she’s going home now. Emily tells her she knows Daniel would have wanted her at his funeral and Victoria says maybe but they’ll never know. She leaves. Victoria thinks back to Daniel modeling a suit for her and her straightening his tie. She tells him soon he’ll be teaching his own son how to tie a tie. She holds out that suit she’s picked out for his funeral. She looks so sad.

David approaches Emily and says he’s on the way to the cemetery. She asks where his lady friend is and he says Victoria is in the limo. She asks what he meant when he said all this was part of a larger plan. She asks what that plan was and he says we’d be having her funeral now instead of Daniel’s. She asks if he was going to kill Victoria and asks him what now. He says he’s going to be late and turns to go. Emily is stunned.

Chief talks to Ben and says he’s thinking about making him a detective. He says he has Jack is taking furlough days and last minute schedule changes. Ben goes to ask Jack why he’s taking personal days and Jack says that’s why they’re called personal days. He says he hasn’t been sleeping and Ben asks if it’s about the Fed. Jack says Kate took off after the party. Ben says you should never get involved with a woman who own more handcuffs than you.

Ben says Kate must have really done a number on him and Jack says she did. At Daniel’s funeral, David escorts Victoria. Margeaux is alone. It’s a small event. Emily stands out of sight but watching. She thinks back to orchestrating their meeting and to the proposal and to them in bed together. She thinks about him trying to get her to sleep late with him and her opening the curtains to the light. Louise is there as well.

Everyone lays a rose on the casket. Margeaux goes last. She and Victoria hug. David steps away to give Victoria a moment. Louise puts her rose on the coffin and says she found the envelope she was looking for. Victoria says to please destroy it so they can hope for no more funerals. Nolan approaches David and says his Google alert has been blowing up about a bloodbath in Miami. An arms dealer was murdered in Miami. David says he knows some people will sleep better tonight.

A car pulls up next to the Chief – it’s Ted Powell, Kate’s boss. He says he has a lost sheep – Kate Taylor. The Chief says she left a few days ago and Ted says she never made it back. The Chief says she was working with Jack, a rookie. The Chief notices the non-government tags and the guy says it was a good catch and it’s always the little things that get you. He stabs the Chief in the neck, says he’s Malcolm Black and drives off.

BTW’s Malcolm Black is being played by Tommy Flanagan! OMG – he’s Chibs from Sons of Anarchy. Love!! He’s going to be such a good big bad. Can’t wait for next week to see what he’s going to do.