Revenge Recap and Spoilers – Margaux’s Out to Destroy Emily: Season 4 Episode 14 “Kindred”

Revenge Recap and Spoilers - Margaux's Out to Destroy Emily: Season 4 Episode 14 "Kindred"

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday January 25, season 4 episode 14 called “Kindred,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On this evening’s episode Emily [Emily VanCamp] helps Nolan’s blushing bride deal with the skeletons in her closet.

On the last episode, in order to survive, Emily and Victoria had to set aside their grudge, while Jack and David raced to save them before they kill each other. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Emily helps Nolan’s blushing bride deal with the skeletons in her closet while Victoria contends with a mysterious new socialite.”

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4 and come back to CDL for more Revenge Season 4 spoilers!

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#Revenge starts now. Emily is shocked that Nolan is married and he says she misses things when she’s kidnapped. He’s happy that she’s opened her home for his wedding reception. He says Margaux is among the media invitees that’s covering the fete. He asks if she wants to veto it but Emily says it’s okay. He asks what’s next for her and she says her dad. Ben is being interviewed about rescuing Emily and Victoria and taking down Black.

They try to interview Jack but he waves them away. They get called into the bullpen and applauded by their fellow cops. The Chief says the Mayor is giving them medals but Jack says he has other plans. The Chief tells Ben to make sure Jack is there. Margaux pushes Victoria on coming clean on Daniel’s death since she’s starting a foundation in his name. Margaux says justice should be served. Victoria says her going to war with Emily will only bring pain.

Margaux says she’s doing this for her child and Victoria begs her to reconsider. Louise finds Lyman at Nolan’s club. He says he had no idea mama was doctoring her pills. He says mama only has her best interests at heart. He hands her a police report from the night their father died. He says she’ll release the police report unless she restores the conservatorship. Louise says she couldn’t have killed their father. He tells her to just sign her annulment.

Louise says he just wants the money for his campaign. He asks if her fake husband will really stand by her when this comes out. Emily comes to see her dad and says his leg looks better. He asks which tie looks better. She picks out the blue one and he says he’s missed out on so much of her life. He says he just missed another birthday and hands her a gift. He says she should be Amanda again and celebrate her real birthdays. He hugs her. Someone is outside snapping photos of them hugging.

Emily gets a call from Nolan and asks if she saw it. Margaux published a photo of Emily and David hugging insinuating that they’re a couple. She says she’ll handle it. Victoria meets for a ladies lunch and says she hopes they’ll help with her fund raiser. There are crickets. One of them says one donor suggested it was unseemly. Natalie Waters is there and says she’s in her seat. Natalie says she can keep it. Victoria says anyone that says it’s unseemly isn’t worthy of them.

Victoria’s power play worked beautifully. And OMG Gina Torres is new on the show playing Natalie – love, love her and OMG part two – Kim Richards is guesting as one of Victoria’s bitchy society friends!! She has them all toast to her new foundation. Ben pushes Jack and says he has to come to the Mayor’s ceremony. He asks what’s up with Jack who says he can’t take one more microphone in his face. Louise says she’s canceling the event but Nolan pulls her aside and asks why.

She says her mom is trying to break them up and he says they can find a way around it and she says there’s no way around murder. He sits her down and asks what’s up. She says her mom told her that she killed her dad and she says she might be right. She says she was just 13 when he fell to his death. She says Lyman showed her a police report that said she pushed him. Nolan asks what she remembers. She says she remembers standing over his body and crying.

She cries and Nolan says she’s a little crazy but this doesn’t add up. He says he’s going to get her answers and asks her to trust him. Emily comes to see Margaux about her sleazy tabloid headline. Margaux says she doesn’t know what’s being published in all of her many publications and says it’s an honest mistake. Emily says she never wanted any of this to happen to Daniel. Emily reminds her she has a lot of secrets about Pascal – enough to sink her and her company.

Margaux says she’ll keep her secrets and she won’t dishonor Daniel’s actions by going against his wishes but also reminds Emily she doesn’t own every news outlet and says the truth will come out. Emily says she can worry about herself. Margaux’s evidence guy is there and she says she needs more than schoolyard gossip. He says he’ll cast a wider net. She says she won’t let Emily’s name remain clean while Daniel’s name is tarnished.

Emily meets Ben at a bar and thanks him for meeting her. She comments on all his TV interviews. He thought she called him about Jack stressing out about being in the spotlight. She says he keeps things inside. She says she needs his advice. She says she became Emily Thorne to clear her dad’s name and she’s done that and now her dad wants her to go back to being Amanda. He talks about being undercover for six months. He says she’s been Emily for 11 years.

He says the longer you’re undercover, the more it becomes you. She says she never intended to be Amanda again. He says not to make him imagine a world without Emily Thorne. She gets a text from Nolan asking her to come to his place ASAP. She says she has to go and he says he’ll be around. Victoria is alone at the fund raiser when Natalie shows up and finds no one else is there. Not one person showed. Natalie says she’s not much for modern art.

She says she likes 16th century court like what she saw at lunch today. She asks where her friends are and Victoria asks if she asked them not to come. Natalie says that would suggest they’re easily swayed or that the Grayson name no longer carries a lot of weight. She wishes Victoria luck and leaves. Jack finds David sitting on the stoop and he hands him a beer. He says he heard Jack’s getting a medal and he asks David if he should take it.

David says no one ever gave him a medal for the type of things he’s done. Jack says he took someone’s life but David says he saved Emily’s life and his. David tells him, like it or not, he’s a hero. Jack asks why he feels like a liar but David says that’s nothing to do with him. Nolan tells Louise that Emily is going to use a technique she learned in Japan to help her recover her memories from the night her father died. There’s a knife on the table and candles all over.

Emily tells her that she has to face fear and danger. She asks for her hand and tells her to focus on the blade. She plunges it between her fingers, faster and faster and tells her focus on blade, fear and danger and asks what she sees. She says she’s afraid. We see her standing beside her mother at the top of her stairs and then her dad falling. She says she didn’t do it. Her mother asks her – what did you do. It looks like he either fell on his own or her mother pushed him.

Next day, Emily goes to see Jack. She says she knows this is hard on him. He says he killed a bad FBI agent and he conspired to hide a body and he has to live with that. He asks why she’s there and if she’s worried he might tell a camera crew what they did. He gets in his car to go to the medal ceremony. Nolan and Louise have their reception. Penelope says her future ex-son in law is very dashing. Lyman is there too.

She also has Judge Miller there too. Nolan says it’s not a pleasure and walks away. Lyman tells the judge to look at the ice sculpture garden. Lyman asks Penelope if she’s sure and she says Louise will cave and sign the conservatorship back over no problem. The Mayor honors Ben and Jack with medals. Nolan tells Emily that Louise ran off and left a note saying she did do it. He’s tracking her phone and says she’s in the boonies. He gives Emily a gift and says to find Louise and gives this to her and says she’ll come back.

Victoria confronts her frenemies for not coming to her benefit. She tells one that she supported her when her husband fooled around with the pool boy last summer. She says a friend is like a business. Investing with the wrong one is costly. She says keeping secrets is worthwhile. She looks at Kim and mentions using white powder as a weight loss substance and another sleeping with another’s husband. She says they should double whatever they were planning on contributing to her foundation.

Emily goes to a mental hospital as a surprise inspector and demands they buzz her in. She goes to Louise’s room and says she’s taking her back to Nolan. Louise says she lied to her and killed her dad. Emily hands her a wedding gift from Nolan – it’s the real police report from the night her father died. The other one was a forgery. Louise says she remembered seeing him fall and Emily says that doesn’t mean you pushed him.

Louise says she was trying to catch him and her mother knew the truth the whole time. Emily says her mother buried the truth to get control of the money. Emily says – let’s get you back to your anxious husband. Louise thanks Emily and gets dressed. The party is in full swing. Margaux and Jack are at the bar and he tells Margaux that Daniel died a hero. She thanks him for saying that. She says she heard he got a medal. He says he left it and his badge on the Chief’s desk today. He says being a cop isn’t right for him – too many conflicts of interest.

He steps behind the bar and fixes her a drink – soda water since he knows she’s pregnant. She says she’s terrified but he says she’ll be a great mom. David shows up and looks around and sees Emily come down the stairs. He walks over to Victoria. She says she’s there for the bride and is honoring their deal. She asks what he would have done if he had been in her place 20 years ago. He says he did when he had her tarnish Daniel’s name. He said she already knew but wanted to hear him say it.

She says she needed to hear him say it. Penelope tells Nolan he should be more careful about meddling in family business. Louise comes downstairs and tells her mother that she murdered him and tried to make her think it was her fault. Penelope says that’s a tall tale she’s known for telling. Louise says she heard them arguing about her cheating with Judge Miller and then she hit him with his cane and tried to accuse her of it.

She says you drugged me and tried to make me think I was crazy. Penelope asks who they’ll believe once the police report is unsealed. Louise asks which report – the forgery or the original my husband found and shows Penelope the report. She calls it a lie but Nolan says the original officer on scene kept immaculate records. Nolan asks to see the cane the judge is holding and he says they should leave. Louise tells her mother to go home and says if she steps out of line once or dares steps out of the state of Georgia, she’ll have her in a mental home.

Nolan tells Penelope they won’t see them for Thanksgiving. Emily and her dad share a dance and he asks if she remembers them dancing in the living room when she was little. He says she was always a happy child. He says they need to start again. She says she can’t just be Amanda Clarke. He says he wants her to be happy. She says to look around. She says she has friends and him. She says telling the whole world will bend everyone’s lives.

She says she is happy and just needs to stay out of the tabloids. Lyman approaches Louise and says he’s so sorry for what their mother did. She says she’s cutting him and his campaign off. She tells him party’s over. Nolan has no sympathy for him and tells him to go. The bartender never came back so Jack stayed behind the bar. One of the women asks him if he wants to work an event next week. Ben texts shocked that he quit and demands to knows what’s up. He leaves.

Later, Victoria walks around her old house and looks at her chair that she loved to sit in. Natalie approaches and says they got off on the wrong foot. She says she’s impressed she monetized secrets. Victoria says sooner or later she’ll learn hers and Natalie says she suspects it will be sooner. Victoria gets a call from a man who says there’s been a death in the family. Margaux’s spy shows her footage of Jack and Emily talking about the dead FBI agent.

She’s not happy to be given dirt on Jack when she wanted dirt on Emily but the guy says to take them both out. Emily goes to see Ben at his place. He’s surprised and she asks if it’s a bad time. He asks if she wants to hear more about him working undercover. She grabs him and kisses him. Jack is walking up to Ben’s and is stunned to see them kissing.