Revenge Recap – The Death of Emily Thorne: Season 4 Episode 18 “Clarity”

Revenge Recap - The Death of Emily Thorne: Season 4 Episode 18 "Clarity"

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday March 29, season 4 episode 18 called “Clarity,” and we have your weekly recap below. On this evening’s episode, a sorrowful Emily [Emily VanCamp] tries to fix the unintentional damage she caused. Meanwhile, Victoria [Madeleine Stowe] eagerly chases a new lead.

On the last episode, as Emily fights to clear Jack’s name in and out of court, newlyweds Nolan and Louise received a visit from Officer Ben Hunter. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “a grief-stricken Emily tries to repair her collateral damage while Victoria pursues a fresh lead with renewed vigor.”

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4 and come back to CDL for more Revenge Season 4 spoilers!

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#Revenge begins with Victoria looking at baby clothes she had bought. She tells Brigitte to send them away. Marguax comes down and asks about the ground breaking for Danie’s hospital wing. She tells Victoria she needs something good then asks how she can miss someone she never met. Victoria says Emily deserves to be behind bars and says she’s going to have her arrested. Margaux says no and says they need to focus on their family. She says too much blood has been shed.

Margaux says she had Lyman steal things off Nolan’s hard drive and then he was found dead. She says Victoria was right and she should have ended her quest for revenge weeks ago. Emily sits drinking coffee when David shows up with her newspaper. She tells her dad she’s fine and asks him to sit for coffee. She says she wishes she could reach out to Margaux but doesn’t know what to say. David says he’s more worried about Emily and she says she’s trying to keep her eye off it.

David asks why but then Ben comes down buttoning his shirt. She tells David he made detective and it’s his first day. David says he’ll see her tomorrow. Ben says his brother is coming in for his promotion party and he wants him to meet her. He heads off to work. Louise looks for cinnamon – she’s cooking up a storm – she’s back early from the funeral. She says Lyman’s funeral was awful and says her mama delivered a eulogy worthy of Margaret Mitchell. He says she’s home now and it’s okay.

Louise says she needs a wonder twin night and says she wants a baby. She says they could adopt one. Nolan says wow. She says they’re like family and could be like one. She says their marriage can be open and honest and Nolan says he’s still trying to decide what they should do tonight. She agrees it’s too much too soon but asks him to think about it. He agrees. There’s a headline about the hospital taking a bribe to name the wing after Daniel.

The board complains that his name is tarnishing the hospital and Victoria says she can take care of this. Emily speaks up and says Daniel shouldn’t be judged for the last few minutes of his life. Victoria says she’ll take back her donation and the head of the board says he found new funding and leaves her a letter. Victoria chews out Emily and says she should have told the truth. Emily says she didn’t want this. Victoria says she has the blood of her son and grandson on her hands. Emily is perplexed by the latter.

Nolan and Tony walk into the bar chatting about his daycare license. Tony says he’ll take care of it then asks Nolan to come out with him tonight. Nolan says he might enjoy that but says he’s not sure he’s free. Tony tells him to be free. Jack watches this exchange then asks him about the social worker. He asks how Louise feels about splitting time with Tony. Nolan says Louise has been so fragile lately he doesn’t know how she would react. Jack says being kept in the dark sucks and lying makes it worse.

Victoria marches into the locker room to find Ben. He tells her men only in the locker room. She says he’s dating someone who should be behind bars for fraud and says she knows he gave Emily a big assist. She tells him to help her out or his promotion will be a memory. Emily tells David she has to clear Daniel’s name. She says this has nothing to do with Victoria but wants to make it right for Margaux. She says Daniel’s death changed her.

Emily says Margaux wants his name cleared like she wanted her dad’s cleared. Victoria asks Ben to show her the Lyman Ellis file. She reads it and sees that Louise was the last to see him alive. She asks about what effects were found with him and Ben asks what this has to do with Emily. Victoria threatens to tank his promotion again then leaves. Jack asks Emily how she’ll make it to the ground breaking and Ben’s promotion. She’s created a story about Malcolm to cover for Daniel.

She says Jack needs to recant a statement and says she knows it’s awkward. She promises to protect him and says she’s absolutely sure she can. Stevie comes out and says Emily is manipulating Jack. She says Emily is a train wreck and she won’t let her make Jack her collateral damage again. Stevie threatens her and says she can make sure Emily is alone going forward. Victoria goes to see Louise about Lyman. She brings a homemade lemon tart in condolence.

Louise says she knows about the hospital wing and says the media can be cruel. Victoria says you can’t give up on your children. She tells Louise she can help her with Lyman’s things if she needs her to. Louise says she knows she’s there to try and hurt Nolan with that flash drive just like Lyman was. Victoria says she’s trusting the wrong people and asks if Nolan told her what happened the night Daniel died. She says Louise has a good heart and tells her not to let them break it.

Jack tells his mom she was unfair to Emily. Stevie says there are legal ramifications to what Emily asked him to do. She says he could go down for murder and obstruction and has no self defense strategy left. He says Margaux came after them because of the lie. Stevie says the only reason he’s considering this is because he’s in love with Emily and asks if she knows. He says she does. Stevie says he comes from two alcoholic parents and says Emily may be his glass of Scotch.

Nolan meets Tony for the beach party. He gets a call from Louise but doesn’t take the call. He calls her Louise and gets her voice mail. He says he’s swamped at the club and will be late. He tells her not to wait up. Tony hears him and asks what that was. Nolan says Louise and he don’t have a traditional marriage then Tony says he shouldn’t lie to her and says he won’t be the other man in someone’s marriage. Nolan says he needs some time to figure things out.

Tony says you don’t when you’re honest then tells Nolan to call if he figures it out. He walks off. Ben and his brother Kevin are with Emily who asks Kevin for dirt on his brother. He asks about her family and she says she lost her parents young in a car crash. Ben sends Kevin to check the grill. Emily goes to get the door and finds Jack there. He says he won’t come in since she has company. She asks if he talked to Stevie and he says it’s too risky to help them.

Emily says she’s gotten away with bigger things than that. She says if he doesn’t back her, it’s done. He says he has to think about her and Carl and says he can’t put the people he cares about in jeopardy. Kevin walks in and sees Jack and she introduces them. Jack tells Emily to let it go.

Next day, Louise asks Nolan what was going on at the beach club. She begs him to stay and watch trashy TV and get day drunk with her. Nolan says duty calls. Louise says she’ll keep reading gossip rags and says it’s hard for her to believe what she read about Daniel. She tells him Victoria dropped in. She says she came to pay her respects then got crazy so she threw her out. She says when they get a baby, they should get a gate to keep hyenas with lemon tarts out. She asks him to call her later.

Nolan leaves and she goes back to reading gossip blogs and sees a post about Nolan being at a beach party. Margaux’s spy says he made progress on the white gold matter and says the woman is stateside and prepared to take care of the Emily matter. Margaux says she doesn’t want Emily hurt but he says he already send the money. She says if he questions her judgment again, she’ll send the woman after her. Nolan finds Emily at his club and she tells her about Jack refusing to help her.

Nolan asks why she’s considering it. Emily says she needs to get Jack out of the narrative and asks Nolan to help. He tells her this is crazy but she says she has to do something good. Nolan says Emily Thorne wasn’t built for good but to clear her dad’s name and says she’s performed brilliantly. He tells her to enjoy the perks of being a beloved socialite. Stevie comes to see David at his boat and asks to talk about Emily. He says she was right and things between them are better.

Stevie says to keep his daughter away from Jack and tells him what Emily asked him to do. She’s upset when she hears David knew and says it was a bad idea. He says he knew but couldn’t tell her what to do. He tells Stevie she’s out of line and she says she knows enough. She tells him to take responsibility for his actions. She says his bad choices knocked over the first domino. She says Conrad framed him but he slept with Victoria.

Nolan talks to Jack and says it must be end time for Emily to want to clear Daniel. Jack says he almost said yes. He says Daniel saved Emily’s life and they trashed his name. Nolan says to let lying dogs sleep and then Jack asks if he told Louise about Tony. Jack asks how long he’ll stay unhappily married and asks what hold she has over him. Nolan says Louise let her brother fall to his death to protect him and now she’s asking for a baby. Nolan says he wants marriage and a family with someone stable.

Jack says as opposed to someone he pities. Nolan says yes. Louise was lurking nearby and hears. She cries and is heart broken. Margaux is at a car dealership to find the lady killer. She says she wants to cancel the Thorne job. She says she likes powerful girls. Margaux says she wasn’t herself when she arranged it. The woman says her anonymity is crucial and she knows it. Margaux says if anything happens to her, an email will be sent to Interpol. Margaux stomps away.

Nolan comes home and finds Louise floating in the pool. He panics but she’s fine. She was just floating not dead. She says she’s a big girl. He asks if they can talk. He says it’s time they end this marriage since they got into it to liberate her from her family and they did it. He says he’s worried about lines getting blurred. Louise says she just got a little carried away playing house. She says she’ll call the lawyers in the morning and will be out of here soon.

He says they will always be friends and she asks how they can be anything else. She thanks him for being completely honest with her then she swims away. Ben finds Emily punching her bag when Ben comes in and asks why she’s not dressed for dinner. He asks if this is about Jack. She tells him what she asked Jack to do and what he said. He asks if this is about Margaux but she says it’s about so many things and she just wanted to undo this one thing. He says it’s just one more lie.

Emily says he can’t understand that she’s trapped between two worlds and he asks her no to shut him out. She says he should go to his party and he says she should come and spend time with people who want nothing. He says he sees her as she is and likes her. He says he hopes she changes her mind then he leaves. Stevie comes to check on David who hit his hand working on the boat. He tells them their kids aren’t kids but she says Emily is Jack’s kryptonite like Victoria was his.

He says Emily is not like Victoria. Stevie says she hopes not and leaves. Emily shows up to the ground breaking and Jack finds her. He says he won’t let her do this alone and takes her hand. Kevin and Ben drink at his promotion party at the bar. Kevin says maybe Emily is with Jack but he says they’re just friends. But up on the TV they see Emily and Jack at the ground breaking. Emily asks the director if she can speak and reminds him how much she donates. He lets her take the podium.

Emily greets the press and says they all know about the scandal casting a shadow over tonight’s event. She says they wouldn’t name the wing after her ex-husband because he broke into her house and attacked her. She says the truth was that Malcolm Black attacked and tried to kill her but Daniel took a bullet for her. She says he saved her life. Margaux and Victoria watch on TV. Emily says she told a story to protect other people.

Emily says the one secret she kept has cost the ones she loved more than she wanted. Nolan is stunned as he watches. Emily takes a deep breath and says she’s David Clarke’s daughter. She says she’s Amanda Clarke. The press erupts into activity and starts flashing photos like mad.