Revenge Recap – Victoria Makes a Strange New Bedfellow: Season 4 Episode 15 “Bait”

Revenge Recap - Victoria Makes a Strange New Bedfellow: Season 4 Episode 15 "Bait"

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday March 8, season 4 episode 15 called “Bait,” and we have your weekly recap below. On this evening’s episode, Margaux [Karine Vanasse] uses her ammo on Emily [Emily VanCamp] and Jack [Nick Wechsler] , which causes a shift in their friendship.

On the last episode, Emily helped Nolan’s blushing bride deal with the skeletons in her closet while Victoria contended with a mysterious new socialite. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “When Margaux uses her ammunition against both Emily and Jack, their friendship takes a dramatic turn. Meanwhile, Natalie shows Victoria the true reason behind her arrival in the Hamptons.”

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4 and come back to CDL for more Revenge Season 4 spoilers!

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#Revenge starts with clothes strewn across Ben’s floor. We see he and Emily in bed together in the early morning talking. She says she has to go but he asks where else she has to be that’s better than this. She says her life hasn’t allowed her to just “be” that often. Ben says they don’t have to talk about their pasts and she asks how can she learn about his deep dark secrets. He says his life wasn’t that interesting until now. He says there’s something they can do besides talk and she agrees and kisses him.

Margaux meets Victoria at an apartment. She says she got a call from an estate attorney and says Edward Grayson just passed away. She says the will reading is today and she’s expecting her fortunes to change. She says Conrad’s dad cared for her deeply even after the divorce. Victoria says she wants to use the money to help Daniel’s foundation and offers to turn one of the bedrooms of her new place into a nursery.

She says she saw Margaux at the Ross function and says she’s happy to see she’s dropped the vendetta against Emily. Ben sees Jack cleaning out his locker at work and says he didn’t know how bad it was that he would leave. He says he’ll miss him and asks if he’ll see him around. Jack says yeah since they seem to have some of the same friends. Ben asks what Jack will do now and he says – something he should have done a long time ago.

Margaux’s spy reports the Emily was seen leaving Ben’s place early that morning then asks why she’s not using the video of Jack. Margaux says nothing will go to waste and says she’ll use it all in exposing who Emily really is. She says by tomorrow, the world will have a very different opinion of Emily. Louise wants Nolan to go on an extravagant honeymoon with her where the coffee and men are hot. He suggests Florence and she says the jet is being fueled up now.

Margaux’s assistant Simone calls Nolan and says she has video footage she’s planning on using against Emily. He says to do whatever it takes to steal the footage from her and says if she gets fired doing it, he’ll buy a magazine and give her a job. Nolan tells Louise he can’t go now and asks her to go get started without him. He says he’ll catch up in a day or two. She agrees but isn’t happy. At the will reading, Victoria asks who Ralph and Alice are. She’s been given his dog – his Corgies.

She asks if that’s it and says there must be some mistake. The lawyer says she’s also getting their Burberry dog beds. He says the rest of the footage is going to Edward’s wife. Victoria says Edward’s wife died 20 years ago. But it’s his new wife – in walks Natalie with a triumphant smile who apologizes for being late. Natalie says it was a good secret and Victoria asks what kind of scam this is. Natalie says she and Teddy were married four months ago.

Victoria asks why she showed up in the Hamptons hiding her identity. Victoria says the will is fraudulent and she wants a judge. Natalie says she came to see what kind of person Victoria is. Natalie says she may have shown her some kindness but then saw that she’s just as vicious as Teddy made it out to be. Victoria says she reviewed his will with him and knew what was coming to her. Natalie says Teddy tried to reach out to her after Conrad died but she was nowhere to be found (she was in the loony bin).

Then Victoria asks if Natalie circumvented her messages after Daniel died. Turns out Natalie was his nurse and Victoria says a judge will see that she took advantage of a sick man. Natalie says Teddy was very clear on how much he hated Victoria and that’s why he left her two incontinent dogs and nothing else. Emily and Nolan watch the video footage (or part of it) that Simone stole before Margaux walked in. Emily says she needs to get hacking.

Margaux complains that her computer was hacked and says it wasn’t on the internet and was done internally from the server room. She says she gets alerts when the computer comes on and says she knows what time it is. Agent Lin from the FBI asks who it could be and she says she has many enemies. He says it may be an inside job with someone who had access to the server room. She looks suspiciously at Simone.

Jack walks on the beach picking up shells and thinking about he and Emily as children. David greets him and Jack asks why he’s in a suit. He says he’s got an interview for a corporate opportunity but is thinking about skipping it. He says he needs to devote time to Emily but Jack says that’s not a full time job. David says the last time he knew what he should do was when he bought the beach house. Jack says it was like that with his boat.

David asks what stopped him from following his boat dream. He says his dad dying then Emily showing back up. Jack has sea glass and David says he remembers he and Emily searching for it together. Jack looks over at Emily’s huge house as they chat. Jack goes to her house and knocks. He says they need to talk and she says she knows. She says she doesn’t know the extent of the footage Margaux has. Nolan walks in and says he didn’t call him yet.

She says Margaux has some video of them talking about Kate’s death. They play the footage for him. Jack curses and says his life is over if it’s released. Nolan says the computer is unhackable but says they plan to steal it. Jack says he can talk to Margaux and can confront her if he needs to. Emily asks him to trust her but he says not this time. Nolan tells her to talk to Jack and stop him from warning him that he’s coming.

Louise isn’t pleased to see her brother Lyman still in town. He sits and says she won and asks if she has to make a mockery out marriage. He asks where Nolan is and she says he has to work. He says her marriage is a sham and they all know it. He calls her a silly girl and says he’ll find a way to come out on top. Natalie asks the bartender about where she can buy Stickley furniture. He’s clueless but David is there and tells her someplace she can. She recognizes him from the news.

He asks if she’s buying and she says she’s trying to unload things that she inherited since she lost someone. She says she just wants to put the items with people who will appreciate them. She shows him the list of stuff and asks if he knows anyone who likes Russian nesting dolls. He asks her what her plans are for the boat. Natalie says she could give it to the nice man at the bar. He says she should demand fair market value and she says if he buys her a drink, it’s his.

Victoria is told that she can’t afford to contest the will. The lawyer leaves. Lyman sits nearby and when she leaves, he introduces himself and says he’s a future congressman and present lawyer and says he’ll take her case. He wants her to help fund raise for him. He says she’s scrappy and he says he can get her all her money. She asks why she should believe him.

He says he knows what it feels like to be screwed out of an inheritance. She says she needs a lawyer not an opportunist. He’s both. Lyman says he’ll do it for 20% and says if he loses, 20% of nothing is nothing. Victoria challenges him to prove his worth and says if he finds something interesting they can talk.

Jack meets Margaux and thanks her for coming to talk to him. His son is there and she says she can’t believe how big Carl is. She asks what he wants to talk about. He says he wanted to talk about how he said some things that weren’t fair. She says she did some things that weren’t fair. He says going forward he’s there for her single parent to single parent. She says she can’t fathom how much her life will change. She asks when was the last time he could do something spontaneous.

He says the other night he got out of bed and made a grilled cheese sandwich. He says your priorities change and it gives you a perspective on your actions. He says he thinks about how what he does will affect Carl. Little Carl brings her over a bracelet and he says she doesn’t have to wear it. Lyman meets Victoria and says Natalie was married when she began working for Teddy Grayson then got a quicky divorce. He says her nursing credentials were stripped when she bilked one of her patients out of money.

Louise sneaks up on Nolan and he says he thought she’d be halfway to Italy. She says she’s seen it before but wanted to see it with him. Louise says she appreciates this favor he did her by marrying her and helping her get her money back. She offers him a divorce to set him free. Nolan says it’s not that at all and says he loves spending time with her and would love to see Italy with her. He says today something important came up and he says Emily and I…

She asks if they’re sleeping together. He says he and Emily are sort of like superheroes. She says she thought they were the Wonder Twins then sees that he’s serious. He says they do good things for people that deserve it and bad things to those that don’t. She asks if today is a mission of mercy or malice. He says it’s merciful malice and she offers to help. Ben spots Emily climbing a rope at a fitness park by the beach. He flirts then asks if she saw Jack today. He says he got the sense that Jack knows about them.

He says Jack made a comment about them traveling in the same circles. He heads back on his run and leaves her to think. Simone waits in the car for Margaux. She tells Simone that Jack is a nice man but he tried to play her the way Nolan tried to play Simone. Margaux tells Simone to call the FBI so they can be there to spoil Emily’s fun. She says tonight Emily Thorne will finally get what she deserves. Emily is ready to break and enter at Margaux’s office. Nolan says it’s a go and he deactivates an alarm.

She dives off the building. He tries to get her attention. She radios in and then he says she’s clear. She opens a window and steps inside. He checks cameras in the hallways and tells her it’s clear. The cops pull guns as Louise walks into the server room. She says she thought this was Soul Cycle. She says Jack told her it was on the eighth floor. She says that woman is working with them. Agent Lin asks who’s “them” and she says she’ll show them.

Margaux logs onto her computer. None of the footage comes up and Agent Lin says she’s wasting agency resources. Natalie is selling of Teddy’s things when a man comes up and asks if she’s the one with the Stickley chairs. He tells her she’s been served and hands over some documents. She sees that Teddy’s will is being contested. She sees Victoria at the bar and she says she wouldn’t let her dupe her father in law. Natalie says she loved Teddy. Victoria asks what she loved best – his millions or his terminal illness.

Natalie says she was in a tough life spot when she met Teddy. She says she was in a bad marriage and that he gave her something to live for. She says they feel in love and that it was real for them both. She says Teddy saved her life and she would do anything for him including protecting his fortune from the likes of Victoria. She stalks out and Victoria sips her drink. Margaux goes up to her office and Emily says she can’t believe she was trying to get her on a B&E.

She tells Margaux if she’s going to keep coming at her, she needs to be smarter. Margaux vows to find her weak spot. Emily says she doesn’t have one and tells her it’s a nice bracelet. Margaux pulls off the bracelet that little Carl gave her. That’s what corrupted the data. She smashes the bracelet and finds the device that screwed up her video. She did it herself when she went to turn the computer on. She rages and crushes the bracelet with her paper weight.

Natalie walks at the docks when David calls out to her. He asks what she thinks and she says she gave him the first boat ever made by the looks of its decrepit state. He says he wanted a project, so it’s perfect. She wishes him good night then he asks if it’s true that she’s a Grayson. She says knowing his history with the Grayson she didn’t want to lead with it. He asks if there’s a crack in the hull and she says she would only sink the ship if Victoria was on board.

Then she apologizes and asks if they’re still a thing. He says they’re not then asks if she wants to have a beer and watch the Cubs game with him. She takes him up on his offer. Louis is impressed that the little doohickey erased Margaux’s whole computer. He tells her to put it away before she erases his. She tells him that she knows she didn’t do much but it was nice to be included. Nolan says he should have seen before how much alike the two of them are.

He says he was an outsider too until Emily showed up and made him a partner and trusted him. Nolan says their wedding was strategic but he promised to be her partner. He begs her forgiveness and she kisses his forehead. Lyman rants at Victoria for serving notice on Natalie before he built his case. He says her public declaration was sincere and now she’s the anti-Anna Nicole. Victoria gets teary and apologizes and he believes it.

Then Victoria says they can always fake emotions. She says they need to think like a lawyer and a politician. She pours Lyman a drink and says they need to tear Natalie apart. Margaux shows Ben a photo of Ben’s ex-wife and says if he doesn’t cooperate, she’ll reveal April’s whereabouts to someone who wants to know if for a whole different reason. Emily finds Jack waiting for her and says it worked and they’re all in the clear. She thanks him for playing his part.

Jack says he knows about her and Ben but says there’s someone out there who’s a better fit for her. He hands her the piece of sea glass and says he knows his timing is terrible. He says he was trying to give her some space but can’t watch her be with someone else and says they’re both available. He says the future is uncertain but the one certainty in his life is how he feels about her. He tells her it’s always been her from the moment Sammy ran up to her that day.

Emily says she doesn’t know what to say. She says things between them are messy. Jack touches her hair and says life is messy. She sidesteps his hand. He says they can find a way. Emily turns back to him and says he has done and sacrificed so much for her and says she cares about him but… He asks but what. Emily says she can’t be with him then says sorry. He wipes his eyes and says he won’t wait around. He walks off. Emily is upset after he leaves. She sits down and cries.

The End