Scandal Recap – Is Olivia Sold? Season 4 Episode 12 “Gladiators Don’t Run”

Scandal Recap - Is Olivia Sold? Season 4 Episode 12 "Gladiators Don't Run"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday February 12, season 4 episode 12 called, “Full Circle,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, Olivia [Kerry Washington] outsmarts her captors, but only temporarily

On the last episode, with Olivia still missing, the team came together to do whatever it took to find her and get her home safely. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Olivia outsmarts her captors, but only temporarily. Meanwhile, Jake, Huck and Quinn seek an old pal’s assistance; and Cyrus must take control when Fitz is pushed to his limits.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Abby sits on a park bench holding two coffees and waiting. She checks her watch then walks over and hands he second coffee to a homeless guy. She then tries to call Olivia but gets voice mail that says it’s full. She heads to Olivia’s place and sees the signs of a struggle and the spilled wine glass. She next goes to the office and demands to know where Olivia is. Huck and Quinn only says that she’s out.

She tells them to cut the crap and tell her where Olivia is. Huck tells her she’s not a gladiator anymore. She leaves upset and Huck tells Quinn they can’t trust the White House and Abby is White House. Fitz tells Mellie that Olivia could be anywhere by now but she says they’ll find her. Cyrus comes in with documents that allow Fitz to fire all of his Secret Service staff.

He says the Navy SEALS will take over. He also has prepped a resignation for Andrew to step down. Mellie tells Fitz he’s doing everything he can to get Olivia back. Fitz tells him to bring Jake over and says he wants in on the bidding for Olivia. Jake tells Fitz that her kidnapper is a mercenary without a conscience. Jake says he thinks the auction was Olivia’s idea.

Ian is setting up a new operations base but his henchman Gus says this was not the plan. Gus says Ian isn’t thinking straight and reminds him that Olivia put 17 stitches in his head. Ian says Olivia is working with them but Gus says you don’t work with the hostage. He pipes down in fear and Ian takes a call from Andrew. Ian tells him that Olivia is his now and Andrew says Fitz has to get her back for this to work.

Ian says that deal is off and he’s selling her to the highest bidder. Ian hangs up on Andrew. The techs tell Ian the dark net is up for the auction. The intelligence staff tells Fitz that it’s a private site on a dark corner off the internet and says some dirty people they know can get in on the bidding and they can piggy back. Quinn asks Jake about the auction and that Fitz is going to have terrorists bidding for the US.

Huck says Olivia is going to die and get hacked up. Jake says they can scrape up their money to bid on her. Huck says he has $2 billion. Jake asks if he’s been using the B612 algorithm they used to skim small amounts. Huck says when B613 was shut down he took the money figuring it was back pay from when he was in the hole.

Ian asks how much Olivia thinks she’ll go for and asks if she’ll got for $500k. She says that’s insulting and thinks she can get $1 billion or $1.5 billion. Ian offers to let her choose from among the final bidders and she says it’s a good idea. Gus gets a gun and shoots Ian seconds before the bidding starts. Gus says he’s in charge now but then the computers trill and he asks what that noise is.

They tell him its’ bidders and Gus sits down and says – let’s make some money. Olivia stares in horror at Ian body bleeding from the head on the coffee table. Huck looks for the auction site in desperation. The bids are up to $240 million. One of the techs is freaking out over Gus shooting Ian but they agree they need to stick with it.

Gus comes over with a cloth and offers to wipe Ian’s blood off her face. He giggles and says it’s funnier on this side. Gus tells Olivia she’s this season’s it girl. He wipes her face and says that’s better. He tells her he can be nice to her then rubs his finger across her lips. He says Ian didn’t like the ladies but he does. Olivia says to be careful and says anything that close to her mouth may be bitten off.

They tell Gus the bids hit $300 million. Gus calls her a bitch and takes the champagne bottle from her and swigs it. Andrew asks Cyrus if health reasons are the best excuses for his resignation. Andrew says they can work something out. Cyrus says it’s this or prison and he better accept it quickly. Andrew says no. He says he won’t resign. Cyrus says okay and says prison it is.

Andrew says going to war for your side piece makes you a criminal. He says if he goes to prison for treason, so will Fitz and Cyrus. Huck says he can’t find the auction site because it’s nowhere. He says you have to know exactly where to look. He says you have to be a known quantity to get in and they decide they need an all-star terrorist to get them in. Jake says he knows one.

Jake goes to see Maya Lewis, Olivia’s mom. He takes along Quinn and David Rosen. David says they get 10 minutes and Maya tells them the clock is ticking. Quinn explains the premise of the auction. She says she wants something in return. She asks to get out. David says no. She asks for medium security. David says no. She says she’s negotiating in good faith.

Jake tells Maya to be responsible and she asks for a library of books and cellmates to talk to. She says she wants to get outside and fell the sun on her face. David says no, no, no. She says – then no deal. Quinn offers her a TV but David says that’s like giving her weapons. Quinn says a flat screen on the wall and she just gets the remote. She asks for cable and David offers just basic. She agrees.

She tells Jake to use the name Marie Wallace. Cyrus explains that Andrew is digging in his heels and will say Fitz went to war because of Olivia. Fitz says he went to war over Andrew’s assassination attempt. He tells Cyrus they need to prove Andrew fakes that. Cyrus comes in and finds Liz shredding papers. She says she’s just doing some housekeeping.

Cyrus says you can’t try and overtake the US government then skip town. He says he put her on every watch list known to man so she can’t go anywhere. He tells her she’ll testify against Andrew, won’t go to prison but will be Cyrus’s bitch from now on. He tells her to take a seat so they can talk. Ian’s phone rings and Olivia looks at it while Gus is focused on the auction.

Gus is thrilled that the bids have hit $500 million and he grabs up the phone. Maya tells them they need Gustavo Pineda. She says he’s only expecting one of them and tells Huck to take the deal. David freaks and asks if they’re doing a drug deal. Maya tells Jake that they think they’re buying a kilo of coke. She says he has to kill the three men in the room to get Gustavo to put them into the auction.

Huck asks if this will get Liv back. She says yes. Jake offers to go in with him. Huck says he’s go it, drops his ear piece and heads into the room.

Andrew sees Liz at the White House and tells her to hold fast. He’s appalled to see she’s there to meet with Cyrus. Mellie finds Andrew in her office and he asks if Liz is testifying against him. Mellie tells him it’s over and he’s lost. He says he’s still got Mellie and says he’ll tell the world about every filthy thing he did to the First Lady and says that won’t be good for Fitz’s legacy.

Mellie says the irony is Fitz chose Andrew because he thought he’d be loyal. Andrew says that’s the same reason Fitz chose her. Quinn lets David back into the room. He promises to make her life hell if anyone finds out how she got cable. Jake says he’s going to check on Huck because he’s been gone too long. He picks the lock and heads into the apartment. He creeps up gun out and ready.

He tells Huck that Maya said to take them out, not this. There’s blood all over the room and Huck has a knife in his hand. He says Gustavo will want proof and they need their heads as bounty. Jake tells Huck to go clean up and says he’ll get the heads. He asks what would Live say if she saw him now. He calls Huck an animal then goes to work sawing off a head.

Olivia tells the techs they don’t belong there. She says they shouldn’t be trapped with Gus and says they don’t deserve what’s going to happen to them. She says they have their lives ahead of them and those minds of theirs have unlimited potential. She says they didn’t lie in bed at night dream of being kidnappers or ending up in maximum security prison.

She says they dreamed of success, power and building companies. She asks which of them he’ll kill first to avoid splitting the money. Pete says Gus needs them but Olivia says as soon as the auction ends, he’ll kill them both and take the money. She tells them she can protect them and says those bids show how powerful she is. She says to throw the auction in favor of the Untied States.

She says she’ll keep them alive if they do this then ask if they have a deal. Pete says he didn’t dream of building companies. He says his whole family slept in one room and that he went hungry. He says he dreamed of money. He says the only thing in his way is a Neanderthal with a gun and a low IQ. He says he’s going to let the odds play in his favor.

Abby goes to talk to Fitz to talk about West Angola but she can’t think clearly because all she can think of is Olivia’s trashed apartment. Fitz asks what’s going on. She says something is wrong with Olivia and she’s worried but doesn’t want to bother him. She asks if they’ve spoken recently and he tells her to have a seat. She does but looks worried.

Abby then goes to confront David for not telling him that Olivia is missing. She says she has a right to know and he asks in what capacity. He says he raided a facility and tried to find her. He says it’s a matter of national security and asks if her clearance is high enough. She calls him an ass. He says he didn’t tell her because she didn’t have the right to know.

She calls him an SOB and says her best friend is trapped somewhere and he’s making snide jobs because they broke up. She rants and says that she could have helped find her. He nods and then pours them both a drink. He tells her that Liv is not her only friend and she shakes her head yes. Mellie sits out on their balcony when Fitz comes out and pours a drink.

He guzzles it and says it bites and Mellie calls him a Yankee. She asks what’s the word on Olivia. He says they have a CI working with them. She says they sleep better when Olivia is lying between them. He asks what she means and she says the truth will set them free. She tells him that Andrew threatened to tell the world that she spread her legs for him and says it will ruin her.

She asks what Fitz wants more than anything in the world and he says Jerry back alive. Mellie leans against him and he puts his arm around her. She asks what he wants that he can actually have. He says Olivia home safe. He sighs and she tells him to ask her what she wants that’s possible. Mellie gulps her bourbon and says she wants to the President of the United States and run the world.

He looks at her in shock. He agrees they have to let Andrew walk to protect her reputation. She says okay. Quinn waits in an office when Jake comes in she says it was Harrison’s and it feels like there are ghosts there. She asks if Huck is still working on the password. She says she can guess that Huck did something unspeakably violent. She says he’ll be fine. Jake says he’s never seen anything like this.

Quinn says she knows it and has the dental bills to prove it since she’s been on the receiving end of it but says he’ll be fine once they have Olivia back. Cyrus wakes Fitz and tells him to get to the situation room. Gus tells Olivia she was sold but she says there are 12 hours left. Gus says he got a buy it now offer and is suspending the auction. She asks who he sold her to and Gus says she’ll love this – it’s Iran.

He reminds her she smashed his head open and killed his best friend and asks who she thinks he was going to sell her to. In the situation room, they tell Fitz that Iran bought her. He says they need an extraction plan but they tell him that’s not possible. Fitz says there are no other options. They tell him that with her clearance, the policy is to neutralize the asset. The director of the CIA protests.

Cyrus tells her to leave. Huck interrupts Quinn and Jake who are arguing over who will buy Olivia. Huck says again that it doesn’t matter. He says that they will see Olivia as a tool. He says they can send her to Fitz part by part to get what they want. Huck says she will no longer be human or recognizable. Quinn tells him to stop it when he talks about taking her body parts.

Huck says hopefully they will just kill her. Quinn starts slapping him in the head and screams at him to shut up. Huck says Olivia is dead. Cyrus tells Fitz that he was right to say that to the CIA. He asks if Cyrus knew that Mellie meets every plane of military casualties. Cyrus did not know. Fitz says they have to get Olivia back because soldiers died. He says he killed mother’s sons trying to get her back.

He says they had the courage to give their lives because Fitz didn’t have the courage to give Liv’s. Mellie is at the air base when bodies of service men are delivered. She hugs a woman who has lost her husband and then children who have lost their parents. Cyrus promises he’ll do everything in his power to get her back. Fitz thanks him. He pats Fitz on the shoulder.

Olivia is unloaded from an SUV with a bag over her head. It’s pulled off and she can see who bought her. Just spit-balling here, but maybe her dad Rowan found a way to buy her so he can get some of his power back. He’d be just as bad (or worse) than Iran!