Scandal Recap – Fitz Puts a Ring On It: Season 4 Episode 17

Scandal Recap - Fitz Puts a Ring On It: Season 4 Episode 17 "Put a Ring on It"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday March 26, season 4 episode 17 called, “Put a Ring on It,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Olivia’s team advise Cyrus to get married ASAP after Michael gets involved in a sticky situation. Elsewhere, David [Joshua Malina] launches his plan to defeat B613.

On the last episode, Olivia sprang into action when she heard of a woman intending to expose sex secrets of some of DC’s most elite. Meanwhile, Elizabeth feared that Mellie’s sister could be detrimental to their political aspirations. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “when Michael gets himself in a bad situation, the Gladiators launch into damage control and put pressure on Cyrus to move up the wedding. Meanwhile, David takes the first step in executing his plan to take down B613.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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#Scandal starts with Olivia waking from a nightmare interwoven with angry thoughts about Fitz. Her phone bleeps with a text and she wakes. Quinn wakes beside Charlie also from a text. Abby is similarly woken. Leo asks why she’s up at 4 am and asks if the White House is on fire. She won’t say and leaves. Liv calls Cyrus and he wakes in a panic and asks her to say that again. He curses and a photo of he and his hubby falls to the floor.

They head to Olivia’s office – Huck found Michael and drags him in – says he was at the bar. Michael is angry and Cyrus says he’s in breach and wants that whore out of his house. Olivia says part of the contract is that he was supposed to be discreet. There’s videos of him making out with other dudes at a gay bar. Olivia tells Cyrus he needs to get married now this week and shut it down. Cyrus says it’s a shotgun wedding and she says he’s the pregnant bride.

Olivia says he needs to change the conversation and remind them it’s a love story. She says they need something splashy. She says they need to do it at the White House. Cyrus says they need tea party support for the bills and can’t screw up Mellie’s campaign. Cyrus says he won’t. Olivia goes to see Mellie and says she wants it at the White House and wants her to host it. She says it would be the perfect platform for her candidacy on a divisive issue.

Quinn and Huck go to the bartender and bribe him to say it was an innocent bachelor party. At a press conference, Mellie is asked about the Cyrus wedding. Olivia says she should break with Fitz’s opinion. Mellie says all Americans should be able to get married. Olivia says it should be her personal statement that love is love. Mellie says she’s not just attending the wedding, she’s hosting. Abby is dealing with press nightmares and Leo asks her about Cyrus and his rent boy. He says she’s doing great.

Cyrus lies awake thinking about his wife way back in the day. He’s worried over a suit but Janet encourages him. They share a laugh and he asks what he would do without her and she says he’d wear the wrong clothes. He says he needs her and then he asks her to marry him. He says he knew from the moment he met her. Janet freaks out then accepts his proposal. She says she’s Catholic and has been saving herself and can’t just get divorced. He tells her that she’s his soul mate.

Abby talks to Fitz who asks about the White House quickie wedding service. He says Abby should say his views remain unchanged and asks whose idea this is. She says Mellie but he doesn’t buy it and so she tells him it was Mellie. Abby goes before the press and they grill her on Mellie’s opinion versus Cyrus. Mellie tells Cyrus she’s doing this wedding before him. Michael freaks when he hears his parents were invited. Liv says they need them for optics and asks him to call them.

He asks Cyrus if they can do this without them and Cyrus tells him to stop whining. Cyrus is getting ready for his wedding ceremony and his groomsman Ronnie hits on him. Cyrus says that’s done and says to stay away from he and his wife from now on. Ronnie is hurt but agrees. Ethan shows Cyrus a news story. It’s Sally calling Michael a gigolo and talking about the lies. She laughs and says this is all a pack of lies and the White House a secret war room running the wedding to help him save face.

Sally offers a $10k reward for anyone that will show that their wedding is immortal and fraudulent. Cyrus starts to twitch and Liv tells him to breathe. His heart is acting up. Sally says American must arm itself with the truth. Mellie and Liz talk in her office and Liz isn’t happy. She says this is a terrible idea and she’s throwing in with Olivia without asking her. Mellie says she works for her and says not to judge or lecture her.

Mellie threatens to throw her out and Liz says she’ll take care of getting Michael’s parents there for the wedding. Olivia’s people and Cyrus talk to Michael to ask if there is anything Sally will find. Olivia later tells Huck to dig into Michael. They wonder who would give info to Sally and Olivia says someone who doesn’t know. It’s Leo – Abby confronts him and he says she shouldn’t have told him anything. Leo is working for her and she blows up. Leo says she would do the same.

He calls her a hypocritical secularist. She rifles his jacket when he leaves the room and finds his phone. Michael goes into the closet and Cyrus tells him to stay on the other side of the house. Cyrus thinks back to telling Janet they won. Janet is boozing and he says he knows he hasn’t been around but says Fitz won the campaign. Janet sits and tells him that her mother was a model and she knows she wasn’t that cute so she was happy when he proposed.

She says she never knew marriage should be different but now she knows. She says she thought drinking would make her brave and tells him she wants a divorce. She says she’s lonely there with him and says she barely knows him after 16 years. He begs her not to do this. He says it’s about to be his turn and says he’s going to run for Congress. She says at the least they can stop pretending with each other. She says he’s gay and she’s having an affair. He’s stunned.

Janet says goodbye and walks out. He blows up. Then he thinks about James. Michael says the laundry messed up and put some of his shirts in his closet and says he’ll be sure to stick to his side of the house. Huck says Michael has a second phone and he uses it to call Philip Reed. Abby says Sally has Philip Reed booked on her next show episode. Abby says she checked Leo’s phone. There’s a report about Sally blowing the lid off Cyrus’ wedding.

Olivia tells Mellie and Cyrus that Michael has been seeing Philip for seven months. Olivia says they’re not calling it off yet until she has tried everything. She leaves to go to work. Mellie is aggravated and mocks Olivia. Cyrus puts the photo of he and James back into a new frame and looks at it. He tells Olivia that James planned this whole wedding and now is going to stand him up. Liv says to talk to him. He finds James near the fountain.

James is worried about his journalistic credibility and Cyrus promises he will never ask him to compromise his principles and he promises him he’ll never ask him to influence his work. James is mollified and they go to get married. Cyrus thinks to himself about how much he broke that word. Olivia is dreaming again – the same bad stuff. She wakes gasping and thinks to putting rose petals on Cyrus and James’ bed. Fitz comes in and closes the door but she says to open it.

Fitz asks why she resigned and what he did wrong. He says he doesn’t know why she left the White House even if she didn’t want to be with him. Olivia says she can’t see him every day. Fitz looks at the rose petals and then sits a ring box down on the bed. He says it was his great grandmother’s and says she wore it at her debutante ball. He says he never gave it to Mellie because it never felt right. He says now he knows why and says it was supposed to go to her.

Olivia looks at the box and he says she doesn’t have to love or come back to him but says if she could wear this and he knew it, it would be okay even if she hates him. He says then he’ll know she’s still out there. She picks up the ring box and opens it. It’s a set of interlocking rings made into one. The ring is named doux bebe – it means sweet baby. Fitz says he wants her to be happy. She kisses him and says she could never hate him then pulls him into a hug and cries.

Now, Olivia goes searching for the ring. She looks all around her apartment and finally finds it. She goes to the White House to see Fitz. She says she needs to ask him for something for Cyrus. He says anything but she says not to say that yet. She says they need a bargaining chip. He stares at her empty finger but signs the document. He says she went behind his back to Mellie and she says she did. He says it was a nice move. She leaves the Oval.

Olivia goes to see Sally and says she came to talk to her about Philip Reed. She calls her a piece of fluff. Olivia asks what she wants and says this can’t be what she really wants – being on a crappy talk show. Olivia says the only area that Fitz topped her as foreign policy. She says a couple of years as Secretary of State would take care of that. She says she could still be the first female president but the more time she spends there, the less electable she is.

Sally says this is Calgary for her and says she has plenty of influence. She points to her host chair and says it’s the real seat of power. Sally walks away to take a call. Olivia goes to see Cyrus and says she struck out with Sally. Cyrus says he’s not ready to leave the White House yet. Olivia says they can play the victim card and say he cheated on him and broke his heart. Olivia says the press will destroy Michael. Cyrus is happy even though Michael will be thrown to the wolves.

He says to get him a dinner seat with his parents near a window. They dine with Michael’s parents and it’s terribly awkward. Michael didn’t know his dad retired and then his dad rants and says they’re not getting away with anything. He says they’re not okay with this and the parents reveal that Liz paid them to come and that’s why they are there. His dad says they spend big money sending Michael to camps to try and fix him. Cyrus sees him struggling.

His mom says to smile for the camera so they can get the money. Cyrus rethinks his plan. Michael comes in later and asks if he can borrow some of Cyrus’ shampoos and says he’s out. He trips and spills his shave kit. Cyrus goes to help him but Michael shoves him away and says not to help him. Cyrus thinks to packing for St Barts on their honeymoon and James tells him no packing a tie. His phone chirps and Cyrus sits and gasps.

He says Britta Kagen is writing a story on Fitz’s immigration policy then Cyrus asks James to shut it down. He says the president is working on immigration policy that will pass and make a difference. He says if this story runs, he’ll be forced to push through a half ass bill and immigration will be dead. He says more things will be killed in his path. Cyrus says he wants them to be happy on their honeymoon but this story could tank it. James says he’ll try.

He goes to make a call and Cyrus ticks the tie back into his suitcase. Now, he loosens his tie and thinks back on his actions with James. Next day, Cyrus watches them all talk about the Michael cheating story. Liv comes in and sees Cyrus looking uncomfortable. She tells the others there’s been a change of plans. He nods and she says they’re not throwing Michael under the bus and need to figure out how to stop Sally. Olivia goes back to see her.

Olivia says she’ll reveal her sham marriage to Daniel and says she has proof. She shows her Michael’s client list and says her husband was a repeat customer of Michael’s. Sally says there was a last minute cancellation. She says Philip Reed’s claims could not be verified but says this administration should know she’s watching them. Leo asks Abby how Olivia shut her down and she tells him about Daniel. Cyrus finds Michael fretting.

Michael says he always pictured his wedding even when his parents were awful and kids threw rocks at him. He says he believed someone would love him and care about him. He says Cyrus hates him and would murder him with his bare hands. He says this is the day he’s been dreaming of and he has nothing. Cyrus sits down by him and says he’s wrong. He says he would never murder him personally and says it’s a rookie move and he would hire it out.

Cyrus says both of his other marriages began with lies. He says he could tell him they may fall in love and live happily ever after. Cyrus says he won’t lie and says they won’t fall in love but that’s a relief to him because he can’t disappoint and hurt him more than he already has. He says he can’t destroy his image of him or break his heart or damage his soul. He says since Michael doesn’t believe in him, he can see what a filthy monster that Cyrus is.

He tells Michael that he’s a good person and he knows that and says Ella could use a good person in her life. Cyrus says he can only promise that he may not do it well but will do his best to be his someone. He says Michael is not alone. Michael is all teared up. He lays his head on Cyrus’ shoulder and he hugs him while Michael cries. Cyrus tells him to sign the marriage certificate so they can do this. Mellie addresses the group and talks about true love. Fitz is there too.

Cyrus and Michael exchange their vows as he thinks about his wedding to Janet and James. Ella plays with James and we see photos of the ceremony. Fitz looks at Liv who stares back. She lets him see she has his ring on her finger and offers the tiniest of smiles.