Scandal Recap – Lena Dunham Guests as a Mega-Perv: Season 4 Episode 16 “It’s Good to Be Kink”

Scandal Recap - Lena Dunham Guests as a Mega-Perv: Season 4 Episode 16 "It's Good to Be Kink"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday March 19, season 4 episode 16 called, “It’s Good to Be Kink,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, a woman wants to expose sex secrets, which could be damaging to aristocracy of Washington, D.C., so Olivia [Kerry Washington] works on stopping this threat. Meanwhile, Elizabeth [Portia de Rossi] has concerns about Mellie’s [Bellamy Young] sister and how she could negatively impact their political plans.

On the last episode, David Rosen was caught off guard when a surprise visitor revealed insider information about B613 that could take down the White House and destroy Pope & Associates. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Olivia springs into action when she hears of a woman intending to expose sex secrets of some of DC’s most elite. Meanwhile, Elizabeth fears that Mellie’s sister could be detrimental to their political aspirations.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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#Scandal starts with Leo and Abby arguing. He says no minors were involved and no money changed hands. She asks what’s wrong with him. He says he did nothing illegal but she says it’s not good and he’s disgusting. Leo says he’s sorry and she says he should know better. She says he’s sub-disgusting. He says he didn’t have to tell her and he says he’s going to take care of it before it goes further. Abby says she will take care of it. He says this is what he does but she says not this time and says he can’t clean up his own mess. She says she’s in charge, calls him disgusting and storms out.

Abby goes to see Liv and says Leo was sent this book proposal form a friend. Olivia asks who this woman is and she says it’s a woman that just slept around DC a lot. Abby says it’s not fake and was sent to all the major publishers. She says the part about the dustbuster guy. Abby tells her to look away then says Leo is the dustbuster. Olivia sighs and is stunned. She asks if Abby is sure or really sure. Abby says she knows Leo and says that book is real that means there are 16 others. Abby says she came to retain Abby to shut it down so it doesn’t ruin her career.

Olivia goes to see Suzanne Thomas who is thrilled to see her. She asks Liv if she’s there to be her publicist. Olivia asks if these men violated her, forced her or embarrassed her. She says no then Olivia asks why she’s embarrassing them. Suzanne says she used code names. Olivia says she’s ruining people for profit and publicity. She tells her she’s going to call the publisher and call it off. She tells her to make the book disappear. Olivia says if she doesn’t she’ll be the problem and she’ll find a way to destroy her. Olivia calls Abby and says it’s taken care of. She tells Abby it’s on the house.

David meets with Huck and says Jake is still thinking about it. Huck says he needs immunity. David says that can’t happen yet but Huck insists and says he wants it know. David says they have a plan. Huck says if the plan involves him, he has to give him immunity. David says starting the immunity process will get them all killed but Huck insists. David caves. Quinn asks Huck where he’s been and he says he’s been at the dentist. She doesn’t buy it. Suzanne shows up and says she was upset but learned a lot from their conversation. She says she won’t publish the book for $3 million.

She says whoever hired her can afford to pay $3 million and says she would have made that from publishing it. Olivia asks if she knows what they’re going to call her and says it’s going to be whore. Suzanne asks when she became afraid and says she used to be a bad ass. She says she and Ruth Bader Ginsberg are all they have in this town. She says power used to come out of her pores. Olivia says she’s trying to protect her and Suzanne says she’s a dried up prude who is shaking her finger at her. Suzanne says he has no shame about doing kinky things with random men.

She asks Olivia where her power went and why she’s afraid of life. Suzanne says it’s her body and her life. She says she can call her a whore but also call her an author and a business woman. She sees Huck on her way out and gives him a heavy look and introduces herself. He takes a deep breath and says he’s Huck. He’s totally digging her vibe. At the White House, Abby says Congress won’t vote for body cams but Fitz says he promised Clarence Parker. Cyrus says they’ll push.

Mellie shows up and she tells them she’s running for Senator of Virginia. Abby says good for her. Mellie says she wants Leo Bergen but Abby says he can’t and is out of the country. Mellie says back to the drawing board. Over at Liv’s office, they work up Sue who is a chemistry major graduate and got fired last month for insubordination. She’s active on social media especially a kink site. They need the book to find the men. Quinn searched the girl’s computer and they figure out it’s typed on a Selectric.

They make a fake profile to entice Sue out of her apartment since she usually stays home. They get Charlie to act as their fake guy – Colt. Huck goes to break into her place while Sue meets with Charlie to talk and maybe do some kink. He has no luck so far. Quinn watches Charlie and Sue. Huck finds all sorts of bondage gear and then finally finds the book. Charlie tells her he’s a spy and she asks how he’d get her secrets. He says he would tie her up to then says he would use a nail gun to tack her feet to the floor. That’s enough and Sue walks out. Quinn warns Huck who finishes scanning it and heads out.

Jake reports to Fitz on Liv’s activity. He says she goes out sometimes for wine and occasionally gets takeout. He says mentally she seems off and carries her gun. Jake says the international crime community chatter is low and she seems to be off their radar. Fitz asks him to stay on her. Olivia hands out copies of the book to Abby, Huck and Quinn. They go to work trying to ID the perverts Sue hooked up with. Liv says they know who the dustbuster is. They think Agent Orange is a Senator. Then they find a guy with the IMF is another called Slapjack.

Butterfinger is Secretary of the Interior. Motorhead is the Ambassador from Argentina. Sit and Spin is the DEA director. The Gulch is the Energy Secretary. They have one left – The Doctor and they can’t figure it out. They ponder. Abby says OMG. Then she flips back to Chapter Seven and says it’s not his occupation, it’s his initials. It’s David Rosen. He tells Olivia he was substitute teaching then. Abby tells David he’s disgusting. Cyrus meets with Lizzie at the playground and she’s not happy to see him. He says he never liked the swings and was more a jungle gym guy.

He says she’s a traitor but needs Republican votes. She says she’s on leave for the RNC and he reminds her she works for him and tells her to get off her ass and get him the body cam votes. Olivia brings in the book men who are all angry. She tells them to calm down. She says Sue will sell the book for $3 million and says the manuscript will be destroyed. Another says he doesn’t have $175k lying around. Leo says he has more than that lying around in sex toys. Liv tells them all to shut it and says it’s the best solution. Leo is first to raise his hand. David says it’s not happening.

He says it’s illegal and her asking for the money is extortion. He tells one he’s a justice of the Supreme Court. He says none of them should be involved. He says as the Attorney General they shouldn’t do it and storms out. Huck rants to David and says if the book comes out, he’s over. Huck says he needs immunity and David says he won’t be able to get him out of a parking ticket. Huck asks what’s the point of all this if he can’t go home. Quinn tells Huck she followed him and knows he’s still working with David on B613. He says he wants to go home and if David loses his job, the next AG will prosecute him.

He tells Quinn not to follow him. Leo rants and says Abby has two chapters of sex in that book and she calls him disgusting. He says she’s responsible for teaching David all the stuff he did in Chapter 7. She says shut up so she can write her resignation letter. He says it’s his life going to crap not hers. She says what happens to him happens to her. He says he appreciates her loyalty but she says they write about her personally. She says there is stuff about her being too skinny and says his name is in every article about her. She says they need to report that a man who wants her.

Abby says she stands at the most powerful podium of the world but is referred to as Leo Bergen’s GF. She says her life doesn’t revolve around him but you wouldn’t know that. She says when they write about Leo, they don’t talk about his clothes or thighs. She says that’s why she’s writing a letter of resignation.

Olivia tells Huck that David was right and that they can’t cave to extortion. Huck says they should cover it up and Liv asks what else they can do. Quinn says Sue said it was all she has now anyway. They wonder what they know except about her sex life. They dig into her life. Cyrus yells at Abby and he asks where she’s been. She says she needs to warn him about something. He says he can’t wait. She fills him in. She says if the book comes out it will raise questions about her choices. She says she’s sorry.

He says she’ll be the 5th press secretary and two died. He tells her to tell her when he needs to pull the trigger. He says to get it out that he has more pressing matters. Liv sits with an unopened bottle of wine then read the book instead. We see her at a bar and a guy asking if she’s waiting for someone. He introduces himself as Russell and she says she’s Alex. She says she hasn’t decided if she’s waiting on someone. He says he can tell her his best stories and she can tell him his. She says she’s not waiting for anybody. She tells him they can get a cab and head to her place. Sexual healing plays.

She goes to the bathroom to freshen up and looks at herself in the mirror. She touches the sink and thinks about herself being back in the bathroom in her prison. She freaks out. She runs out the back exit through the kitchen. Huck comes in and says he did some digging at the EPA’s HR and found out why she was fired. Sue shows up and asks if she has her money. Liv tells her she knows she’s angry and wants control but not at the men in her book. She says Sue wants to get back at the guy who fired her.

She says Jim Sanders heard she was wild in the sack and wanted her too but she said not so he canned her. Then he black balled her and said he stole her intellect. Olivia says that’s what she needs not money or notoriety. She tells her to publish the book and be stuck in this moment do it. She says if she wants real justice, they can take her boss on and fix this. Sue tells them what happened and says HR said they would investigate but fired her. She says she couldn’t get a job in her field after that. Irene is there to take her statement and is filing a lawsuit.

Olivia also has interviews for her several in scientific positions and one at the Washington Post. Sue is thrilled and hugs Olivia and thanks her. Cyrus meets Olivia with $3 million. She asks if they’re running away and he says it’s to take care of Abby’s pickle. He says he needs her and says it’s weird times at the White House. He says Mellie is running for Senate and Jake and Fitz have a bromance. She says she doesn’t care about any of it. She says it’s all in her rear view and she’s moving forward. He asks towards what. She tells him to take care and he says she forgot the money. She says she fixed it.

He asks if she’s buying the book. Abby says Cyrus just wanted the book for dirt on the men. Liv say this town has a bad heart and walks off. Back at the White House, Liz brings Mellie some info and says she knows she’s running for Senate. She says she can’t be Cyrus’ bitch anymore and needs some power and an ally. She tells Mellie she needs her for her Presidential run. She says she needs a campaign manager who will do what it takes. Liz tells her she’s the person she wants in her corner. Mellie takes the folder and Liz sits.

Huck and Quinn go to Sue’s place and she screams for help. A guy has her at knife point – it’s Double Stuff from the book. Huck tells the guy to leave and says it never happened. She freaks out and Quinn slices her throat. He says she would have talked. Quinn says he liked her – she was nice and smart but eventually she would have talked and told her stories and he couldn’t let her take down Rosen and his future. He says he didn’t want to but he had to.

Quinn is furious but grabs the manuscript and says they need to go. Huck kneels by the body and says – I’m sorry Sue. Olivia rants to Quinn about Sue’s murder and says they need to give the detective the names of all the men in the book. Quinn shows her she has the book and says she has all the copies. Liv asks if she knows who did it. Quinn says it doesn’t matter. Quinn says Sue is not her client – Abby is. She says Abby is family.
She says she will do what she says but know that justice for Sue comes at a cost to Abby and her family. Quinn walks out. Huck waits in David’s office and he hands him the immunity agreement and says it’s blanket protection. He asks if Huck heard about Sue and says it makes him feel guilty and dirty. He says he did nothing wrong by sleeping with her and wished he didn’t know that someone slit her throat. He said he followed the law. Huck signs the paper.

David says he feels like he had some hand in her murder. Huck continues to sign the agreement. David says he just called her kinky Sue and bent her around. He asks if Huck knows that sense of guilt over nothing. Huck is done signing and goes to leave. David asks where he’s going and Huck says he’s going home. Abby asks what kind of person Sue was. He says she was deeply perverted but very nice and smart. He says he was sick once and she brought him soup.

He’s shocked that she read the whole book and she says cover to cover. She says that book was good. Abby says chapter five alone and he asks her to tell him then starts kissing him. She says to have some respect for Sue. He says if Sue was here, what would she be doing. Abby tells him to go the kitchen and undress and get the butter. Leo says he likes it already. Liv sits twirling the flash drive of the book. She locks the hard copy and flash drive in her safe. She looks at her white hat and thinks.

Later, she’s at the bar and sees Russell. He says she disappeared and he thought he dreamed her up. He asks if she’s waiting on someone. She takes him home and they get passionate. Fitz asks Jake how she is and he says she’s okay. Fitz asks if she’s doing better mentally. Jake says nothing to report. Liv tells Russell to get in her room and get naked. Fitz and Jake drink and chat. Russell takes his clothes off while she grabs wine glasses and kicks the door closed.