Scandal Recap – Olivia Prevents a Ferguson: Season 4 Episode 14 “The Lawn Chair”

Scandal Recap - Olivia Prevents a Ferguson: Season 4 Episode 14 "The Lawn Chair"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday March 5, season 4 episode 14 called, “The Lawn Chair,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, an unfortunate event occurs in Washington, D.C., and it becomes the focal point of national news.

On the last episode, the bidding on Olivia continued, and her team strove to rescue her, but folks at the White House worried the outcome wouldn’t be good. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “an unfortunate event occurs in Washington, D.C., and it becomes the focal point of national news. Meanwhile, the White House must figure out how to handle the vice president.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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On #Scandal, Jake tells Olivia she needs a war buddy to talk about her trauma but she says she’s in the resting stage, not the talking stage. She tells him she’s not even working and says she’s at home in bed. Jake agrees to let her rest when she promises to call tomorrow. Of course Liv is not in bed, she’s meeting Chief Connors at a crime scene to talk about 17 year old Brandon Parker. The kid pulled a knife and the cop shot him.

He says they have a dead black kid killed by a white officer. She’s concerned about the optics and tells him they need to get the body off the street now. Brandon’s dad is there with a shotgun and demands to see the cop that shot his son. Olivia tries to talk the chief down. She says if he shoots him every cell phone in the area will capture it on video. Olivia steps out and calls to Mr Parker. He says his name is Clarence. He asks if she shot his son and she says no.

Clarence says one of the cops murdered his son and she offers to have the Attorney General investigate the crime scene. Clarence asks who she is and she says she’s Olivia Pope but says he has to hand over his gun first. He says no one gets his gun. Olivia makes a call to David Rosen and says she promised the dad it would be him. He says she can’t promise him and says he has a meeting. He ends the call but says he’ll send someone.

Cyrus, David and Fitz meet to discuss what they can do about Andrew. David says they can argue that even though Andrew is alive, it’s a vacancy and Fitz should be able to nominate someone. Fitz suggests Abernathy or Bascombe. Cyrus says those choices are vanilla and old. Fitz says he promised Mellie she was next so he doesn’t want to put up any competition. Cyrus says it will be an uphill battle for Mellie to take the White House. Fitz says to vet them.

Assistant US Attorney Ellison – shows up at the crime scene and says David sent her. She says David is not available. Chief Connors is not happy to see a local activist called Marcus Walker who walks toward the crime scene with a lawn chair and records him. Olivia goes over and says he needs to get back behind the tape but Clarence wants him to say. Olivia points out Ellison and says that he has the support and oversight of the federal government.

Marcus asks who hired Olivia and accuses her of playing both sides. Marcus says she already didn’t deliver the one thing she promised – getting the AG there. Marcus hands Clarence the lawn chair and says he brought it so Clarence would be comfortable while he watched over his son’s body. Clarence sets the chair over his son’s body and sits down with his gun in hand. The neighbors all cheer for him in support. Marcus stirs up the crowd.

Olivia calls Quinn and Huck to find out who Marcus is and his background. He grew up in Rosemead, graduated from Georgetown and hosts a podcast. She asks about Clarence and Huck says he’s a bank clerk with a clean record who raised the boy alone after his wife died when Brandon was 5. Marcus starts a chant “stand up, fight back, no more black men under attack.” He easily gets the crowd riled up. This all goes down in the shadow of the White House.

Abby tells the press that it’s a local law enforcement matter. Fitz wants to say something but Cyrus says he can’t risk vilifying law enforcement. The shooting officer, Jeff, meets with Olivia and says he got the call about the kid and said he just stopped and asked where he got the cell phone box and says he talked to Brandon but he got hostile. He says he just asked to see the box and says he charged him and reached in his pocket for a knife. Jeff says he thought his life was in danger and that’s why he shot.

They discuss that the knife must be on the boy’s body at the crime scene. Jeff says he feel horrible about it. Chief Connors looks on with concern. Olivia tasks Huck to find security camera footage for all the businesses. Huck says they’re on it. Marcus asks Olivia for the cop’s name. He says they want justice. Olivia says he doesn’t want justice, he wants anger and retribution. Olivia says this is not his platform and says if a father is gunned down next to his son, it will be a tragedy.

He says she has a Prada purse and has probably never been in this neighborhood. He says he doesn’t think she’s a down ass chick and is more into a white Republican president. He says her black card isn’t getting validated today. He says she can’t go back to the Hill and tell them she fixed everything in the hood. The news reports the name of the officer – Jeffrey Newton. Connors is angry and says they look like the enemy and says they must want a riot. He says he’s going to clear the mob and shut this down.

Olivia says he can’t do that. She says there is a dead child in front of these people’s homes. She says they are not a mob, they are Americans. She reminds him he hired her to tell him what to do and she says not to do this. She finds Marcus and accuses him of leaking Jeffrey’s name. She says it was low and he says so is shooting an unarmed child. Senator Susan Ross from Virginia corners Mellie at an event to talk about vaccinations.

She says there is a whole population of people who need boosters. Roslyn Mendez, governor of new Mexico, records a video saying she’s in DC and says she can’t sleep because Clarence is sitting over his son’s body. She says her parents were treated poorly because they were immigrants and says the police didn’t protect them because they were from Mexico. Mendez says we all matter. Fitz says he wishes they could say that. Cyrus says he should nominate her for VP since she’s a Republican.

Cyrus says she’s the future of their party but Fitz pushes back. Olivia brings Clarence a sandwich where he sits over his son’s dead body. He says he never let his son leave the house without saying where he was going and never slept until his son was home. He says he didn’t let him go around girls either. He says he just wanted to get him to 18 without him getting dead or locked up. He tells her that he used to buy old electronics at the thrift store for him to take it apart to see how it worked.

He says he wanted to become an electrical contractor. He says he put a college sticker on his truck so if the cops pulled him over they would think he was a college student and not a thug. Clarence says and there his son is dead on the cold street. Olivia says they’re going to get to the bottom of this so he can bury his son. He says this only ends with him dead or locked up because that’s the way things go around here. Olivia calls Quinn who says Huck is still looking for footage.

She asks Quinn what’s on TV and she says it’s not on TV, just news about the vice president. Olivia says she knows what Connors is doing forcing the press back so he can go into the crowd with riot gear. Connors asks whose side she’s on and she says – not his – and goes to join the protestors. The cops in riot gear line up. With her there, Connors is forced to call back the riot plan since he can’t run over the president’s GF with riot police.

Mellie comes to Fitz angry that he’s vetting Mendez. She says he promised her a boring VP. She rants and says she prostituted herself to get Olivia back. She says they had a deal and stomps out. Huck calls and says the police took the security footage. They agree that it doesn’t look good. Olivia goes to see David and says she wants the footage. She says she’s not working for the DCPD anymore. She says that man standing over his son’s body knows he’s going to end up dead or in jail.

Olivia says she can’t tell him that he’s wrong. She says David protects people that look like him. David says this is the last thing she needs after her ordeal. She sits and tells him she thought she was going to die. She says she thought she was a goner and lived in complete and total fear. She says imagine feeling like that every single day of your life. David asks what she wants and she says – a subpoena. David sens out the order asking for the surveillance footage.

Olivia shows it to Marcus and Clarence. It does look like he’s pulling something. Olivia says he pulled something but Clarence insists that his son didn’t carry a knife. She says they have to move his son to check for a knife. Clarence thinks and then stands up. Cops hide behind cars. Clarence moves the lawn chair. He kneels by his son and touches his body with a shaking hand. Marcus offers to help him. They turn the boy over and sure enough, there’s a knife.

Olivia tells Clarence that he needs to go home. Clarence says he doesn’t carry a knife. Clarence holds the gun and points it at the cops and yells out that his son doesn’t carry a knife. Olivia says he just needs some space. Clarence says again that his son doesn’t carry a knife. Olivia says she and Marcus are going to step away but then he needs to lower his gun. She tells him to lower it nice and slow. He does as she asked. He steps over his son’s body and screams “he doesn’t carry a knife.”

He sets the lawn chair back over his son’s body. The police tell the people to disperse. Marcus says these people are going to get tear gassed. Olivia says Clarence may get shot if he doesn’t stand down. Marcus says he doesn’t want to see the city burn. Fitz watches the news when Cyrus rushes in and says he thinks Mellie leaked some dirt on Mendez. He says she’s off the table because she owns a prison. Fitz says they’ll deal with it tomorrow.

Mellie tells Fitz she didn’t do it. He says he did. He says her video was a naked power grab and says Mendez is as bad as Sally or Andrew. He says they need to pick a VP that won’t get in her way. She says she has someone who’s perfect and completely unelectable. Jake rants that Quinn and Huck let Olivia go down into the middle of that mess when she’s still exhausted over her ordeal. Huck says he thinks the cops are still hiding something and they watch the footage.

Turns out Jeff booked another suspect and had someone in the back of his police car whose knife he planted on Brandon and let the guy go in exchange for his silence. David Rosen is there with his men and they found David Durant the guy that Jeff had arrested. He calls Olivia “you people” and says you have no idea what loyalty or respect is and says she was pushing her own agenda. Olivia says she wants the truth. Jeffrey says those people in Rosemead have no respect.

He says they are taught to question and disobey him but still he risks his life for them. He says he protects them from themselves. He says it’s crap. He says there were 84 murders in the city and those were blacks killing blacks and says he’s not the animal. He says those people out there chanting didn’t teach him the right way to behave. He says Brandon’s blood is not on his hands. Wow! The black cops in the precinct did not like his rant at all.

Senator Susan Ross is in the Oval Office being chatted up. Fitz asks if she knows why she’s there. She says she brought the slides about her vaccination proposal but then is shocked when Fitz asks her to be the new Vice President. She asks why. She says she’s a terrible choice and just got elected. He says he’s asking her because she’s not a politician. She says she doesn’t want to be president and says he has the worst job in the entire world and says VP is probably worse.

She says she wants to make a difference and says she wants to work on the war in West Angola and the war going on down the street. She says she can’t imagine what that man is going through then says she would kill herself. Then she stops herself and says she knows they know and says that’s why he doesn’t want her to be VP. She says she has no filter and Fitz says they need more of that. Then he asks her about her vaccination plan.

David announces that Jeffrey has been arrested for perjury, conspiracy to obstruct justice and other charges. He says they are also investigating the DCPD. He says none of that makes up for the loss of Brandon. Olivia shows Clarence that Brandon was reaching for the receipt to show him that he had bought the cell phone. Olivia says she man that shot his son is behind bars. Clarence lays his rifle aside and puts a comforting hand on his son.

Clarence stands by Olivia and she tells him no one is going to arrest him. She tells him – let’s go – and takes his arm. They walk away from his son’s body. Olivia rides with him and he asks where they’re going. He says it’s not his neighborhood and she says it’s not. He sees the White House. She walks him inside. She takes him directly to the White House to talk to Fitz. He tells Clarence he’s so sorry for his loss. He tells Fitz that his son’s name was Brandon. He cries and Fitz holds him while he sobs.

David says our laws failed Brandon and they can only hope to understand why. Later, Olivia lies in bed awake. Brandon’s body is finally taken up out of the street after crime scene photos are taken.