Scandal Recap Kidnapping Resolution: Season 4 Episode 13 “No More Blood”

Scandal Recap Kidnapping Resolution: Season 4 Episode 13 "No More Blood"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday February 19, season 4 episode 13 called, “No More Blood,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, the bidding on Olivia [Kerry Washington] continues.

On the last episode, Olivia outsmarted her captors, but only temporarily. Meanwhile, Jake, Huck and Quinn seek an old pal’s assistance; and Cyrus had to take control when Fitz is pushed to his limits. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “the bidding on Olivia continues, and her team strive to rescue her, but folks at the White House worry the outcome won’t be good.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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Olivia is delivered to her buyer but she says the men who brought her will kill them as soon as they get the money. Olivia sows discord by speaking in a foreign language to the buyer’s representative. She then tells Gus that they’re going to pull a fast one so she told them they had backup. Olivia’s telling lies all over to save her ass. The woman pulls a gun and says everyone is going to go their own ways. Gus grabs Olivia and says they have to go before they realize they have no back up. Impressive. She managed to tank the sale to buy herself more time.

Abby wants into the Oval but Charlotte says it’s a Class Five meeting. The meeting ends and Mellie, Cyrus, Fitz and others come out. Abby asks Cyrus if it’s about Olivia and he says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He says he hopes she’s not talking about classified matters that would result in her firing and arrest. Quinn drinks and thinks about Huck saying that Olivia is as good as dead. Jake comes in and asks why she’s not answering the phone.

Quinn asks if he has another version of – your boss is dead. Jake says the Iranians dropped out and Olivia is okay for now. Quinn sobs in relief. Jake tries to touch her shoulder but she slaps his hand away then turns and cries into his chest. Huck comes to the door. Andrew is pleased the Mellie has brought him an amnesty agreement. She says it’s contingent on getting Olivia back safe and sound. He acts smug and Mellie says this next part is going to be hard for him.

She tells him he’s an also-ran and that it’s never been about him and that’s what haunts him and what drove this Olivia shenanigan. She says this is as high as he will ever go. She says if he tries to go any higher, he will be shot down. Andrew says he’ll be fine because he can whisper in a reporter’s ear and tell them how rough she likes it and what filthy names she likes to be called. He says he’ll make sure she’s never President either. He says to tell Fitz he hopes he gets his girlfriend back.

Fitz talks to the CIA chief Lowry about an extraction plan for Olivia. The Joint Chiefs are there too. The CIA chief says she has another presentation before she answers. She says during Olivia’s tenure in the White House she had access to high level red zone information. She says the information Olivia has would be catastrophic. Lowry rattles off a list of the dangers associated with any country that buys Olivia. She says that’s the good news. She says they will ask for outrageous things to return her.

She lists of what Russia, Isis and Pakistan would want – it’s all terrible. Lowry says there is about a 30% chance of getting Olivia out using their best SEALs. Fitz thinks and says good. He says to let him know when they have a bead on her location. Fitz orders the extraction even though Cyrus, the Joint Chiefs and Lowry are all stunned. Cyrus sighs and looks around the room unhappily. Later, Fitz says Lowry is being efficient, not creative. Cyrus sits in shocked silence then snaps.

He calls Fitz a moron and a child. Cyrus says the finest minds in the government have told him what needs to happen. Cyrus tells him that Fitz is all he has to show for his entire life and says he made him a leader of men and this is what he leaves him with. Cyrus yells no then says he quits. He storms out of the Oval and says he can take his flowers and love conquers all and choke on it. Fitz speaks Cyrus’ name – the rant was all in his head. He tells Fitz those are all excellent points.

Mellie greets Liz formally then when the servant leaves, she tells Liz she needs to shut down Andrew. She tells her to take care of it. She says Andrew knows Cyrus got to her. Mellie says she slept with that dirt bag to save Liz’s life and the life of her child from that psycho that tore up her back. She tells Liz to – show some solidarity sister. Huck tells Jake they need to get back on the dark net for when the auction goes live again. Jake tells him that B613 did the same thing to him as they did to Huck.

He says he was in the hole, had to slaughter people and says it feels good – the music of screams. Jake says for him, it was the sound of a cleanly snapped bone. He says if you lick their tears when it happens, it’s better. Jake says B613 put a beast in him too but he never lets him out anymore. He says the beast is not allowed out to play and tells Huck he needs to lock his up too. He says otherwise, one day, the beast will lock him up and he’ll never be strong enough to get out.

Huck says Liv locks up his dark side but Jake says he needs to learn to do it on his own. Huck tells Quinn the auction is back on. She says if we lose Liv for good, she knows how much Huck needs her. She says that she needs him. She says he’s Liv’s puppy, but she’s kind of Huck’s. Huck says it won’t happen again. Quinn says she needs him to say that he won’t kill anyone if the lose Liv. He repeats it. She says no more blood. He repeats it and says he promises.

Liz shows up and asks to speak to Huck in private without him doing anything to her. He says – we can speak. Abby rants to David that they’re locking her out. She asks if David has heard anything but he says at one point, it will be easier to neutralize the asset and cut Olivia loose since she’s the leash that holds him. Abby says Fitz wouldn’t do that. He says he’s thinking worst case. Liz tells Huck that Andrew signed an amnesty deal.

She says she doesn’t sleep and the man responsible for all of this is about to skate. Huck asks if she’s looking for justice. She says she’s not asking him to do anything he doesn’t usually do and offers to pay him. He asks if she wants him to kill Andrew. She says he should make him hurt but Huck says he’s sorry, he doesn’t do that anymore., he walks away and slams the door behind him. He slams into the room with Quinn and says Liz didn’t want anything.

Quinn, Jake and Huck watch as the auction starts and North Korea enters the opening bid. Cyrus speaks to Lowry and says they are screwed as long as Olivia is out there and says they need to take care of it. He says they must do what Fitz cannot do and says they may need to neutralize the asset. Lowry agrees and says she’ll get the ball rolling. Abby sees Lowry leaving Cy’s office and goes to confront him. She accuses him of working behind Fitz’s back and scheming to kill Olivia.

Cyrus says she has no security clearance to discuss this and Abby says she can just go tell Fitz. He threatens to have her arrested as an enemy of the street. Cyrus says Olivia is his friend and godmother to his baby but says the fate of the nation is more important than the life of one individual. He says if Olivia sells in the auction, she has to die. Mike, Pete and Gus are thrilled with the auction. Isis is outbidding everyone. Jake tells Huck to push Isis out.

Gus sees a new bidder – Marie Wallace – and bids $1 billion. Olivia recognizes her name. The Chechens top the bid but Isis is out. Huck bids $2 billion. There are 20 seconds left. Pete says the Russians just matched it. There is a tie for $2 billion. Quinn says it’s them and a group out of St Petersburg. Gus asks Olivia what they should do. She says if Marie Wallace is trying to stage a comeback, she can’t afford to lose. She advises him to take her bid then demand more at the drop.

Gus says that makes a lot of sense. Then he sees a look on her face. He says he doesn’t know who Marie Wallace is, but can tell that’s where she wants to go. He tells Mike and Pete to tell the Russians they won. Jake, Quinn and Huck are horrified that it didn’t go their way.

Abby shows up at Olivia’s office to talk to the gang. Huck says they lost. Abby sits and sighs. She says they’re going to kill her. Jake says the Russians won’t do it but Abby says the CIA. She says Cyrus is going to kill Olivia so they can’t use her as a bargaining chip. Abby says it’s time for a Plan B or Hail Mary. Abby comes to see Fitz and says he needs to hear this. Cyrus walks in and tells Abby to get to the bullpen to work on numbers. Huck puts on a bag and Quinn says he promised no more blood. He says – no more blood. Huck has Andrew bound and gagged naked and wrapped in Saran Wrap. He shoots him full of a drug then when he’s out, he unwraps the plastic and lets him collapse to the floor. Liz watches in horror. He tells her to call 911 and say the VP collapsed then tells her they’re good now. True to his word, there’s no blood, but Andrew looked terrified before Huck drugged him.

She rushes to do as instructed. Cyrus says the CIA is trying to locate Olivia for a dawn extraction and Fitz says to get her home safe. Abby calls David and she asks if he has any contacts at Interpol. Jake goes to see Maya about the Chechens. He tells her that there’s a missile headed for Olivia. She says Prescott Lake – it’s in Canada. Jake heads up there and finds Rowan. He says he’s there about Olivia and says she was kidnapped and has been sold to the highest bidder.

Rowan laughs heartily and says it’s unbelievable. Rowan says he’s been gone a week and Jake let her get taken. Jake says they were professionals and Rowan says Jake is obviously not. Rowan talks about fishing and says it’s a precise sport but most people think it’s lazy. He talks about casting, the lure, the location, the flick of the wrist. He says it’s not luck but you can’t know by how much. Rowan says people are monotonous and endlessly disappointing because you hope they want be.

Rowan says this is all predictable and why he is fishing. He says he’s never disappointed out there and can be hopeful out there even in failure. Jake says – she’s your daughter – but Rowan says – I don’t have a daughter. Gus tells the guys to pack up so they can go. Olivia stares at the car keys the nabs them. Gus tells Pete and Mike to shut up their bickering or he’ll kill them both. Olivia runs for the door but Gus knocks her down.

The keys fall out of her hand and he says if she wanted to drive, she only had to ask. Abby heads to the CIA. The guard asks if she has an appointment. She tells him she’s the White House press secretary but he won’t let her through. She calls Cyrus but he doesn’t take the call. Cyrus and Lowry watch the caravan that meets to meet Olivia. Lowry says if the exchange happens, they’re launching missiles. Cyrus says that’s what they agreed on.

Gus and the gang pull up at the site. A soldier says the target is locked. Cyrus says to zoom in all the way and says not to fire. He says he knows that man and tells them not to fire. They pull the bag off Olivia’s head and push her toward the other man. It’s Stephen. He says hi and she asks if these are his guys. He says they are. They all have automatic weapons. She takes his gun and shoots Gus in the leg then goes over and kicks him repeatedly. Stephen pulls her off and says she’s safe and it’s okay.

Cyrus tells Abby that Stephen Finch has Olivia and asks if she was the one that did it. She says once a gladiator, always a gladiator. He asks what that means then tells her well done. She says he almost killed Olivia today and Fitz has no idea. Cyrus says not unless she tells him. She says the fate of their nation is more important than the life and liberty of one individual. Stephen tells her she’s worth as much as a small country.

He apologizes for not calling after Harrison passed and she says she was off the grid. She asks him to come back to DC and says he can have his old office. She says they need his help and need him. He says he’s happy where he is and she asks about Georgia. He says normal is overrated. They hug and he thanks her. She asks for what and he says she saved him. He says he never thought he’d have the chance to return the favor. She gets into a helicopter and thanks him once again.

The news reports that Andrew has suffered a massive stroke. Mellie goes to bring him flowers. The stroke is blamed on the recent shooting. Mellie whispers in Andrew’s ear that he brought this on himself. He’s a wreck – doesn’t look like he can move or speak. The news also comments that the President is ending the conflict in West Angola. Olivia is debriefed by Lowry. She asks who they were working for. She doesn’t know. She asks if Olivia was asked to reveal state secrets.

Olivia looks at photos of the men who took her and then thinks back on her ordeal. Her hand starts to shake with a violent tremor. She sets the glass down and tucks her arms around herself. Lowry says that’s enough for now. Jake and Quinn take Olivia home. She looks at her apartment. Huck is working on her door to make it more safe. Jake says he can stay tonight to make sure she’s safe but she says she just wants to sleep.

Huck hugs her and says he was sure she was going to be hacked up and burned and he’s glad that didn’t happen. She says me too. Huck drops her ring into her hand. She hears footsteps and rushes to lock all her new locks but it’s Fitz. He speaks her name. She lets him in and he says he had to see for himself that she’s home safe. He asks if she’s hurt and she brushes him off. He asks again. She says she wasn’t raped. He sighs. She says – guess what I learned – there are worse things than rape.

Fitz tells her – Olivia, don’t you dare. She says he went to war and he says he had no choice. She says she wanted Vermont. He tells her he went to war for her. She says she has been riding and dying for him, fixed an election for him and did all these things. He says he tried to give up his wife and office for her. She says if he gives it up, everything she did and sacrificed was a waste.

She says she put him there to make history and he was the president he was meant to be then when she was taken, he sent thousands into harm’s way for one person. Fitz says he had to save her but she says he didn’t. She screams at him that she’s on her own. She walks to her front door, opens it and waits for him to leave. She locks up. Her ring is lying on the rug where she threw it at Fitz.