Scandal Recap – Mayors, Murder and Mayhem: Season 4 Episode 19 “I’m Just a Bill”

Scandal Recap - Mayors, Murder and Mayhem: Season 4 Episode 19 "I'm Just a Bill"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday April 16, season 4 episode 19 called, “I’m Just a Bill,” and we have the recap below. On tonight’s episode, Rowan’s [Joe Morton] return raises the stakes for those targeting B613.

On the last episode, a congressman sought Olivia’s assistance with his father, who was serving a death sentence and nearing execution. Elsewhere, David wanted to solidify his case against B613 by finding its former members. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Rowan’s return raises the stakes for those targeting B613; Fitz needs an important bill passed.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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#Scandal starts with Rowan pouring wine for he and Olivia. She’s not happy to see him and asks what he wants. He says he has a big problem and she’s a fixer. He says a group of people are building a case against him and some top secret organization called B613. He says it’s so far-fetched. He says he’s just a paleontologist so he wants to hire her. He says she has one chance to shut it down within 48 hours. She says no and he asks who stands the most to lose from this and threatens Fitz.

Olivia says all she cares about is justice but Rowan asks if she hates him so much she’s willing to tear down Fitz too. He laughs and asks if Fitz has let her down somehow and she found out he’s only human. He claps his hands in glee and says no matter how white the knight, all men are just like him. Olivia says he doesn’t know her and he says it’s her friends that don’t know her like he does. He says she’s a warrior, quiet and precise, calculating. He says she picks a side and handles it.

He says her friends don’t know she would use them as kindling if she has to. Rowan says the republic must stand at all costs and says she’s a lot like him. She tells him to leave. He sips his wine and says it’s excellent. He slips his coat on over his gun and then tells her Russell will wake up with a slight hangover from the sedative. He hands her a phone and says she can reach him on it and that she has 48 hours to end this nonsense. She goes and unties Russell and then laughs.

She giggles and says they had too much to drink. He comes to and seems to buy that they were drunk. She says they were dancing and singing and kisses him. He giggles drunkenly and she tells him to get in bed and says she’ll be right there. Once he leaves the room, she locks all her locks and takes a sigh. She tells the whole Scooby gang about Rowan’s demands and David suggests convening a grand jury right away and he admits that it will pose a risk to Fitz. Liv agrees.

David says they need to talk strategy. Cyrus is working on getting votes for the Brandon Bill – the one related to the shooting of the kid that Olivia worked. Liz advises them to leak on one holdout and that will sway the other two holdouts. Fitz says he wants Brandon’s dad at the bill signing. Cyrus tells Abby that he’s excited to see black people voting Republican. Abby says he’s gross and he says he knows. The news reports that it’s a historic day for the Fitz administration.

Marcus Walker is running against current mayor Verrano and is ahead. Olivia comes to see Marcus at the mayor’s house. He tells her to come upstairs. They go up and see blood. Marcus says he tried to stop the bleeding. The mayor’s wife is dead and Marcus literally has her blood on his hands. Olivia asks what happened. He says they were in bed when they heard someone come in the back door. They thought it was her husband. He says he hid in the closet and saw what happened.

A masked man assaulted her and he says it happened so fast. He says then two more dudes in masks came in and they argued. They stabbed her repeatedly. Huck says he counts five stab wounds and it looks like a hunting knife. They stole her diamonds and ran out. Huck says he sees three sets of footprints and Marcus doesn’t have a scratch on him. Huck says they can do option b and make it a missing persons case like he was never there.

Cyrus comes and says a Senator they need just went into labor and that pushes it to a tie. Fitz tells him to put the new VP to work. Susan Ross is at a spelling bee as a special guest. She refuses to leave until the bee is over. Her guards tug her out after the kid spells it right. Susan tells Cyrus she has to read the bill first but he says it’s 1200 pages long and the vote has already started. She says she won’t vote on something she hasn’t read.

Huck and Quinn clean up the crime scene and she suggests a classic fluff and fold and they agree to that. They break her joints so they can fold her up. They put her into a suitcase and then go to work cleaning. Once done, they take off and Marcus asks Olivia if cleaning up crime scenes is part of what she does. She says this is hard, but prison is harder. He asks if she thinks he’s a hypocrite for sleeping with a white woman. She says it takes a lot to surprise her. She says she fixes things.

Huck and the gang leave with the body. Abby is handling press questions and says VP Ross fully supports the bill and is preparing to vote. Susan is still reading the bill and tells Cyrus she doesn’t understand page 337. She says the funding mechanisms are confusing and there are no limits on the funds. He says she can ask questions after the vote. He says her questions don’t matter now but the entire country is waiting. Susan says if she votes now, it’s a no.

Susan says a lot of this doesn’t look like it will work. Cyrus tries to handle it. He brings in David and says to make it work. Cyrus says she’s like an aggressive pigeon at a national monument. David says he gets it and he heads in. The mayor makes an appeal to help find his missing wife. Quinn says it looks good. Jake shows up and asks if it’s her work and she asks how it went with David. She asks if he’s there to check up on her and he says he’s not but he knows what this means to her.

He says he’s there to support her and she can call on him. Her phone chirps and it’s Marcus. He was arrested. Olivia shows up and tells the police it’s illegal detention. Marcus says they were asking about threatening emails he sent to the wife which he says he didn’t. Olivia chews out the police chief for snatching him off the street without arresting or mirandizing him. She says the DOJ would have questions about this too. She gets in his face and says she better not hear it on the news. The chief backs down. Olivia takes Marcus and leaves.

Huck tells Olivia that Marcus’ email was hacked and sent the emails. They tell her it was the mayor’s office. They tell Marcus the news and she asks what he saw and heard. He says there were three, one with a knife, two with guns. He says one used the name Mickey. Olivia has them look for a Mickey associated with the mayor. Susan asks David questions about the bill. Susan asks David how they enforce the requirements under the law.

Susan says without enforcement measures, there is no purpose. She says they need to tie the grant money to carrying out the measures. David comes and tells Cyrus he fed the pigeon and he groans. Quinn calls Olivia and says they’re still on the Mickey search. Jake goes over testimony with David while Olivia listens. David asks about an operation called Remington and Jake says it was to bring down a civilian airliner. David asks how many people were on board and he says 329.

He asks Jake what pilot shot down the plane so he could testify against it. He says his name was Fitzgerald Grant. David is stunned and Olivia looks so sad. Olivia walks out looking numb. She goes home and pours a glass of wine then calls Russell. He says he’s not a drinker, doesn’t sing or lose time. She asks him to come in and he says he just came to check on her since she sounded upset but says he needs something more stable in his life.

She says her life is complicated and she wants it to not be that way. She says when she’s with him and she’s Alex, nothing is complicated. She says she needs that. She asks him to please come in and tells him to call her Alex. He caves and kisses her. Susan is still reading the bill when Mellie comes in and she asks Mellie isn’t she a lawyer and asks if she can answer her questions. Mellie says she can but says they need this bill now. Susan says she knows she needs it to announce her Senate run.

Susan says that’s the real reason she’s there and says it’s a genius plan and says Mellie will make a genius plan. Susan says the section on Federal oversight is a problem. Mellie says she hasn’t read the whole bill. Susan says she should because she’ll get questions about it. Susan says she could be hear all night and calls for dinner. Quinn says the mayor killed his wife and has the cops behind him. Olivia realizes the killer is Marvin, the mayor’s driver, has big ears so they call him Mickey.

They hack his GPS and find him at the mayor’s house right before she died. Olivia says the problem is they have no evidence since they cleaned it up. Olivia says he has to testify as a witness to her murder or she can go and leverage Verrano to get him to step down. She says he has to choose justice for his GF or his career. Olivia tells Verrano he steps down and endorses Marcus and Marcus will accept politely. Verrano tells Marcus that the bitch got what was coming to her and to remember that.

Verrano resigns from the race and endorses Marcus who says his whole life has been about justice. He says a lie cannot live forever and says he can’t do that as their mayor. He says the mayor’s wife is dead and that Verrano killed her because he was having an affair with her. Olivia pulls Marcus away from the podium as Verrano lunges for him. The news reports that the vote on the bill is still on hold waiting on VP Ross. Fitz comes to see her and says time is up but she says she has one more question.

He says she’s the vice president and knows nothing and says she’s a fetus in the world of politics. He says she can’t know what it takes to push a bill through and says he can’t let her derail it. Susan says she doesn’t have a problem and he tells her to get up to the hill and vote the way she is supposed to. Susan says she’s not looking toward the Oval office and won’t be his lapdog. She says this bill is garbage and asks if he’s read this bill. She says it’s compromises and it’s unenforceable and useless.

She says the bill is wasting America’s time. She and Fitz go to work to restructure the bill. Cyrus comes in and Fitz tells him that Susan was right about the bill. Cyrus says they’ll get killed in the press but he says they’ll give them something else to write about and announce Mellie’s run for Senate. Olivia waits for Marcus at the jail and he says he told them all about the affair, murder and hiding in the closet. He says he loves his work and now all of his good works are done and over with.

Olivia says he did the right thing and he says for Natalie and his conscious, sure. Olivia says that will save him in the end. She says if he kept on as he was, he would have been unrecognizable. She tells him he’s not done and that he did the right thing even though it hurt. She opens the door and the press is there yelling for him. Rowan comes to see Olivia and she says he was right that he knows her. She says she picked a side, but it’s not his. She says she’s not stopping the case because it’s good and right.

She says Huck, Jake and all the people he’s hurt and tormented deserve justice. She says justice is the point of the republic. She says she does care about Fitz, but she won’t let a person stand in the way of what she knows to be right. David tells the group that the world will change tomorrow because they are doing the hard and difficult thing. Rowan says she’s the woman he always hoped she would be and is a warrior not running after Fitz to shine his boots.

Olivia says again she’s not helping him and will come after him. Rowan says they may be on different sides but at least she’s a worthy opponent now. Olivia tells him to find another way to shut it down except for blood. He tells her too bad. Jake comes to Olivia’s office in response to a text from her and is attacked. It’s Russell. He stabs Jake in the stomach. Russell says he’s disappointed because Rowan always went on and one all about how great he was. He tells Jake to try again and stabs him more.