Scandal Recap – Rowan on a Rampage: Season 4 Episode 20 “First Lady Sings the Blues”

Scandal Recap - Rowan on a Rampage: Season 4 Episode 20 "First Lady Sings the Blues"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday April 23, season 4 episode 20 called, “First Lady Sings the Blues,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, Cyrus [Jeff Perry] must defend Mellie [Bellamy Young] to the American people, who have turned against her. Meanwhile, those taking down B613 get into a precarious situation and must go to great lengths to safeguard themselves.

On the last episode, Rowan’s returned to raise the stakes for those targeting B613; Fitz needed an important bill passed. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “the team taking down B613 is in serious danger and forced to take drastic measures to ensure their safety. In the White House, Mellie is mortified when the nation turns against her and Cyrus is forced to come to her defence.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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#Scandal starts with Quinn coming into the office and finding Jake’s body on the conference table. She pulls her gun and looks around but doesn’t see anyone. She checks him for a pulse and tries to revive him. Huck comes in and she almost shoots him then says Jake is dead. Quinn says this is a message from Rowan and then Huck says there are no major organs hit and slams into his chest. Jake gasps awake. David and Liv are there too and Liv says David can’t call 911.

Liv says that if he goes to a hospital it will create a digital trail that will lead Rowan straight to him. They take Jake to Charlie who has called an underground doctor. Huck runs off to check on Kim and Javi. Liz preps Mellie for a stop on her tour. She gives her talking points to expected questions. Sally reports on this and says Mellie is performing well. She takes issue with Mellie’s answer that being First Lady is not a job, but a privilege. Sally mocks her staff and initiatives.

She says it’s deeply insulting to American’s intelligence and to the people of Virginia as well as former first ladies. Sally says it seems strange that a member of the legislative branch would share a bed with the executive branch. Huck comes back as the doctor shows up. The doctor tells them to get out of the way and says Jake is dying. He says he needs surgery. The doctor speaks in Russian with Charlie and Liv interrupts and speaks Russian too.

The doctor says payment first then surgery. He says he wants a factor and says she needs to help Black Sable, a KGB assassin. He says she has a mission and needs help. Jake starts to hack and Liv says she’ll help his friend. He tells the others to unload the equipment from his van and tells David to help flip him over and says Jake will scream but they have to do it anyway. Huck and Liv go to a house and Huck says Black Sable is the scariest of scary. They ring the doorbell.

A woman who looks like a house frau answers the door. Then two kids come to the door too and she sends her grandkids off. Huck asks if she’s Black Sable and she says to call her Mary Peterson. She offers them cookies she just made. She says the grandkids think Nana is from Wisconsin. She tells Liv that she grew up Russian poor and her little brother starved to death. She says the KGB promised her food and shoes and all she had to do was murder people.

Sable says it was the greatest thing ever except she could never go home again. Liv asks how she was able to quit. She says the world changed and the KGB went away. She says she married, had a kid and is American now. She says yesterday morning it all changed. She hands Liv a note that’s a dead drop for later today. She says she hasn’t had a handler in 20 years and says Putin hit the restart button. The news media takes up Sally’s line about a conflict of interest.

Mellie wants to sit down with Sally but Liz says it’s a bad idea. Liz says they need to address the concern that he’s too close to the President. Abby is there and Fitz asks what she thinks. Abby says Mellie needs to distance herself from Fitz and they wonder if there’s a legal issue about her running while her husband is in the White House. No one has researched it. Abby calls David on the issue but he says he’s sick and come in. He says there’s no law on the books because no one thought of it before.

Abby says misogyny is their friend and David says what he means is there no legal issue. She tells David that he needs to say that to every reporter she sends his way. Charlie and Quinn tell David that they’re going to be there a couple of days. The doctor tells Liv that Jake was lucky and unlucky and says he needs more blood for surgery. She tells Quinn they need blood. She says okay and tells Charlie let’s go get some. David asks what that means.

Charlie and Quinn go tie up some blood bank employees and steal what’s needed. David takes calls about the legalities of Mellie’s run. Huck tracks Sable while she attends her dead drop. David says you have to be 30, a citizen for nine years and a resident of the state. Sable tells Liv about the drop. Huck calls and says Pasternak is the handler and he followed him to a butcher shop. The doctor is ready to start the surgery and says fingers crossed.

Russell tells Rowan he eliminated Jake but Rowan says that’s not true. He laughs and says that’s an assumption. He says Jake is very much alive. Rowan says if he was dead, Olivia would have called angry and venomous. Rowan says there is radio silence which means Jake is alive and the rest of them are underground. Russell says if Jake is alive he’s hanging by a thread and Rowan tells him to find him and cut that thread.

Russell calls Liv and she says she’s busy and asks what he wants. He asks to come over and bring wine so she can use his body. She says she’s sorry. He tried to track her phone but she ended the call too quickly. Liv goes to see the butcher handler with Huck and asks how much to buy Mary out. She says this can go two ways and says one way involves him giving her a number and the other way involves the CIA making his life hell. She says the result is the same – Mary doesn’t work for him or his country.

The man tells her about a small town in Siberia where political rejects are sent to die. He says it’s his hometown and she doesn’t scare him. He says he grew up dragging their frozen bodies out. He says Liv doesn’t know what she’s into and threatens her. Liv goes to see Mary and says the man can’t be bought and is a zealot. Mary tells Liv that she inherited her grandkids when their parents died a while back plus her husband died.

Mary says since then, she’s thought about the blood that’s on her hands. She says she goes to church and prays and can’t kill that man or anyone. Liv says they’ll find another way. Abby tells Fitz the polls on Mellie aren’t going well. Cyrus listens and chuckles. Fitz asks what else they can do and Abby says they need to send someone on Sally’s show and suggest they send a man even though it makes her want to barf thinking about it. She wants Cyrus to go.

Fitz looks at Cyrus who says they have to be kidding. Rowan sits at his club when Russell shows up. He says they’ve gone underground and he can’t locate them. Rowan shoots Russell in the arm and says maybe Liv will listen to him. He hands Russell his handkerchief to stanch the bleeding.

Cyrus tells Fitz he can’t defend Mellie because he doesn’t agree with it. Fitz yells at him and tells him to get on board. Cyrus says Fitz is wasting political capital and he wants to know why he’s doing this. Fitz says he’s supporting his wife and Cyrus will too. He tells him to get on board and help whether he likes it or not. Sally has Cyrus on her program. She asks about Mellie and Cyrus says the First Lady has no sworn duties and didn’t take an oath. Sally asks about her marriage vows.

Sally says the First Lady is renouncing her marriage vows. She says being First Lady is an act of patriotism. Cyrus says it’s a tradition, not the law of the land and says it’s sexist to say a woman can’t hold any job she wants. Sally says she has a job and says being a mother is the hardest job. Cyrus says being a mother is not a job. He says you can quit a job like Sally did when she resigned from being VP. He says you can’t quit being a mother and says not to diminish it.

Sally says Mellie is the mother of their country and Cyrus says you get paid for a job. Cyrus says Mellie isn’t paid and Sally says she has a clothing allowance. Cyrus says that’s not true. Sally mentions that the White House has excellent fried chicken and Cyrus asks if she’s suggesting that she should be paid in fried chicken. Then Sally tries another tactic and says Cyrus is the one who should be running for the Senate. She tries to prod him.

Cyrus says she should be praising the first lady’s courage and says if this was the first gentleman, they would have praised them. Cyrus asks if she had been elected President, would she have asked her late husband Daniel not to work outside the home. Liv and Huck come to find Russell at the hospital. Huck puts a needle in his neck and they take him out. Liv comes back to see the butcher and asks him about B613 that has killed countless KGB agents.

She says she will give him the name the head of B613 and his burner number. She says this in exchange for Mary being out for good. Jake comes out of surgery and the doctor tells him not to move or he’ll die. He turns on the Fentanel drip to put him back to sleep. Jake looks around and sees Russell nearby and is stunned. Russell is stunned since he’s just waking up too. Jake is strapped to the table and the drugs are knocking him out but he’s panicking.

Russell sits up as Jake struggles. He grabs a scalpel and comes for him. Jake gets a hand loose and this gets Charlie, Quinn’s and the doctor’s attention. They knock Jake out. The doctor tells David, Huck and Liv that Jake is not doing well. Quinn says they need to get Jake to a real hospital. Liv says that she gave Pasternak the info on her father and says this should all be over soon. Russell hears but can’t do anything. Abby read the polls to Mellie, Liz, Cyrus and Fitz.

She says Fitz’s approval rating are down, Mellie’s approval is up and many of them think that Cyrus should have his own talk show. Liz says there’s one thing they can do and suggests leaking that their marriage has been over for quite some time and they only share mutual respect. Abby admits it might work. Mellie says she won’t lie to the American people and says they came in as a team and will leave as a team.

Liv takes a call from Fitz. He asks if everything is okay and she asks why he’s calling. He says he didn’t think she’d pick up and says Mellie won’t win. He fills her in on the issue and she asks if he’s calling for advice about his wife. Liv says he should be an optimist and should worry about his own presidency. He asks where she is and asks if something is wrong. She says nothing is and he says he wants to help Mellie and wants to make up for the sins of his past and be better.

Liv says nothing and he thanks her for taking his call. She says this is about Virginia and says to stop trying to win the minds of the people of Virginia. She says to make the conflict of interest the selling point and says to make it clear that the people of Virginia will benefit from a Senator who’s sleeping next to the President. She hands up. Liv sits by Jake and whispers that it’s funny and says he saved her life so many times and all she can do is hold his hand and hope he doesn’t die.

Liv tells him she’s sorry for all this and says he was right, she never should have left the island. Russell lies awake listening. Jake turns over and looks at her then sees Russell. He tries to speak and then Huck comes and says he can’t find Pasternak. Liv goes to Mary’s house and sees that she and her grandchildren have been assassinated. She runs back out sick to her stomach. She hears a phone ringing outside the house and goes to her trunk.

She pops the trunk and sees Pasternak’s body there and his phone on his chest. Rowan tells her that she’ll never win against him. She’s hyperventilating. Liv tells the others they are done with the case against B613. The doctor says his friend is dead so he’s leaving. He says he will not help since she failed his friend. He says if Jake dies, he dies. She tells David to cancel the grand jury and says Jake won’t testify.

Charlie says he’s out too and he says Quinn won’t help since she was only in for five minutes. Liv says Rowan will kill every single one of them while B613 thrives and says they are done. She says she’s going to call and tell him that he won. She says if one of them takes one step against her father, he will kill them all. They all stand silent and complicit. She says to take Jake to the hospital while she takes Russell.

Mellie is at a rally in Virginia and says marriage is a cornerstone of their country. She says she’ll talk to the President about her day and he will too. She says to vote Grant on election day. Cyrus says Mellie is crashing in the polls in Kalamazoo and Kansas City. Fitz smiles and says neither of those are in Virginia. Abby tells Cyrus that’s a Liv move and says they’re both a fan of her work. Cyrus says as soon as Mellie gets elected, Fitz’s legacy is dead and so is all the work they’ve done.

He says Fitz will be remembered for the man who was whipped by his wife. Russell calls Rowan and says it’s over and asks if he wants Jake finished. Rowan says no, it bothers him but it’s changed and says he wants to start Operation Foxtail. Rowan tells him to keep an eye on his daughter and let him know what’s going on. Russell is in Liv’s bed. She straddles him and tells him to close his eyes. He does and she puts a gun to his head. She says she figured it out. She says he tried to kill Jake and says he’s going to tell her about Foxtail. She crunches the gun into his head and says this is going to hurt.