Scandal Recap – Some Win Big, Some Lose Everything: Season 4 Finale “You Can’t Take Command”

Scandal Recap - Some Win Big, Some Lose Everything: Season 4 Finale "You Can't Take Command"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday May 14, season 4 finale called, “You Can’t Take Command,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, in the fourth-season finale, Olivia [Kerry Washington] and her team make bold moves in order to defeat Command. Meanwhile, the results come in for Mellie’s [Bellamy Young.] election.

On the last episode, Vice President Ross continued to defy the Grant administration when she hired Olivia Pope to defend a woman in the Navy. Meanwhile, Quinn and Huck had to do what they do best to get answers about B613 and Mellie’s campaign for Senate continued to be a struggle. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “everything comes to a head in the shocking season finale when Olivia and the team finally make some big moves to take down Command, and Mellie’s fate is sealed as the election results are announced.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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The #Scandal season finale begins with Mellie laughing with Rowan. He says his name is Damascus Bainbridge. He says he’s a huge fan and says she’s set quite an example for his daughter. He says he just wants her to know he will continue to support her campaign but says he has a few pet causes he’d like to discuss with her. He hands over a folder. It’s photos of her with Andrew undressed and kissing. Mellie is stunned but she covers so Liz doesn’t see a reaction.

Rowan asks if this interests her and she says it does then ask Liz to get her some literature on some programs. She leaves them alone. Mellie asks who he is and he says the question is what he needs. Later, Mellie paces while Liz goes over the campaign schedule with her and Fitz. She thinks about Rowan showing him Fitz’s Remington file too. Fitz notices she’s distracted and he tells her she’s doing great. Rowan says he will take them both down in a public bloodbath.

Fitz tells Mellie this is her moment. Rowan tells Mellie to ask what he needs and she does. He says a list of names. Mellie later asks Liz to get her a list. Olivia sits at the court house looking at a Presidential photo of Fitz. The grand jury hearing is going on inside. David has Jake on the stand to testify about Remington. David reminded Jake that it was an atrocity that killed innocent civilians and was the birth of B613. Jake told Olivia he’ll do what she wants.

Olivia thinks back to working to elect Fitz but tells Jake now to tell the truth so they can bring down her father no matter who gets hurt. Jake and David come out and tell Olivia it went well. David says they’ll resume after the break. Fitz gets a call from Olivia who says she heard Mellie’s speech in Springfield and says he must be feeling good. She’s sure Mellie will win her election. He says he’s going to go meet with Clarence Parker to sign the bill into law.

Olivia says she forgot it was today and says he’ll get full marks for this. He says she did this and she reminds him it was Susan Ross too. He jokes and says he blames her for Susan and Olivia says Susan is a national treasure. He says she picked a good one and always does. Liv looks sad and he asks what’s wrong. She says she just wanted to congratulate him on the bill and wish him good luck on Mellie’s election. She tells him she’s proud of him. Fitz thanks her and she ends the call.

Huck runs in and tells Liv something happened. They go down to the parking garage. Jake walks with Olivia. The entire grand jury was murdered on the bus. Liz comes in angry at Mellie and says that’s the list she gave her now they’re all dead. Mellie is horrified. David comes off the bus throwing up at all the carnage. Liv, Huck, Jake and Quinn sit in her office when David comes end to hand off files and says he’s done. He says he got a call an hour ago about the court stenographer.

She was killed by a hit and run driver while out walking her dog but she doesn’t have a dog. David says he lives for justice but doesn’t want to die for it. He says everyone but them that heard Jake’s testimony is now dead. Mellie tells Liz to keep her mouth shut. Cyrus yells for Abby to get the media guy from justice. Mellie pulls Cyrus close and whispers that she killed those grand jurors. He’s stunned. Liv paces while Jake tries to comfort her but she says she’s sick of being her father.

She says she’s sick of being Rowan’s victim and child. She says for once in her life, she’ll be Command and he’ll be the same kid. She says you can’t take Command, right? He says right. Jake says he’ll go anywhere she wants right now. She says it doesn’t matter because she’s still Rowan’s prisoner. She gets a look on her face and says she has to go. She goes to see her mother Maya in prison to talk about her dad. She says she tried to destroy him but couldn’t do what Maya did.

She says she beat Rowan and Maya says she’s in a cell for the rest of her life and asks how that’s winning. Liv says she could have killed him and asks how she can do it. Maya tells her she’s so vain and it’s always about her. She says Olivia creates problems to solve them and wield her power. She asks if she and Rowan didn’t give her enough hugs when she was a child. Maya says the world Liv lives in isn’t real and says the real world doesn’t revolve her.

Maya says plenty of people hate Rowan and if only they realized there was someone to hate. She says nobody even knows he exists. Olivia stops and listens. Mellie sits with Cyrus and she tells him to say something. She says she had no idea what any of this was about – she says she didn’t know it would happen. Cyrus says Virginia is in for a treat if she’s elected. She says she didn’t do this for her but for all of them. Cyrus asks if he’s going to tell Fitz and asks what she should do.

She says he knew about Remington, Sally’s husband, everything. The word Remington freaks Cyrus out and he says he’ll take care of it and make sure everything will be all right. He tells her not to tell Fitz. The gang meets Olivia with the files at the CIA. Huck says it’s crawling with B613 agents. She’s going to the director and says she will not like a rogue element. She says her father’s ability to hide from scrutiny is what lets him succeed.

Olivia and Jake go talk to Director Lowryand she says it’s preposterous that a rogue group is operating. Olivia shows her file after file. She tells her B613 is real and the director already knew that. She asks the woman what will they do about it. She calls for her assistant to assemble her team and tells Olivia and Jake to wait there. She tells them it may take a while. Cyrus goes to see Rowan at the Smithsonian. Rowan says that grand jury would have exposed all of them.

Rowan says he spared David as a favor to Cyrus since he knows confirmation hearings can be tedious. Rowan says he saved them and now he owes him. Liz comes to tell Mellie she will do anything she needs. She says she’s fine with what happened as long as Mellie wins but says she needs to know what happened so she can make sure she wins. Mellie tells her to sit. She does and Mellie starts talking.

Cyrus meets with the CIA Director Lowry and she asks if this is why Olivia was auctioned off and why he wanted her dead. Cyrus says Olivia is talking about something that doesn’t exist. She says they all knew about B613 and it was supposed to be small and for select projects. Cyrus says it doesn’t exist and the director says she won’t have it and says she’s having the leader arrested and brought in for this. Cyrus says this shadow organization operating within the CIA and FBI, if it was true, is a sleeping lion.

He says you poke that lion and it rips off your face and says Lowry will be first. Olivia and Jake are hauled out of the conference room and tossed into jail cells.

Fitz thanks the people selected to spend election day eve with them at the White House. He thanks Mellie and says when you’re married to someone that long, you think you know them and take them for granted. He says this last year has been a revelation to him then talks about how breathtaking Mellie’s efforts have been to change her life then talks about how she put their lives back together after they lost Jerry. He says her love and friendship means everything to her and calls her his best friend. They toast.

She thanks them and thanks him then gives him a kiss. Cyrus goes to see David who thinks he’s there to fire him. Cyrus says he can’t have a new Attorney General since he’d have to find the new guy’s weaknesses. He says he knows David’s is Abby even though she’s banging Leo like crazy and thinking about moving in with him. Cyrus threatens to kill her and says he can and will do it if he has to. David walks out of his office and past Abby on his way out of the White House.

Abby sees Cyrus sitting and looking evil and says nothing. David takes an affadavit to each of Olivia and Jake saying they need to recant their statements about B613 as a condition of being set free. Olivia asks David if Cyrus got to them. Lowry and Cyrus watch on camera. David tells Jake he will put her mother in jail and tells Olivia that Huck, Quinn and Jake will be taken away. Olivia signs and then Jake does too. Cyrus tells Lowery they’re done there and they can all go home.

Abby asks Cyrus if he’s spoken to Olivia – he says no and is on his way home. Abby says this is getting old and asks isn’t he tired of all the scheming. She tells him to have a soul and be a human being. He says she does not have the clearance for him to talk to her and says his job is to keep Fitz safe and says if he had a soul he would never accomplish a thing. Olivia is at home in bed drinking wine when she gets a call from her father. He tells her good game.

Olivia says someone will get him. Rowan says she succeeded and took Command down. He had any agents killed that knew he was command then had all the files torched. He says now no one knows who command is. Then Rowan killed off those who killed for him. Cyrus took an affadavit to Maya who signed a paper saying B613 doesn’t exist to get out of jail. He says Rowan is dead and there’s just Eli Pope. He says he’s free now and thanks her then tells her to sleep well.

Mellie wins her election! She takes to the podium and thanks everyone who voted for her and helped her. Liz stands offstage with Fitz and he tells her she did good work. She says it’s hopefully all behind them and he asks what she’s talking about. Liz says she thought he knew. She says the donor and he asks what donor. She says a donor to Mellie’s campaign came forward and knew terrible things about them both and asked Mellie to do something. She says she doesn’t know who he was.

But she shows him a photo of Rowan with Mellie. He asks what the man asked her to do. Liz tells him. Mellie then says she needs to thank her hero, inspiration and biggest supporter. He walks out on stage with a smile even though he’s shocked by what Liz just told him. Liz smiles evilly. Balloons rain down on a smiling Mellie and Fitz. Quinn rants to Olivia about Rowan getting off scot free. Qiunn says they have the money trail for B613 but Huck says it doesn’t prove anything.

He says the money could have come from anywhere and she is interested in the word anywhere. Cops come to arrest Eli Pope. He tells the cops that they’ll regret this but the cop says he hears that all day. She had her dad arrested for embezzlment. She goes to see Rowan and jail and she says Command had power but he does not. She reminds him he got rid of Command and he’s just a guy who was stealing from the Smithsonian. She leaves him angry in jail.

Quinn asks Huck why he’s working with Rowan. She says she recognized his work with the grand jury bodies. He tells her to get out of his office but Quinn puts a gun in his face and says she will shoot him like the animal he is. She tells him to sit. He does. She asks why he’s working with Command and he says he had no choice. She says there’s always a choice. Huck says he didn’t want to do it and she asks why. She says he’s just killing because he wants to kill.

He says he didn’t want to lose his family but she says he doesn’t deserve them or her or Olivia. She says the best thing she could do for him now is to put a bullet in his head. He presses his head into the barrel and cries and begs her to do it. Mellie chats with Cyrus about what she needs to do to lay the ground work for her presidential run. She says she will have Cyrus with her when she’s president but Fitz says he won’t let her be president after what she did. He says he knows about the jurors.

Mellie says she was protecting him. She says she did what their team needed. She says she made the sacrifice for them and it was the only thing she could do. Fitz says they’re not a team and says she doesn’t even know what she did was wrong or why it was. He tells her to get out. Mellie says they need to calm down. Fitz says to pack her bags and get out of his house. Mellie walks over to him and he says to get out before he throws her out. He glares at her hard. She leaves the room.

Cyrus asks what’s going on and asks if Mellie knew about the jurors. Fitz says he knows that Mellie came to him and says he knows that he worked with Rowan, arrested Olivia and orchestrated all of this. He says he worked with the man who killed his son. He says that Cyrus doesn’t need to try to lie to him then he fires Cyrus. He walks out and leaving Cyrus standing in the Oval for what might be the last time. Jake comes to Olivia’s place with her but he doesn’t come in.

He says his mission ends here and he delivered her home safe and sound. He says take care and goes to walk away but she says not to. He says both Rowan and Fitz asked her to keep her safe and made her the mission. He says he went over the line in both accounts and says he loves her. He says he’s in love with her but she’s in love with him. Him meaning Fitz. He says she’s owed and says if she wants what’s hers to go and take it. He leaves. Olivia thinks back to the island with Jake.

Mellie packs her bags and leaves. Cyrus hands over his credentials. Abby is there to make sure he hands everything over. Liz moves into Cyrus’ office while he’s still being out-processed. Fitz goes to Olivia’s place but there’s no answer. He heads back to the White House and walks the halls alone. He takes off his jacket and goes onto the balcony. He looks out at the lights of the Washington monument. Liv is there and tells him it’s a nice view.

She’s drinking wine and was waiting for him. She smiles and he says – you’re here. She says she’s there and says Charlotte is very helpful. She steps up close to him and they stare at each other. He asks what happens now and Liv says whatever they want. He steps closer and takes her glass of wine out of her hand then kisses her. She wraps her arms around him. They embrace passionately. Wow – great season ender!!