Scandal Recap ‘A Few Good Women’: Season 4 Episode 21

Scandal Recap 'A Few Good Women': Season 4 Episode 21

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday May 7, season 4 episode 21 called, “A Few Good Women,” and we have the recap for you below. On tonight’s episode, a brazen Vice President Ross hires Olivia [Kerry Washington] to defend a female member of the Navy, creating problems for Fitz’s [Tony Goldwyn] administration. Elsewhere, Quinn [Katie Lowes] and Huck [Guillermo Diaz search for answers about B613; and Mellie’s senatorial campaign is plagued with difficulties.

On the last episode, the team taking down B613 was in serious danger and forced to take drastic measures to ensure their safety. In the White House, Mellie was mortified when the nation turned against her and Cyrus was forced to come to her defense. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Vice President Ross continues to defy the Grant administration when she hires Olivia Pope to defend a woman in the Navy. Meanwhile, Quinn and Huck must do what they do best to get answers about B613 and Mellie’s campaign for Senate continues to be a struggle.”

Tonight’s episode of SCANDAL is going to be absolutely incredible and you won’t want to miss even a minute. We’ll be recapping it for you here live.

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#Scandal starts with Olivia waking Jake. She sits him up carefully. He was having a nightmare about Russell attacking him. She says she has to go to work and he asks why Russell used him as a cutting board. She says he’s being handled and Jake asks by who. She tosses him the TV remote and leaves. She heads out and locks all the many locks then goes to the elevator. Once it dings, she crosses the hall to the other apartment.

Russell is tied up there and Quinn says he’s in really good shape and she hates that she could never be in that good of a shape. She says his nails are dirty and she yanks out a nail. She says if he tells them about Foxtail, she can stop the manicure. Huck says Quinn is getting into her groove and will get answers. Olivia kneels in front of Russell and says no one will kill him. She says he doesn’t get to die and says he should start talking because what those two will do to him is much worse than death. She walks out and leaves him with the crazy torturers.

The VP is on a visit to a Navy ship. She meets the sailors then stops in front of a woman and introduces herself to Ensign Martin. She asks if Martin can show her her bunk. The Admiral offers to do the tour but Ross says she just wants Ensign Martin. She takes her to her bunk and then Ross asks what happened to her wrist. She says it was a training accident and Ross whispers to her that she had a friend with a similar injury and knows that’s not what it is.

Cyrus and Fitz rant that she stole a service member. She says that woman was raped and says one in three women are raped and if the man isn’t convicted, the woman is prosecuted for bringing a false case. Ross reminds him that the President is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Turns out Martin hasn’t told her she was raped. Cyrus rants and calls her powerless. He asks if she’s a sexual assault bloodhound. Fitz is furious and Cyrus says to put her back. Fitz agrees.

Fitz says the military has their own system for prosecuting crimes including rape. David talks to Olivia and she says she has to go. Secret Service shows up to the office and it’s Susan – she was expecting Fitz. She tells Liv she needs her help. Olivia goes to the ship to talk to Martin. Quinn pulls Russell pants off and uses a power drill to dig into his knee cap. Command calls and she and Huck argue about whether to answer. Huck says they only need 12 seconds. Quinn answers. She answers and then holds it. The call went dead just before 12 seconds and Huck says now he’s on to them.

Liz comes to see Mellie and tells her they have to go to Springfield. Mellie says the last time she was there, her son Jerry died. She says it’s not an option. Liz says they did the voter math and are going to lose the woman vote. She says her opponent’s wife has cancer. She says it’s the highest voter area for women. Liz says they can take the election if they take that town. Quinn fills in Olivia on Martin. On the boat, Olivia says she’s there to protect her and help her.

She asks where, when and who. Turns out it was the big boss Admiral Hawley. Quinn fills her in and says he’s tight with Fitz and untouchable. Olivia goes to fill Abby in on the rape case. Abby wants to talk about Jake and asks about Russell. She says she was rooting for him. Olivia wants to pull Mellie in on this. She says Martin has no standing outside the military judicial system. Olivia marches out as Abby asks if she’s going to ruin her day.

Olivia holds a press conference and says Martin can get no justice from the military court because her boss attacked her and then governs the investigation. Abby tells Cyrus she has to talk to the press. They ask if the White House will intervene. Mellie comes to see Fitz and asks if he’s handling this. She asks if he’s going to intervene since they’re not monsters. Fitz says it would send the wrong message. Mellie says it would tell the world they don’t condone rape.

Fitz says the Secretary of Defense will personally handle this. Mellie rushes out. Olivia shows up and Huck says Russell is ready to talk. He pulls the tape off his mouth and pulls out the gag. Russell starts to do something with his mouth and Huck shoves the cloth back in and grabs something out of his mouth. She thinks about the red door and her kidnapping. She skitters back. Huck says it was a kill pill – he holds it out and tells Russell he told him he doesn’t get to die.

Olivia brings Jake some water and medicine. He takes it and he asks what’s wrong. He says he sees blood on her sleeve. She pulls off her jacket and he asks if it’s Russell’s blood and says he knows she has him across the hall. She says not to worry about it. He says torturing Russell won’t work and says he’ll never talk. He says he’s not your average B613 agent and is like him. He says he ran into her in a public place, flirted, then ran into him again and he said all the right things.

He says it’s set up to pique her interest because he’s been stalking her for months and has a PhD in Olivia Pope on her father’s orders. He says her dad made him and Russell. He says the difference is that he’s in love with her and says Command would call that a defect. He says Russell doesn’t have that defect and says he’s a better model of him. He says torture won’t make him talk. Liv sighs. She says when she was kidnapped, there was a filthy bathroom that reeked.

She says it was the only place she could be alone and says she started to look forward to being in there for five minutes in that dirty, smelly but safe place. She says at least she knew what to expect. She walks away. The news reports on an officially military inquiry. Closed door depositions begin today. Live and Quinn wait for the JAG guy. He’s way late and say she took an Ambien last night. He seems like a scatter brain and totally admires Hawley. He’s also never tried a rape case.

He says his superiors must believe in him or why else would they have assigned him. Olivia asks why indeed. He goes to the bathroom and Olivia says they want them to fail. The guy questions Hawley. Olivia asks if he had sex with her. One of the other people says she can’t speak. Olivia writes down the question and he asks it. Hawley says Olivia is a barnacle on the ass of every loser in America. He then says he didn’t have sex with her and wasn’t even on the ship that night.

Olivia says they have to prove where he was based on his security card swipes. Abby shows up and says she wants to help even though she’s not supposed to. Olivia gets a call from Martin and says she’s on the way. She rushes out. She goes to the Navy ship and Martin says she has to get off the ship. She says she needs an abortion. Olivia asks who else knows about this. She says if the Admiral finds out that she’s pregnant and there’s physical proof, he’ll hurt her.

Olivia says at eight weeks there will be DNA evidence. Martin cries and says she can’t keep his baby in her body. Olivia says she’s there to pick up her client for a meeting. A Navy guy intervenes and tells Martin to get back to work and Olivia to get off the ship.

Jake comes across the hall to see Russell. He asks for some time with Russell. Huck leaves them alone. He says he better be in the same condition as when he left. Jake agrees. He tells Russell he’s going to untie one of his hands but will shoot him. He says if he tries to kill himself, he’ll make sure he poops in a diaper the rest of his life. He unties one hand and Russell pulls off the duct tape. Jake hands him a beer. Russell says this is wasted on him and says he won’t tell him anything.

Jake says he knows that and says he’s just curious because he’s never met any of Rowan’s others then asks if Russell has. He says no but he talked about them. Jake says he heard about them when Rowan wasn’t happy with him. Jake says he wondered how perfect they could be since they’re all dead. Russell says he thought Jake was a myth and says Rowan talks about him like he misses him. Jake says Rowan was the closest thing to a father he had and Russell agrees then says he’s mean as a snake.

Russell does an impression of him then Jake joins in. They both laugh. Then they talk about Rowan’s love of album and Jake says the wine too – and says it’s pretentious. Jake says Rowan is better at everything than everyone else. Jake tells Russell he’s talented and says he had him. He says he was almost dead and says Rowan will be proud of him. Russell says he got caught and Olivia caught him. Jake says he thought he figured it out and says Olivia was supposed to catch him.

He says for Rowan, that’s the best part. He says he needed Olivia to know she’s never safe from him. He says Rowan waits until Olivia relaxes and then sends them in to let her know that Papa Pope is in charge. Jake and Russell share a moment and Russell says Olivia never had a chance. He asks if Jake will look out for her and keep her safe. He says it was nice to meet him. He says he can tie him back up and bring in crazy dude again.

Olivia tells them that Martin has been restricted to the ship on “conduct unbecoming.” They ask about emergency medical leave. Olivia says Martin has a sick relative. Virgil says she doesn’t but Olivia says he can’t know that. Mellie reads the speech and is horrified that it’s all about Jerry and says she’s seen better writing on a soap opera. Fitz is there and Liz says women of Virginia aren’t happy about the White House not acting on the rape issue. She tells Mellie to lean into the Jerry issue.

Mellie throws her out. Fitz touches her and Mellie says she can’t and wont’ do this. He hugs her. She holds him tight. Huck waits for Olivia and she brings in Martin and Virgil. He leaves to go check on Russell. Virgil asks what’s going on next door and Liv says renovations. He gets a call from the office and steps into the kitchen to take the call. He says the Pentagon denied the request to see the security logs on the grounds of national security.

Olivia calls Fitz and says a system that doesn’t allow them to see the evidence is corruption. He says he’s the President and can’t upend 200 years of legal doctrine. Olivia says you can’t sue the government if you’re raped because it’s considered line of duty injury. She says she can’t confirm Hawley’s alibi because of the Pentagon. He says those logs are classified. She says it’s so wrong and he says he knows. She says Martin was raped. He sighs. He says the world is right and says his job sucks.

Olivia says hers does too. She goes with Martin to get her abortion. Mellie lies in bed when Fitz comes in. She says she couldn’t sleep. He says Olivia called and she says that’s good. He asks what’s wrong and she says Springfield. He sits beside her and hugs her close. She says he would have been 17 this year. Fitz says he would be driving and she says prom and Fitz says college acceptance letters. She says Yale. She cries. Fitz says he’ll go with her to Springfield but she says it has to be just her.

She says she just doesn’t know what she’ll say. He asks if she wants to know what Liv would tell her to say. She says yes and he says she’d tell her to throw her husband under the bus. Mellie asks how. Abby is at the office and hands Olivia the security records. She says Fitz requested the logs. They go through the logs and Quinn says he was in the operations building and his badge was swiped. Olivia goes to the deposition and says the logs confirm Hawley’s presence where he said.

Olivia asks where Weaver was. She says he’s always with Hawley but his badge didn’t move. She says he was an accomplice and used his badge. Olivia says she’ll get security video and Hawley calls in security to escort Olivia off the base. Olivia tells Abby to call the White House to warn them. The Admiral confesses after the video leaked (that Fitz got them). Abby has to do a press conference and says Fitz is working closely with the Joint Chiefs to address the rape culture in the military.

Mellie is at her speech in Springfield. She says this place is painful for her and says she’s not going to talk about her son but all of America’s sons and daughters who serve. She says her husband did something this week that ticked her and a bunch of people off. She says her husband said it wasn’t his place to change a law that’s in place for 200 years. She says she loves her husband but disagrees. She says their daughters and sons deserve better than the way the military treats them.

She says when she’s elected, she’s going to move to develop an independent judiciary panel to handle all sexual assault charges outside of military channels. The crowd loves her and cheers then chants her name as she lambasts her husband. Martin tells Olivia and Quinn that she’s been fully restored and thanks them both for doing this. Olivia tells her that she did this and thanks her for her service. Huck is with Russell when there’s a knock at the door.

Quinn tells Liv they have a problem. She says Virgil is not really Virgil. He’s a B613 guy! He injects Huck and knocks him out after he knocks on the apartment door. Liz tells Mellie she has someone to meet. Fake Virgil asks Russell if he told them anything about Foxtail. He says no. Olivia and Quinn show up and find Jake with Huck who’s alive but Russell is gone. Mellie meets with Rowan who’s supposed to be a big donor. That’s the Foxtail project!