Scorpion Recap – CIA vs Team Scorpion: Season 2 Episode 8 “Area 51”

Scorpion Recap - CIA vs Team Scorpion: Season 2 Episode 8 "Area 51"

Tonight on CBS Scorpion starring Elyes Gabel continues with an all new Monday November 9, season 2 episode 8 called, “Area 51” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode team Scorpion helps the CIA

On the last episode, the team had to stop a runaway train with Paige and Ralph aboard. Meanwhile, Toby competed in his first boxing match in an attempt to impress Happy. Did you watch the last episode last season? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the CBS synopsis, “team Scorpion helps the CIA locate a top-secret aircraft in Area 51 in order to raise money for Walter’s research to save his sister’s life.”

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#Scorpion starts with Toby doing a Rorschach test with Cabe. Toby says he’s working on an algorithm to predict the future. Paige asks where Walter is and they tell her he’s with Megan at the hospital. Sylvester is already there. She has a respiratory infection and Walter says it’s very concerning. She says it’s under control. Walter talks to Sylvester and gets really demanding then makes Sylvester promise to do right by her and be demanding of the doctors.

Walter shows the team a project he has set up to save Megan’s life. He says he’s going to preserve her brain digitally until she gets a new body. He says he has to build a data server to store the content of the human brain. It’s a $15 million project and Walter goes to start making fundraising calls. A CIA guy skulks into the garage and says Homeland agreed to loan them Scorpion. He shows them a top secret CIA airline. Toby asks what kind of snacks they serve.

The guy says nine hours ago a plane went missing even though their air paths are completely off the grid. It went missing over Fort Collins, Colorado. The guy says they have no idea. Sylvester is working from the hospital and the team gets to work. They see the plane was tilting down on the last ping. Sylvester says it was headed for Area 51. He says there are microwaves disrupting satellite and radar so that’s why they can’t see anything. Happy says to get them to the desert and they can find it.

The guy says they each get $150k and all of them tell the CIA guy to make the checks out to Walter for all of them to help Megan. Paige is appalled he didn’t say thank you. Cabe says Paige needs to hold the team’s hand over this Megan thing and says he’ll manage Walter. They’re on the ground and Happy is out the sunroof with a laptop tracking the gamma signal. Sylvester tells Walter the doctor is confident then the call is cut off when they hit the cone of silence around Area 51.

Paige asks Toby how he’s handling Megan’s illness. He gives her some clinical jargon about chemicals in the brain. He says it’s a natural process. He has envelopes and is making predictions of the future. Happy gets a reading and tells Cabe to stop. They do and they all hop out. The unfindable spy plane is right there. Toby wants to leave and report it but Cabe wants further confirmation. They go over and no one is in the plane. Walter says it’s beyond state of the art and he spots hidden compartments. Paige wonders why it’s abandoned. Toby says he thinks they’re coming back and says there are blood bags.

He says this is for aplastic anemia and Cabe says there is also cloroform and zip ties. They call the CIA guy who doubles their fee. Toby shows Paige a prediction he made that the CIA would rope them into something deeper and more dangerous. They have to go into Area 51 to try and find the CIA agents that are engaged in an off books kidnapping. Happy and Walter are working on the plane and Walter says they think they are stealing some sort of expert from Area 51. Cabe says the rogue agents are likely armed. Happy says they can figure out who he is using his medical records and try and stop him.

Cabe wonders how the CIA agents are sneaking in. Walter says he’s going to hack the plane’s guidance system and try to find out where they’re headed. Happy has reflective panels aimed for a passing delivery truck to blow the tire so they can sneak into it. Toby starts flossing and Happy tells him he’s gross. Walter shows Cabe the flight path has been soaring over NY, DC and LA. He wonders why the plane has been stalking these area and Cabe says they’re not being paid for that. Happy talks to Paige about Megan and says it is what it is.

She says her mother died the day she was born so death has always been part of her life but says Sylvester will be hard hit. Toby says a truck is coming and Happy does her McGuyver thing and takes out the tire easily. They all move out. The doctor comes to talk to Megan and Sylvester and says she has not good news and wants to move to intubation. Megan is scared and asks the doctor to give them a minute. She tells Sylvester she doesn’t want to be intubated because it’s painful and she will be under sedation.

Sylvester says it’s the best thing but Megan says don’t channel Walter, be the man she loves. The truck makes it onto the base and Paige, Toby and Happy hide under the floor boards and make it onto the base. They hop out and duck into the sewer system. Happy is struggling to hack in and says she needs someone better like Sly. They call him and Sly looks up a patient at local hospitals with the rare blood type and condition. Paige says to ask how Megan is doing but then Sly says Dr Ivan Zahn, a foreign national who works in computer engineering. Happy figures out where his office is likely located.

Paige says she doesn’t know why people are so scared of this place just as armed guards nab them. Walter hacks into the navigation system while Cabe asks what if it’s not enough for Megan. He’s worried about Walter who says he has time to figure this out but Cabe says to say to her what he needs before it’s too late. Walter says the plane is headed for Uzbekistan. Walter notices something on the plane and plugs into a system then says the storage capacity is amazing for something this small. He tells him this is a plane that’s spying on American cities and says the guy they’re kidnapping is the inventor.

They think they’re trying to take it to make a fleet and sell it on the open market. The two CIA guys pull back up with the unconscious scientist and Walter and Cabe have to hide in the storage bay where they dump the scientist. The plane takes off with them on board. Paige, Toby and Happy take them out to the desert to find Cabe and they press the MPs to ask if they checked on Zahn. They didn’t and the plane is gone. Paige wonders where they are and Happy says on the plane.

The guy says they have to go to the brig and they can sort it out the. Paige says Katherine Cooper of Homeland is their boss and will sort it. The Lt Burns calls her and says Scorpion is in Barstow working on data servers. On the plane, Cabe says they have to take control of the plane and force them to fly them back. Walter says he can reprogram the flight path. He says he needs Happy to pick the lock. Cabe says they have plan B. Schultz and Sardo see the temperature control in the cargo hold is messed up and they knock Schultz out when he comes to check.

Toby says he knew this would happen and Happy says the facility is state of the art so is their brig. Happy says she’s never seen the lock type. Paige encourages her to embrace the unknown. Happy says microwaves are part of the defense and says if she gets a cell phone she can disengage the lock then they can head to the roof to get near a dish and poke a hole in the cone of silence to make a call. Sardo tells Schultz to come back and buckle in since they’re about to hit turbulence but they have him locked down.

Toby tries to use his dental floss tied to his watch to get the box with their things in it so they can use his older model cell phone to disengage the lock. They get it and Happy goes to work. Cabe heads for the cockpit and finds it empty and the autopilot on. He goes to check on Walter and Sardo is there and says he set it to crash into a mountain unless they go where he wants. Walter says he can override it and tells Cabe to shoot him but then turbulence hit and things go wonky. The others watch the guards who go to do some rounds just as Happy gets the lock undone.

They grab their gear and walk out and head to the roof. Toby and Happy debate how to disengage the dish and Paige just kicks it. They call Sly and tell him how to find the plane. He gets it and hacks into the plane’s navigation system. Cabe and Sardo are engaged in fisticuffs and Walter moves the ATV they have to throw the plane into a nosedive and create weightlessness. This makes Sardo lose the keys so Walter can unlock himself and then he reroutes the plane. Cabe fights the guy off just as Sly tells them he thinks the plane is in a nosedive. Cabe tries to pull the plane up but the Gs are getting to them. They pass out.

Sly tells them the plane is still heading down. They see images of Cabe and Walter passed out thinks to the drone he hacked. Sly tries to level the plane out so they will wake up. Sly gets voice access and tells them to wake up and they do and save the plane. They ask where he is and they show him the drone. Walter reprograms the plane to take them back to Area 51 but Walter says he can’t land it. Happy says he can talk them through it but then the MPs are on them. They tell them to drop the phone and they have to. They are low on fuel and Cabe says they need help.

Happy and Toby beg them to let her help land the plane or it will crash in 10 seconds. The Lt caves and says to check then tells them to shoot it down but Happy says that will make it like a bomb. The Lt relents and gives her the phone and Happy talks them through the landing procedure. Walter struggles but he’s doing it. Cabe says they’re coming in too sharp. Happy says to pull back. They hit hard and the plane skids and takes a lot of damage before sliding to a stop. The MPs are on the plane with guns on them after Cabe said he just wanted one moment of silence.

The scientist is brought off the plane confused. They take him away and he looks confused. The CIA guy is there and Walter asks for the money and for the design on the device but they pull guns on them and the agent in charge says they know too much about the mission of this plane. Toby says he did not see this coming. The agent in charge says he can’t let the information out. Toby says the rest of them know nothing about the plane. Walter says there’s a drone up there recording all of this and says if they kill them, they will go away for murder.

Walter says this footage has already been downloaded and the agent says he’s bluffing. Walter says the drone is going to give him a buzz cut in about 10 seconds. Too bad Sly can’t hear him but then the drone malfunctions and almost hits them. The agents confirm what Walter said about the drone. Sly says the cameras are off and he can’t hear anything since it malfunctioned. The agent tells them to stand down. Happy says they have the CIA by the yabbos and wants to take advantage. She asks about a UFO type thing then Cabe asks about Hoffa and Toby about JFK.

Walter says he’s taking the computer and the guy just nods. Paige comes to check on Walter who is thrilled by the storage capacity and says it will help the Megan project. Paige says they all have a fear of the unknown and struggle with what they can’t explain. He says they can explain anything and she asks about death. He gives a scientific definition and she says it should be emotions not science. Walter says he knows what’s going on with Megan but Paige says there’s some unknown. Walter buzzes Toby who explains exactly what Megan’s condition is and why.

He says the MS won’t let her swallow and that’s what’s driving the infection. He ends the call then Walter tells Paige they know what they need to know. Then Paige asks why the body is attacking her own nerves and Toby admits he doesn’t know. Paige tells Walter she’s just trying to help. Walter says he needs to go then says she told him when they met that they save everyone and he says he’s going to save his sister. He storms out. At the hospital, Walter comes in and asks why she’s not on a respirator. Sly says she doesn’t want to go on it and Walter rants at him.

Sly says he did the right thing for Megan and Walter threatens him and says he’s only known her a year. Sly says he loves Megan and Walter is wrong for forcing her to prolong her life against her will. Walter says he’ll take care of it himself then tells Sly this is not over. Megan sleeps looking deathly ill.