Scream Recap 7/7/15: Season 1 Episode 2 “Hello, Emma”

Scream Recap 7/7/15: Season 1 Episode 2 "Hello, Emma"

Tonight on MTV Scream airs with an all new Tuesday July 7, season 1 episode 2 called, “Hello, Emma,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the death of another teen raises questions; and leads to a rift between Emma and Audrey.

On the last episode, in the premiere, the murder of a high-school student in the small town of Lakewood conjured memories of a similar murder that occurred 20 years earlier in the community. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “the death of another teen raises questions; and leads to a rift between Emma and Audrey. In other events, a podcaster arrives in town to report on the past and present murders.”

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There has been a second murder on tonight’s episode of “Scream” and, though the victim went to a different school, the crime once again hits close to home.

Audrey’s girlfriend, Rachel (when she’s not denying her emerging her sexuality), was found hanging from her ceiling fan. Though many of us at home know that the crime scene was staged. Rachel didn’t kill herself. She was actually murdered but because of the cleanup job everyone is going to think she killed herself.

And while news of a mere suicide is slowly filtering, there was something else that grabbed the headlines. Nina’s killer sent out a mass text.

Someone wearing the Brandon James mask had sent everyone at GWHS a GIF text showing both himself (hidden naturally) and Nina’s dead body floating in the pool. Apparently, the killer had uploaded the entire murder online. But for the people claiming to be Nina’s friends in front of the cameras, he sent them a special sneak peek with the message “PAYBACK IS A BITCH” included.

Consequently, the killer is courting all the press coverage. Hence the message and even recording the murder. So Noah came up with a theory during his English Lit class. He told everyone that being a killer must be lonely.

He kills someone and then really what’s next? The person can only watch their victim for so long before they have to flee the scene so where the added enjoyment? How can they take the experience to the next level? Filming everything just makes sense.

He believes the killer wants to share what he believes is an achievement in order to have a companion throughout all of this. And that’s why the murder is almost being thrown in their face. Thereby making nearly impossible to ignore.

But there’s a problem when a kid like Noah comes across as too interested in murder. Eventually, he gets dragged in front of the sheriff and is asked some very personal questions.

People want to Nina’s ex-boyfriend to have been her murderer because that would make sense. Yet the sheriff isn’t buying it. He’s one of the few that think Taylor could have been hurt or worse. And thus couldn’t be the killer.

So the sheriff is still looking at everyone as a suspect. And despite his boss breathing down his neck, he’s continuing with a proper investigation rather than a witch hunt.

And Noah has popped up on the radar!

Luckily, there was nothing beside his unusual interest that the Sheriff could find. Noah was let go and soon he found out he was needed. Audrey had finally heard about Rachel but, believing it was suicide, she lashed out at Emma for pushing her girlfriend over the edge.

Noah tried to calm her down. Audrey was heartbroken. Emma bared the brunt of all her pent-up anger.

And Emma wasn’t so fine herself. She blamed herself for Rachel’s death and the guilt was eating her up. Emma ignored her friends and, for a while, all she wanted to be was alone.

Though, with a killer lurking around, being alone started to work against Emma. She was staying late at the coffee shop where she worked and when she went to go put out the garbage – someone nearly corned her out in the alley. Emma never saw his face but she ran for it and counted herself grateful when she ended up running into Will back at the shop.

Someone pretending to be Emma had texted him to meet her at the shop. Will showed up at the perfect time and had offered to take a look around the place. Then, as a favor for him being there for her, Emma said she would show up at his basketball game. But, later, Kieran made her second guess her decision to go.

At the game, he mentioned how convenient it was that someone showed up to scare Emma on the same night Will just shows up.

Then Kieran implied that Will could be manipulating Emma. She was grateful back at the shop and she did after all agree to go to the game. Yet, Emma didn’t want to think Will could be capable of something like that.

Especially with everything that’s going on.

Emma didn’t go with her friends to the after-party. She went home and was going to wait for her mother to return when someone set off her alarm.

The house alarm went off and Emma quickly closed everything that was open. But, while she was on the line with the emergency services, the man at the other end told her to stay inside. He claimed she would be safer there.

And she believed him to be someone helping all the way until he started to ask her about what kind of movies she likes!