Shameless Recap – Ian Finally Snaps: Season 5 Episode 6 “Crazy Love”

Shameless Recap - Ian Finally Snaps: Season 5 Episode 6 "Crazy Love"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday February 15, season 5 episode 6 called “Crazy Love” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Fiona [Emmy Rossum] is thrown into chaos by the return of Jimmy. Ian [Cameron Monaghan] takes Mickey’s [Noel Fisher] baby.

On the last episode Frank tried to retrace his steps after an epic bender to find what he did with his six-figure insurance settlement; Gus admitted he was falling in love with Fiona; Lip visited Amanda in Miami; Carl started a new job as a drug dealer; Debbie developed a new crush; Debbie began training at Derek’s boxing gym; Kev blew off a date because he didn’t want to leave the girls with a sitter. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Newlywed Fiona struggles to remain faithful when Jimmy returns and relentlessly pursues her; Ian steals Mickey and Svetlana’s baby; Sammi takes over the Gallagher house and enforces strict curfews; Debbie starts high school; Veronica grapples with her decision to separate from Kev.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 5 episode 6 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless?

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Fiona punches Steve in the face, calls him motherf***er and then kicks him and slaps him. He tells her something came up and she demands to know where he was. He says he was incommunicado on a yacht for a year. He says he was handcuffed to a pipe in the engine room and pissing in a cup. He says then he was slave labor in Brazil. He says he got malaria too. He says he escaped when the Federales raided it. She asks who the woman is and he says it’s his partner in crime.

He asks why she got married and then says she deviated his septum. She says he’s lucky she didn’t have his knife. Fiona says – you just vanished. He asks what now and she says she’s married. He doesn’t seem phased and she called him an f-ing a-hole. Mickey calls and Steve says to say his. She tells Steve to shut up and says she’s on the way to see about Ian. Steve asks what Ian did and then waits outside. We see Ian driving down the road with the stolen baby and says he’s going to love Florida.

He curses, laughs then talks crazy but ignores his phone. He says Disney World will be great and says it’s the two of them against the world. He says all their problems are disappearing. Mickey keeps calling and calling and Svetlana wants to call the police. Mickey says Ian will bring their son back, he just scared him talking about the psych ward. Lip does his RA duties in the dorms and then a mom approaches him and says she’s Karen’s mom and wants to hand him a bag of medication.

Lip says this is not summer camp and he’s not the nurse. He tells a roomful of idiots to lay off the weed and porn until the parents leave. He complains to Amanda about being an RA and she says he could have moved in with him. She’s painting a mural on his wall and says her new roomie she found on Craigslist is a total bull dyke. He gets a call then asks if he can borrow her car since Ian just stole a baby. Frank intercepts the mail lady Gail and asks about his government check.

She tells him to get a job and he says that would be depriving her of the privilege of supporting him. He then heads home amid horrible stomach pains. He pounds on the door until Sammi opens it. He tries to come in and she blocks him. He shoves her out of the way and she asks where he’s been. She says the bedrooms are all locked to keep him out. She says she boxed his crap up and put it in the backyard. He asks where he’ll sleep and she says she doesn’t care.

She says back to the gutter or the couch. She says new rules are no money, no food and there’s a curfew. She says doors are locked at 10 o’clock and the kids curse. Sammi says no exceptions and Debbie says Liam stays up later than that. Sammi says not to try her and says it gets cold outside. Debbie says she has to get ready for high school and Sammi hugs her and says she should dress dowdy so she doesn’t get raped.

She says to pee before she goes so she doesn’t get beat up by Ukrainians. She asks if Debbie needs money for school supplies then asks her to pick up some stuff for Chuckie too. Fiona and Lip come to Mickey’s and Svetlana is ranting about Ian. Mickey says he told Ian he was going to take him to a hospital and he freaked out and took the baby. Lip and Fiona decide that Ian has had a psychotic break. Sure enough he’s driving with no hands.

He finds Willie Nelson singing On the Road Again on a radio station and sings along. He sees a big factory then pulls over. He gets out and says the sunset is beautiful. He pulls the crying baby out of the car and twirls him around. Later they talk as a family and wonder where Ian may have gone. Sammi suggests calling the cops and everyone yells no. Steve shows up and Lip asks what the f-k is he doing there.

Lip says he thought she was married and she says she is, to Gus. Steve says musicians are unreliable and Sammi asks when she got married and why she’s keeping it a secret. Fiona shoves Steve out of the house and says he can’t keep showing up. He asks who Sammi is and she says she’s a sister they didn’t know about. She says he’s missed a lot including her going to jail for almost killing Liam. He says no shit then asks about the 35 year old bass player.

She asks how he knows that and he says Angela was checking on her for him. He tells her he loves her and asks if she still loves him. She says no and he calls her a liar. He tells her again that he loves her and then whispers it into her ear. She cries and puts her hands over her eyes. Everyone watches them through the window and Lip says – don’t do it. But then she’s in Steve’s arms kissing him. Sammi says that was very hot.

Next day, Lip has Liam by the hand and is getting ready to open her door. Fiona wakes with Steve sleeping beside her. She pulls on her clothes and finds Lip lurking outside her door. She asks if he’s heard from Ian. Neither of them have. He asks if she can take care of Steve or if he should beat Steve to death with a bat and say he was an intruder. Downstairs, Sammi is cooking and the kids all stare at Fiona. Sammi asks if Steve is going to move in with she and Gus.

She says those early days of marriage are so important. Lip says Mickey hasn’t heard from Ian either. Debbie says she has to go and so does Lip. He says he’ll keep his phone own. Someone knocks and Sammi yells at Carl to get it. Carl says the other husband guy is at the front door. Fiona says her phone died when he says he was texting her. She says the lump and smell on the sofa is her brother. She says Ian stole a baby. He asks if that’s the one in college.

She says no, the one who ran away to join the army and says he stole his BF’s baby. Lip tells Gus not to f-k this up and says Fiona is worth it. Gus says he has to meet Chris to work on a demo but she says to go on and she’ll call him later. She kisses him warmly and he goes. Sammi watches all of this with interest. Ian is asleep in the car but wakes to a screaming baby. He gets out of the car and walks away. He looks around and goes to get the baby out.

He tells him not to cry because it’s a beautiful morning. He changes his diaper and says to stop crying so he doesn’t scare the sun away. He leaves the baby on the hood of the car while he goes for a diaper. He goes to check the trunk for a diaper then shows Yevi he found a shirt and ties it around him. He says the other babies are going to think he’s a bad ass. He picks him up and then says he must be hungry. He looks around for something to feed the kid and says they’re near an aqueduct and can forage.

Yevi won’t stop crying. He ignores his ringing phone and walks off with Yevi riding on his shoulders. Mickey leaves him an angry and homicidal message then says he loves him and is worried about him. He begs him to call him back. Svetlana says she’s in labor and says she has to wear shitty boring clothes. She says to get Yevi back or she’ll call the cops. Mickey reminds her to get the money before she hands the baby over.

She heads out to the hospital with her girlfriend and says her baby better be back by the time she’s back from labor and delivery. Fiona wakes Steve and says she wants him out now. He gets up and says okay. Fiona slams out the back then Steve comes downstairs pulling his clothes on. He says morning to everyone and asks for coffee. Sammi pours him a cup. Fiona comes to see Veronica who tells her she and Kevin are separating since he doesn’t care about her anymore.

She says he’s sleeping on the couch and says she and Kevin got into a fight and Veronica tells her she better take her side. She says Kevin took the girls to the park and says she has to go open up the Alibi. She asks what Fiona wanted and she tells her to never mind, that it can wait. Veronica hugs Fiona and tells her she loves her then goes to climb into the shower.

Debbie heads to high school and is a little freaked out. One girl pops up in her face and asks if she’s Deadly Debbie. Derek is there and asks the girl if she finished her community service for her solicitation charge. The girl walks off and Derek asks if she’s making enemies already. Derek says a lot of people are going to want to try. He asks if she can kick her ass and she says she doesn’t know. Amanda sends her roommate Muff off to buy towels and Lip says she seems hot for her.

Amanda says it’s kind of intriguing then sees a credit card offer. She says her dad took away all her credit cards. Amanda says she’ll run it up then beg her dad to pay it off. He says he’ll catch up then calls Ian to ask where the f-k he is. Ian pulls into a gas station and grabs Yevi. He takes him inside and grabs some diapers, Red Bull and baby food. He also asks for gas. He hands the baby to a stranger while he digs out money. She says it’s not enough.

He asks how much for gas and then a woman steps up and hands over $5 for the diapers. Ian thanks her. He takes Yevi back and then lays him on the counter and starts to change him. The clerk says he can’t change him there and then he heads out of the store. Sean asks her who Steve is and why she was beating him. He says they must have been sleeping with him as mad as she was. He says Jackie is getting out of the hospital and says her PO is picking her up.

Fiona asks her for another chance but Sean says he can’t enable her. Angela comes in and Sean says it’s her big tipper. She goes over and then greets Angela. She asks if she and Steve are lovers. Angela says he’s not her type, Fiona is. She says she needs Steve to make a decision about their business and says she’ll make other arrangement if he’s staying. Fiona says she doesn’t know.

Kevin rants to Julie in the park about Veronica not caring about the girls. He says his wife sleeps through the night and he asks what kind of mom doesn’t wake when her kids cry. Julie tells him that her jerking him off was a one time thing. The nurse gets Carol, the mom whose adopting Svetlana’s baby and brings her back. The dad is checking out Svetlana’s GF Nika in the waiting room. She shows some leg then gives him a flash of V. She comes to sit down next to him.

She tells him that waiting can be very stressful. She runs her hands up his leg and says he can have her mouth for $100. He says he doesn’t want to miss the birth but she says babies take hours. Ian parks the car and checks his hair. He says baby needs a new pair of shoes and tells Yevi he’ll be back in a flash with the cash. He goes to try and make some money. The baby starts crying and a woman hears and tries to get Yevi out of the car.

Frank wakes and calls for help. Sammi has Chuckie and Liam and is getting ready to go panhandle. He says he’s in pain and she asks if he’s been taking his meds. He asks if she’s been giving them to him and she says that’s not her job. Sammi tells the boys to get dressed in bad stuff. Frank asks Chuckie for help. Sammi says not to help him since he doesn’t care about them. Frank asks Liam to hand him the phone but Sammi calls down and tells him not to help him.

Frank crawls on the floor and he calls Liam a cocoa ingrate. He makes it to the kitchen and yanks the phone down. It hits him in the face. Cops try to get Yevi out of the car when Ian comes up. They tell him that he can’t leave a baby in a hot car alone. Ian says they scared the baby then curses at the woman. The cop asks if Ian is on the baby and Ian says they’re trying to take his baby and asks what the f-k is wrong with him.

He asks who told them to come steal his baby then takes off running with Yevi. The cops give chase. Ian runs into a grocery store calling for help and ranting how they want to steal his baby. The cop corners him and Ian throws things at them as Yevi screams. He holds the baby and cries and begs them to stop. There’s a knock on the door and Mickey gets his gun then goes to answer. He opens it and sees it’s Carl. He asks why he’s there and he says he wanted to see if he heard from Ian.

Mickey says no and Carl says he saw this with his mom Monica. He says she climbed on their roof and says she was a bird. Mickey asks if she jumped and Carl says the firemen got her down. Mickey offers Carl a beer and then asks if he has weed. Carl says that eats into the profits and Mickey says dealing drugs is not a white man’s game anymore. Mickey’s phone rings and he says the cops have Ian and the baby. He asks where Terra Haute is.

Angela and Steve wait in the car and talk. She says they have to leave for Dubai soon. Steve intercepts her when Fiona comes home. He says they have to talk but she says she’s not up for it. They go inside and she turns on the light. She curses and says her phone is dead. He tells her he doesn’t know what to say. She looks for her phone charger and he says he’s sorry for everything that happened. She gets a beer and asks him if that’s supposed to be enough.

He says he thought about her every day and loves her. He says he loves everything about her. She asks what he wants. He says he’s sorry. He touches her face and says again that he loves her. He kisses her. They undress each other. He does her on the sink and then they fall to the floor. She’s crying and tells him to stop. She starts full on crying. She goes to sit by the washer and begs him to just go home. He leaves.

Lip tries to call Fiona again then Debbie tries to text her. They’re in the car with Mickey and Carl headed to get Ian. Mickey apologizes for not listening to them about Ian and they all agree it could be much worse. Frank is in the hospital and he says his daughter hasn’t been giving him his meds. She says he’s 51 and should be able to be responsible for his own meds unless he’s mentally incapacitated. She asks if he’s retarded. He says no and she tells him to get his shit together.

He asks if he’s going to lose the liver. She says she’s happy to see that there was no alcohol in his blood but oxy, coke and weed. She says someone gave their life so he could live. Frank says the guy was dead before they started taking organs. She says if he doesn’t take care of this liver, he’s shit out of luck because he won’t get another one. They pull up at the police station and a K9 dog barks. Carl says he needs to stay in the car since he has a pound of weed in the car.

Lip says they’re going to talk about this later. The arresting officer says that Ian locked the baby in a hot car then ran away. Mickey says the baby is his. He asks who he is in relationship to Ian and he says partner, lover and family. The cop says they took him to the hospital and gave him a sedative. He says they need to get Ian some help and Lip says they know. They bring Ian out and Lip hugs him. He looks like a zombie. Mickey holds him tight and cries.

The cop brings Yevi out and Mickey takes his son. He tells Mickey he’s a cute kid and a good sleeper. Mickey takes his son and thanks the officer. He cuddles his son close. Fiona goes to see Gus at his place. She pulls off her clothes and climbs in bed with him. He wakes and turns over. He kisses her gently and he rolls over on top of her. She holds him tight and cries. Mickey says they have to commit Ian even if he doesn’t want to go.
[2015-02-15, 11:01:45 PM] Rachel Rowan: He says if he says Ian kidnapped the baby, they’ll have to take him. Mickey says if he won’t go, he’ll call the cops and says he kidnapped Yevi. Lip tells Mickey he did okay and tried which was a lot more than most people would do. Ian snoozes on his shoulder as they head home. Fiona wakes to Gus playing his guitar and singing. Davis is there too. Gus says her phone kept going off but he didn’t want to wake her. She takes her phone and goes to check it.

She makes a call to Lip. Gus watches from the other room. She leaves and runs to the hospital. She hugs Ian and asks if he’s okay. Lip tells Ian to sign the admittance papers. He does. Ian looks back at Mickey who gives him an encouraging nod. The nurse comes to get Ian. He goes and gives Yevi a kiss then walks past Mickey. He stops Ian and hugs him tight. He cries into his neck and holds Ian. He asks if he can go in with him but the nurse says no.

They take Ian back while the others wait at the gate and watch him go down the hall. They take Ian onto a ward. The door locks behind him. He looks around nervously but keeps walking. The good news is the Army shouldn’t be able to prosecute him for all his antics since he was obviously insane.