Shameless Recap 2/8/15: Season 5 Episode 5 “Rite of Passage”

Shameless Recap 2/8/15: Season 5 Episode 5 "Rite of Passage"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday February 8, season 5 episode 5 called “Rite of Passage” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Fiona’s [Emmy Rossum] plans to announce her marriage unravel. Mickey [Noel Fisher] asks for Lip’s [Jeremy Allen White] help.

On the last episode Frank tried to retrace his steps after an epic bender to find what he did with his six-figure insurance settlement; Gus admitted he was falling in love with Fiona; Lip visited Amanda in Miami; Carl started a new job as a drug dealer; Debbie developed a new crush; Debbie began training at Derek’s boxing gym; Kev blew off a date because he doesn’t want to leave the girls with a sitter. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Frank tries to retrace his steps after an epic bender to find what he did with his six-figure insurance settlement; Gus admits he is falling in love with Fiona; Lip visits Amanda in Miami; Carl starts a new job as a drug dealer; Debbie develops a new crush; Debbie begins training at Derek’s boxing gym; Kev blows off a date because he doesn’t want to leave the girls with a sitter.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 5 episode 5 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless.

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Fiona wakes a married lady. She stares at the ring on her finger and sits up. She sees Gus injecting himself and asks if it’s heroin. He says it’s insulin and she asks what else she doesn’t know about him. She asks his favorite color, he says blue and she says that’s boring. He asks her favorite Eagle and she says bald. He tells her the band and says Joe Walsh is the correct answer. She asks where he wants to live and he asks her the same.

She says married people should decide that together. He asks when she’s going to tell her family that she’s married. She says she’s not actively not telling them and he says she should wait til their fifth anniversary. She says they can tell them together and do it today. Mickey wakes Ian and says they need to talk but Ian tries to unzip him. His brother shows him a wanted poster that was at the market. He laughs and Mickey kicks him out.

Ian says it looks nothing like him and Mickey says now he can’t pull the moving scam. He says first the rub and tug and now this. Ian unzips him and goes to work on him and Mickey is distracted. Sammi tells Chuckie that the sun is coming out and says they can dry things out. Their trailer is half burned and then Chuckie says their toilet has poop in it. A guy walks up and asks if she’s Iris Venable, the woman who owns the lot.

The guy says he’s Iris’s realtor and she has to go and she asks what it will take to get her some more time. He says it will take more than an A cup. Fiona comes home and Debbie asks where she’s been. She says she’s doing an announcement at dinner. Carl asks if she’s knocked out and Debbie says the Gallaghers do blackouts and suicide attempts at dinner, not announcement. Sammi comes in and asks where Frank is.

Fiona says Frank needs to go. Sammi dumps water on him and says they need his insurance money. He says he’s working on it. She says she needs a new trailer and says she’s calling the lawyer. Frank snatches the phone and says he already got it but doesn’t have it in hand. She asks why he didn’t say anything and he says he wanted to surprise her with a new trailer. She cries and hugs him. She says she’s going to pack her dry stuff.

She says she’s going to park her new trailer in the backyard and Debbie says they have no room. Frank says there is no new trailer and that Sammi will forget about it by happy hour. He complains that he has no bed and says he’s going to go find a place to live where people appreciate it. Kevin doesn’t want Veronica giving a pacifier to one of the babies and gives her one of his shirts to calm her. He says he forgives her for getting off on a guy’s thigh.

She says he needs to go get a hand job from someone she doesn’t know to make it even. He says he was hurt and doesn’t want her hurt but she says that’s the whole point. He says he’ll do it for her. At the construction site, Tommy hassles Lip about his Florida vacation and sending tiny dick picks to his GF. One of the other guys says Oriental chicks don’t care about dick size because they have tiny vaginas.

Jose falls off the roof and they send him to the ER then tell Lip it’s his turn up top. He’s scared but heads up the ladder. They tell him it’s slippery up there. Carl heads to the new organic coffee shop. He goes out back and changes into his preppy drug dealing outfit. He has notes written on his arm. Frank goes to see Wade, the dad of the guy whose liver he has. He says he’s there for lunch but Wade says it’s not until next week.

Frank says the anti-rejection drugs mess with his memory and Wade invites him in then asks if he can touch David. Frank lifts his shirt to show the scar and Wade strokes it. He tells Frank to help himself to anything in the kitchen. Debbie heads to the gym to practice sparring. She tells Derek that Rasheed said she could keep coming if she helped out. She asks Derek to teach her a move.

Frank sits down and Wade says that’s David’s seat and asks how he knew to take it. Wade says David died in a home invasion but he was out of town. He says he wasn’t there to save him and Frank asks if he has a gun. Wade says no then Frank says he couldn’t have done anything. Wade seems relieved and says that’s right, he couldn’t have stopped it. Frank says Wade has a big house and it seems lonely. He offers to keep him company but Wade says he can’t let him do it.

Frank asks if Wade is ready to say goodbye to David. Wade says no and Frank tells him not to. Debbie asks Derek when she can get into the ring but he points out one girl covered in muscles and says that’s what it’s like. Fiona is at work putting in orders. They ask where Paula is and then Sean asks if she can work a double and if she needs to ask her hubby. She asks why he’s giving her shit.

He asks where her ring is and says nothing says no regrets like not telling those you love. Sean tells Jackie to take a break after she smashes some dishes. Sean says Jackie’s court hearing to try and get her daughter back is today. She heads outside to share a smoke with Jackie and says she knows family court and is sure she’ll get her daughter back.

Jackie says she painted her room and baked cookies. Jackie says her daughter has a big place with the foster family but Fiona says her daughter will just want to be with her. Wade takes Frank up to David’s room and tells him that his son was an altar boy. Wade says he used to watch his son sleep. He says he and David used to play catch and then asks Frank if he’ll toss the ball around with him.

Frank agrees and while Wade goes to look for the ball and gloves, Frank searches David’s room for contraband. He says all altar boys have secrets. Between the mattress and box springs he finds a porno mag with a joint and lighter hidden in it. He looks at David’s photo and says – thanks for the liver kid. Lip climbs down as Mickey comes to see Tommy and asks if he needs bets.

They ask why Mickey is back to taking bets and he says the gentrification is screwing up his business. Mickey asks Lip about a shrink for Ian but insists he’s fine. Lip says it’s a mental health assessment. Fiona finds her favorite big tipping lesbian at her station. She tells Fiona she was in Tokyo and asks if she knows that you can be used women’s panties from vending machines.

The woman isn’t happy to see a wedding ring on her finger but leaves her usual big tip and goes. Kevin goes to the park alone to look for a handy J but is just being creepy. The woman pulls out mace and tells him not touch her son after he complimented her son. He says he’s not into kids and just came for a hand job from her. He says he’s no Jerry Sandusky. She maces him in the face.

Debbie goes to see Ian and asks how she can bulk up. He recommends eggs then says steroids. She asks how much those cost and runs out. Carl screws up the drug prices again and the dealer tells him that he’s straight up dumb even with crib notes and still owes him $100. The realtor has Sammi’s rig hauled off but she says she has a brand new one coming and calls him bitch.

Sean gives Fiona some leftovers to take home and makes a crack about her new hubby. Ian is onstage dancing when an older guy approaches him and says he’s hot. He gives him some cash and then says there’s more where it comes from. Ian says he doesn’t turn tricks but the guy says that’s not it. Debbie goes to see Carl about how to get money and they come up with a cat fight idea based on the dogfight.

Frank comes down in David’s jersey and Wade asks him to call him dad. His wife comes in and demands to speak to him alone. She says David is gone and Wade says he knows that. Laura says to get him out of there. Carl takes bets then Debbie takes on the girls. Carl films it as she takes them all down. Wade comes upstairs and tells Frank he’s sorry but Laura said she had to go.

Frank pretends to be sleeping and Wade gently puts a blanket over him and leaves the room. Frank says – thanks Dad. Mickey goes to Ian’s gay dance job to check on him and asks if he’s seen Ian and says he’s late getting home. The guy says Ian didn’t leave alone. He comes on to Mickey and then he says he won’t let Ian cheat on him. Then he rants about coming out for him (meaning Ian) and kicks the guy.

Carl shows Fiona the video of Debbie fighting and Fiona says violence is not the answer but those bitches deserved it. Sean calls Fiona and says Jackie is missing. She runs out. Mickey comes into the Alibi and orders a bottle of whiskey. Sammi comes onto him and he says she’s not his type. She says she could be. He says he likes red heads packing nine inches and she walks off in disgust.

Sean and Fiona go to Jackie’s – she didn’t make it to the hearing. They find her passed out with vomit on her mouth. Sean calls an ambulance while Fiona sits with her. The needle is still in her arm. Chuckie answers the door and it’s Chuckie. He asks for Fiona and Chuckie is no help then walks off. Kevin is talking to a woman at a bar about his kids then he says he cock blocked himself.

The girl he’s talking to shows him a photo her daughter and says she’s with her ex. She asks if he wants to get out of there and he says yes but then says he needs to be honest. He says his wife accidentally cheated then gave him a pass to get one hand job. He says she actually ordered him to do it. The girl says she has a hand.

Lip rolls into the Alibi and finds Veronica tending bar with a baby in tow. Mickey hassles Lip and he says to leave him alone. Mickey says he’s selling out the neighborhood and Lip says he’s just as Southside as he is. Mickey says they need to make this place shittier so no one wants to live there. Mickey tells Iggy to get the car and asks Sully if he’s in. He tells Lip to put up or shut up and he grudgingly goes along.

Kevin is in the girl’s car and she starts rubbing him. His eyes roll back in his head. Frank comes down later and finds Laura on the couch. He offers to fix her a drink. She starts crying and says she misses her son. She says he wouldn’t understand. He says he lost the most important thing in his life once and says there’s no escape from the sense of loss. She asks if he ever felt whole again and he says you try to find other things to fill the void.

She asks what things and he says weed, pills and coke. She laughs and then grabs him and kisses him. She asks things like this and Frank says sure. She knocks him down onto the floor and climbs on him. Mickey and the guys roll up to the organic coffee joint. Lip asks if they’re going to tag it. He offers Lip an M16 or AK47. He takes the AK. They open fire on the coffee place and shoot it to pieces.

They hear sirens and Mickey calls Lip a college bitch then locks him out of the car. Lip takes off running away from the cop car. He dives into a dumpster as the cars speed past. He sees a rat and is horrified. Sean and Fiona wait at the hospital. He hands her a pack of chips and says she has to be hungry. She says just because she and Gus didn’t have a two year engagement doesn’t mean she doesn’t know him.

He asks Gus’s middle name and she says Wendell. He asks if she’s lying and she says yes. She tells him Jackie was so excited to get her daughter back. Sean says his son found him on the kitchen floor with a needle in his arm having convulsions and says he thought he was dead. He says his son was five and went out and flagged down a stranger and says that’s all that saved his life.

Sean says when he got visitation back, he begged God to never let him down. Fiona says she was clean for six months. Sean says that doesn’t matter and says his first thought was to check Jackie’s syringe and see if there was any left for him. Kevin gets home and Veronica asks if she dusts his junk for prints, will she be satisfied.

He says he went through with it but isn’t sure how he feels about it. She starts crying and he says he knew it was a trick. She says she thought it would fix them and says it was like putting a Band-Aid on a stab wound. She says most nights she doesn’t want to come home and says she didn’t sign up to be pushed to the back of the line. The girls start crying and Veronica says they’re fine.

She says they are fed and changed. She tells him if he goes upstairs instead of finishing this conversation, she’s leaving. He says she’d leave because he checked on their crying children. He glares at her and goes upstairs. Fiona gets home late and finds flowers, wine and a note from Gus. Lip comes downstairs headed to work. She says Jackie OD’d but she’s okay.

She says she won’t be getting her kid back. Lip asks if she’s okay and she offers coffee. He says he’s headed back to school early. She asks if he hates his job that much and he says he almost became a paraplegic yesterday. She says she’ll miss him and Lip asks about her big announcement. He asks if she’s pregnant and she says no. Then he asks if she’s married and she says yeah. To Gus.

He asks if she’s happy and she asks if she seems happy. Lip says yeah. She says she is but is a little freaked out. She asks him not to tell the kids yet and says she wants to do it herself. He congratulates and hugs her. She tells Lip to not be a stranger. Laura is up and in a good mood when Frank comes down.

She tells Frank she wants him to stay as long as she can then whispers in his hair that she can still taste him. She says she took the day off work and wants to spend it with the two of them – Wade and Frank.
Debbie puts a big temporary tattoo on her arm when Sammi comes in with a vicious hang over. She asks where Frank is and Debbie says he’s not coming home and there’s no trailer.

Debbie says he always lies and that it’s a Gallagher rite of passage. She asks Debbie if she knows where her is. Debbie tells her. Sammi comes to the door and asks Laura for Frank. She sees him and runs at him cursing. She grabs a knife from the block and tries to stab her dad. Wade jumps into the fracas and gets the knife away from her. He’s so proud and says – I did it, I saved out son.

Laura snaps and says he’s not our son. Wade says he is then Laura says if he is, she f-d their son. Wade asks if she slept with our son and she screams out that he’s not their son. Sammi chases her dad down the street and says he’s fast. He says the lawyer screwed him and he didn’t know how to tell him. Ian comes home the next morning and Mickey chews him out for leaving him waiting around like a bitch.

Ian tosses some money to Mickey and says he got money for them by doing a porno. Ian says the guy he did the movie with swore he was clean and Mickey is appalled that Ian didn’t even use a rubber. Ian tells him to calm down but when he comes over, Mickey tells him not to touch him and says Ian is out of his mind. Ian asks what’s up with him. Mickey tells him to pack his shit and go.

Ian laughs and asks what. Mickey tells him that he’s sick and needs help. He says he has to take him to a hospital. Ian says f-k you. Mickey slams him against the wall and says he’s going to the hospital and it can be either the psych ward or the ER. Ian says to let him take a shower and grab a few things. He goes into the bathroom. The water turns on and then Mickey sits down and lights a cigarette.

He’s crying and you hear the baby crying. Mickey hears a noise and goes looking for Ian. He took the baby and ran off. Mickey runs out and sees a car pealing out. Gus comes to see Fiona at work and she says her friend is okay. She tells Gus she’s scared shitless and says he makes her happy but there’s a part of her that wonders if they made a big mistake. He says he’s thinking the exact same thing.

Gus says there are no guarantees it will work out but says even if it’s a big mistake, they should make it a big fun one. She hugs him and he says he’ll see her at home later. He asks her to come to his place then kisses her and goes. Fiona sees her good customer and goes over to talk to her. The woman points to the guy at the table with her then stands and walks off. Fiona sees the guy at the table is Steve/Jimmy. Holy cow.