Shameless Recap – Is Sammi Dead? Season 5 Episode 11 “Drugs Actually”

Shameless Recap - Is Sammi Dead? Season 5 Episode 11 "Drugs Actually"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday March 29, season 5 episode 11 called “Drugs Actually” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Frank [William H. Macy] grows concerned as Bianca’s behavior worsens.

On the last episode Frank started to enjoy the company of his new sick friend and formerly uptight doctor, but she dumped him when she suspected he was developing feelings for her. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Frank becomes concerned about Bianca’s increasingly erratic and dangerous behavior.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 5 episode 11 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless?

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#Shameless starts with Frank taking Bianca whiskey shopping. He explains the difference then Bianca asks for the most expensive. Then he says there’s another for $10k in the back. Bianca chooses that then tells Frank she won’t be alive to pay her credit card bill. Fiona tells Sean she needs to leave early and says Sarah is covering. She says she needs to go visit her brother in military prison thanks to her heinous c*nt of a half-sister. He asks what Ian did – she says he joined the Army last year and it didn’t go well. She says Ian won’t tell them he’s bipolar since he barely admits it.

Fiona rants and rants and Sean calms her. He says to take it one thing at a time. He says they’ll get his caddie, get her family and go visit Ian. She says she doesn’t have to and he says he knows. Helene bangs Lip in his dorm room. He asks her what’s cocktail attire for the party. She says not to worry about the clothes and says she has a friend she wants him to meet who works at an aerospace lab. He asks if she takes students out or if he’s special. He says he has to go see his brother and has to catch a train to Great Lakes. She makes a call and says Lip is heading to the army base.

She ends the call and says Theo is headed North and will drive him. He thanks her. She puts on her “blend in” hoodie and sneaks out of the dorm. Fiona and Sean pull up outside and see a shipping crate out front. Mickey asks what they’re doing about Sammi. He says she’s packing her stuff and they ask how she has the money for a moving crate. Mickey starts to take her box but Sammi pulls her gun on them and says she’ll be gone in the morning. Sammy tells them their family sucks ass. Lip meets Theo who hands him a helmet and Lip is forced to ride bitch on a tiny scooter.

Kevin tries to learn how to pronounce Yevi’s name. Svetlana asks with him back does she still need to manipulate him orally. Veronica comes down and says she and Kevin are not back together – he just got kicked out of the dorm. Kevin says he didn’t know she meant was he coming back. Paco calls and says they have a broken pipe. V and Kev head out together to take care of it. Bianca and Frank are headed back to her place but she says her family is coming in and are trying for an intervention. She says they think she’s gone crazy and is drinking with a homeless man.

He says he’s not homeless, he’s just not welcome in his home. Mickey tells Debbie that Sammi is a rat and he knows people will take that seriously. Fiona says she’d like to torture Sammi but can’t. Theo drops off Lip and Fiona teases him about the scooter. Bianca’s sister keeps trying to call and Frank says he gets that she wants to live until the moment she dies. She stands on the edge of the roof and tells him to look at the view. He steps up on the edge of the building beside her. She does some ballet steps then erupts coughing. He pulls her off and he almost falls off the roof. She wants to get crack.

Fiona and the family sit down with Ian and the military officials. They read off all the charges. The investigator Sgt Kipps says he’s been charged with investigating. Fiona says Ian is clinically bipolar and the Army should be helping him not prosecuting him. The sergeant asks about the diagnosis and they read off a litany of his problems and Fiona says their mother was bipolar. She says he requires medication. The guy asks if he’s unable to care for himself and she says sometimes yes. At the Alibi, V and Kevin see bar is ankle deep in water and Paco says it’s $5k to clean it up.

Paco asks if he can go and V says she’ll text Svetlana. She says having a Russian sex worker for child care is not ideal. She asks if he screwed Svetlana and she says not. Then she says that bitch is full service and he asks about the phrase wifely duties then asks if V had sex with her too. He says that’s hot but he can be mad if she is. He asks if that cancels each other out. He asks if it was just Svetlana going down on her. She asks if he wants details. Tommy comes in and says he’ll bring by a sump pump. Tommy says he shut off valve is out back but Kevin keeps screwing with the pipe.

It starts spewing again and Tommy laughs and says make it rain. Fiona thanks Sean for the ride then Gus calls and says the tour is off after one more gig because the lead act had to cancel. He says he’ll be back in a couple of days. He says once he’s home they can figure out how they feel. They all pile into Sean’s car. Tommy brings stuff in to drain and clean up the water. He asks for a free year of drinks and they haggle down to a week. Kevin tells V this sucks but he’s glad they’re doing it together. She says she went on a date but it ended.

Kevin says he didn’t go on any dates. She asks if he f-d anyone then asks who. He says just girls at the dorm and says he didn’t enjoy it. He says dating is worse than a relationship and sex is nothing. He doesn’t want to fight and says they should just talk about their feelings. She says she can’t believe she felt bad about dating Eddie Murphy and stomps out. He wonders which Eddie Murphy. Helene meets Lip with some nice clothes for the party and says it’s near his house in a gentrifying area.

Sean offers another ride to them tomorrow back to see Ian but Mickey says he’ll have his car by then. Sean offers to fix Fiona some steak and eggs at Patsy’s and says she can bring the kids. They turn the invite down and then Fiona says they can’t torment Sammi while she’s gone. Mickey and Debbie don’t answer. Frank and Bianca go get crack and he asks about her survival rate. She says it’s 2% then when he asks about chemo she explains how horrible it is. She says it’s not way to spend your final days on this planet. She says she’s at peace and he says he’s with her all the way.

They head to the overpass and she stops on the train tracks. She says she used to be afraid of train tracks. She says her heart is pounding then asks him to have sex right there on the train tracks. He says it seems dangerous. She swigs the whiskey then pulls his clothes off. He’s all in. Helene and Lip come to the party and Lip points out a fence and says if they go past that, they’ll get car jacked. Lip greets Theo who says he didn’t know he was coming. Lip says he can leave if it pisses him off. Theo asks if that’s his tie then Bill comes over and introduces himself. He’s the host.

Bill says everyone thinks they’re crazy for living there and Helene says Lip grew up down the block. He asks what he does now and Lip says he’s an undergrad. Lip says the coffee shops and yoga studios make it where the people he grew up with can’t afford to live there anymore. Lip walks away for a some. Bianca straddles Frank who starts to panic when he hears a train. Frank says they can move a few feet but Bianca says she’s about to come. Frank is panicking. She climaxes and they roll off the tracks missing the train by inches.

Bianca laughs really hard and says that was amazing. Frank gets dressed and tells Bianca they need to clarify something. She says with her dying of cancer and him being an aging alcoholic with no purpose, it seems like they had an agreement. He says he has a brand new liver and isn’t ready to slice it into pieces. She apologizes and he says the sex was great and could be great without the train. She says she doesn’t know. She says no trains for him and what she does is her decision.

He’s upset that the scotch was crunched by the train. Kevin comes in with a fan while Veronica is mopping angrily. Kevin says he didn’t f-k any of those girls more than once and didn’t care about them. V says she moved out because he wasn’t f-ing her then he f-d other girls. He says it’s all he thinks about now and she says to tell him. He says he went online to find the porn they made and jerked off to it. She says that’s sweet and they have sex on the coffee table with the leaking pipe pouring down on them.

Monica comes to see Ian at the military prison. She says she almost didn’t get in because her license is expired. He says he wasn’t sure she’d come when he called. She says she hitched a ride then talks about her boyfriend Walter. She says she doesn’t know where he is now but says Walter will turn up. She asks when Ian will get out. He says he’ll know more tomorrow. He says he wants to talk to someone who gets it. She asks if Fiona knows she’s there but he says he didn’t tell them they’re in touch.

He says they would say they’re a lot alike. She says that’s not a compliment. She says there are always people that want to fix you. He talks about Mickey but she says he should be with people who will accept them for how they are. She says he should never have to apologize for being Ian then tells him she loves him. He cries.

Fiona and Sean come back to the empty diner and he says he knows what she really wants and is going to give it to her. He goes to cook her some tasty breakfast. Gus texts her then Sean says Ian can have his job back when he gets out. She says she wonders if she’ll end up taking care of Ian if Mickey flakes out. Sean says Fiona would like that since she likes to focus on other people’s problems to forget about her own. She thinks they both lean on each other and Sean admits he’s attracted to her.

Lip finds a guy out back who says this is not his type of party. Helene comes out and tells Lip this is Norbert who asks Helene if they want to split and have dinner. They agree to leave. Mickey comes to talk to Debbie about Sammi who says she has a plan. She says she wants to roofie Sammi’s soda. She says once she passes out, they tie her up. We see them duct taping Sammi to a chair and then attaching a car battery to her nipples. Mickey says he already gave the roofies to Sammi and they run to see.

Liam runs to look at it to. Mickey tells her if she thinks this family sucks ass, she has more to see. Then they realize she’s dead. He says they wasted their time getting the car battery. She freaks and Mickey says she must have taken some other pulls and calls her a bitch. Liam pokes her dead body and Mickey says to put Liam to bed and they’ll deal with this. V and Kev find Lip outside smoking. They’re laughing and happy. They ask if he’s at this party.

Theo, Norbert and Helene come out and he introduces them. Lip says they’re headed out. Norbert tells Lip they seem nice. Fiona tells Sean she never dreamed of doing anything like most kids did like being a doctor or fireman. She says selling cups seemed more realistic then she screwed that up. They toast to self-sabotage and she asks if this is a date. Sean says it could be then asks if she’s wondering if they got mixed signals.

She says she got married about five minutes ago but is pretty capable of running a slutty streak. Fiona says if they were going to have something real, it couldn’t start tonight. He laughs and says he’s free tomorrow night too. Mickey and Debbie put Sammi into the crate and lock it. Frank and Bianca come up and Mickey asks why a woman like that is with Frank who asks what’s in the container and Mickey says he doesn’t know.

Fiona dances around Patsy’s with Sean. Helene takes Lip’s arm as the four of them walk into the restaurant. Bianca is barfing upstairs when Frank asks if she’s all right. She says that was fun. He asks if that was the scotch but she says cancer. He brought her a banana and some water and she asks how they smoke the crack. He suggests pot instead and says crack plays havoc on the immune system. She says he doesn’t have to have any but she insists on trying it.

He holds the lighter and she breathes some in and says she can’t believe it. She giggles and he lights it again and does some. They laugh together. She kisses him and they laugh. Fiona and Sean stayed up all night. She says she didn’t tell Gus about Ian and all his trouble. She says she doesn’t know why she did that. Sean says we want people to think we live reasonable lives. He says he doesn’t mean to cast aspersions on her marriage but says she told him right away what was happening and all the details.

She falls asleep on the booth bench. He touches her hair and strokes her face. He walks back into the locker room and pulls out some drugs. He looks at himself in the mirror. Bianca wakes startled and says her family is in the room. They traced her phone. Her sister says she needs to come to the hospital. Bianca says they will call the police since they broke in. Her sister says they got the text asking to come get her saying the door would be open.

Bianca realizes that Frank did it and he says he just wanted more time with her. Bianca apologizes to her dad. She asks them to wait downstairs then Bianca says she wants to go to Costa Rica. Frank thinks he’s going but she tells him goodbye and sneaks out the back. The movers come to pick up the container and drive off with it. Frank stops Bianca as she catches a cab. He says dying doesn’t have to be lonely and she asks if he even has a passport. He shows her his fake one and they leave.

Fiona and the others show up to visit Ian but Monica was able to get him released into her custody. She has Ian and they hitch a ride. They hop in the back of a truck with a big fluffy dog. As the container drives down the road on a truck, we hear Sammi screaming to be let out. She wasn’t dead – they’re just idiots.