Shameless Recap – Sammi Strikes Again: Season 5 Episode 10 “South Side Rules”

Shameless Recap - Sammi Strikes Again: Season 5 Episode 10 "South Side Rules"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all new Sunday March 22, season 5 episode 10 called “South Side Rules” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Frank [William H. Macy] has a ball with his new sick friend and formerly uptight doctor.

On the last episode Frank played tour guide to the seedier side of life for his doctor after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer; Fiona prepares Carl for his sentencing hearing; Lip slept with a professor; Ian realized he needed to get back on his meds. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Frank starts to enjoy the company of his new sick friend and formerly uptight doctor, but she dumps him when she suspects he is developing feelings for her.”

Tonight’s Shameless season 5 episode 10 is going to be great, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Shameless — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of the Shameless?

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Mickey is going down on Ian who is struggling. He says it’s not working and blames the meds. Mickey says it could also be the toddler that’s watching them. Liam sits nearby. He hands out his pills and tells Ian to take his pills and calls him bitch. Debbie asks Sammi why she’s still there and sees there’s no food in the cabinet. Sammi says she’s going apartment hunting and says they’re all loser Gallaghers.

Mickey fixes Ian some food and says he’s going to get diarrhea if he takes those pills on an empty stomach. Helene’s husband offers Lip some breakfast and she comes in and greets her hubby with a kiss. She tells Lip that Dale makes a mean crepe. He says he has to get to the library and Helene asks if this is strange for him and how they can make him more comfortable. Dale asks if he has questions.

Lip says he has none he can think of. Helene says to let her know then says he should come by her office and get caught up on the work he missed. Lip tells Dale it was nice to see him again. He gives him a friendly smile goodbye. Bianca wakes to Frank fixing her a drink and aspirin. She asks if they had sex and he says no but says he was going to make her breakfast.

He tells her they should go grab a bite and pulls on his pants. Bianca tells him to get out and he asks why. Frank tells her not to be ashamed but she says he has to go. He says they had a blast and she’s his favorite dying person. He says their chemistry is off the charts. She kicks him out. He curses and goes. Fiona is Gus’s place watering his plants.

She folds up a t-shirt and sniffs it. She checks her phone then calls him. He says he was thinking about her and she asks good or bad stuff. He asks where she is and she says she’s watering his plants and not smelling his shirt. She says it’s nice to hear his voice and asks how he’s doing with them. Gus says he’s a little confused and she says she’s the same. He says they’re at a rest stop in ass butt USA.

He says he has to go and they agree to Skype at about 4 when he gets in. She asks if he wants to have Skype sex and he says okay. Debbie and Derrick are at the gym and he kisses her. He tells her he wants to have sex and she says that’s awesome then asks if he’s sure. She asks when and he says tonight. She asks where and he says anywhere but his house. He invites her to dinner then they agree to go to her house for sex.

Kevin has the babies at the college and a student explains. Veronica calls and says they’re tight on money because one of the nursing moms dried up. They talk babies and then end the call. A guy pounds on the door and tells Kevin he’s got to study. He asks where the babies are and Kevin says he lives there to sell drugs and the babies are only there one day a week. The guy says people are talking about turning him in and Kevin says he’ll pack his shit and go.

He says he doesn’t know what to do with all these dime bags he needs to sell for half price. Everyone in the dorm starts running over. Debbie tells Fiona she needs her to go to Planned Parenthood to get birth control. She says she’s been dating Derrick longer than Fiona knew Derrick before they got married. Fiona agrees then Debbie tells her the water is shut off and she should pay the bill.

Ian is working at the diner and dealing with weird medicine effects. He goes back to wash the dishes. He sees a cook working and goes over to look at a frying pan. He puts his hand on the griddle and then that clears his mind immediately. The cook asks how it happened and hands him a cold cloth. Ian wraps his hand. Frank screws some woman in the bathroom at The Alibi while he complains about women.

The woman loses her patience and he says he bought her a drink. He tells her to help him get the woman out of his system. She says she’s not his therapist. He starts whacking himself and says you can’t trust a woman to do a man’s job. Fiona tells Veronica they need to use the bathroom there since she paid the water bill but it will take two days to get it back on. Frank comes out and says he needs help. Fiona says that’s her cue to take Liam to go poop.

Frank says he met a woman and treated her with respect. V asks if it’s the doctor then asks what’s the scam. Kermit says there’s always a scam. Frank says he doesn’t want to stick anything to her but himself. V asks why anyone would want to be with him. Frank asks why they wouldn’t. Kermit says chlamydia, herpes, poor hygiene, bad personality. V gives him some advice he doesn’t like.

Frank leaves a beer mostly undrunk. Amanda shows up and says her gay roommate is fiery and full of lust. She asks if Lip is free later but he says he has this thing. She asks if it’s a school or sex thing and he says it’s both – a thing with a professor. He says Professor Wallace have this weird open thing. He says it’s not a relationship – they just hang out and she says shows him art and stuff.

Amanda says to ditch her and play naked go fish with her instead. Lip says he has too much work to catch up on. Amanda says she’ll see him around and leaves. She tells him she needs her car back at some point. Lip hears a scream in the hall and goes to see what’s going on. One of the coeds said his friend sold them trip weed. He calls Kevin.

Sammi is there when Ian comes home and he asks why she has their lamp. She says it’s ugly and no one uses it. She tells him to sit and gets out the first aid kit. She unwraps it and says he’s going to have a scar. He shows her one on the other hand and says he tried to hot wire a helicopter. He says that’s why the MPs are after him. She says he’s hard core but he says he’s just mentally ill.

Fiona says when Monica brought Fiona to Planned Parenthood, she was strung out and offered to give the doctor a blow job. The doctor says she is going to put her on starter pills but says they won’t work for 48 hours then says she has to use something else for 48 hours. Fiona takes some of the free condoms. Kevin comes to the dorm and sees all the crazy kids.

Kevin says he didn’t realize it was Spice when he sold it. Lip says they have to ride it out and tells Kevin to check the dorm for others. He finds a kid banging his head against the wall and says he’s the only straggler. They lock the door. Lip says if they call 911 they will go to jail and says most of them are minors. Then a kid jumps out the window and says – I think I broke my rhinocerous.

Frank is ranting because he says the one day of the year he needs to shower the water is out. He sprays cologne on himself and says he’ll scrub his junk at the Citgo then calls Ian a dumb ass. Ian comes downstairs and finds Mickey has a bunch of vitamins for him. He asks what happened to the hand and Ian says he’s going out. Mickey says a doc needs to look at his hand.

Ian says stay there and jerk off with vitamins or come with him. Mickey follows. Frank shows up to see Bianca with some straggly flowers he plucked out of the ground. Her sister leans out the window and asks if he’s the homeless guy. He says he has a home intermittently. She tells him to get lost and leave her sick sister alone but he says he’s indefatigable. He goes to try and get on the fire escape.

He jumps on the dumpster three times trying to reach it and then falls into the dumpster. He yells for Bianca to open the window and says he’ll be her limousine driver on her ride to the pearly gates. He says if she sticks with him she will not go gentle into that good night and will squeeze in as much life as she can. He says he’s going to sit and sip vodka until she joins him.

Lip goes to Helene’s house and he says it’s an emergency then asks for her husband. He has the kid in his car. His ankle is facing the wrong way. Helene asks what happened. Fiona is waiting for Gus on Skype but he’s not there. She tries to call him. Then she calls Sean and says she’s supposed to be having hot Skype sex with her husband. She says she cleaned her house and took her sister to get the pill.

Sean says his ex is coming to get Will in 15 minutes and he’s struggling to keep his shit together. She offers to come over but he says he can keep it together. Helene says her husband is a doctor of theology and says she called 911. He asks why she did that and he says the kid is going to get kicked out of school and says he has to cover for them. She asks why and he says Southside rules.

Helene says he’s covering his own ass and says he needs to stop behaving like a ghetto outlaw when the world is dropping gifts at his door. She tells Lip to go back to his dorm and says she’ll tell the paramedics she found him. Debbie takes Liam to the barbecue with Derrick’s family. His brother’s baby mama puts fake nails on Debbie and tells her how much she loves her son and that’s why she dropped out.

She says Jake’s family took her in like she was their own. She says her family was abusive and drunks and how great Derrick’s family is. Uh-oh Debbie may be thinking about not using any birth control and getting knocked up so she can get out of her house and with Derrick.

Mickey and Ian go to the baseball field and Mickey says they haven’t been there since they were f-king. Ian has a beer and Mickey says he can’t have booze because it will make his blood toxic. Ian says he doesn’t need this kinder gentler Mickey – he says he wants the tough Southside guy he fell for. He tells him next time he’s blowing him and it doesn’t work, he says – suck it harder you fa***t.

They brawl then drink the beers. Ian says that’s the first time he’s felt anything. They’re both bloody and Mickey says he’s like a wet rat. He kisses him and they start undressing. Fiona goes to Sean’s and sees his ex. She tells her she hates to do this to Sean but has to take the job. Will hugs his dad. Gus calls Fiona and she ignores the call. Sean tells his ex to take care and they leave.

Fiona stands with him then they go to a bar. She says it’s not the best place for a booze free night. He tells her to shut up and drink her Coke. She asks how he’s doing and he says to stop asking. He says she’s making it her job – with everyone – he says she likes to focus on other people’s problems and ignore her own. He says that’s NA BS. Fiona says she likes him.

Sean says she just can’t stand hearing no and says she was waiting until he was vulnerable. A guy playing pool tells Sean to leave the woman alone. He tells the guy to go back to banging his buddy and they brawl. Fiona begs them to stop. She gets the guy to leave Sean alone but not before he knocks him down and kicks him. She asks if he’s okay. He laughs and then she realizes he wanted to get hit.

Sean tells her they need to get out of there. They leave. Lip comes back to the dorm room and Kevin asks if they’re good. They high five. Kevin says from now on, clean bud only. Lip tells Kevin he doesn’t need the extra income. Then he tells Kevin he needs to go. He says it was a minor mistake and Lip says he’s sorry. Lip says this place means something to him and he doesn’t want to mess it up.

Kevin asks if he can keep crashing there and says people see him as a big bro. Kevin says he has nowhere else to go and Lip says to go home, make up with his wife and see his kids. Bianca’s sister leaves in tears calling her selfish. Frank asks what she did to her. He’s sitting on the curb nearby. Bianca comes over and says she told her she didn’t want chemo. She sits down by Frank on his box and says she’s never been this tired in her life and says it’s like psychic exhaustion.

She says she’s dedicated her lives to saving lives and can’t save her own. She says her family wants her to fight this but she knows it’s a lost cause. She says she’s fighting for her dignity but they can’t see that. She starts crying and he hands her the vodka bottle. It’s nearly full even though he’s been there all day. She asks why he’s doing this and Frank says he’s not sure but won’t ask her to do chemo.

Bianca asks if he’ll tell her he loves her, to think healing thoughts or to be brave. He says – no f-ing way. She says thank god and tells him they should go get tattoos. Debbie brings Derrick home and says no one cares what she does. She says they could do it on the kitchen table. She says she loves his family and thinks she loves him too. He says that’s sweet and undresses her.

He has a condom but she says they don’t need it since she’s on the pill. He says cool and tosses it aside. Fiona tells Sean the swelling on his face is going down. He says intense pain puts everything else in focus. She says there are other ways to do that and he says drugs. She says he’s acting the way she was when he called her a chaos junkie and says he couldn’t be with her.

She says she wants to make sure he’s not going to go back to the bar and kill the guy and says she won’t leave until he’s okay. Sean says he will never be okay and says it’s a permanent sickness. He says to nod if she understands. She does. He thanks her and then steps closer and kisses her. Then he stops, steps back and tells her to go home.

They walk away in opposite directions. Kevin comes home and goes upstairs. He finds V asleep in bed. The girls are lying there with her. He touches the babies then lies down beside V. He looks at her. Lip goes to the hospital to check on the guy. He asks how he’s feeling and he says they have him doped up on a bunch of stuff. He says the guy before him had his dick chopped off.

He says it’s a clean break and will heal in 10 weeks. He says his mom is coming in from Texas but is okay since he broke his leg before. Lip asks if anyone asks him anything. He says he told them that his buddy sold them to him. He says they’re also arresting his babies for not shutting the f-k up. He says no one cares about a college kid that got stoned and fell out a window when people are getting shot.

Lip thanks him for not ratting him out and the kid says where he comes from, you have each other’s backs. Mickey and Ian are drunk singing in the street – they’re doing Love Is a Battlefield. Ian is drunk off one beer. Ian says they’ve never been on a real date like to a restaurant and go to eat. Mickey asks if he wants to go to Sizzlers. Ian says he wants to do it now before he sobers up.

Sammi is waiting when they come in. They tell her they’re going on a date. Sammi tells Ian that she’s a really good kid with a big heart and has some hard times ahead of him. She has the MP’s there. Ian asks why and then he tries to run. They throw Mickey aside then pull a gun. They arrest Ian and take him away. Ian calls Sammi a bitch. Fiona shows up and asks what’s going on.

Mickey demands to know where they’re taking him but they just drive off. Sammi says it’s a shame when someone you love gets taken away. She goes back in the house as Fiona and Mickey glare.