Sister Wives Premiere Recap: Season 5 Episode 10 Winter “Growing Up & Moving Out”

Sister Wives Premiere Recap: Season 5 Episode 10 Winter "Growing Up & Moving Out"

TLC’s reality show Sister Wives returns tonight with an all new Sunday January 4, season 5 episode 10 called “Growing Up & Moving Out” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight’s show has two more daughters are graduating High School in the same year: Mykelti and Madison. Meanwhile, Janelle goes to the family therapist.

On the last episode, no topic was off limits as Kody and his wives tackled all of the tough and uncomfortable questions about the season. The older kids entered the mix to reveal a new interest in Logan’s life, as the youngest kids open up about their TV lives for the first time. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per TLC’s synopsis, “Janelle sees a therapist to discuss a sensitive matter involving her and one of the other wives. Meanwhile, Mykelti and Madison prepare to graduate from high school; and Dayton has surgery to repair an eyelid damaged in an ATV accident.”

We will be covering Sister Wives tonight at 9:00 PM EST so don’t forget to come back to this site for our full and detailed recap. Make sure to refresh often to get the most recent details. While you wait for the recap, let us know how excited you are about the show.

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The Brown Family is back, but sadly the family we’ve all come to love is facing some upcoming hard times. Two more of the children are going off to college and although that’s generally a good thing – what to do for the kids’ graduation party incidentally opened up a can of worms.

The adults had did a dance number the last time the kids went to college and so this year they wanted to up the ante so to speak. Anyways, eventually, they came up with lip-synch number and at first everyone appeared to be excited about doing it.

But Janelle stood alone in the fact she hadn’t wanted to do the stint. She’s always been a tad sensitive about the way she appears and so she didn’t really want to put herself out there for a lip-synch number. Yet it wasn’t until Kody and Christine kept trying to convince her otherwise that she felt like her feelings in this matter were being ignored.

You see that incident wasn’t the first time Janelle had ever felt that way and after she found herself nearly crying in front of her family – she went to go see Nancy. It seems there’s been a lot of things Janelle had kept bottled up over the years and its only now that she feels her feelings are once again being ignored that they’re rearing their ugly head.

Apparently, things were tough in the beginning. Meri and Janelle were friends before they became sister wives but after they both were married to the same man – their relationship took a turn for the worst. Janelle remembers them being mean to each other and while she’s trying to explain that time as an adjustment for everyone – she’s never really forgiven Meri since.

But whatever it that’s going on behind the scenes, at the very most the adults knew when to be adults. And they did that by putting the kids first. Mykelti and Madison are both graduating this year and the actually ceremonies plus the individual graduation parties are going to last for almost week. So they put benched the awkward conversations and hosted a party in true Brown Family style.

Mykelti’s party was first and though Janelle didn’t participate in embarrassing Mykelti and her siblings – she also didn’t make a scene. She was just happy as any proud parents would be.

Though, tension was still around the corner. Later, after the party, the adults me up for a business meeting. They had met a potential investor and she had given them some food for thought.

Mariah, the woman they’re looking to go into business with, suggested to the Brown family that maybe they can start selling products from manufactures as well as they’re own stuff. And while some of them were on board with the idea – Meri and Robyn hadn’t originally envisioned that for their business.

Early on, it was just Robyn and Meri that took the family business seriously. But after the other adults got involved – a lot has changed. So Robyn and Meri aren’t finding the business fun anymore and that leaves Kody stuck in the middle. It’s Christine and Janelle that pushing for change and its Meri and Robyn that wants to expand their jewelry line as it already is.

Then on top of crucial financial decisions they have to make – there was still one more graduation to get through. And that was Madison’s.

For Madison’s graduation party, her parents did something extra special. They filmed a skit where they all pretend to be former versions of themselves. And Janelle played the younger Madison.

When Madison first moved to Las Vegas, she hated everything and everyone. So seeing how she used to be was actually kind of funny. It seems her mom can pull of a younger version of herself quite easily!

But, ultimately all good things must come to an end. And Madison left for college not long after her party. Mykelti on the other hand stuck around for her internship with high end designer.

Mykelti wants to be a fashion designer. She wants that more than anything but her family was bit reserved about it all. To him, the fashion industry excludes sex and so that made him uncomfortable about having his daughter around that.

Yet, rather than forbid his daughter from being a designer, Kody is choosing to believe Mykelti came combine their values and creating a new kind of fashion. So he’s putting his faith in her and hopefully she’ll be able to pay it off.

Besides Mykelti’s emerging career, Robyn and Kody have had to deal with her son Dayton’s injury. Dayton was in a nasty accident and since then he’s had a problem with one of his eyes. So he’s going to need surgery and frankly that terrifies his mother.

Robyn doesn’t know if the surgery is going to help her son or end up making things worse. So naturally she’s scared but left with no other option – Robyn signs off on the surgery.

And Robyn has been doing that a lot lately. She’s been conceding when it appears she has no other choice but to comply. Like with what’s going on with the business. Instead of voicing her concerns,though, she leaves it to Kody to make the final decision about the business.

But gradually, after running into a lesbian polygamist who wanted to sell their jewelry, it’s been getting easier for Robyn to step back. Business wise. And while she was apprehensive about surgery – her son immedilty started to look better once it all was said and done.

So things turned out for the better. Though their situation with Dayton reminded Kody of when his daughter Madison was sick.

Madison had to leave for Utah right off because she had gotten a job but Kody felt like what little they had simply wasn’t enough. Like all dads, he loves his daughter and is honestly afraid about her dating guys.

According to him, it feels like she’s outside his umbrella of protection and he doesn’t know how to deal with that.

How do you let a child grow up without you?