So You Think You Can Dance Recap – Detroit Auditions: Season 12 Episode 2

So You Think You Can Dance Recap - Detroit Auditions: Season 12 Episode 2

Tonight on FOX, So You Think You Can Dance continues with an all new Monday, June 8 season 12 episode 2 called “Auditions #2: Detroit“. On tonight’s episode the auditions continue in Detroit.

On the last episode, the Emmy Award-winning SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, the original and hottest dance show, was back! It’s time to pop lock and drop in for an all-new season, new contestants and the best and worst of auditions. Season 12 features an intensified competition between dancers from stage and street as the judges – Nigel Lythgoe, Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo – searched New York, Dallas, Detroit, Memphis and Los Angeles for America’s Favorite Dancer. Also featured an exclusive interview with honorary All-Star First Lady Michelle Obama. See who strutted into the judges’ hearts and who tripped up. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s show per say the FOX synopsis “auditions continue as the judges search the country for the next dancer to take the crown as America’s Favorite! Judges Nigel, Paula and Jason head to Detroit to check out the best Stage and Street dancers in the Motor City.”

The finale episode of So You Think You Can Dance season 12 airs tonight at 8PM and you don’t want to miss it. Celeb Dirty Laundry will be live blogging the show, so don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM EST for our live recap!

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The auditions on tonight’s new episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” are being held once again in the Motorcity. And for those you that are unaware, Detroit holds special place in this competition. After all it was in Detroit that they found season 10 winner Amy.

So with the city having already supplied one winner, the judges were hoping to find the same kind of talent when they went back. But while they didn’t find another Amy, and truly how could they; they were in fact blessed with Team Stage Christine’s performance.

Christine was the fresh baby face that was first up onstage and rather than run into a scared dancer or someone simply focusing on the technical – Christine actually performed. She showed of her hip hop and ballet training. All the while she kept her audience entertained.

Thus Christine got Team Stage off on great footing. However next up was Kenya “Standing O” from Team Street and it seems there’s a unique reason behind that particular nickname.

She’s called “Standing O” because the audience can’t help but to give her a standing ovation after every performance.

Kenya hit the stage and grabbed everyone’s interest in a. instant. And Jason accredited her for doing something original. Most of the time when krunking, he says women tend to lose their femininity. Yet Kenya didn’t have that problem. She incorporated that in and later said she might have also been flirting at Jason without his knowledge.

And who can really blame her for that. Everyone female dancer that has gone up onstage during the auditions has also commented on Jason and his looks. So it looks like he serves as a great confidence booster.

But Kelly was part of the few that wasn’t paying attention to the hot young artist in the audience. Instead she was worrying about herself and her fiancée. Kelly had come to the competition with her fiancée though he was Team Street while she was Team Stage.

And although the judges didn’t have a problem with her performance, Nigel had said some things when it came to view her Romeo.

Tyrell’s dance was too out there for him and he felt like he had seen others do what he did and do it better. So he voted no. And Paula and Jason had to overrule him in order to keep the happy couple together.

Tyrell and Kelly had met during auditions for the show last year and moving onto the next stage together in both the competition and in life means they just might be the very first So You Think You Can Dance marriage.

Fingers crossed on that one and hopefully Vegas will eventually offer us an update!

But in the meantime, when this show isn’t breaking new ground that is, we often come across guys like Jason. And Jason is someone that had the talent all along yet he’s only now pursuing it. Apparently he was one of the guys who went on to train others and never seemed to pursue a career for themselves. So very self-sacrificing on his part and someone in definite need of an opportunity.

Now what he did with said opportunity is why he made it to Vegas.

Because ultimately this competition is not about how old you are or how much training you might have received. If you can dance then there’s still a chance for you. Though the one thing that can’t change in this competition is ability,

Brooke from Team Stage had ability and that’s why the judges were willing to overlook one little slip on the dance floor and still gave her a ticket to Vegas. However Chelsea who was another Team Stage member and Jessica who oddly gave herself the nickname J-South but then ended up dancing a tap version of the Charleston were the people in the other category. One that had heart yet lacked the actual talent.

So Detroit had a lot more “no” than “yes”.

And Street dancer Samantha was one of the lucky few that got a yes. Funnily enough she came to the try-outs with Chelsea and she also kind of ruined her first impression. But thankfully neither of those things were held against her.

The judges focused in on her dancing and felt like she had potential.

So I’m sorry about the cliché but dreams can come true. Take Miranda for instance. Miranda had literally just turned 18 on the day she auditioned and so the judges could have dismissed her right off and said oh well she has time. Yet they gave her chance to show off her stuff and she wowed them.

It’s always the baby faced ones that do that. They look so sweet and innocent. Then they hit the stage and it’s like nothing else exists.

Miranda just brought one home for Team Stage. She was good and as technically her first birthday present, she was given a ticket to Vegas. Where I believe she won’t be able to tour or do some sight-seeing because of the strict age regulations. But all the same know she’ll end up enjoying herself.

Aaron on the other hand was what we call a waste of time. He didn’t appear to honestly care about dancing and he may have merely tried out for a lark. Aaron introduced himself as a street performer and then he did the “Creep”. As in the popular song from Lonely Island that was introduced as a sketch on SNL.

Thus this whole thing could have been a joke to him. And thankfully no one felt sorry enough for him to overlook his lack of talent. So,yes, Aaron was one of the people sent home without a ticket.

But as for the guy that introduced the judges to the Detroit Jit, Michael had an easier time of it onstage. See the Detroit Jit is an originally dance that came out of the city. It’s a mixture of everything. Jazz, Tap, Charleston and a little Hip Hop as well.

Meaning it brought in its own wow factor. And all Michael had to do was perform it well. Which he did and for that matter towards the latter part in his dance he also managed to impress Nigel by “jitting” on the floor. So it was innovation that essentially won him a place in the next round.

Unfortunately, though, despite Michael success the rest of Day Two in Detroit was a bit of a bust.

One after one, dancers were turned away. And though there were those that were heartbroken, there were also a few dancers that knew they would be coming back. Gabby was part of that last group.

She auditioned in Dallas and was told her dance was too busy and that she needed to work on her control. So you know what? She didn’t go running home prepared to throw away her tap shoes. Gabby instead came back a week later with a whole new routine.

She tightened up on her song and her steps. Thus when the judges later saw her, they said it was like watching an entirely different person. The Gabby they saw before was forgettable and Gabby now won herself a ticket to Vegas.

So taking in criticism actually proved to be helpful this time.

And after watching the last performance of the night, Roydell from Team Street, it’s safe to say that the lines drawn between Street and Stage are still unclear. Tonight proved there was a place for free style, Jit, and tap. So can anyone honestly say one it better than the other.