Stalker Recap 2/11/15: Season 1 Episode 16 “Salvation”

Stalker Recap 2/11/15: Season 1 Episode 16 "Salvation"

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Wednesday February 11, season 1 episode 16 called, “Salvation,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, a rare case of group stalking is investigated when a mob harasses a young woman. Meanwhile, Ray’s scheme to isolate Beth [Maggie Q] from her allies escalates.

On the last episode, when a popular high school coach claimed he was attacked by a student with a crushed on him, Beth and Jack investigate. Meanwhile, Ray brings Perry into his plans to destroy Beth. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “when a young woman is harassed by a mob of people, Beth and Jack realize they are dealing with a rare case of group stalking. Also, Ray escalates his plan to isolate Beth from her closest allies”

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#Stalker starts with a woman parking her car outside her apartment building and going inside. She checks her mail and then goes upstairs. She runs into a guy on the stairs and he asks if she’s Isabel. He says he’s a friend of Oscar’s who asked him to talk to her. He says Oscar misses her and she says he needs to stop stalking her and threatens to call the cops. She drops her mail and he picks it up then tells her she needs to give Oscar another chance. He demands that she call Oscar.

She knees him and then runs banging on doors and asks for help. A woman lets her in and they slam the door in the guy’s face. Jack wakes on Beth’s couch and sits up. He pulls his pants on and mops up liquid from the glass he slipped. She comes out and he asks how she slept. She thanks him for staying and he awkwardly zips up his pants and says he’ll see her at the office. Jack shows up to Amanda’s and says he’s there to take Ethan to school. She says he can’t just show up but he said Ethan texted him.

Jack says Tim’s mom can’t take him so Ethan asked him to. Ethan comes out and Amanda says to tell her if he wants his dad to take him to school. Ethan says he’s sorry. Ben and Janice show Beth some photos but she says they are not Perry. Jack brings Beth a bag of Brazilian nuts to replace hers that he ate. Ben and Janice give Beth a look. They go talk to Isabel who says she’d never seen the guy before. Isabel says she took out a restraining order and they referred her to TAU.

Ben asks why Jack is flirting with Beth. He says he’s not flirting then Ben says it’s flirting or sucking up. Isabel says she met Oscar six months ago when she moved to LA. She says he was into partying and drugs so they broke up. Isabel says the man didn’t attack her but was trying to scare her. She says Oscar knows how to play on her fears. She says she heard someone trying to get into her apartment and he came over to protect her. Her neighbor Lucy is there with her and says Oscar was bad news.

She says they had sex that one time and they ask if Oscar was violent. She says he was aggressive and shoved her and that’s when she filed the TRO. She says last night was the first time he sent his goon friend. She asks them to talk to him and get him to leave her alone. Ray asks Perry how long he’s been watching Michelle. He says a few months and she has a lot of routine. He says she’s closest to her BFF Tracy, the one he hooked up with that is currently in hiding.

He says she also is close to Ben, Janice, Amanda and Jack. He puts all their photos on the wall. Ray says they were all at the crime scene. Ray says Jack is sleeping with Michelle but Perry says no. He says she doesn’t date either. Ray asks who they should target first and Perry says Janice because he doesn’t like her since she arrested him. Ray says Jack needs to go. Perry asks what they’re going to do. Ray says they remove all of them and they isolate Michelle.

He says then she has no one to turn to except for them. Ray says once they target them and scare them, Michelle will push them away to protect them. They bring Oscar in and he asks if he’s under arrest. He asks what he did and Jack says they know he’s been harassing Isabel. They show him the photos of the guy and he says he doesn’t know the guy. Ben says stalking by proxy is still stalking. Jack asks if he has a drug problem but Oscar says he’s three months sober.

Janice and Beth watch the interrogation. Jack says Isabel has a trust fund and Ben says he’s a broke loser. Oscar slams the table and says it’s a lie and he never took her money. Jack and Ben threaten to make trouble for him and tell him they can make it up. They tell him to stay away from Isabel. He says he gets it and they tell him that he’s free to go. Janice says they’ll see if that works. Isabel gets food from a truck and then people start bumping into her.

Another knocks her food away then someone kicks it. Someone whispers as they pass – they’re coming for you. She runs for her car and gets in. She sees the guy again and then a bunch of others. She honks the horn and screams at them to leave her alone. She roars her car out barely missing them. Isabel describes the incident to Beth who says Oscar may be using others to intimidate her. She asks if she recognized any of them but she didn’t and says the TRO was supposed to stop this.

Beth says they have no way of connecting Oscar to this and asks if it could be anyone else. She says it has to be Oscar. Beth says they can prove it. Janice and Jack talk about the rarity of group stalking. Janice says it’s known as street theater and is more known for gangs. They also discuss cult behavior. Ben got the guy’s name – Clarke Jennings – Amanda comes and says she got them the warrant. Amanda apologizes to Jack for being cranky and he says he’ll call her the next time Ethan reaches out.

He asks if they’re good and says Ethan asked to sleep over with him. He asks what he should say and she says she’ll drop him off. They research Jennings who has a trust fund he’s living off of and he’s been giving big bucks to some LLC. Jack and Beth go to check out the address. Jack asks if she likes Korean BBQ and says they should order from there. She asks if he’s planning dinner and he reminds her that her fridge is empty.

The house is big and nice but they get no answer at the door. There’s a van out front with a still warm engine and they wander into the back yard. Jack peeks into an open back door and they step inside. Jack comments that it’s a big house for one person. They hear a woman saying no and people chanting. She cries no several more times and they go into a room where there’s a group of people. They all stand and stare at them. Looks like they found the mob.

A woman asks why they’re there and she says they’re LAPD looking for the owner. Abraham comes down and says he hasn’t seen Clarke for a few weeks. He says they’re very peaceful and it’s all about love and sex. Jack asks if they all live there and Abraham says they’re called the Celestial Fellowship. He gives them a tour and says they do day trading to make money. Beth asks they’re doctrine and he says mysticism but reality as well.

They ask if he knows Isabel or Oscar. Abraham says no and says he’d love to help Clarke right his wrongs if he sees him. Abraham leaves them in Skye’s hands for a more extensive tour. She says there are 32 members. She says they exist on day trading and personal donations. She says their beliefs are rooted in astronomy. She says there are no aliens, just their souls. She offers them to try a free introductory session and says they welcomes everyone.

Amanda says they can’t get a restraining order for a whole cult. Jack says maybe they’ll get a hit off the pamphlet that Abraham touched. Ray comes back and Perry asks where’s been and what he’s been doing. Ray tells him he’s nosy then shows Perry he got a gun. He asks what he thinks and Perry says it’s a gun. Perry says why do they need a gun just to scare them. He points the gun in Perry’s face and he flinches. Ray says – see, aren’t you afraid – and says a gun is great for scaring people.

Perry says he doesn’t want to physically hurt anyone. He says they don’t need to hurt the cops and says they could get in a lot of trouble. Ray says Perry looks like he regrets ever meeting him. Janice says she thinks Abraham is recruiting Isabel for her money. They wonder if they’re using Oscar for info to scare her and lure her in. Janice wonders how the cult found her if it wasn’t through Oscar. Janice says they should look into Lucy.

Sure enough, Lucy shows up with Isabel to the house and introduces her to Skye. Isabel says everyone is so nice and Isabel says she should have come sooner. Isabel tells Skye she thought they were a cult but Skye says they get a little hippy with the astronomy but that’s it. She says she wants to introduce her to Abraham. Isabel says the wine is going to her head then says she knows him. She says he’s not Abraham. She says she doesn’t feel good and collapses. The group gathers around.

Ben says Lucy’s Facebook page is covered with stuff about star patterns. Beth says Lucy may have arranged the stalking since she knew about Oscar. Janice says they need to get inside the house. They wonder why the cult wants Isabel beyond the money. Abraham asks if everyone is ready and Lucy rants at them for drugging her. She says Isabel came willingly and they didn’t have to do that. She asks why Isabel recognized him and he says they met long ago.

He says he knew her as a child but had to wait for her. He says she’s the one they’ve been waiting for and is the highest point of their constellation. Lucy rants at him about the drugging and asks about the police. He says they’ll explain it all to Isabel and Lucy makes him promise that he’ll let her leave if she doesn’t want to stay but then he cracks Lucy’s head into the wall and knocks her out. He sits down by an unconscious Isabel and strokes her hair. He says he’s been waiting for her.

Ben says the LLC is clean as far as they can tell. Beth says cult leaders are narcissists and they wonder how he’s controlling them. Janice says Abraham is Robert Foster who has been investigated for sexual misconduct. He’s from the same small town she’s from. Ben says their families lived two blocks away and he was committed to a psychiatric hospital but the records are sealed. They show up to raid the compound.

A helicopter is above supporting them. They break into the house and look all over. They hear a woman moaning and crying. They kick in the door and find Lucy just coming to. They ask where Isabel is. He says he took her to initiation baptism and Beth asks where. Jack demands to know where but she says she doesn’t know. Beth says she checked with Ben and found out the cult also owns a small campground. They head out there thinking it has a lake they use for baptisms.

Abraham and the others are all in white and he says tonight is a special night. They drag Isabel down and she asks Robert what he’s doing. He says Robert was the guy down the street that she ignored and that wasn’t worthy of her. He says he’s Abraham now and he created this world for them so they can be together. He says he’s worthy now and she can love him. He says it’s time for her to be new too. He holds her under the water with Skye’s help while she flails.

The cops show up sirens blaring to the campground and find the cult vans. They check inside and see nothing. They cut the bolt on the fence that protects the property. Abraham pulls Isabel up out of the water and says Zenith is her new name. He tries to kiss her and she says he’s crazy – that they all are. The cops shows up and start slapping the cult members to the ground. Abraham makes a run for it but Jack punches him in the face.

Abraham says they’re violating his religious freedoms and Jack says – yeah yeah. Isabel says Robert was older than her and was nice after her parents died. She says she was just a kid and she told his mom that he made her feel uncomfortable and that was the end of it. Beth says he was sent away because he suffers from erotomania, an illness where he creates worlds in his head. He stares at her as they drag him away in cuffs. Isabel says she thought Lucy was her friend.

Beth asks if she can call anyone for her but Isabel says it’s just her. Janice tells Ben that the FBI has Abraham and she says she got sucked into a cult once. She says she almost drank the kool aid but turns out she likes bourbon. Jack says he can’t join because he has plans and Beth also bows out. They leave at the same time and Ben says they’ll be hooking up as soon as this Ray thing has passed. Jack sets the table at his place and looks nervous. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Amanda with Ethan.

He says pizza is on the way and Ethan says he brought games. Ethan asks why the TV is on the floor and Jack says it’s cool that way. Amanda hugs him and tells them to have fun. Jack invites her to stay but she says she’s going to have a bubble bath and Merlot. She heads out. Isabel is startled by a knock at her door. It’s Beth who came to see if she needs company. Isabel says she’s fine and Beth says it’s good to know people. She says there are good people around and you just have to find them.

Beth says she found some and then Isabel asks her in for tea. Janice is in the parking garage and senses someone behind her. She pulls her gun but it’s only Ben. He says he changed his mind and thought he’d have a drink with her. He asks to ride with her but says it’s scary. Jack and Ethan play a video game. Amanda goes out to her car. Ray sneaks up on her and bashes her head against her car. She collapse to the ground and is out like a light. There’s blood by her head. Ray walks away.