Stalker Recap 2/4/15: Season 1 Episode 15 “Lost and Found”

Stalker Recap 2/4/15: Season 1 Episode 15 "Lost and Found"

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Wednesday February 4, season 1 episode 15 called, “Lost and Found,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, when a popular high school coach claims he was attacked by a student with a crush on him, Beth [Maggie Q] and Jack [Dylan McDermott] investigate.

On the last episode, after a violent break-in at a popular anchorman’s home, Beth and Jack immediately investigated his previous stalker, but quickly learned it was a far more convoluted case. Meanwhile, Perry gets more insight into Beth’s past. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “when a popular high school coach claims he was attacked by a student with a crush on him, Beth and Jack investigate. Meanwhile, Ray brings Perry into his plans to destroy Beth.”

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On #Stalker, at a high school, a guy runs the track around the football field then goes to take a shower. He misses several texts that get increasingly more threatening. He hears a noise and turns off the shower. He calls out hello. He looks around the empty locker room. Someone is in there with him. He hears a noise and goes to check it out. He sees his phone is gone and looks around for it. He’s annoyed but not alarmed. He dresses and goes into the gym and then hears his phone chime.

It’s under the bleachers. He sees it and walks under the bleachers to get it after saying – you’ve got to be getting me. The last message says – I hate you and I hope you die. The bleachers start to close up. He barely makes it out before being squashed by them and conks his head good trying to get out. Now he’s scared. At TAU, Jack and Janice come in and Ben says it’s Coach Baker and is being stalked. Ben says he thinks he’s being stalked by a female student.

He says he reported it to the principal. Janice looks at the report and says he nearly got crushed by bleachers. Jack says girls are mean. He goes and tells Beth that Perry’s dad gave them credit card and bank numbers to try and help them track him. He says he wants to run with this and try and track down both Ray and Perry. She says she needs to stay busy and says Janice can take the coach. She asks him to keep her posted.

Ray wakes to find Perry staring at him. He asks what he’s doing and he says he was waiting for him to wake up. He says he got him a burner phone, some clothes and toiletries. He also has breakfast and coffee. Ray asks why he’s doing this and why he’s here in LA in this motel. Perry says of course he wants answers and says they’re there for Michelle. Ray asks what he wants from him. Perry says he wants a friend and says he knows that must sound strange.

He says the police will be looking for them and Ray says there’s no warrant out for him but Perry says Beth is powerful and has resources. He says if they give it a few weeks, she’ll let her guard down. Ray says he’s not staying in the room with him for a few weeks. Perry says if he wants Michelle, he needs to trust him. He says he needs to win her back slowly. Ray asks then what. Perry says you get Michelle and I get Beth.

Coach Baker says Jenny Klein is the stalker girl and says he gets a lot of attention because of his looks. Janice says he’s modest. He says Jenny also wrote him a graphic note a few weeks ago. He says he shredded it because it was written in the past tense like they had already done something. Beth says she’s likely to escalate and says she tried to crush him. He says he was worried about reporting it because he’d be prejudged. He says he sees it on her face and she says that’s just her face.

Beth goes to talk to Jenny’s mom and she says Jenny’s dad died a year ago and needed a bone marrow transplant for his leukemia but she couldn’t donate because she’s adopted. She says that’s how she found out. Beth asks if Jenny ever mentioned Coach Baker. She says her world revolves around her boyfriend Emmet Beaudry. Jenny tells Janice she’s dating the hottest guy in school and has no reason to want the coach.

Jenny tells her there was an online poll about which teacher you’d have sex with and she says the PC Tattler quoted her saying she’d do it with Baker. She says it’s a gossip site. She denies flirting with the coach or sending mean texts. Janice tells the others that her BF isn’t talking to her now because of the rumors and Beth says the mom is minimizing it. Jack asks if the coach suspects anyone else and she says no.

Jenny is out with her girlfriend and they find Tripp videoing them. He calls Jenny a dirty girl and that makes her friend mad. They tell Tripp no blogging at the party. She asks where Emmet is and they tell her he’s in the back room. Jenny goes to look and finds him naked with another girl, Dee. They do some slut shaming and Jenny runs off. Emmet goes running after her and says he’s sorry. He asks for her to answer him. He hears a noise and goes to look. It’s dark and he doesn’t see her.

His cell phone chimes with a text that says I’m sorry. He’s hit and goes careening down a tall hill. Next day, Jenny is getting lots of stares and people say she did it. Someone has written whore on her locker. Dee walks by and gets nasty with her. Jack and Janice interview the kids that were at the party. They all think that Jenny pushed Emmet. He broke his collarbone.

Dee says Alexis has made Jenny a bad girl. Alexis says Jenny would never hurt him but Tripp says she destroyed Emmet’s entire life – now his shot at pro ball is ruined. They bring Jenny and her mom into TAU but she denies it. She says she ran straight home after the argument. Her mom says he cold have fallen on his own but Jenny says not to blame him. Beth tells her she’s been expelled from school for a week and Emmet’s family is taking out a restraining order.

She says she didn’t do anything. Jack wonders if Jenny is actually the victim here. Jack says he got a bank alert from Perry’s account. He took out $5k in cash nearby and says he’ll check area hotels. Ben is researching Jenny online then looks at posts on the PC Tattler. He sees one person called death_in_the_afternoon that says they would split her down the middle – then they find an online shrine to Jenny posted by that user.

Jack says that’s Hemingway. Janice says Ian Hemingway is one of Emmet’s friends. They roll to his house. They find Ian playing video games. He ignores them and they tell him they found his online shrine to Jenny. He denies knowing what they’re talking about but they tell him they traced the IP address. Janice asks if he’s still feeling sexually aggressive about Jenny and also got Emmet’s starting shot on the game.

Ian says he liked her but not that way. They tell him that they know he pointed Jenny toward Dee and Emmet hooking up. He says he’ll take down the tumblr but says they have him all wrong. Alexis says someone posted on the PC Tattler that Jenny is pregnant with Coach Baker’s child. Jenny’s mom asks what they’re up to and Jenny gets hostile and asks her to leave them alone. She does. Tripp posts a video that supposed to be of Coach Baker and Jenny.

She hears it and then looks and starts crying. The girl’s back is turned to the camera. Her mom comes in when she hears her crying and she says it’s not me. You can only see that she has long brown hair like Jenny and that the Coach is calling the girl on top of him Jenny. They haul Coach Baker into TAU and confront him about the video. He says it’s him but not with Jenny. He says it’s a woman named Jenny he met at a sports bar. He says he didn’t tape it and says they were role playing.

He says he didn’t get her last name and says he went to her hotel room and says she told him she was in town on business. He says the woman was his age and comes up with a hotel name for them. He says it was sex between two consenting adults. All the kids online are calling Jenny a whore. Jack says he seems sincere. They wonder if the woman in the video is the stalker. Beth says Ben found the source of the video. Dee leaked it.

Dee asks why they’re talking to her. She says Tripp posted it but he said he got it from Dee. She says Jenny is a liar and a snake. She says she told Jenny that she liked Emmet and Jenny went after him anyway. Beth asks what color her hair was before she died it. Dee says she’s crazy if she thinks she’s the one in the video. Dee says she didn’t shoot it. She says someone left it on a thumb drive in her locker and hands the drive over.

Perry paces until Ray comes back. He says he just went out for a haircut. He says he was going stir crazy but Perry freaks and says someone could have seen him. Ray says he was locked up for 12 years and needed fresh air. Perry says it was stupid and Ray punches him in the face. He says he has too many rules then tells Perry he’s sorry and that sometimes he loses it. He gives Perry a hand and pulls him to his feet. Perry is very upset.

He tells him it’s okay and that he shouldn’t have yelled. Ray says Perry is under the impression that he’s the one in control but says they need to work together. He brings Perry a towel and says he needs this to be a partnership. Perry says it is and Ray says that’s good because it wasn’t feeling like that. Jenny tells her mom that Emmet texted her that he’s just getting out of the hospital. Jenny says she hasn’t done anything wrong and shouldn’t be punished.

Her mom says this will blow over but Jenny says she can’t go back to that school. She says they have to move but her mom says she can’t just quit her job. She says it’s horrible but you can’t run from your problems. Jenny says her life there is over and everyone thinks she’s a slut. Her mom says the needs to show them she’s not the person they think she is. She tells her mom that she doesn’t even care about her and stomps out. She goes and gets in the car.

Coach Baker shows up and beats on the car door and window and asks what she said to the cops. He says she ruined his life and calls her a little bitch. She’s terrified and drives away crying. Janice comes and tells Beth that Coach Baker got drunk and came after Jenny last night. She says he was arrested and has been fired from the school. Janice says Dee is responsible. Beth says she’s a cyberbully but maybe not a stalker.

Jack says he found the brunette but says it was a woman named Rheanna. She took a cab from the hotel and was dropped off near the abandoned house where the kids were having the party. Jenny gets Alexis to get her stuff from her locker. She’s running away. Alexis asks where she’s going and she says she doesn’t know but says her mom thinks she did this and she just needs to get away.

Beth and Janice head to the abandoned house to look around. They see beer bottles, candles and flashlights but then Beth notices a seam in the floor and pushes a locker out of the way. She finds a door and opens it. There’s a lantern there, a bed that looks slept in, food and shelves of folded clothing. She calls Janice in. They realize someone was squatting there, likely a teenager. Janice recognizes a piece of clothing from the video.

They find a basketball jersey on the bed – it’s Ian’s. Jack goes to confront him about the woman. He says he would know if he hooked up with a woman. Jack says to tell him who he’s been seeing or he’s going to arrest him as an accomplice. He says he’s been hooking up with Alexis. He says she comes over after his mom goes to bed. He asks where Alexis lives but he says it never came up. Ben says Rheanna’s name popped up as a foster kid but then aged out of the system.

They look and see that it’s Alexis. Jack says that Jenny’s mom is Alexis’ biological mom that she gave up for adoption. They figure out that’s why she’s trying to destroy Jenny. Her mom pours a glass of wine and calls out for Jenny. She says she can’t just ignore her texts. She goes upstairs and says they need to talk. The girl turns and it’s not Jenny, it’s Alexis. She calls her mom.

Janice calls the house and leaves a message. Jack says she went looking for her mom and Jenny was in the way so she framed her and made her look unhinged. Beth says Alexis was behind all this. Janice says she can’t reach Jenny or her mother and they send a unit to the house. Alexis says it’s been her whole life and that’s why she didn’t recognize her. She tells Alexis that no one separated them. She says she was just too young to be a mother.

She says giving her up was the hardest thing for her to do so she gave her up. Alexis asks why she replaced her. She says she looked for her for years but couldn’t find her. She says they told her the records were destroyed. Alexis says that now that Jenny is gone, they can start over. She asks what she means. She asks where Jenny is and then Jenny shows up. Alexis says she’s not supposed to be there. Jenny says she couldn’t go through with it.

Alexis says Jenny doesn’t deserve her and says she doesn’t love her. Alexis freaks out and attacks both Jenny and her mom. Both girls go tumbling down the stairs and she runs to Jenny. They hear sirens. As the girls are loaded into the ambulance, someone is filming the scene. Jenny asks Beth why Alexis would pretend to be her friend. Beth tells her that she’s not well. Her mom asks if Alexis really is her daughter and Beth nods.

Beth says she’s being sent to a psychiatric facility for observation. She asks if she can see her daughter and if it would help. She says maybe she and Jenny could go see her one day. She cries and holds Jenny’s hand. Beth tells Ben, Jack and Janice good job and asks them to dinner. They all load up into the car. Ray lurks in the crowd filming all this. He watches her leave with them and snaps photos.

He comes back to the hotel room later. He tells Perry he knows he’s awake and flips the light on and tells him to wake up. Perry asks where he’s been and he says he went to see her and he has a plan to get Michelle back. He says they have to make her vulnerable and take away her family. Perry says Ray already did that but he says no, her work family and shows him photos of Janice and the team. He says they have to destroy her world so she has no one to turn to but us. Perry and Ray smile.