Stalker Recap 1/28/15: Season 1 Episode 14 “My Hero”

Stalker Recap 1/28/15: Season 1 Episode 14 "My Hero"

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Wednesday January 28, season 1 episode 14 called, “My Hero,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a mysterious stalker targets a female lifeguard and her loved ones.

On the last episode, Beth and Jack had to diffuse the threat against a female lifeguard and her loved ones when she became the obsession of a mysterious stalker. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “after a violent break-in at a popular anchorman’s home, Beth and Jack immediately investigate his previous stalker, but quickly learn it is a far more convoluted case.Meanwhile, Perry gets more insight into Beth’s past.”

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#Stalker starts now. On the pier, a couple kisses. Dave tells her she’s the one and kneels to propose to Nicole. She says yes. He slips a ring on her finger and it’s too big. She says it’s okay. He says he’ll get it resized and she asks him to hang onto it. They go ride the carousel and kiss some more then all the other rides. Someone follows them – someone in a hoodie. They go into a shop and try on hats.

The person follows. Someone bumps into them and Dave tells Nicole he took the ring and tells her to call the cops. He chases hoodie guy into a store and down a hall. He stops to grab a bat and then they’re in a fun house. There are lights and mirrors. He lunges at the guy and whacks himself in the face. He looks around and raises the bat. The guy is nearby and Dave swings but gets a mirror.

The guy runs out and Dave follows him but loses him in the crowd outside. They tell Beth that there are no new charges on Perry’s credit cards that would tell them where he and Ray are. She says he’ll make contact when he wants. She says she’s not okay, but has to live her life. Jack comes and tells them about the possible stalker on the pier and offers to handle it but Beth says to send them to her office.

Beth talks to the couple and Nicole says a red truck has been following them. They haven’t been able to get the tag number, but it has a keep honking, I’m reloading bumper sticker. They tell Beth that they were both dating other people when they started dating and neither took it well when they broke up with them to pursue their relationship. Jack says theft of the ring means someone isn’t happy they’re together.

Dave says his ex Stephanie emailed everyone at his company. Nicole says her ex was very controlling and Dave says he meet the guy once and he was very intimidating. They bring in Stephanie who says she and Dave dated for three years. She says they talked about getting married then he dumped her one day and said he met his soul mate. She says Nicole is a hot lifeguard. Janice asks if she’s bitter.

Stephanie says she was six months ago, but not now. She says she regrets what she did but is dating a new guy who makes a lot more money. They ask her about the red truck and she says she would never be caught in a truck and says they’re total gas guzzlers. They ask where she was when the incident happened and she says she’s happy for Dave and is glad she found out how shallow he is.

They next bring in Nicole’s lifeguard supervisor that she used to date. He says it was hard at work but it got easier so he decided to keep on working with her. He says he didn’t know about the engagement until they told him and is happy for them. He says he’s not the jealous type and Beth says that’s not what Nicole told them. He says he just cared for her.

He has an alibi too. Amanda comes looking for Jack and she says Ethan was happy spending time with him. She asks him to come for dinner and says Ethan wants him to meet some of his friends. He agrees and thanks her. Beth says Nicole’s ex had an alibi that checked out, but Dave’s ex had no alibi. They wonder if it might be someone from Dave’s company since start ups are so competitive.
[2015-01-29, 12:25:40 AM] Rachel Rowan: Later, Nicole and Dave are at a beach barbecue. They run out a beer and he’s sent for more since he’s not drinking. He jogs up to his car and has to go through a tunnel. Someone in a hoodie comes in from the other side and holds up a lighter. Dave goes up in flames because there was a trail of accelerant laid out in the tunnel that he walked in. He runs back out of the tunnel screaming and falls to the sand in flames.

Nicole screams in horror. Ben and Jack are at the beach and find Trent there. He says homicide pulled the case since Dave didn’t make it through the night. Jack says they’re running lead because the case originated through TAU. Trent isn’t happy but points out their witnesses. Ben heads over. Jack thanks Trent for the part he played in helping him get to see Ethan. Trent says he grew up without a dad.

Jack asks if he’ll be there Friday. Obviously he didn’t know. Most of the people at the party are clueless about who might have come or gone. They tell Ben that Nicole and Dave are the couple everyone wants to be and they were well-liked. They go into the tunnel. Trent says the intent was to make the victim suffer by letting him see the fire was coming. He says he’ll call Jack with any other info.

Janice says she has found no workplace drama on Dave’s side but then three months ago at Nicole’s job, a 12 year old boy died and his parents sued the city but lost. The dad was quoted in the newspaper as saying that the lifeguard should suffer like they had. They wonder if the parents did this. Janice and Beth go to see Nicole who is distraught. She says Dave’s parents are flying in.

They ask her about Pedro Vasquez. She says his death was not her fault. She says it was off season which meant that some towers were empty and Pedro was swimming in an area he shouldn’t have been and got pulled into a rip current. She says by the time she got to him there was nothing she could do. She says he was alone, no parents with him.

Trent and Jack go see Juan Vasquez who says his boy would never have gone swimming in an area where there was no lifeguard. He says he doesn’t blame Nicole for trying to cover her ass but blames the judge for not seeing through it. They ask where he was last night and if his wife can alibi him. He says he and Isabella broke up after Pedro died. Trent asks about his arson record.

Juan gets angry and says if they have no proof to arrest him to get out of his business. They leave. Jack says he doesn’t think he’s their guy. Trent is annoyed that Jack pulled him away. Trent says he’s going to put a unit on him. Nicole is packing up her things at her tower and heads out. She walks down the beach and then hears a noise. She calls out.

Her ex Mike is there and startles her. She asks if he heard something under the pier. He tells her to sit tight while he checks. He goes and she hears him groan as if he’s been hit. She calls out to him. She goes to look. She finds Mike down at the water’s edge and rolls him over. She screams for help and tries to get him out of the water. He comes to choking water. Beth goes to see Nicole at the beach.

She tells Nicole that the person was looking for her and Mike just got in the way. Mike says he didn’t see who attacked him. He says maybe it was a piece of driftwood. Jack asks why there’s an injury to the front of his head when he was hit from behind. He says he heard a noise from behind, turned and got whacked. Jack asks why he was there and he says he came to tell Nicole he was there for her.

Jack points out a camera and asks if it’s a security camera. Mike says it’s a weather camera. Ben scours the footage and finds the red truck. He doesn’t have a good angle to see who gets in and out of it but they run the plate and it belongs to Juan’s ex Isabella. They bring her in. She says she works in one of the gift shops. She says she wasn’t working when she said she was. They ask why she was following Nicole and Dave.

She says sometimes she would stare at Nicole in her lifeguard tower. She says she wanted to see if she was happy because she doesn’t deserve to be. She says she wants proof that she’s bad at her job and wasn’t watching and that’s why she’s been looking at her. Isabella says Pedro came to work with her and she told him to stay by the lifeguard tower and he was a good boy and wouldn’t go somewhere else.

Trent says Isabella nearly confessed. Jack says it’s not enough and Amanda says she has enough for a search warrant on her house, but not an arrest. She tells them to find her some real evidence. Trent storms out and Amanda follows. He says she should have his back but she says he’s rushing this. She asks if this is about Jack and he asks what’s going on Friday night.

She says Ethan is having friends over to meet Jack. She asks how he knows and he says Jack invited him. She says good because she was going to ask him too. He reminds her they had plans. She says she forgot. Nicole’s friend Zoey is over at her house hanging out and watching TV with her to keep her company. She’s crashing on the couch and Nicole decides to go to bed.

Nicole goes into the bathroom and then a cabinet opens behind her. She doesn’t see it. She hears a noise and then the light clicks off and that startles her. Zoey calls her and she goes running. She tells Zoey to call 911 and says there’s someone in her bedroom. They grab the phone and run out the front door.

Beth and Janice find the hidey hole and realize someone was living in a crawl space under Nicole’s house. They decide it’s a romantic obsession and tell her that the person may have been there for weeks. Zoey says she only heard Nicole scream and didn’t see anyone. Nicole says she can’t stay here and Zoey says she can stay at her house. Beth says she can put police outside her place.

Janice shows her a lighter they found with Mike’s initials on it. They bring Mike in and he says he didn’t kill anyone. He says the lighter is his and he keeps it in his desk and someone must have stolen it. He says he didn’t do this and wouldn’t have left it there. He says Dave was a good guy. He says his job is to save people and he couldn’t hurt someone. Trent is grilling him and says he’s looking at murder one.

Mike says he wants a lawyer and Trent says it sounds like a god idea. Jack tells Trent the lighter is too obvious. Trent says they found it and Jack says they were led to it. Trent says he’s giving the killer way too much credit. Janice says there are photos of Nicole and clippings of her rescues found in the crawl space. Beth says they’re looking for someone with low self-esteem.

They wonder if it’s someone that may have been rescued by her. Janice logs in and looks through it – she says she was already given access to their system. Beth notices that Zoey’s name is on the list. They wonder if Zoey had time to crawl out from under the house and get back to the living room. Beth tells Ben to let the unit outside her house know and to send more.

Zoey and Nicole are at the pier to eat. Nicole is crying and asks Zoey how this is happening. She tells Nicole that she’ll help her and reminds her that she saved her. Zoey tells her she loves her. Nicole says she needs to get her cell out of the car since Dave’s sister has been trying to call her. Zoey touches her arm and says she means she really loves her and feels like they have a connection.

She says her reason to be here is to be with Nicole. She says she went with Dave to pick out the engagement ring. She drops to one knee and opens a box and says this is a better ring for her. Nicole tells her that they’re friends and that’s all they’ll ever be. She realizes it was Zoey that attacked Dave and Mike. Then Zoey jumps on her back and starts choking her.

Ben tells them that they’re not at Zoey’s house. He says they put out a BOLO. Janice says this is like the Florence Nightingale effect and they wonder if Zoey is in love with Nicole. Ben asks why scare Nicole and Janice says to scare her into looking for emotional support. They wonder where they’d take her and Ben says he’d take her to the place they first met. They head out for the pier.

Zoey tells Nicole it’s okay because they can be together forever and says they’re going to jump. The cops pull up and Beth hears Nicole scream. Zoey tells Nicole she has to jump first. Nicole hits Zoey and then Jack and Beth are there but Zoey is on the rail and says it’s okay if she jumps because then Nicole can save her like she did before and they can start over.

Nicole asks her to come down. Zoey asks if she can forgive her and Nicole says don’t make me lose you too. She hops down and the cops arrest her while she screams that she loves her. Nicole sits shell shocked as Trent takes Zoey away. Beth gives Nicole her engagement ring they found on Zoey when she was arrested. Beth tells the gang they don’t have to hang at her house.

She says she has a uni and she’ll be fine. Jack says that’s not the point. She insists. Ben says maybe they’re smothering her and Jack says she’s the boss. Amanda asks if Trent is coming by. He says work is complicated but things outside of work need to be simpler and honest. She says it’s complicated now that Jack has showed up. Trent says she’s not being quite honest with herself.

He says he knows that Jack is Ethan’s father but things are getting complicated so he’s going to sit this one out. Jack sees her in the hall after Trent walks off and asks if she’s okay. He says before he screwed things up they were good friends and could talk. She says thanks but she’s find and walks out. The doorbell rings at Beth’s. She answers and finds Jack there. He says he brought food and he needed company. He unloads junk food and movies. She smiles.