Stalker Recap 1/21/15: Season 1 Episode 13 “The News”

Stalker Recap 1/21/15: Season 1 Episode 13 "The News"

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Wednesday January 21, season 1 episode 13 called, “The News,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, after a violent break-in at a popular anchorman’s home, Beth [Maggie Q] and Jack [Dylan McDermott] immediately investigate his previous stalker, but quickly learn it is a far more convoluted case.

On the last episode, after the Mayor was victimized by a stalker, the TAU must determine if he was being harassed by one of his angry constituents or if a scandalous secret from his past was coming back to haunt him. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “after a violent break-in at a popular anchorman’s home, Beth and Jack immediately investigate his previous stalker, but quickly learn it is a far more convoluted case.Meanwhile, Perry gets more insight into Beth’s past.”

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#Stalker starts now. A news show is on. The male anchor, John Bardo, checks his phone. He has unknown text from someone saying they’re a mystery fan and that he did a good job tonight. He asks if they’re in the studio and gets the answer – maybe, maybe not. He asks where they are and a video pops up. He sees his daughter Emma in her room. He freaks and says they have to call the police now. He won’t let them restart the program and runs screaming asking for help.

Jack comes into TAU and goes to check on Beth. He thanks her for confiding in him and says he knows it wasn’t easy. She thanks him for listening. He asks who else knows about her real identity besides Janice and him and she says Amanda. He says he can see her as a Michelle. Janice comes in and Beth asks her to shut the door. Janice says Perry Whitley’s dad won’t file a missing persons report because he wants to keep it quiet.

Ben is interested in the closed door session. Janice says they can’t put an APB out since he’s out on bond. She says they have to build a new case. They come out and Ben is playing the news show where he freaks out. The video was taken a week before and his daughter was safe at the movies. Ben says John didn’t know it and freaked out on air. Janice says he was stalked a couple of years ago by a crime scene fanatic named Sam Russell. He tried to kill him.

Janice says Sam got out of jail three months ago. Ben says it could be a new stalker since he’s had a clean PO record. They go to Bardo’s house and he asks if it’s Sam Russell. Beth says it may be a new stalker. Beth asks about his marriage. He says his marriage fell apart after Sam tried to kill him but says they’re on good terms with Linda. Lauren, his new GF, has been with him for just five weeks. Jack asks if there have been any signs of break in.

John says it has to be Sam but Beth says high profile people can attract multiple stalkers. They bring Sam in (it’s guest star Todd Giebenhain – from Raising Hope – love him!) Beth asks why he was hiding from them and he says he knew they would try to pin this on him. He says what happened two years ago was a misunderstanding and says he would never hurt him. He says he was at home last night and was editing his crime blog. The night the video was taken, he was shooting b roll of an accident.

He tells them John is a good guy and they should be out there looking for who is after him. Beth says she’s not sure if Sam is their guy. She says he’s attention seeking, not a resentful stalker. They decide to work with the theory that it’s new. Beth says news anchors are the most stalked because they are on TV every night. Jack points out something on the video of Emma. He sees a reflection of the guy in the mirror. The guy is in a jacket with a logo on it. Ben says he’ll try to figure it out.

John talks to his ex and tells her he’s sorry and that he wants she and Emma to be safe. He ends the call and Lauren comes in and sits down. He tells her that he hired a security team to look after them. She says he should do that for himself too and he says he did and they’ll be there tomorrow. He thanks her for staying and Lauren says she won’t leave him like Linda did. He kisses her. They hear a noise. He grabs a fireplace poker and tells her to lock the door and call the police.

He says he’s not a victim and goes to investigate. He creeps downstairs and looks around. He checks the downstairs then sees a door out to the pool is open. He sees something and screams at them to show their face. He sees Sam is in his house and runs upstairs and tells her that he’s in the floor with her. She lets him in and he bashes Sam in the head with the poker. The cops are there by then and cuff him even though he’s injured.

Sam is back at TAU and says he John needed his help. He says John needs him not Lauren. Jack asks if he’s gay but Beth says no as they watch the interview. He says he was scared for John and went to check on him. Janice says he broke probation and is going back to jail. Beth says she still isn’t sure he’s the one. Sam begs them to send him to city jail instead so he can still watch the local news. Ben says he’s been following and taping John’s family, just not John.

Ben shows them an altercation with Keith Bradshaw and John after he got a promotion Keith wanted. Keith punched John when he got aggressive. Beth wonders why he never mentioned it and says they need to talk to Keith. Perry comes to visit Ray again. (Ray is well cast and played by Eion Bailey – he was Pinocchio/August in Once Upon a Time and was also in Ray Donovan and Covert Affairs – love!) Perry asks if he’s thought about what they talked about last time.

Perry says they share a kinship of suffering and Ray says – a mutual obsession. He asks Perry to tell him about her. He asks if she changed her name. Perry tells him about her name change and her new job. He says she investigates stalking cases. Ray wants to know if she’s married. Perry says she lives alone and has no real personal life. Ray says she’s a do-gooder to help with the guilt. Perry asks why he killed her family and Ray says he didn’t mean to.

Ray says he set the fire to save them and be her hero so she’d come back to him. Perry says they can figure out a new way for him to win her back and says they can help each other. Ray asks if he can really get him out and Perry says he knows he can. They talk to Keith about the argument and then he says he has better things to do with his time than mess with John. He says he has a wholesome image, but can’t keep his pants up. He says he’s not clean cut.

Jack watches the news and Janice comes in says she checked with former flames. Jack points out Adele’s body language (his co-anchor). He says they have a secret. Adele told Janice that there’s nothing between them but they wonder if she has a jealous husband. John’s security guy leaves after setting up cameras. He fixes some food and then watches a ball game on TV. He locks up the house and is pleased to see the security guy outside.

He heads up to bed as there’s a knock on the door. He comes back down and disarms the security system and opens the door. No one is there. He looks around and sees the security guy out back. He’s shot at by a car from the street. The bullet grazed his shoulder. Beth tells him Sam was in jail so it wasn’t him. Janice explains the different types of stalkers and Jack asks about Keith. John says he wouldn’t shoot him. Then Jack asks about Adele’s husband Matt.

Jack asks if her husband knows about them. He says it only happened once when she told him they were broken up and when he found out they were still together, he called it off. He says Adele has seemed fine. They ask about Lauren and he says he didn’t want Lauren getting hurt so he asked for some time from her. Jack says this is very personal. Ben brings Adele and Matt in and she asks to talk to Adele alone. He refuses and Beth says it’s not a request and kicks him out.

Adele sits and she asks if this is about John. Beth asks about her and John. She says she was asked if they were having an affair but says it was just once and she told her husband. Adele says she and Matt have an open relationship but they don’t publicize that fact. Ben brings Matt back in. She asks if he knows Adele slept with John. He says he does and she asks if they have any rules. He says the only rule is to keep it quiet.

Beth asks why she lied to John about them being split up and Adele says she did it to make him comfortable and give him permission to be with her. She says he’s a sweet, handsome guy. She says he’s a prude and she used that to get in his pants. She says he wasn’t a good fit for her. Adele says they were at home last night and had a guy over. They offer his name and number. They leave and Ben says he’ll never see the news the same again.

Ben found the logo and says it’s Bradbury University, Keith’s alma mater. They bring him in. He says it’s common knowledge that’s where he went to college. Beth says the stalker who shot the video was in a logo jacket from that university. Beth prods at him. He says he got the anchor position because he’s better. Beth says he doesn’t have it and says John isn’t stepping down. He asks if she’s trying to make him lash out. She asks if it’s working and asks where he was last night.

She asks if it’s because John is better looking or a better anchor. He snaps and threatens to have her badge. He kicks a chair. Beth says – there it is. Jack says he’s a typical narcissist. Ben says he’s working on some latent prints from the shell casings that match a rap sheet out of Illinois. Janice gets a call and tells Beth they have to talk. Ben asks what’s going on. Janice says Ray was released. Beth is stunned and asks how. She says an outside specialist was brought in and signed off on the release.

Beth is floored and scared. They watch video footage of Ray leaving the psychiatric hospital. He gets in a car with a guy. Jack says it was time stamped after 4 pm and you can see Perry is in the driver’s seat. He says it was a rental paid for in cash and returned on time. Jack says Perry hired the shrink to let him go. Beth says Perry has no idea what he’s unleashed. Beth says Ray’s family was holding him there involuntarily. She asks if Ray’s family knows and he says they do and they’re scared.

Beth is terrified. Jack puts a hand on her shoulder and tells her she’s not alone. He says they couldn’t have gotten far. She says they have no proof of Perry’s illegal activity and says they need to focus on John. She says – let’s work. Ben asks Beth what’s going on and she promises to fill him in soon. He says he talked to the Chicago station and Keith had a stalker named Candace. Keith was asked to resign because he encouraged her to self-promote. Turns out he gave fans t-shirts from his alma mater.

Janice says the prints on the casings match Candace Donovan. They look at the photo and realize it’s John’s GF Lauren. John and Adele are wrapping their broadcast. He heads offstage and he walks off still wearing his mic. Keith runs into him hard and says he’s sorry for being an ass. John says he just wants it over. Keith swears he’s not stalking him. (But maybe he’s enabling the woman who is). John goes to his dressing room where he’s staying and sees his shoulder is bleeding through the bandage.

He loosens his tie and then sees a shadow behind him. It’s Lauren and he asks why she’s there. She came to check on him and asks shouldn’t he take some time off. She reminds him that he took several months off when he was stalked before. She pulls a gun on him and says it’s Keith’s turn now and he has to go away. She tells John she likes him but loves Keith. He asks her to stop. Adele comes in and Lauren goes to shoot her but he pushes her arm down and it misses.

Adele runs off and he struggles with her and thinks he’s loose but then she’s back and has the gun in his face. Beth, Jack and a crap load of cops rush the TV station. They’re told Candace has barricaded herself in and is holding John at gunpoint. They head to the control room and Beth asks them to pull up John’s mic. He tries to reason with her and he tells her to go be with Keith. Beth speaks into the mic so only John can hear. She tells him to reaffirm her relationship with Keith.

He asks if she’s Candace from Chicago that Keith mentioned. He asks how they met and says he wishes he had someone special like that. She says Keith used to send her secret message when he was reporting. She hears a noise and says she’ll kill him. She fires at the door. She realizes he’s wearing an ear piece. Keith comes into the command center and John tells her that Keith wants to talk to her. He hands her the ear piece and mic.

Keith asks if it’s Candace. He tells her – hey baby, it’s me. He tells her he really wants to be with her but can’t if she hurts John. He says if she hurts John, she’ll go to jail and they can’t be together. She wavers and John struggles with her for the gun. That gives SWAT the chance to take her down. She’s taken out in cuffs. Back at TAU, they give Ben the low down. Beth’s cell phone rings from an unknown number. It’s Ray. He calls her Michelle and says it’s been a long time.

He tells her he’s missed her. She’s freaking and Ben asks Janice and Jack if they’re going to fill him in. She asks Ray if Perry is with him and says she wants to see him and asks where he is. He says he wants to see her too and says – soon, Michelle, soon. Beth comes out and tells them it was Ray. Beth has a uniform cop check her house. He says it’s okay and he’ll be outside. She looks around her house nervously. There’s a knock on the door.

She disarms the alarm and sees Janice, Ben and Jack are there. They tell her they’re there for a slumber party, game night or movie night – whatever she wants it to be. They have beer and pizza too. She tells him there are cops outside. Jack says she asked for help and this is help. She thanks him. They tell Beth to grab a beer while it’s cold. She sits by Ben and takes a beer.