Stalker Finale Recap: Season 1 Final Episode “Love Hurts”

Stalker Finale Recap: Season 1 Final Episode "Love Hurts"

Tonight on CBS Stalker starring Dylan McDermott continues with an all new Monday May 18, season 1 finale called, “Love Hurts,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, the team tracks an elusive serial killer, leading to a stunning revelation, in the series finale.

On the last episode, Beth desperately fights for her life after her deranged stalker (Eion Bailey)drags her to a remote cabin in Ojai, leaving Jack and Janice to frantically search for clues to their location. Also, the TAU waits for updates on Ben’s prognosis after he was shot. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “a search for an elusive serial killer leads the TAU to a shocking revelation. Also, Vicky learns some startling information about her ex-husband.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the season 1 finale of Stalker.

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#Stalker begins with Janice pulling out files of stalking cases that are similar. DA Amanda is there and so is her detective ex Trent. Vicky explains the similarities – all in the last five years and all the stalkers attended the same sex and love addiction meetings. We see a guy breaking into a house using the same MO. There’s a woman in the shower. Janice says the assailant found a weapon in the house – a rope, a tool, a knife. He wore a ski mask – they know this because Pam Tyler described it and she survived.

The phone rings and the woman steps out of the shower. The guy steps back. She goes to take the call and it’s a woman who talks about her stalker. She says she thinks she heard something. (It’s guest star Kat Graham from Vampire Diaries!). She goes downstairs and spots an open window then shuts it. The killer lurks outside. Janice says it’s likely a serial killer but Trent scoffs then goes to leave. He says robbery homicide did not arrest the wrong men four times. Amanda says that’s not statistically possible.

Vicky says they have to be thorough and says they just want to open an investigation. Trent says good luck with that and goes. Amanda says she needs more evidence before she goes to the DA. She leaves. The woman is walking around her house and her stalker shoots video and photo of her. He watches her enter her security code on her keypad then he takes off as she leaves. Jack waits for Beth to get off the elevator. She asks if he waiting for her. He says he wanted to talk to her before things got busy.

She says she decided to come back – on his advice. He asks abut the other night. He reminds her they kissed and she says – and then you ran home. He says he didn’t – she says he did and he says it was awkward kissing his boss. She says it’s more awkward now then jokingly tells him he’s fired. Jack says he wants to know if he crossed the line or took advantage and she says she kissed back. She says they can talk about it later, outside of work.

Ben is back too! Janice hugs him and he says to go easy on him. He says he has to take it easy. He says he looked at her serial killer theory. He says they need to get more of a connection. He says they need to look for one specific meeting to link them all and that should be more compelling evidence. Vicky finds Beth settling in and says she heard the board review went well. Beth thanks her for speaking well for her. Vicky says she’s staying a couple of weeks while she gets settled.

Vicky says she’s going to see Stan Gardner in prison and wants to hear his side of the story before she talks to Will. She says Will lied and cheated on her, but the idea of him killing someone is just incredible. Beth says she knows the feeling that you may have misjudged to that extent. Beth says she gets it and ordered the rest of the files from Stan’s case so she can help. Vicky thanks her. She then goes to the prison to see Stan. She thanks him for agreeing to see him.

He says he knows why she’s there and says his lawyer prepped him. He says his wife was sleeping with her husband then when she dumped Will, he went crazy and killed her. He says Barry has never heard his testimony so he couldn’t cook the alibi with him. She says Will hid the gun in his car to set him up. Stan says she didn’t have eyes on Will all night like she said. He says Will wouldn’t leave Sharon alone. He says Sharon ended it then Will started stalking and harassing her.

She says that was never in evidence and he says it can’t be proven and that’s why he’s there. He says Will covered his tracks well. He says they both know Will killed his wife. Ben talked to some of the stalkers to see what meetings they went to. Several are in the Hollywood area. Jack talks about the acceleration of the killings and says they’re about to find the next body. The woman from earlier comes home and locks her door. She kicks off her shoes and plugs in her phone.

She gets a glass of water and stands in the kitchen. She turns off the lights. There’s a knife missing from the knife block! She goes ot her room and sits on the bed with a magazine and clicks the TV on. She hears a floor creak and turns off the TV. She hears a thud and reaches for the phone but it’s not on the stand beside the bed. She calls out for Brian. She says it isn’t funny. She walks down the hall and goes back into the living room. She hears a door. She goes downstairs looking around.

She looks into the basement room and sees an open window. She runs. She goes for the door and opens it. The killer is there. He stabs her in the stomach several times. He leaves. Next day, they all show up to Christine Harper’s house and they hear the alarm was disarmed two hours prior to her getting home then reset. The murder weapon was a knife from the kitchen. Trent is there too. Jack says they picked up Christine’s ex Brian that she just took out a TRO against. Trent says they’ll start the serial killer investigation.

Jack goes over Brian’s stalking antics. He says he was upset and stupid. He asks why Christine divorced him. He says they were polyamorous then she got jealous and dumped him. He says the were both involved with one woman – Eva Bowen – who broke up with him recently. He says he loved Christine. Jack asks if he attends recovery meetings for sex and love addictions. He says he usually goes to the Arts Center group. Jack asks if he ever talked to anyone at the meeting who took a strnage interest.

Vicky says Brian is the stalker, not the killer and they need to look for Eva Bowen next. Janice goes to see Eva and she says the three of them dated for about six months. Janice asks how that works. She says they talked about moving in together but it wasn’t a good fit since Christine was a business woman and she didn’t fit with them. She says Brian can’t keep it in his pants. Janice asks if anyone at the meetings took an interest in them. He says his buddy Jamie Toliver.

He says Jamie is his sponsor and was a freak. She says she went to dinner a couple of weeks ago and says Jamie followed them. She says he was hot yet creepy. Vicky tells Beth that Stan is likely to walk and probably didn’t kill his wife. Beth asks if Will could have got out of the house. She says she heard him at midnight and the water was running upstairs. She asks if he could have had time to get to her house. She asks if Will owns a leather jacket and she says she doesn’t think so.

She says Sharon fought the attacker and there was a dark leather material. She says Will works in finance and doesn’t own leather. Vicky says she needs more evidence before she accuses him. Jack reports that several of the stalkers went to that Arts Center group. Jack and Vicky go to the meeting. They chat up the group leader. He calls the meeting to order and says his name is Nathan. He says this meeting is a safe space for people struggling with sex and love.

He calls in a speaker for that night. He says his name is Charlie and he’s a love and sex addict. Vicky spots a guy who gets up and walks out. Jack got a glance at him too. Jack tells Beth that Vicky’s ex was at the meeting. Ben comes up and says they found Jamie Toliver and he’s there. Will comes to see Vicky and he asks about her family. She says she didn’t ask him here to talk about her family. He says – let’s talk.

Jamie asks why he’s there and they ask if he’s friends with Brian. They ask if he’s obsessed with him and tell him Christine was murdered. Then they ask about two other men from the meeting and asks if he knows Francine Johnson or Pam Tyler. He gets angry and stands up to leave but Jack tells him to sit down. He does and Beth says he has quite a rap sheet but he says those charges were all dropped. He says he was at group and then went to coffee with Nathan Grant. He says he never killed anyone.

Will tells Vicky that he started going to meetings after he cheated on her. He says her leaving him was the worst thing he’s been through. She asks what he talked about at meetings and he says he talks about everything – he says it helps. He says when she left, he was lost and says he would drive by the house and sit outside for hours. She says she knows – she runs a stalker unit. She thanks him for telling him all that. She asks if he left the house the night of Sharon’s murder. She says she spoke to Stan and says he was in the guest room. She says it doesn’t matter what she thinks.

She says as soon as Stan’s sentence is overturned, suspicion will turn on him. She asks where he was two nights ago – he says he was at the office and it’s none of her damned business. He slams out mad. Janice and Beth go talk to Nathan and ask about Jamie. He says they ran into each other at a coffee shop down the street. He says he wasn’t there long and was home to watch the 10 pm news. Ben ran Nathan’s background and says he’s clear.

The ping Toliver’s cell phone and find him near Eva Bowen’s tattoo shop. They roll out with backup. Sure enough, Jamie is at her shop. He asks for her and goes into the back. He closes the door and says they need to talk. She says he can’t be back there and he asks what she told the police. She says they came asking about Brian and she said they were friends and that they should talk to him about Brian. He gets rough with her and she stabs him with some scissors then runs out screaming. Jack and some other cops are there and they haul Toliver out.

Jamie insists he didn’t try to kill Eva or kill Christine. They tell him Nathan said he wasn’t there at midnight. He says Nathan is lying and they have no proof. Trent pulls out a ski mask he says they found in the back seat of his car. Jamie says he’s never seen it. He says he has some issues but didn’t kill Christine. Trent and Beth walk out and Vicky tells Jack that this seems too easy. She says their killer is very smart. Jack says maybe he’s getting sloppy but she thinks he’s been set up.

Ben comes and says Will wasn’t working the night that Christine wasn’t killed. Vicky says to book Jamie for battery and bring Will in for questioning. Beth tells Vicky she can’t be there when they question him. She agrees to go home. Will asks if this is about Stan but Jack says it’s about something else. They show him a photo of Christine and tell him she was murdered two nights ago. Then they show him a photo of Brian and asks where he was. He says he was at work.

He says he was at dinner with a client when they tell him they checked and he wasn’t. He gives the info and they tell him he’s free to go. That stuns him. He leaves. They call Vicky and tell her they placed a tracker on his jacket. Vicky has an NSA guy on the line and they trace him. She says he’s right outside her house. Vicky goes to get her gun then heads to the front door. She locks it and goes around downstairs checking locks.

She sees someone in the door knob and knocks the guy out. He had a knife. She pulls the mask off – it’s Nathan, not Will. She walks away from him and goes for her gun but he tackles her and holds her down strangling her. She fights back and then Will is there and hauls him off Vicky. They struggle and Will is stabbed. She goes for the gun again and Nathan struggles with her for it. Jack and Beth come inside. There’s a shot and Nathan slumps down. Beth is there and Vicky says he was shot, not her.

Vicky goes to check on Will who was stabbed but doing okay. Trent says Nathan is really Nicolas Kosta who has a violent record and is wanted for his wife’s murder. He says they’re trying to tie him to the other killings. Trent asks why he came after Vicky and she says Will talked about her at his sex addict meetings. Vicky leaves and tells Beth good work. Then Beth calls her back and says she’ll walk out with her. Jack watches them leave.

Amanda is there and says the DA is making a statement about Nathan in the morning. She asks if he can take Ethan for the weekend. He says he can take him anytime. Trent is there and Amanda says they’re going for drinks. They leave. Ben pulls his jacket on painfully and Janice comes to help. She asks for drinks but he says he has painkillers. She says it sounds fun. Beth comes home and locks herself in her house.

Vicky goes home to her place and looks around. She turns on lights and pours a drink. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Will. She opens the door and says she thought he was at the ER. He says he wanted to see her and asks if he can come in. She lets him inside. She offers a drink and he accepts. She says he probably came for an apology. He says no – because he was concerned about her. She says she did accused him of murder and he says he’ll hold it against him another time.

He says an apology would be kind of nice. She says she’s sorry, truly. He steps closer and kisses her. She smiles and says it’s strange. He says he was just accepting her apology with a kiss. He kisses her again. This time she kisses back. Beth has a drink when there’s a knock on her door. She finds Jack there and says she was expecting to hear from him. He says they never finished their conversation. She says he can go first but he insists she does. She kisses him.

Beth says she doesn’t know where it’s going but she’d like it to continue, He kisses her back and they head into her bedroom laughing. Will looks at the cut on Vicky’s finger she got from his watch. She says he still wears the watch she got him then she asks if he ever fixed the claps. He shows her that he did and she asks how it broke. He says it was years ago. She says it broke in the struggle and say they found leather fibers under Sharon’s nails. He tells her to stop.

Vicky says he strangled her. He says the police would have checked his watch and she says they didn’t because he had an alibi. She reaches for her gun but he has it. He asks what they’re going to do now. That’s it! The Stalker series finale left us with a mega-cliffhanger!!