Stitchers Recap 6/23/15 Season 1 Episode 4 “I See You”

Stitchers Recap 6/23/15 Season 1 Episode 4 "I See You"

Tonight on ABC Family their new series Stitchers airs with an all new Tuesday June 23, season 1 episode 4 called “I See You,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Cameron’s [Kyle Harris] neighbour is killed, so the team set up a stakeout at Cameron’s apartment to determine whether Cameron was the real target. Meanwhile, Kirsten [Emma Ishta] learns more info about Marta’s calamitous stitch.

On the last episode, when a murky stitch didn’t give enough evidence against a newlywed husband accused of killing his wife, Kirsten attempted to prove her strong feelings about his guilt. This effect on Kirsten, brought about by residual emotion from the stitch, made Cameron worry that she would end up like Marta. Meanwhile, Linus and Camille got to know each other better. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed last week’s episode we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family Synopsis, “when Cameron’s neighbor is killed, the Stitchers group works to determine if the bullet was really meant for Cameron. As they stakeout the location from Cameron’s apartment, Kirsten finds that she enjoys the reconnaissance, maybe a little too much. Meanwhile, Cameron shares more details with Kirsten about Marta’s disastrous stitch.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode at 9pm that airs on ABC Family. In the meantime, hit up our comments and tell us how excited you are for the finale of the second season of Stitchers and enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.



#Stitchers begins with a flashback to Marta going into cardiac arrest and Ayo calling for the crisis. Maggie tells Cameron to bounce her out by force but he’s worried it will fry her brain. Maggie orders him to do it now. Now, Cameron wakes in his bed stressed out. He calls Kirsten and he asks where’s the cheery hello but she asks why he’s calling instead of coming into the lab. He says she’s not a morning person and she says she’s not anytime.

He asks how her physical went with Ayo and she says she has a giant pain in her ass then says she’s fine. He says his neighbor is stealing his magazines. He says the guy below him in his old place refuses to put his name on the mailbox and the guy takes them. Kirsten says to man up and go get his magazines and he says to look for his head in the guy’s freezer if she doesn’t hear from him in an hour. Cameron goes downstairs to talk to Robbie, the neighbor.

He knocks then sees the door is open and he goes inside. He calls out for him and says the place looks terrible. He looks around and spots his magazines. He says it’s bad enough he steals them, he doesn’t have to do g ear the pages. Then he comes around the corner and sees Robbie dead on the rug. Could it be a case of mistaken identity since he’s in Cameron’s old place with Cameron’s magazines? Hmm… He calls the cops who comes to the scene and take Robbie way.

Kirsten shows up and asks Fisher if it was a robbery but he says there’s no proof of robbery and it looks like an execution. Cameron says the guy was a paralegal and Kirsten says he liked to steal his magazines. Cameron says he used to live there and he never took his name off the mailbox. Fisher pulls a look and Kirsten says maybe Cameron was the target. Fisher says they are the same age and build. Cameron asks why someone would want to kill him and Kirsten explains the obvious.

Fisher says they can’t rule anything out yet and Kirsten says she can. They take Robbie’s body to the lab and Maggie tells Cameron not to jump to any conclusions. She says so far Robbie is a loner and Cameron says that means no motive to kill him. Maggie asks if anyone outside know about the program and Cameron says Tim from engineering never liked him. Maggie says you never knows what’s goes on with people behind close doors and Kirsten says to stitch her in.

Camille shows up and Linus gives her the cold shoulder. She says she had an optogenetics presentation then tells him “needy” doesn’t look good on him. He says he took her radio silence as a comment on his performance. Camille says they had a great time and he asks her to dinner but she says no. Camille says it’s good and done and Linus says he crashed and burned. Linus gets down to work as they get ready for the stitch.

Cameron is being paranoid about Kirsten’s stats and Ayo checks and says it’s fine. Cameron says he needs a go for neurosync and gets a go all around. They check comms and Cameron is being paranoid. They set up the stitch then send her in. She’s in the apartment and looks around. She sees Robbie reading a magazine. Cameron asks if it’s his and she says it’s Chart and Scope. Cameron says he wanted to ease her into the murder and he says she needs time.

Kirsten says to move her to the memory and Maggie tells him to let Kirsten do her job. Cameron says to brace herself and he moves her to right before the murder. She sees Robbie looking out the window. A police helicopter whirs by and then the door opens and he’s shot. Kirsten says he was shot in the back and Robbie couldn’t see who did it. She asks if the killer said anything and Kirsten says she can’t see if it was meant for Robbie or Cameron.

She says the telescope is glowing and they tell her it’s a memory hot spot. She touches it and sees memories of a woman he watched across the way and then the woman noticing him watching. We see him watching her jogging then watching an argument between the couple. Kirsten says he may have seen something that got him killed. Maggie says the victim was a voyeur and Linus says at least it doesn’t look like Cameron was the target.

Kirsten says she felt he was drawn to a jogger, a girl in a tank top and a woman painting her fingernails. She says a guy was yelling at his GF who looked like he had a knife. She says she thinks tank top girl saw him watching. They ask Kirsten to ID the apartment and Camille says maybe she can look from Robbie’s apartment but Maggie says it’s a crime scene. Kirsten says she can look from Cameron’s place and he has to agree to let her drop by.

Linus is there too and he says he likes the geek chic and could live there. Cameron says no as the four of them unload the gear. Cameron fusses at them and Camille says she’s hungry and needs to get her a snack. Kirsten says he’s been acting strange all day and Camille says he’s been so anal he gives colons a bad name. They set up some pricey spy gear to watch the apartments. Kirsten says one guy is dressing up his cats as ballerinas.

She spots another girl getting busy with a pizza delivery guy. Linus checks out Camille and she tells him not to pout. He says he’s confused why she doesn’t want to see him. Camille says they shared a lovely spontaneous experience and now it’s history. She says it should stay in the past. He asks about third base and she makes a face. Cameron pouts as Fisher shows up and says they’re well funded. Kirsten asks if he cracked the case.

Kirsten says they ruled out some windows but some still have windows closed. He asks how long she’ll keep this up and Cameron says she’s addicted. Fisher says he needs to tell her something about Ed Clark and says they found no evidence of foul play and his death will be ruled a suicide. She says she’ll prove him wrong one day and he says he hopes so. Camille offers him a donut and he says it’s a myth. Then she eats one and he relents and picks one with sprinkles.

Kirsten says she has him and they run to the screen. They see the couple Kirsten saw in the stitch and it looks like they’re still arguing. Camille says he looks like a douche. He has the knife again and Fisher calls for back up. The guy comes at her and then they see blood splatter. They think he killed the woman. The guy comes back into view with the bloody knife in hand. Fisher and the cops stream in and take the guy down. Fisher picks up the bloody knife in a cloth.

Then they see the girl is okay. Fisher holds up two red fingers and Kirsten says it’s a painting. They all groan in frustration. Fisher comes back over and tells them the guy is an artist who flings red paint at the canvas from his palette knife. Kirsten asks his name and Fisher says he goes by a single name. He says Ginsberg and Kirsten says it’s the painting in Robbie’s apartment. She says Robbie was likely trying to help.

Cameron wonders if the peeping Tom is a peeping good Samaritan. Kirsten says she doesn’t know yet. She goes back to watching the apartments. Maggie is at work when she notices security cameras are going off all around the facility. She calls out to ask if someone is there then goes to look around. She hears a door opening and closing and walks back the other way. She goes down to the stitch floor and the elevators open. It’s two of the techs who came to calibrate some gear.

She asks if they saw anyone getting off the elevator and they tell her no. She goes back to her office. At Cameron’s, Kirsten is still watching out the window while Camille has fallen asleep. Linus plops down beside Camille and tries to wake her. He tries to fake like he was asleep then asks if they can talk. She thought he wanted sex. He says he has to know what went wrong and says they’re good together. He says they can slow down and hang out. She says she doesn’t want to hold hands and take walks.

She says she’s digging being single and doesn’t want that with anyone. He says okay waits a few seconds then asks if she changed her mind. Cameron checks on Kirsten who’s still at it. She says no luck finding tank top but says 6F has been a naughty boy. She says she’s never seen people this way before and he asks when they don’t know they’re being watched. Kirsten says when they’re vulnerable and real. She says it’s intoxicating and she gets why Robbie was obsessed.

Cameron says she’s seen enough and Kirsten says he’s smothering her since he got that phone call. He says he’s being responsible but she says she’s not his responsibility. He says it’s his job to keep her safe in a stitch. She says she knows all the risks but he says she doesn’t. He says all the activity in the lab is recorded and archived and he makes her watch the photo of Marta’s incident. Kirsten asks what went wrong and he says she stayed in too long and couldn’t make the bounce herself.

Kirsten asks if she died and he says no but she’s been in a coma for four months. Kirsten says it was an accident and wasn’t his fault but he says he can’t let something like that happen again and can’t risk her. Linus knocks and says they need to come into the other room. They do and Camille is looking through the scope. She says tank top is home and is in 6B. They all watch on the screen. They see her getting a beer and smiling and waving across the way. Cameron says she’s inviting them over for beer.

Linus wants Cameron to go over. Kirsten says she knew Robbie was watching and didn’t mind. Linus says he’ll go and then Cameron says what if it’s a trap. He says what if she has a large BF waiting on him. Linus says threesome and Camille tells him to stop. Kirsten says maybe the girl feels an emotional pull to Robbie too. There’s a knock at the door – it’s tank top girl. Linus goes to answer it but Cameron sends them all into the bedroom out of the way.

They go and he opens the door. She says hi and he says hi nervously. She asks didn’t he use to live in the apartment below and he says he moved. She asks why didn’t he come over and asks if he saw her waving. He says he saw but he’s not who she thinks he is. She says he’s been watching her for months. Cameron says he’s sorry and she says she models for art students so she’s used to being stared at. He asks why she’s there and she says to thank him.

She says for sending over all the groceries. She says she didn’t know who they were from then says she figured he must have noticed her fridge was empty. She says she’ll pay him back soon then kisses his cheek and says the world needs more people like him. She tells him to come over anytime. She leaves and the gang rushes out. He says they had Robbie all wrong then says he was a peeping Samaritan and they guessed Robbie wrong.

They head to the lab and Maggie asks if they had success. Cameron says he’s not a bad guy. Camille says he bought a painting off a struggling artist and groceries for a hungry neighbor. Kirsten says she has an idea she wants to try and asks them to stitch her back in. Maggie asks what it is but Kirsten says Cameron will freak and won’t let her do it. She tells them to trust her and they stitch her back in. She says he sees Robbie enjoying his favorite past time.

She says if Robbie has been watching the building since moved in, that’s two months of memories. She touches the telescope and says she thinks it’s hypercharged. Ayo says her brain activity is off the charts. Cameron panics and asks what she’s doing. She says she’s speeding through his memories. She sees an apartment with curtains always closed that he looks at. Cameron says maybe it’s vacant but Camille says it’s not according to lease records.

Kirsten says not to bounce her then says the mannequin in the window is a signal and they’re transporting something. Cameron freaks and tells her to bounce. She sees a guy who sees Robbie watching. She bounces at the last second and tells Cameron she thinks she saw Robbie’s killer. Linus goes over the architecture and history of the building. He says that apartment was used to hold inventory and is leased to the owner of the shop.

Kirsten says they must be storing something illegally. She says the mannequin signals a van. Maggie says she’ll call Fisher to get a warrant. Kirsten and Cameron walk by the store and look at the mannequin. Cameron quotes Spielberg, Linus recognizes it and Camille says movie quotes are such a guy thing. Kirsten says the mannequin’s arm shows they’re in a holding party. Fisher is on the way but Kirsten gets impatient and heads inside the building.

Kirsten thanks Cameron for going through with the stitch when he didn’t want to. He says wow. She says he must think she’s an awful person. He says he thinks she’s pretty great. He asks her to tell him if she has any side effects. She says he can’t keep secrets from her like he did with Marta then tells him she’s not Marta. They can’t find 3C on the third floor then Kirsten touches the wall and then knocks on it. She says it’s a trick Ed taught her. She says there’s a large gap behind the wall.

Cameron asks if someone plastered over the door and she grabs the fire extinguisher and bashes in the wall. They look around at the place which is a wreck. Cameron asks who lives like this then Kirsten spots passports from a bunch of countries – all of women. Kirsten says they’re human traffickers. Camille says the mannequin just gave a high five. They agree they need to get Fisher there now. Camille say the van is there right on time.

A guy stands out front looking around and Linus and Camille can’t see what they’re loading. Camille tells them to hurry and says the van is leaving. Kirsten makes the I see you gesture and the driver/killer cranks the van to run her down. Cameron yanks her out of the way at the last second just as Fisher shows up. They arrest the guy and reveal a van full of young girls. Kirsten tells Cameron now she’s seen enough.

Kirsten tells them – over a celebratory drink – that the driver confessed to killing Robbie. Kirsten goes to bring Cameron in to have a drink with them and she spots him in a towel through the gap in the door. He sees her watching. He looks directly at her and she stares back. He goes over closer and then she sees tears in his eyes. He closes the door in her face. She walks away uncertain about what happened and confused. She goes back to have the drink with the others. Someone watches her from the other building with binoculars.