Suits Recap “Respect” Season 4 Episode 12

Suits Recap "Respect" Season 4 Episode 12

Suits returns to the USA network tonight with an all new Wednesday, February 4 season 4 episode 12 called, “Respect,” and we have your weekly recap below. On this evening’s episode, Harvard ethics professor Henry Gerard seeks Harvey’s [Gabriel Macht] help with a case that requires a lack of ethics to win.

On the last episode it was a new world order as Jessica (Gina Torres) tried to appease Louis (Rick Hoffman), in the wake of his discovery of Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) secret. The furious Louis buried Mike in a mountain of menial grunt work in the hopes that he would quit – although Mike wasn’t the only one who felt Louis’s wrath. And Robert Zane (guest star Wendell Pierce) called in a professional favor with Harvey (Gabriel Macht)… one that came with personal consequences. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode “Harvard ethics professor Henry Gerard seeks Harvey’s help with a case that requires a lack of ethics to win. Mike, meanwhile, does his best to not be spotted by the professor, whose class he never took; and Louis tries to wine and dine a socialite CEO.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Suits” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for another episode of Suits tonight. In the meantime, check out a sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below.

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Tonight’s episode of Suits kicks off with Harvey meeting with Jessica on the roof, they argue over Louis. Jessica reveals that she told Jeff Malone she helped cover up the embezzlement, and that is what Louis blackmailed her with to become a partner. Harvey tells her that there is no way Louis is going to go along with her story.

Inside, Louis runs in to Professor Gerard – he says he has come to speak to Harvey over a legal matter. Louis tries to get him to come in to his office, but Gerard refuses. He says he has come to speak to Harvey and only Harvey.

Harvey and Mike head in to the firm, Harvey finds Gerard waiting in his office. Harvey tries to kick him out, but Gerard refuses to leave. He says that he needs a lawyer, and he doesn’t want Louis. Harvey reminds him that the last time he saw him he told him he wasn’t fit to be a lawyer. Gerard thinks he is fit now because he “needs to win.” Gerard reveals that the TSA found $25,000 in his luggage and he is being accused of accepting a bribe in his investigation, and he claims he is innocent. Harvey says there is no way he is representing someone who “screwed over crash victims.”

Mike follows Harvey to the bathroom and tells him that he is an idiot if he doesn’t take the case. Mike reminds him that if they get him out of this jam, then he will owe them and won’t be able to turn Mike in for faking being a lawyer. Harvey admits that he knows Gerard is innocent and he isn’t taking the case because he doesn’t like him. Mike snaps on him and says he “can’t screw over a bunch of innocent people to put one person in his place.”

Jessica visits Louis in his office, she explains that she lied to Malone and he doesn’t know about Mike. Jessica explains that her story is Louis blackmailed her for covering up someone else’s embezzlement, so she had no choice but to do it for him too. Louis says he will keep his secret but he wants something in exchange – he wants one of Harvey’s clients.

Harvey heads out to lunch to meet with Gerard, he tells him that he changed his mind and he is going to take on his case. He needs Gerard to be honest with him, Gerard admits that the money is from “the same thing that Harvey blackmailed him for last year.” Harvey storms off and says that he is going to get him out of it. He heads back to the office and tells Mike he needs to find everything he can on a man named Garrett Brady, he is the one “behind Gerard’s suit.” He explains that Gerard’s $25,000 came from a back room poker game and they can’t use that alibi in court because Harvard will fire Gerard. Harvey leaves and Louis corners him in the hallway, he says that he has to give him one of his clients and he wants Gerard. Harvey tells him that it isn’t an option – he can’t have Gerard. Harvey kicks him out of his office and tells him that he can’t have any of the clients.

Donna lectures Harvey and tells him that they were supposed to “wipe the slate clean,” and he can’t yell at Louis like that. Donna tells him that he has a chance for them to all move on, and he is blowing it by being petty. Mike does some research and reveals that it is not illegal to carry cash on a plane and there were no police reports. So, that means that Garrett Brady had to have bribed the airport security to catch Gerard’s suitcase.

Donna visits Harvey and tries to give him one of Harvey’s case files, she lies and says that Harvey realizes he is overreacting and he wants Louis to have the client – she hands him the file and tells him that it is the first client Jessica ever gave him when he made partner.

Harvey and Mike corner Garrett Brady on his way in to restaurant, they reveal that they know he bribed the federal employees at the airport. They have drafted subpoenas for every TSA employee on duty the night that Gerard was stopped. Brady reminds them that it was a federal airport, which means that it is technically a homeland security issue and the TSA employees will not testify.

Harvey stops by Rachel’s office and tells her that he has a meeting with Joan Walsh and he needs the file on Cutie Pie Cosmetics. Rachel tries to argue that they are Harvey’s client and tries to warn him about the client. Louis won’t listen to her warnings and demands the files – Rachel has no choice but to give them to him. Jessica finds Jeff waiting for her in her office with a romantic dinner and wine.

Louis heads out for drinks with Joan Walsh, he tries to take out the file and discuss her stocks with her but Joan orders him to put them away because they are having desert. Louis is confused when she says that she just wants to enjoy their dinner. Louis ignores her and shows her a letter that he sent to her entire board – she freaks out on him and says that two members of her board are known to share secrets with her rivals and he just handed them a patented product that she has been sitting on for years. She snarls about how stupid he is and storms out of the restaurant.

Louis goes back to the office and freaks out on Rachel, she laughs that he should have listened to her about the client Joan Walsh. Rachel snaps on him and accuses him of treating him like dirt since he came back, and if he wants something from her then he is going to have to treat her better.
The next morning Harvey tells Mike that he is going to have to brief Gerard, he doesn’t want to sit in a room with him for hours. Jessica visits Louis in his office and tells him that he “screwed the pooch” with Joan Walsh. Joan called and was furious – she wants to know how they are going to fix the mess that he created at her company.

Mike finishes briefing Gerard and rushes in to Harvey’s office, he says that Gerard is lying. He used to count cards and there is no way he won $25,000 playing poker and the hands that he told Mike couldn’t have won that kind of cash. Mike can tell he is lying, but Harvey doesn’t want to hear it. Harvey meets up with Gerard and demands to know where the money really came from. Gerard confesses that he lied and the money came from a student of his in exchange for changing his grade – he was about to fail his class. Harvey snaps that Gerard is a hypocrite, and he doesn’t know anything about ethics. Harvey tells Gerard to find someone else to do his dirty work because he is not supporting purgery.

Rachel works all night and finds a way to fix things with Joan. She shares her plan with Louis, she has put together a non-disclosure act and non-compete, Louis is thrilled. But, then he dismisses Rachel and tells her to get out. She argues that she helped him and she should get to go to the meeting, but Louis says they still aren’t friends and he storms out.

Mike finds Harvey getting drunk in his office, he explains that Gerard took a bribe to change someone’s grade and he “sold out Harvard.” Harvey says that he “doesn’t give a shit about winning Gerard’s case,” and he isn’t going down for purgery. Mike demands to know what his problem is. Harvey explains that he thought that Gerard was better than him because he always looked down on him, and now Gerard has let him down. He isn’t half the man that Harvey thought he was.

Louis rushes to Joan Walsh’s office and shows her the disclosure act. She is pleased and says that she will keep him on his case. Joan thinks that Harvey dumped her case on him because she is so difficult to work for. Louis is livid, he heads back to the office and yells at Donna for dumping Joan Walsh on him and making him think that it was a great client.

Mike heads out to lunch to meet with Ian, he pretends that he is scouting him. Mike tells Ian that he knows that Gerard took a bribe from him. He gives him a sworn affidavit stating that the money that he paid Gerard was a loan – Mike tells him to sign it. And then informs him that his grade is staying the same and Gerard isn’t accepting any bribes. Ian argues that he isn’t signing it, but Mike reminds him that if he doesn’t then he will be kicked out of school for bribery.

Harvey calls Gerard in to his office, and has him sign the same affidavit so that the charges of bribery from the TSA will go away. Gerard reveals that he knows Mike didn’t really go to Harvard, he checked in to it. Harvey tells him that now they are even, there may not be a record of Mike at Harvard but now there is not a record of Gerard accepting a bribe. Gerard tells Harvey that he is sorry for letting him down and leaves the office.

Louis stops in Jeff Malone’s office on his way home. He backs up Jessicas story for her and confirms to Jeff that his name is up on the wall because of embezzlement. Jeff threatens that if he could remove it with a crow bar he would, Louis storms out and nods to Jessica as he leaves.

Harvey meets up with Mike for drinks afterwards, he thanks Mike for making him take on Gerard’s case. He explains that he got some closure from working with Gerard, Harvey lies to Mike and reassures him that Gerard doesn’t know that he didn’t go to Harvard.