Supernatural Recap 10/14/15: Season 11 Episode 2 “Form and Void”

Supernatural Recap 10/14/15: Season 11 Episode 2 "Form and Void"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday October 14, season 11 episode 2 called “Form and Void,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Dean (Jensen Ackles) helps Jenna, (Laci J Mailey) the nurse he met after the Darkness fell, get back home safely, but she soon falls into dangerous hands.

On the last episode, season 11 began with Sam and Dean faced the Darkness that had been unleashed. Meanwhile, Castiel dealt with the effects of Rowena’s spell and recalled his brutal battle with Crowley. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Dean helps Jenna, the nurse he met after the Darkness fell, get back home safely, but she soon falls into dangerous hands. Meanwhile, Sam deals with a town infected by a mysterious and deadly gas that is turning the locals into monsters.”

Tonight’s season 11 episode 2 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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#Supernatural starts in Superior, Nebraska on a deserted Main Street. An infected man with one shoe staggers down the street. A guy goes into the hardware store and grabs some tape, some wire and a battery. He grabs some other items too. There are dead all over the sidewalks. The infected hears a voice on a speaker, Robert Mitchum, talking about Cain and hate and salvation. He talks about the story of life. It’s a movie playing in a wheelchair. Sam asks if he can talk or is too far gone.

The guy says “what?” Sam shocks him with a homemade stun gun and says – good answer. Dean drives Jenna to her Grandma’s place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She says she grew up there and it’s a nice place. She hands him Amara to hold while she gets stuff out of the car. She says she feels safe there and he says safe is good. She says he’s good with the baby and he says chicks dig him. He hands the baby back and says they’ll be okay. She asks what he and Sam will do and he says the bar is pretty low for them.

She thanks Dean and gives him a hug. He sees her grandma on the porch. Dean walks away and her grandma says she saw on the news about a big storm that hit Superior. She checks out Amara and touches the baby and Jenna says she’s a miracle. She asks about her parents and Jenna says it’s a long story. Her grandma says she looks like poop and needs to take a nap. She takes Amara and says she got out the old crib and tells her to go rest.

Her grandma walks Amara into the other room and lies her in the crib. The baby coos and then she walks out and closes the door. The baby stares up and then looks around. There’s a bin of baby stuff nearby. She gestures and the box moves. She knocks it to the floor and some blocks and toys fall out. The baby smiles. Sam pops a couple of pills and tries to focus. He checks out the evil infection in his neck and asks the guy he’s got handcuffed what his name is. The guy says “bite me.”

He asks how long he’s been infected and he says why and asks if Sam wants to know how much time he has left. He asks what’s in it for him. Sam says he’s trying to cure it. The guy says he wants something real he can hold in his hands then asks for pudding. Sam hands it over and the guy pops it open and gulps it down. Turns out the guy was infected later than Sam but is further along. He says he’s seen some people go faster and some slower but they all go psycho then go boom.

Sam says he’s going to fix this. The guy says they’re dead but are just taking their time about it. He tells Sam to put a bullet in him then eat one himself. Dean drives away and calls Cass. One of the angels with Cass checks the phone then breaks it. They pull the bag off Cass’s head and hit him to wake him up. Cass asks Jonah and Efram what’s going on and they tell him they have questions. He says he asked for help. He growls and says no and tells them to run – he says he’s cursed. Jenna wakes to a thumping sound.

Her grandma comes down the hall – she heard it too. They go into the baby’s room and find blocks swirling over her head. The baby shoots them into the wall and they spell FEED ME. They run out of the room and her grandma crosses herself. She pulls Jenna out with her. She tells Jenna the devil is in her and she’s calling Father Wyatt. Jenna calls Dean who answers the phone – Ghostbusters. He pops a u-turn and speeds back to her. Dean also calls Sam and thinks it’s a demon or the kid is infected.

Sam says he’s fine and tells him not to worry about him. Sam is looking up voodoo stuff online. Efram puts a knife into Cass and asks where’s Metatron. He says he doesn’t know and they cut him again. He begs them for mercy and calls Jonah brother. He asks Cass what he is and he says he’s an angel of the lord. They tell him he chooses the Winchesters, not heaven. They threaten to put the blade through his heart and call it a day. Cass says to do it.

Jonah says nah. They go back to torturing him instead. Sam is on the CDC website and doing research. He hears a woman in the hall singing about death. He pulls his gun and goes to investigate. She’s singing about god having mercy on your soul. She says – hey Sam – and he asks who she is. She says don’t you mean what. She says they’ve been good for business lately – she’s a reaper. He asks her name and she asks if he’s flirting with her then says he’s not her type.

He says he’s sorry about death and she says she is too but she says there’s still work to do and souls to collect. He asks what kind of messages she has to deliver. She says it’s over – he and Dean dying and coming back. He says the old death thought it was funny but now the rule is, what lives, dies. She says the next time one of them dies, they are going to toss them into the empty, not heaven or hell. She says nothing comes back from that. She says she knows he’s dying and can feel it.

She says he’s unclean in the biblical sense and says she’ll be seeing him again – real soon. She walks away and says her name is Billie – as she goes. Jonah and Efram keep asking about Metatron. They ask how he got away and Cass says he tricked him. Jonah says they should cut something off of him. Then the door rattles and glows and dents inward. It’s Hannah who tells them it’s enough. She says this isn’t how we do things and tells Jonah and Efram to get out. They go. Hannah is in a man’s body.

Cass thanks her. Hannah says something horrible has happened. Sam looks at the infection in his neck – it’s darker. He heads to the hospital chapel. He sits and says it’s been a long time then says he and Dean have been through a lot of bad but this is different and says it’s his fault and he doesn’t know how to fix it. He says he’s made his peace with dying but Dean deserves a life, deserves better. He says good people will suffer because of him. He says if you’re out there and can hear me, we need your help God.

He says we need to know there’s hope and we need a sign. Nothing happens. He goes back down the hall then slips and has a vision of being tortured with wire in his abdomen and electrodes in his eyes. He asks what that means. Dean shows up and Jenna says her grandma’s priest sent over an exorcist. He’s surprised. It’s Crowley in a priest outfit. He says to Dean, “Hello my son.”

Jenna asks if they know each other and Crowley says Dean was a rather scrumptious young altar boy. Dean asks to talk to him outside. Crowley says after his tea and spoons sugar into it. Dean looks transfixed. Cass tells Hannah to leave him chained up and says he’s not lying about Metatron. Hannah says she’s more worried about him and Cass asks if she can heal him. She can’t and says it’s powerful magic on it. Outside, Dean asks why he’s Father Crowley then asks where he’s been.

He asks if he knows what Sam and Cass have been doing. He tells Dean he’s working the case, same as Dean. Hannah asks about the disturbance in Superior and says alarms have been sounding in Heaven that have never sounded and they don’t know what they mean. Cass says it’s the darkness. Hannah says it’s just a story but Cass says it’s real. He says it’s been locked away since creation but now it’s free. Jenna picks up the crying baby. Hannah says God help us but Cass says not to count on that.

Cass says he doesn’t know where it is and Hannah asks if the Winchesters know. Hannah asks where Sam and Dean are then asks how Hannah found him. Crowley says he has sources in the Catholic church and Dean says he can imagine. He says they call him about demonic possessions so he can take care of it. He says that’s not a demon in there. The grandma puts on a kettle for tea. Jenna sings to Amara. Then the grandma hears a thud.

Cass says he thinks Hannah told Efram and Jonah to hurt him so she could burst in and save him so he would be grateful and say anything she wanted to know. Cass asks why and says they were friends. Hannah says that was before he freed Metatron and says the other angels hate him. Cass asks if she hates him. Efram says it doesn’t matter and says they took a vote and Hannah is doing the job. Cass says he won’t give them Sam and Dean. They have a device and tell him they’re going to hack his brain.

Crowley says he can feel the power radiating off that thing and says it’s old. Jenna comes downstairs and gets a knife from the block. Crowley says it’s deep and dark. Jenna says she always wanted to try this and comes at her grandma who screams. Dean and Crowley go running in and find her dead. Crowley says a plot twist. Jonah puts spikes into Cass’s head and Efram takes over. Then Hannah tries to stop them and Efram kicks her and threatens to end her. Jonah tries to warn him.

Cass breaks loose of the brain thing and the chair and kills Jonah. Efram then kills Hannah. Efram and Cass struggle with each other and Cass kills Efram. Cass is the last angel standing in the room and is horrified by what went down. The infection is spreading across Sam’s head and he’s looking bad. He is freaking out and can hear voices whispering to him. He thinks about Billie telling him that he’s unclean in the Biblical sense. He Googles biblical purification. It says purification by fire or holy oil.

He gets into his bag and pours out some holy oil from a vial and soaks a cotton swab with it. He sets it on fire. He hears a voice saying not to do this to himself. He pulls back his hair and holds it to the infection on his skin. He burns it out of him. It’s done. He’s clean. He checks his neck and he seems okay. Crowley tells Dean to stop calling to the ancient terrifying evil. Dean says shut up or get out. Crowley says he’s just trying to help. Dean goes into Amara’s room and the baby stops crying. She coos at him.

He checks out her chest and sees the birthmark that’s like the Mark of Cain. He thinks about darkness telling her they’re bound and always will be. Crowley says the child likes him and says he’s very maternal. Dean says they have to find Jenna. Infected show up to the hospital where Sam has music playing loudly. They find the radio in the chapel. He holds up a match and lights the oil. They are encircled in fire and they all scream. They fall down and scream and then it’s done.

He checks on them and he thanks them. He tells them they need to go save the others. Dean and Crowley hear noise and Dean reaches for the door as Crowley says – drama. Dean asks what she’s doing. She says her grandma collected these statues and she thought they were blah. She says her grandma won’t care since she cut her throat. Dean asks why she did it and Crowley says she has no soul. Jenna says Amara is hungry and is a growing girl. We see the baby morph into much older.

Dean says they can fix her. She says she doesn’t want to be fixed and attacks Dean. The little girl gets dressed and comes down the hall. Dean grapples with Jenna and Crowley snaps her neck and say he was bored and says – you’re welcome. Crowley says he wants to see the child that eats souls and Dean says Amara is the darkness. Crowley says Dean can’t kill her but Crowley says he can kill the baby – as soon as he’s done with her. He says he wants the child and tells Dean he’s not the Winchester side kick.

He says they had good times so he’ll give him the chance to walk out the door or he’ll take him apart atom by atom. Dean stabs him in the hand with a demon killing knife and pins him to the wall. Crowley calls him a bastard. Dean goes looking for Amara. She’s not there and he goes back to Crowley who is gone and the blade is still in the wall. Sam and Dean get back to the bunker talking about the darkness and who she is. Dean says maybe what he saw was a vision.

Dean says they need a maid and they see a stack of books then hear a noise from within. They pull their guns and creep closer. Cass is there and says – help me. He looks bad. Amara walks down the street barefoot. A van pulls up next to her and Crowley gets out. He says she’s grown into a sweet young thing. He asks if she wants candy and calls her little girl. He opens the back of the van and she sees he has a handful of young people tied up there for her to eat their souls. She smiles.