Supernatural Recap “The Bad Seed” – Season 11 Episode 3

Supernatural Recap "The Bad Seed" - Season 11 Episode 3

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday October 21, season 11 episode 3 called “The Bad Seed,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Rowena (Ruth Connell) tries to consolidate her power to protect herself from the Winchesters, while Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) search for a missing baby connected to the Darkness.

On the last episode, Dean helped Jenna, the nurse he met after the Darkness fell, get back home safely, but she soon fell into dangerous hands. Meanwhile, Sam dealt with a town infected by a mysterious and deadly gas that was turning the locals into monsters. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Rowena tries to consolidate her power to protect herself from the Winchesters, while Sam and Dean search for a missing baby connected to the Darkness. Meanwhile, Castiel struggles to heal; and Crowley tries to find a way to use the Darkness for his own personal gain.”

Tonight’s season 11 episode 3 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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#Supernatural begins with Rowena lighting a candle and talking to other witches. She says they will be known as the mega coven. The other witches look less than impressed. They ask why they would join her and Rowena says the grand coven fell apart since Olivette disappeared. They tell her they know she wants them to protect her from the Winchesters. Rowena says she killed her son the King of Hell and compelled an angel to do it so she can do this.

One of the witches says a friend made a deal with Crowley yesterday and he’s not dead. They call her delusional. Rowena slaps her hand on the book of the damned and says a curse that turns the three witches to dust. She screams in frustration to hear that her son is alive. Dean thinks back to communing with the darkness. Sam tells him that they have nothing and no one saw anything the day the baby disappeared. Castiel says it’s not a baby it’s a time bomb.

Dean says it still has to grow up and Cass says that may not have meaning. Cass says not to count on God to kick ass this time. They have Cass chained to the floor until they know what’s up with him. Dean says he’s too much of a wildcard to let loose. Sam says they know who they need – God’s scribe. Dean doesn’t like that. Cass starts growling and says it’s the spell. Dean says the spell seems to be digging deeper. They’re looking for Rowena to try and get her to reverse it.

A flunkie reports to Crowley that his mother has been found. Amara watches something on a laptop with headphones on. Crowley orders them to kill her. The governess says Amara is making remarkable progress. Crowley says not to let her speak to anyone else. She’s watching Hitler’s Nuremberg speeches. Crowley smiles then goes to talk to the girl. He says she can take a break and that nanny says she’s doing well with her schooling. He says she can have whatever she wants anytime.

Amara says she wants him to save her from God and Crowley asks how he did it. She says he tricked her but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Crowley says he can protect her since he’s a king. He tells her to call him Uncle Crowley. She puts her headphones back on and resumes listening to Hitler. Rowena meets with another couple of witches and calls the Grand Coven cowards. They tell her being burned dimmed their enthusiasm.

Rowena says their people deserve a renaissance and invite them to join the mega coven. They also don’t like the name. Rowen says she has the book of the damned. She says the secrets are making her a force of nature and she says she’ll share. One asks if she can be an officer. Crowley’s men come then and one kills one witch. Rowena gets away. Dean leave Crowley a voice mail and is frustrated. Sam says the demon is a dick and that’s not news. Dean says Crowley must be after Rowena.

Cass says Crowley would rather the spell burn through Cass. Sam says Metatron is also off the grid. He’s in Cass’s car and Sam says he hasn’t done anything with his crappy car. That hurts Cass’s feelings and Dean says eye of the beholder. Sam tries to brain storm other ways to find the scribe. Dean asks where might Metatron hang out. He says he loves waffles and Dean says that’s every restaurant. Cass has a fit of sorts and then a flashback to the fight with Crowley and has a sort of seizure.

Sam tries to revive Cass who comes to and Dean asks if he knows where he is and when. He rattles off something vague and they sit him up. He says it was like he was in a blender set to puree. Sam says he scared them and Cass says he was mostly blacked out. He says he couldn’t control it. They help him up and back into the chair. Cass asks how he can help find the witch but they tell him to just rest up. He says there are voices in his head. They ask what the voices are saying.

He says it’s angel radio and lots of chatter. He says they’re looking for him and the perpetrator. Sam asks what perp and he says Metatron and says they’re doubling the effort to find the scribe so they need to find him first. Sam says he found something – in Denver, a waiter stabbed a woman and one vanished after furniture slid around. Dean makes a call about the Café Elta incident. Amara flips through photos of natural disasters and then goes to look around her room.

She looks at herself in the mirror and her older self appears. She says God did all of that after he locked her away. Older Amara says he did it for his ego and it doesn’t excuse what he did to them. She says the girl must stay fixed to their purpose. She says her true destiny will become clear as she grows. She says they are mightier than God. Crowley comes in and says she’s a good girl for working on her studies. He asks if she learned anything interesting and she closes the laptop and says she thinks so.

A demon and angel meet in a bar. They talk about how bad it is in both heaven and hell. The demon says alarms are going off all over and they think something big has changed and is here – something as big as God or Lucifer. The demon says the king is soled up and the angel says after Hannah died, Heaven is a suck sandwich. They complain about being expendable. The demon says it’s a set up for them to butt heads and says they could all be out of work. They agree that someone should do something.

They say if management won’t, the little guys should. They toast and the demon says power to the people then the angel reminds him they’re not people. Dean and Sam meet with the witch from the café incident. Dean says they heard the waiter reeked of sulfur and the red head got away. Sam asks why a demon would attack three witches. Sam says he was after Rowena for trying to kill her son Crowley, the king of hell.

Dean says Crowley is going after all witches. She says he has rights and then Sam goes through her bag and finds all sorts of witchy accoutrements. She tries to chant and Dean says they are the only ones keeping her from Crowley. She says she’s no one and Sam says she can scary and tell them where Rowena is. She plays dumb and Sam calls her on it. Dean says with Rowena out of the picture, Crowley will lay off the witches.

She says she doesn’t have her crystals and Dean hands her the compact from her purse and turns down the lights. She says Rowena is packing a bag. Crowley comes and finds Amara playing Scrabble and tells her he has a gift for her. He shows her a pretty dress with blood on it. Then he hands her a book called Uncle Hoppity. She says she likes the one nanny gave her more. It’s Dante’s Inferno in the original Italian. He asks if nanny is teaching her how the world works.

Amara says she’ll do things differently and Crowley asks what they have to look forward to. She says she’s hungry and nanny brings her a tray of sweets but Amara hugs her nanny and grabs her face and sucks out her soul instead. The nanny screams and keels over. She says – I killed her. Crowley says not quite and says the meat was dead but the soul was keeping it alive. She says – thank you Uncle Crowley. He says – you’re welcome. Does he look a little scared?

Rowena is undercover in a blond wig in a bad neighborhood. A cab comes for her and she says to take her to the airport. Dean is there and she asks if he’s there to thank her then Sam sneaks up and slaps a non-magical cuff on her. She says they won’t hold her long and he says just long enough. Cass is trying to use the laptop to look for his car. He accidentally ends up on an Asian porn website. He gives up and closes the laptop and sighs.

He starts to have another fit. He sees himself attacking Crowley and hears Rowena chanting. Amara is eating another soul as Crowley watches. Amara asks for dessert and she says when God created mankind, he screwed it up. She says every time she takes in a soul, she feels all the emptiness then wonders why humans want to live in such a world. Crowley says they can change things and turn the air to pure evil. She asks if he’d be happy if everyone was evil.

He says if everyone was dark and damned, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge. He says watching humans reject the light is where the gratification is. She says good, evil, heaven, hell, people – she says it all seems unimportant and says he’s missing the big picture. She says she’s hungry. He snaps and another is dragged in for her. Rowena is chained down in a pentagram. They ask her where the book of the damned is since she’s only got the codex on her.

Rowena says she wouldn’t run around with both magical items. Rowena mocks Sam for his stupid optimism. Dean tells Sam to get Cass so Rowena can do her stuff. Dean kicks her bag onto the floor and puts his feet up. She reminds him that she despells the angel and goes free but Dean says he wants the book. Dean says the deal is what he says then says she will play by his rules because he has Crowley on speed dial. She says call him and says if she’s dead, he has nothing.

She says if she’s dead, no book, no cure. Rowena says his eyes are so burdened then asks what happened when she removed the mark and says the book didn’t go into details. She asks what new hell Dean has unleashed up on the world. Sam comes back and says Cass broke free. Cass is on the street looking crazed and Rowena is in the car with Dean and Sam tracking him. She says she can track him faster but they won’t take the magical cuffs off of her.

Crowley thanks the new demon serving as Amara’s nanny. He says Amara responds to him but the guy says she looks at him like she wants to eat him. Crowley says she wants to eat everyone, don’t take it personally. Crowley chews him out for not killing Rowena. Crowley says he needs him to stop overfeeding her since she’s growing too powerful too fast. He says he has to make sure she’s loyal to him. He tells him to tell Amara they’re cutting back on her soul food. The guy is scared.

Crowley says he is the nanny after all. He says if he’s not the nanny, he’s roasting on a spit until the end of time. The guy says he’ll do his best. He tells him he looks nice in his apron and walks away. Rowena says this road trip is tedious then offers a sing-song. She says she should never make a deal with Winchesters since they don’t hold up their end. She mentions that Sam made a deal with her to kill Crowley if she took the mark off his arm.

She says the mark is gone and Crowley is alive. Dean is stunned and Sam says he was going to tell him but nothing ever came of it. Rowena says Cass wouldn’t be in this pickle if Sam had done as he promised and killed Crowley. Sam says Cass stopped and is close. We see a young woman walking with a phone in hand. Cass comes out of a side space in an alley and follows her. He chases her and she screams. Thy tell Rowena to come on. Sam takes Rowena and Dean goes the other way.

The girl runs and Cass is after her. She stops and tries to get into a door then looks for another. Both are locked but then she gets one open and goes inside. Cass stops. Then he starts beating on the door and she runs into the warehouse to hide. He beats his way in and growls looking around. He starts throwing things. The girl is frozen in fear. Dean hears the noise and goes inside. Cass grabs her and she screams. He starts choking her then Dean is there and tells him to stop it and says it’s the spell.

Dean tells him to let her go. She’s choking. He finally lets her go and Dean tells her to run. Dean touches him and says it will be okay. Then Cass throws Dean around and starts kicking his ass. Rowena is there and pauses the spell – Sam has the gun to her head. He tells her they are witch killing bullets then tells her to finish it. She chants further and he seizes then collapses. His eyes look normal when he comes to. Dean pulls him up to sitting and then Rowena magics the gun away when Sam is distracted.

Rowena throws down an obstacle between them and says she can’t take chances on them not honoring the deal. She walks out leaving them unable to follow. Back in the bunker, Sam hands out beers and tells Dean to keep ice on his face where Cass hit him. Cass says he had Rowena and lost her because of him. Sam says they have the Codex which will slow her up. Cass asks what Amara wants and Dean says the big question is where she is.

Cass wants to heal Dean but he says he had it coming and won’t let him. Crowley is working on a decree and then sees the nanny guy dead in the hall. He goes inside Amara’s room and sees a teenager there. She walks to him and smiles. She says she’s hungry and he says of course then asks if they can chat first. She says she’s hungry and glares at him.